Every Story Has Two Sides

Every Story Has Two Sides

Posted on November 11, 2022 at 9:35 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Best Studios
Date: November 11, 2022

As we fade inside the Best Studios we see that the studio is packed with rabid wrestling fans on this Friday afternoon. Lots of people skipped work and school to be here and they are letting everyone know with their shirts, signs, and general loudness. A stage hand comes out and makes an announcement to the crowd.

Stage Hand: Ladies and gentlemen, we will be starting in about five minutes so get loud and rowdy because we want this place rocking.

The stage hand walks away and the camera men and producers get make their final checks before the broadcast.

Voice: We go live in thirty seconds.

A voice over the speakers informs everyone as everyone takes their places.

Voice: Ten seconds.









The voice goes silent and the broadcast goes live as the narrator of the shows comes on.

Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, he’s the host with the most. The man who isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. He’s a Jack of all trades. Here is your host…..JACK! DAAAAAAAAAWSSSSSSOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!

As the Between the Ropes theme song hits, Jack Dawson comes from the side and waves to the crowd as he heads over to his desk and has a seat in his plush leather chair.

Jack Dawson: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Between the Ropes and I am your host, Jack Dawson!

The studio audience claps and cheers with enthusiasm.

Jack Dawson: Thank you. Thank you.

Jack acknowledges the audience.

Jack Dawson: Thanksgiving is around the corner and thanksgiving is a time where we look back and reflect while giving thanks. It’s also a great time to put on twenty pounds and watch football!

Jack shouts with enthusiasm as the studio audience cheers in agreement.

Jack Dawson: Now my guest at this time needs no introduction, but he’s getting one any way. Introducing, from the House of Best…..A Hall of Famer and overall swell guy, the Demi-God of HOW, SCOTT! STEEEEEEEEEVVVVEEEEEENSSSSSS!

Upon here his name the audience gives the Texan a mixed reaction and Stevens appears and makes his way over to Jack and has a seat.

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the show.

Scott Stevens: Always a pleasure to be here.

Stevens looks towards the camera and sarcastically blurts out.

Scott Stevens: See Jace, this is what you call multitasking. I’m doing my executive work and wrestling work at the same time.

Stevens chuckles to himself as he turns his attention back to Jack.

Jack Dawson: Speaking of Jace….

The audience begins to boo heavily.

Jack Dawson: You have a title match this upcoming Sunday for the LSD championship.

Scott Stevens: Yes I do.

Jack Dawson: Before we dive into that and with the Thanksgiving break coming up, what are your plans for it?

Jack asks the Texan and Stevens lets out a sigh.

Scott Stevens: Probably working from home.

The audience boos.

Scott Stevens: Hey now. HOW isn’t just run by one man. It takes a Mount Olympus of Gods to keep the machine running. However, I will be spending it with my family on Thanksgiving Day and we will be eating lots of turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, those Hawaiian dinner rolls and so much more.

Stevens licks his lips and pats his belly just thinking of the food.

Jack Dawson: Sounds like you are having a feast at your house.

Scott Stevens: Of course! We always do it big at the Stevens household.

Jack nods and his tone gets serious.

Jack Dawson: Speaking of family, Jace and his son…..

Jack is interrupted by Stevens.

Scott Stevens: Jace has a son!?!?!?!?

Stevens is shocked to hear that.

Scott Stevens: I guess he and Tara are really life partners after all.

Jack Dawson: Well, he has been training at Ten-X.

Stevens nods and claps.

Scott Stevens: That’s awesome. We got Tyler, my son, when he comes to his senses, Sutler Kael, that one kid kid who I beat up who is the grandson of the guy I blew up, and now Jace’s kid. The future of HOW is bright.

Stevens turns to the camera.

Scott Stevens: Word of advice kid, don’t color your hair multiple colors, and if you get tattoos don’t get any random Mickey Mouse ones or ones coming from their wrists.

Stevens looks towards the camera and places his hand up around his mouth and feigns whispering.

Scott Stevens: It didn’t work out so greatly for your pops as he had multiple coverups through the years.

The audience chuckles and Steven lowers his hand down.

Jack Dawson: Well, you may take your advice and praise back after you heard what they said about you.

Stevens snaps his head towards Jack.

Scott Stevens: Oh? What did they say?

Stevens asks and Jack seems nervous relaying the message to Scott.

