Echoes and Phantoms

Echoes and Phantoms

Posted on April 24, 2024 at 11:53 pm by Brian Hollywood



It’s almost as if last week was just another wake up call for yours truly, Brian Hollywood.


Mr. Executive himself.


The Consequence.


But most importantly, HOW’s Conscious.


Thank you, Teddy.  Thank you for proving to me that you can still be the gutless, piece of human trash motherfucker that the Final Alliance provides at nearly a 97 percent discount.


Thank YOU for reminding me what it takes to go up against the Final Alliance when their fully focused.  You see, I did learn something during and after our fight.  I had to make sure you were still capable of your vile and heinous act and you didn’t disappoint.  I’m glad to see that you have fire left in that soul to be burned!  I’m happy that Noah Hanson and myself didn’t full put that flame out completely.


See ever since the start of this year, I’ve evolved.  I’ve gotten better inside and outside of that ring and you know what?  NO one can fucking take that away from me.  Not you, Teddy, not Lee Best or any of the Final Alliance.  It’s only going to get worse for the whole lot of you as we get closer to War Games because the simple fact of the matter is I’m on the war path and if I’m going to go down, I’m taking as many of you motherfuckers as I can with me!  We aren’t finished yet, Teddy, you can be that as an Executive fucking Promise!


But this week, I turn my focus to another man…


A man who clearly has forgotten who he is.


A man who I can’t tell wants to remember who he is or not.  That man?  Why that man is YOU Christopher America!


America, you and I fought not that long ago. I remember us going to war on a Chaos for the HOW World Championship and that match turned out to be everything it promised to be.  You said I would show up for a fight and that’s exactly what I did.  But you were a different man then, weren’t you?  I can’t quite seem to figure out what is exactly going on with you, Chris, but I promise you, I will make sure you remember who I am.


You already seem to, anyways…


You seem to be suffering from some sort of amnesia these days, or a man having an identity crisis.  In that matter, Chris, you and I have something in common.  I, too, suffered from amnesia and went through a similar hell you did.  However, I didn’t have a tyrannical, brainwashing, no eyed crippled so called GOD of HOW torturing my soul.  In that regard, I feel for you America…even though I should know better than to show any emotion for someone who was once the Final Alliance’s top LIEUTENANT.  That’s what you were to them, Chris, and it’s what Lee wants you to be again.


But you see, Chris, Lee is DESPERATE!  He’s desperate because he has a Final Alliance that is failing to get results.  You are replaceable, Chris…EVERYONE in Lee’s little Alliance gang bang rag tags are always replaceable.  You wanna know how I know that, Chris?  It’s because at one point, I was in the position you were in.  Today, you would get no argument on who Lee’s top Lieutenant really is and he’s someone you should know very well.  He goes by the name of John Sektor.  One could argue Steve Solex and John Sektor are both battling for Lee’s attention as top dog but it doesn’t matter to me.  Let them tear each other apart.  Sooner or later that group is going to implode on itself because no one seems to take control of their shit in that war room.  Hell, not even Mike Best is at the top of that list in that Alliance…that should tell you all you need to know Chris.


Do you really want to go back to that hell and anarchy, Chris?  If you truly seem to remember who I am and have found a little solace in fighting me this week, then I want you to know that you’ll get no satisfaction from myself or for yourself if you go crawling back into the arms of Lee Best and the Final Alliance.  None.  Zip, Zero fucking zilch!  But I can help you, Chris.  I want to help you.  I can’t even believe I’m saying that.


But when I look at you now, I see a lot of what I used to see in myself.  I can also hear the sounds of the memories that chime in the back of my head.  They are echoes, Chris, and they are echoes of memories that were the most painful to me.  I don’t want the same for you..but I’m afraid that’s the only alternative forward if you really want to be a different man than the man you used to be.  I will be more than happy to help you, Chris.  However, there are conditions…and I’m afraid these conditions are non may not remember who you used to be, but that still doesn’t absolve you of what I must obviously do this week on Chaos.


I’m afraid there are still….consequences….


You must still answer for the pain and torment that you once caused on others on the HOW roster and to HOW as a whole when you DID know you were.  I’ve taken it upon myself to be that man to be the answer and the reckoning of those consequences.  You see, Chris, you are in a unique position.  While you figure out who you once were, you have a chance to become a better version of yourself.  A more abstained version than the monster that you once were.  Another reason you are in a unique position is because I once was in that position you are in.  And I had to repent my sins.  I had to absolve myself of who I was.  I had to become a better man.  A better version of myself.  Someone to do better in High Octane Wrestling but in and out of that ring in general.  I had to learn all over of how to be a man of moral conscious.  But it wasn’t easy.  It took me a couple years to figure this all out.  I had been going through an identity crisis myself and my personal life had bled into my professional wrestling life.  It might be the same for you, or it could be different.  Who knows how long it will take you to get yourself re-calibrated but I assure you it was so hard for me I almost completely vanished myself from professional wrestling.  Until one day, I woke up and realized what it was I had to do…and it was not easy, Chris.  It was one of the hardest fucking things I’ve ever had to do, believe me.


