Ducking Conor Fuse Apparently

Ducking Conor Fuse Apparently

Posted on October 14, 2022 at 7:01 am by Christopher America

Bobbinette Carey thinks I’m ducking Conor Fuse. 

A World Champion who shows up week in and week out to HOW, who is booked on cards with matches announced ahead of time, who remains in his dressing room when not in the ring, is ducking Conor Fuse?

As if he doesn’t know where to find me.

He’s too busy helping your Mr. Magoo ass figure out who wants you dead. Spoiler: it’s everyone.

Bitch, I pinned that man in War Games and won that very match which contained 99% of the roster. The lone holdout from the match? The person not good enough for War Games? That was you. 

You may think that I’m ducking Conor Fuse but he sure didn’t think that when I pinned his ass in the ring and took the HOW World Championship. But you probably missed that part of War Games because you weren’t there. You were probably back in catering, licking your wounds from another loss while looking for a chocolate pudding to drown your sorrows in: “Oh Jell-O Pudding Cup, why am I as shitty as they say I am?”

You talk about Conor a lot and try to angle something. But the only reason you’re doing that is because you know you can’t get the job done yourself.

Fucking pathetic.

You know what would be ballsy? A fucking Hall of Famer challenging her “best friend” to a match and trying to defeat him so that she could position herself better to fight for the HOW World Championship. But you won’t do that because you’ve lost your fucking self respect.

Oh, and in case you’re looking for it…

You’ll notice, Carey, that I haven’t brought your race into this once at this point. But you force that lens. You force it so hard and hope that your opponents fall into a trap. The truth is that I am fully aware of my conscious biases and am in tune when unconscious biases arise. But here’s the best part about being me. I care about fairness, justice, and equality. And you? You haven’t earned this main event. And it’s unfair to the 10+ people ranked above your sorry ass. I’m facing the number 2 ranked wrestler in HOW at Rumble at The Rock. That second ranked wrestler is facing the current World Champ and two time Wrestler of the Month, having won that two out of the four months I’ve been back. Because that’s fair.

And then, you have the gall to talk about all this patriarchy and bullshit happening to you outside and inside the ring. And it’s all just endless noise.

Patriarchy? Fucking patriarchy in HOW? Did Lee Best not book you against men? Did Lee Best not allow you to be champion because you were black, or a woman? No. Lee Best allowed those things. Lee Best helped break down stereotypes and color barriers. While you talk about WANTING to do those things, Lee Best is actually DOING those things. And if it wasn’t you, Carey, it would have been ANY OTHER black female competitor.

And that’s the problem with you, Carey. 

You just aren’t as special as you want to be.

You’ve complained in the past about how the patriarchy in society is steamrolling over people’s rights, but what about my rights right now? I don’t want to hear your fucking words and yet each and every week I am forced to. Stop forcing yourself into me. My body. My choice. And my choice is for you to shut the fuck up and keep my name out of your mouth.

And no, Carey, you haven’t “pissed” me off, made me “angry”, “gotten under” my skin or whatever other euphemism you want to dredge up to try to big yourself up.

I’m glad you brought up this time of year, too. Because come to think of it, you aren’t a witch. You’re a fucking energy vampire. You make this entire company miserable. You drain the life and joy out of everything.

You alone are the reason HOW hasn’t sold out shows. Those tickets reserved for Carey fans just don’t sell out like they used to back in 2008, do they? The fans that do show up? Just incels hoping to see some Carey cleavage, praying you’ll use your claw-cracker sized fingers and help them get off for the first time in a decade when they see you after the show.

Because you need the attention.

And I’m sure this week will be no different.