Jack Dawson: They said your family is nothing but inbreds. Your family is champions, but their reigns don’t count because they are champions in MVW. Jace also said he is a better father and professional than you will because he is there to make sure his son has the best training money can buy. Josh called your family mid.

Scott Stevens: Who the fuck is Josh?

Stevens asks confused.

Jack Dawson: Jace’s son.

Stevens lets out a sigh.

Scott Stevens: As far as the kid goes, I’ve taken shits that have more importance than him. Another thing, if he really wants to get the “angry Texan’ all riled up I have no problem showing up to Ten-X and beating him within an inch of his life in front of everyone like I did to a certain person’s grandson. What Jake is going to….

Jack Dawson: Josh.

Scott Stevens: What?

Jack Dawson: His name is Josh.

Scott Stevens: His name means nothing to me because he may think my family and I are mid, but he should ask his old man who broke his neck and almost killed him.

Stevens slowly points to himself before slowly pointing towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: And I can easily to it to you. I can end you before your career even begins.

Stevens stares daggers at the camera before turning his attention back towards Jack.

Scott Stevens: Jace. Jace. Jace. Little buddy, you just like running your mouth don’t you? You want to bash my family? Fine. You want to say our accomplishments don’t mean anything because they compete in MVW? Awesome. Tell me this, how is it that wrestlers from MVW have had tremendous success and have been a mainstay on the HOW roster since HOW has started doing business with them so long ago?

Stevens asks waiting for a response and Jack nods in agreement.

Scott Stevens: My family dominates everywhere we go. We ascend supremacy if you will.

Stevens smirks a little.

Jack Dawson: Nice play on words.

Scott Stevens: Thank you. Plus, ask Conor Fuse who was smacking him and his brother around in DEFIANCE when they were competing for the tag titles. The Stevens Dynasty ran the tag and trios divisions. Now as far as money buying the best training……

Stevens tosses his hands up.

Scott Stevens: I guess it could work. I don’t know.

Jack Dawson: What do you mean? Ten-X is one of the most state of the art and top of the lining training facilities not just in the country, but in the world.

Jack informs Stevens and the Texan nods.

Scott Stevens: I know, but is it really the best? Mike Best didn’t have the top of the line training facilities when he was starting out. He was scraping and clawing in gymnasiums and bingo halls before he caught his big break in Vegas competing for sVo. Even with the best that money could buy he still went the old school route and became arguably the greatest wrestler HOW has ever seen. You see Jack, I was taught it’s sink or swim and my father may have train me, and I had his last name attached to me, but it was up to me to make a name for myself and get myself over. I’m teaching my son the same philosophy my father taught me. Joseph may be a Davidson, but he has a large shadow that covers him and it is going to be difficult for him to get out of.

Jack Dawson: Jace’s son’s name is Josh.

Scott Stevens: Whatever. He’ll disappear faster than Frank Dylan James or Arthur Pleasant after his first loss.


Jack Dawson: That may have been a bit harsh.

Scott Stevens: Truth hurts and I don’t give a shit.

Stevens replies with cruelty in his voice as he leans in his chair.

Scott Stevens: Enough about Jesus, we aren’t here to talk about my little buddy’s bastard offspring we are here to talk about him and I!

Stevens emphasizes as he glances towards the camera.

Jack Dawson: Ok, this Sunday on Chaos, you and Jace Parker Davidson battle it out for the LSD championship. A championship you are very familiar with.

Stevens nods.

Scott Stevens: I’ve only held it one time, but it was a brutal time because every time I defended it every match took more and more out of me and shortened my career. When I was the champion I took a lot of punishment, but I also dealt out a lot of punishment to keep it. I mean it took a taxi running me over to pry it from my hands.

Jack Dawson: What about the people that say you shouldn’t even be receiving a shot at the LSD championship.

Jack asks and the Texan chuckles.

Scott Stevens: Look, I do a lot of things in HOW, but I don’t make the matches and HE made the match and if you have a problem with HIS booking HE’LL just tell you to fuck off.

The audience claps.

Jack Dawson: Jace also believes that when you were coming here today that you were going to do what you always do and live in the past and bring up things.

Stevens shakes his head.

Scott Stevens: So disappointing. Jace claims to be this student of the game, but I guess he didn’t see where I actually praised him and that he is one of the toughest opponents I have ever faced and beating him this Sunday isn’t going to be an easy task. It’s going to be extremely difficult, but it can happen because I have done it before and I just need him to make that one fatal mistake and I relief him of his championship duties.

