Edinburg or Bust (Stevens Dynasty RP 2)

Edinburg or Bust (Stevens Dynasty RP 2)

Posted on June 19, 2024 at 1:47 am by Scott Stevens

Location: Edinburg, Texas: McAllen Airport Detention Room

Date: June 20, 2024

The scene opens up to the inside of a small room. The walls are painted bright white, even the table is white. The only thing of color in the room is a box of donuts in the middle of the table and the four, red chairs and three are occupied by the Stevens Dynasty members of Bo, George, and the patriarch, Cary Stevens. Cary sits in silence, but you can see from his facial features he is seething when all of a sudden, Bo jumps to his feet.

Bo Stevens: How much longer is this going to take? We’ve been in here for hours.

Bo states aloud, but Cary and George simply ignore him. Bo paces around the room before he sits in the unoccupied chair and begins to eat the donuts.

Bo Stevens: Ya’ll don’t want none?

Bo politely asks George and Cary who simply stare at him in silence.

Bo Stevens: Fuck it.

Bo begins to eat the last donut before obnoxiously licking the icing off of his fingers before he kicks his feet up on the desk and gets comfortable.

Bo Stevens: Why you so stressed unck?

Bo asks and Cary continues to ignore him.

Bo Stevens: Fine, but let me break it down for you of what’s about to happen, ok unck?

George lets out a sighing grunt while Cary raises an eyebrow and turns to his nephew and calmly says.

Cary Stevens: Oh? Do tell old wise one?

Bo clears his throat.

Bo Stevens: They are going to come through that door and be good cop and bad cop.

Bo states and points towards the door and Cary nods.

Bo Stevens: Don’t fall for that.

Cary Stevens: Good to know.

Bo Stevens: That’s why I ate their food. You see, they put the box of donuts there to test your guilt and if you don’t touch it, your guilty.

Bo says as he picks up the empty box.

Bo Stevens: I ate the whole box. THE WHOLE BOX. Ok, they walk through that door and you say nothing.

The door opens and two men enter, one is wearing a suit and the other is wearing normal police attire. The man in the police attire picks up the box of donuts and places it back down on the table as Bo smirks to his uncle. The man in the suit is looking over something in his files before tossing the folder onto the table.

Bo Stevens: HE DID IT! HE DID IT!

Bo shouts as he points at Cary while George lets out an embarrassing sounding grunt as he facepalms while Cary slowly towards his nephew.


Bo emphasizes to take Cary.

Bo Stevens: Look I was just picking up my bags when this old timer went off his rocker and started hitting me with his hat and cussing me out on the plane.

Bo tries to explain the situation when George grunts in a threatening manner at his cousin.


Bo points at both Cary and George.

Bo Stevens: I have done nothing bad my entire life.

Bo slowly stands up and approaches the uniformed officer.

Bo Stevens: Look man, I got a girlfriend at home waiting on me with a wife on the side.

The uniformed officer immediately shoves Bo back into his chair.

Bo Stevens: So what if I’ve downloaded a couple thousand songs off of the internet, who hasn’t?

Bo states as he throws up his hands causing George to grunt louder.

Bo Stevens: NO, YOU SHUT UP!

Bo shouts at George as he starts to get teary eyed.


Bo slams his head on the table and begins crying.

Cary Stevens: Well, that was…..pointless.

Cary’s annoyance tears through the room like a hot knife through butter and the man in the suit begins to speak.

Detective Williams: My name is Detective Williams with the McAllen Police Department. Do you know why you were detained.

The detective asks and Cary leans back in his chair.

Cary Stevens: Because my nephew is an idiot.

Cary replies bluntly causing Bo to jump up.

Bo Stevens: I’M NOT AN IDIOT!

Bo shouts but the uniformed officer shoves him back into his chair.

Bo Stevens: How was I supposed to know there is more than one Edinburg?

Bo asks aloud and Cary shakes his head from the sheer stupidity.

Cary Stevens: I apologize, but you see what I’m working with.

Cary says to the detective who takes a seat.

Detective Williams: I see.

The detective replies as he takes a moment to assess the situation.

Detective Williams: So Mr, Stevens, how should we settle this?

The detective asks as Cary shrugs.

Cary Stevens: What do you have in mind?

Cary replies cautiously.

Detective Williams: How about a couple of pictures, autographs, and we get to try our new tasers on your nephew and all this will be forgotten?

The detective informs Cary and a sickening grin comes across the patriarch’s face            .

Cary Stevens: Done.

Cary quickly replies and the two shake hands.

Bo Stevens: Wait a minute…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

The uniformed police officer tases Bo and the detective reaches into his suit pocket and produces some forms with a pen.

Cary Stevens: What’s this?

Cary asks confused.

Detective Williams: A couple of NDAs, just so everything that happens in here remains confidential.

Williams tells Cary who chuckles.

Cary Stevens: Understandable.

Cary replies as he signs the form as does George.

Detective Williams: Great.

The detective collects the forms and places them back into his pocket as Cary and George rise to their feet.

Cary Stevens: We’ll be in the lobby Bo.

Cary tells his nephew before laughing as he heads towards the door and Bo shouts begin tasings.


The screams of Bo Stevens are heard down the long hallway as George and Cary continue walking and don’t look back before Cary turns to his son.

Cary Stevens: Let’s go see how much tickets are going to cost for Edinburgh, Scotland.

George Stevens: Uh-huh.

George grunts as the image slowly fades.