Everything is about to change…

Everything is about to change…

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 5:03 pm by Max Stryker

The scene opens with a reporter waiting outside a house. There are a few other reporters and cameraman bustling for position outside a house. Someone approaches from the house and the reporters start to fight with each other to interview the person. It’s Max Stryker, who ignores them all as he goes towards his car.

Reporter: Max, Max, we have some questions

Reporter 2: Why have you come out of retirement Mr Stryker?

Reporter 3: When can we expect to see you in action Stryker?

Stryker ignores all of their questions and gets into the car before driving away.

Later we see Stryker in the gym on a rowing machine. A burly security guard is trying to keep the reporters at bay. Stryker looks over and shakes his head. He gets up from the rowing machine and walks away in the opposite direction, not giving the reporters a chance to pester him with questions this time.

Now we see an indie show. A match has just finished and the fans are turning back to the bar, but there’s a commotion and everyone turns back around. Max Stryker has jumped over the railing. Security go to stop him, but the roar of the crowd tells them this is what people want. Stryker shrugs at them, slides into the ring, and asks for a mic.

Max Stryker: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Everyone around the World. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Max Stryker, and I am without a doubt, the greatest wrestler in the world.

Firstly, let me apologise to the guys in the back, but trust me, I just made your event go viral and you just got a hell of a ton more viewers, so you’re welcome. So, why am I here? I’ll tell you why I’m here. Ever since my announcement at Refueled, I’ve been plagued by the same two questions. I don’t like doing my talking outside my home or while I’m in the gym. I do my talking in the ring.

So let’s answer those questions shall we? The first question is why? Why have you come back Stryker, after all this time? Really? I fucking answered that at Refuelled. I came back to save wrestling, to save the industry I love, that we love. I came back for all you fans, that squeeze into tiny school halls like this one to help the sport. Only this isn’t the sport. Not really. This is what you’ve all been led to believe is an acceptable standard, but it isn’t. I returned to save the people in the back right now, that are willing to risk their bodies to entertain a handful of fans all in the hope of one day making it to the promised land of a major company. Only when they get there, they’ll realise that it wasn’t worth it, because the industry is dying, and there’s one major reason for that.

HOW. HOW is nothing but a cesspool filled with conmen who don’t wrestle, they put on a flimsy show to trick people into buying tickets and t-shirts and little cups with their pictures on it. The showbiz has got in the way of the true nature of wrestling, and that is what I have come to stop. I will bring back wrestling. I will bring back, true, five-star matches. I will bring back entertainment. 

The next question I am asked is “Are you going to be in the lottery?”

Damn right I’m in the lottery, but I have news for everyone. If my name is drawn, I’m not the winner in the situation. I will take no joy in inflicting the pain upon my opponent. If it’s for a championship, I will take no joy in holding that belt. I’ve carried plenty before, and you know what they mean? Nothing. If my name is picked, the other wrestlers won’t be winners, as they will be exposed for what they are. I’ll expose them in the ring just like I’m exposing them all now on how to cut a real promo. People nowadays think it’s all about the length. They think if they sit in a dimly lit room with some moody lighting and yap on for 25 minutes about their past or personal demons that eventually something will stick. Here’s some free advice for everyone. Promos are about heart. Five minutes of heart is ten times better than an hour of boring ramblings.

No, if my name is picked, the real winners are you. The fans. The real fans. Not the fans who think because they post on the internet and know what kayfabe means that they’re among the elite but they still eat up everything HOW has been putting on for them. I mean the fans like you, who come to your local shows. Fans who know what wrestling really is. Fans who grew up loving wrestling but stopped recently, because something’s been missing for them they just can’t put their finger on. Well, now is the time to rejoice, because Max Stryker is coming… and everything… is about to change.