But it had to be done.  That’s why as I reach out to you now, I can see parallels and echoes of myself in you.  But you, Chris, are at an impasse.  You can either chose to give in to the darkness that was once familiar to you, or you could chose to turn yourself down a path of penance but a path of absolving yourself of the sins of your past.  But one thing I will show you, Chris, is what eats away at the very thing that I have thrived to become in High Octane Wrestling.


The voice of reason.


A conscious knocking on the door of your inner soul…a conscious that has adapted and has grown to what I call HOW’s conscious.  I am HOW’s conscious, Chris, and it’s a mantel that was not easily bestowed on me.  But like it or not, I accepted it because I knew I HAD to!  MY penance was to be the voice of reason for the HOW locker room and the Machine altogether!  There is so much uncontrolled violence, so much pain echoing week after week throughout the halls of High Octane Wrestling and god damn it, someone has to answer those calls.  There is something else that passes in the halls of HOW and that is echoes of a consequence that is ready to be dished out no matter what faces it.


Simply put Chris…I have made it my mission, my purpose to put myself in harms way because it’s what I NEED to do!  No one cares about chaos anymore around here.  People HAVE to be held accountable and I’m making it my mission that the accountability, the consequence and HOW’s conscious being is none other than Brian Fucking Hollywood!


It’s taken me a long time figuring out what I need to do, still, in HOW.  However, I know I’m nearing the end of my career in High Octane Wrestling….and in wrestling altogether.  That’s why I’m not afraid to be the man who stands up to the corrupt and the most vile of atrocious beings that stand at the very top of this company.  I no longer fear what happens to me.  It’s something I’ve learned to come to accept at the stage of my career.  It’s something I can show you too, Chris.  But you have to be ready and willing.  You have to be ready to ACCEPT your fate first.  You may still need help remembering who you are, but if you really are scared and want to be a better Christopher America, than Brian Hollywood can help you with that.


But first it will take a brutal encounter from me in that ring this week to start you on that path.  But that isn’t where the biggest worries are at is it?  No…I saw what happened in your match against Kostoff last week and I gotta say…you’re even worse off than I was…


Watching you wrestle in that match was like watching you trying to relearn how to ride a bike.  Kostoff absolutely kicked your fucking ass all over that ring last week and I could tell you were very much out of your element.  Zach may still be finding his place in a world where he largely stands in his fathers shadow, but that kid absolutely beat your ass all over that ring.  I was shocked at your performance.  You really are lost and it’s worse than I would ever imagine.  But you aren’t completely gone are you, America?  It really was like a bolt of lightning striking and reanimating that medal like it was nature’s natural course and you were able to get that victory, even if it was a surprising roll up.  You endured and that’s what you have to hold onto.


That tells me that Christopher America is still lurking within you….even if it is pushed deep down.  Like it or not, Chris, you will find that I’m going to be a much more aggressive opponent than Zach was last week.  I can only move forward.  I have to.  I’ve discovered my limits and what I need to do in order to push that envelope further to get the job done and I heavily intend on doing that this Friday night on Chaos.


I’m going to fight you and I’m going to wrestle the hell out of you in that ring this week.  I will not hold my punches and I will not hesitate to do what I must in order to get that job done this week.  You are still considered to be Lee’s priority and that’s something I clearly cannot accept!  You still have a choice, Chris, and you have the same choice that I did.  All you have to do is be ready to make the HARD call and the HARD choice in rejecting and denouncing your faith in Lee and the Final Alliance….because if you don’t Chris, I promise you that I will make sure you regret it moving forward.  I will show you no mercy and I will do what I must to put you down and make an example out of you.


Please don’t make me do that, Chris.  I like to think you can change…just like me.  But I’m also ready to make the HARDER call in putting you down should you chose to try and re-find that path you once were on with Lee Best and the Final Alliance.  Either way, this week I will not make it easy for you.


You are going to get one hell of a fight this week and I promise you it will be different than when we were fighting for the HOW World Championship.  We can still tear the house down…but I’m willing to give you the honor you deserve cause I know you can be a different man….a BETTER man!


I was.


And now I am.


All you have to do is make the HARD call, too.  I know you can.  If you can be capable of going through the torture of what you are now, even with your identity crisis, then I know you can make the HARD call to choose to go down a lighter path and a path of rebirth and renewal.  You just have to be ready to really reach down deep within your soul to make it happen…because if you don’t….