Jack Dawson: Apparently he has a few surprises for you.

Scott Stevens: Oh? Such as?

Jack Dawson: Abdullah Choi is his new manager…..

Stevens bursts out laughing.

Scott Stevens: I’m not worried about him.

Jack Dawson: It’s also rumored he’ll have a bodyguard as well?

Scott Stevens: Why? To protect him from Carey stabbing him again?

Stevens asks and Jack shakes his head no.

Jack Dawson: It’s to counter your platoon of EPU guards.

Stevens sighs once again.

Scott Stevens: Have the EPU followed me to ringside?

Jack Dawson: No.

Scott Stevens: Exactly. It’s just an excuse to try and give himself an extra advantage to make sure I don’t beat him.

Stevens shrugs.

Scott Stevens: It is what it is. After HE saved me I am thankful for every opportunities I have received.

Jack Dawson: Speaking of Mr. Best. Jace seems to think you’ve become broken and delusional with your obsession and dedication to Mr. Best.

Stevens slides his tongue over his teeth and his brow furrows behind his glasses.

Scott Stevens: If grateful is the new obsession than I will continue to be grateful to the man….er…..correction GOD that saved my life.

Jack Dawson: Yeah you were in a rough patch…..

Scott Stevens: Rough patch? ROUGH PATCH?!?!?!?!?!?

Stevens shouts in an angry tone and slams his fist on the desk.

Scott Stevens: HE literally saved my life. I was living in the basement of the Best Arena eating out of the fucking dumpster outside of the arena or leftover scraps in catering. I was released from my contract and my family wanted nothing to do with me. In my darkest hour HE shined a 97 Red colored light into the abyss and brought me back to relevance. Without Lee mother fucking Best I would not be here today. I owe him everything.

Jack Dawson: What about the claims Jace has said over about how you’ve come back and the claims you made about how War Games played out?

Jack asks and Stevens shakes his head in annoyance.

Scott Stevens: He can assume however he wants, but the fact remain HE picked me.

Stevens points to himself.

Scott Stevens: HE could’ve picked anyone to fill in that last spot, but HE picked me. The EPU dragged me halfway around the world because HE needed me. My little buddy can interpret however he wants but GOD picked me for the team and brought me back into HOW. However, regarding past statements I have made regarding helping America and Tyler win War Games is the truth. It’s common fucking sense. As talented as the Board is they would have been down a man and it would’ve been very difficult to win War Games at a disadvantage and we would probably be looking at Conor Fuse as World champion instead of Christopher America. So in essence, I helped them win.

Jack Dawson: Fair enough, but what about the claims that your reign at the top was because of lack of talent and he was out the door?

Stevens grips the side of desk and speaks sternly.

Scott Stevens: Jace has an inflated opinion of himself, but if he wants to claim that he can, but the fact remains he left and we weren’t hurting for talent. Mike was there. So was Cecilworth Farthington, Jatt Starr, Max Kael, Shane Reynolds, the lowly MVW superstar, Ray McAvay. Austin Reeves, John Sektor and a few others.

Jack Dawson: Doesn’t sound like this “dark times” he claims it to be.

Scott Stevens: Absolutely not, but my little buddy likes to claim he’s always put HOW first. The only thing Jace Parker Davidson first is himself. When he wasn’t getting his way he left and he eventually crawled back to where his toast was always buttered because his ass realized the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Stevens snaps his attention towards the camera.

Scott Stevens: Jace, you fucking disgust me when you say HOW is your home and you’ve always bled 97 Red. That is a slap in the face to everyone that has broken their backs for this company, namely me and the House of Best! You only care about HOW is when you need a fat paycheck because you know GOD will take you because HE has taken us all back. I have been purged of my past tropes because of GOD and this Sunday I’m going to take what you value most and that’s your ego when you’re looking at the lights in defeat and I get my sweet bonus when that LSD championship is wrapped around my waist and I am declared the victor. So count your money, drink your STRONKUMMS, and bring whatever backup you need because at Chaos I’m coming for that LSD title!

Stevens slowly folds his hands together.

Scott Stevens: In the name of the Father, the Sons, and the HOly FC. Praise be the House of Best and praise be to Lee mother fucking Best!

Stevens rips his microphone off and tosses it to the ground and heads towards the exit.

Jack Dawson: I guess that’s the end. I would like to thank my guest Scott Stevens and everyone here in the studio and that tuned in. Goodbye.

Jack waves to the camera before it slowly fades.