In the end, you will have to go through me anyways…because I’m more than just Mr. Executive now.


I’m the consequence of what happens when you chose evil and corruption.


I am HOW’s Conscious and this conscious will reach down your soul for you and tear it straight to fucking hell!  Make no mistake about it, Chris.


So be the man I know you can be Chris.  Be the DIFFERENCE!


Be better.  But most importantly, HOW needs a better Chris.  A BETTER America!





There Hollywood was sitting in the confines of his bunker, talking to a man he thought he wouldn’t be talking to again.  At least not a man who no longer had an interest in talking to Hollywood the way that he wanted.  Hollywood sighs as he finally speaks up after hearing the firm tone of Gerald Reeve’s voice on the other end of the phone.


Brian Hollywood: “I gotta say Gerald, I’m surprised you even called me back.  I got to ask though, what took you so fucking long?!”


Gerald Reeves: “What took me so fucking long?  I had to decide whether or not I wanted to talk to your traitorous ass or find a way to track your phone and just simply catch you and bring you in!  If you need to ask me why if it really took a couple of weeks to come to a decision than I’m going to tell you that yes it did.”


Hollywood shakes his head as he rolls out of his personal training ring.  There were echoes along the bunker that weren’t there the last time Gerald was at the Hideout which caused Gerald to become curious but before he could speak up on anything, Hollywood finally blurts out through the phone.


Brian Hollywood: “You know what?  Fuck you, Gerald!  You need to get off your god damn high horse and stop this stupid witch lynching hunt against me and my brother and actually help me like you used to.  Come back and let us work together like we used to.  You’re still one of my best friends and I’ve not given up on you even though you might have given up on me.”


Gerald Reeves: “It really isn’t that simple, Hollywood.  You’ve aided and abetted a known criminal and you’ve run from law enforcement.  You still have to answer for that, Brian.”


There is a pause as Hollywood doesn’t say anything.  You can hear a slight sigh come across the phone but it’s not known if it was Hollywood or Gerald.


Gerald Reeves: “Look….I know you’ve had to make some really tough decisions lately.  As much as I have come to hunting your ass down, I still follow your HOW career, believe it or not.  But I know that this aiding this criminal is your actual brother.  I know that couldn’t have been easy to come to find out knowing all your history you’ve had with The Chair.”


Brian Hollywood: “His name is Jasper.”


Gerald Reeves: “Sure, whatever.  Facts are still facts, Brian.  Sooner than later, you’re going to have to pay the piper.  Isn’t that moniker you’re running and advertising around HOW these days?  If so, don’t be a fucking hypocrite and actually own up to it!”


Brian Hollywood: “That’s different and you know it, Gerald!  I don’t expect you to understand!  Anyways, that’s not why I wanted to talk to you.  I can imagine you know why I’m reaching out to you.”


Gerald grumbles under his voice.


Gerald Reeves: “Yea, I know.  Whether you knew or not, Buck reached out to me recently.  Said it involved your mother?  I thought she was dead?”


Brian Hollywood: “You spoke to Buck?  Damn it, I swear you two are better friends than I am to either of you it seems!  And yes, I thought she was dead too until Jasper told me that his mother was also my mother as well.  Anyway, I was seeing if there’s anyway you can reach out to any of your contacts in the CIA or the Italian mafia in finding out who she is.”


Gerald Reeves: I’ll reach out and see what I can find..but this running has to stop, Brian.  One way or another…you’re going to have to answer for everything you’ve done already.  One thing I will say is that I heard there’s a well established ghost within the Italian Mafia and their very reputable.  I don’t have a name…but I’ve heard there is a name in the underground.  Goes by the name Phantom.”


Hollywood’s eyes shoot up in shock as he’s heard that name before.  Hollywood let’s out a heavy breath before wrapping up his phone call with Gerald.


Brian Hollywood: “Yes, Jasper has mentioned that Phantom before.  Has associated that name with the three pillars myth he’s told me.  Anyways…thanks Gerald.  I’ll be in touch.”


Gerald Reeves: “Do the right thing, Hollywood.  Isn’t that what you’re preaching these days?  Don’t make yourself pay for more of these so called sins you’re so called repenting from.  Turn yourself in.  It’s the only way to really move forward.”


Hollywood sighs as he looks down knowing that Gerald is still partially right.  But he also knew he had to make the HARD choice in continuing his quest one way or another.  He was nearing the end of all the mystery, at least he thought he was.


Brian Hollywood: “I’ll be seeing you, Gerald.”


And with that, Hollywood hangs up the phone as he drops in one of the chairs in the gym and stares at the wall as he weighs even tougher choices on his conscious and dwells further on who this Phantom may be as the scene slowly fades to black.