Drops of the Same Bloodline?

Drops of the Same Bloodline?

Posted on February 25, 2021 at 10:40 pm by Brian Hollywood

“I was growing tired of it all.  This war had definitely taken its toll on me.  Inside and outside of the ring.  It was like being bombarded on both sides.  There didn’t seem to be any rest.  I was growing weary and I was starting to get worn down and what exactly did I have to show for it?  A name that no longer carried any weight in the most powerful wrestling company on the face of the earth…along with a name in the business tycoons that no longer struck respect to the many minds of businessmen in the world.  The war with The Chair had definitely taken its toll and it was to a point where I was basically ready to throw in the towel.  Also, combine that to my affairs in High Octane Wrestling where no matter what I plan, it all just gets sent up into smoke.  I remember a time where I planned things so down to the point that if any obstacle appeared in my path, I would have a contingency already in place to combat that obstacle.  Now look at me…I can’t even see in front of my two fucking feet.  I’m growing tired of it all.  The truth of the matter is that this plan I laid out in front of me last week couldn’t have been foiled.  The truth of the matter is that this one plan…this ONE fucking plan had worked so well that I didn’t even give two shits of an effort on.  It’s amazing it even worked in the first place.  I suppose that’s why it was no surprise it even worked to begin with.  It’s in that particular light that that’s what is so shocking about it.  The truth is I didn’t care about a match with the Bruvs and even more so didn’t care about teaming with Darin Zion that once was a dream match of sorts.  It’s there that lies the absolute disappointment in what could have been that has me thinking to begin with.  How did I get to that point?  I’ll tell you why…I’m sick and tired of being on the wrong end of the status quo of High Octane Wrestling.  So sick, in fact, that I’m taking matters back into my own hands…so sick, in fact, that I’m tired of the cogs of High Octane Wrestling continue to move with no momentum and with no discussion of Brian Hollywood being involved in said cogs moving that has frustrated me….and that is why I’m putting an end to it all.  One way or another….I’m going to get the ending that FUCKING WANT!!  This is the final era in HOW and this is the final era of Brian Hollywood along with it.  I’ll be damned if I don’t have a say in its ending…”


Drops of the Same Bloodline?


Los Angeles, California


The Hanger


The scene opens up inside the secret hideout, lookout and base of operations of Hollywood’s ongoing war against The Chair.  It was, as we already knew, in plain sight.  However, the location of the base of operations wasn’t blatantly obvious as it was in a known abandoned alleyway of several businesses that had gone out of business.  It was a quiet alleyway and there wasn’t much action that happened in the alleyway.  Hollywood liked it that way and there was a reason why he now owned the entire alleyway.  Brian Hollywood is seen sitting at a table with a glass of whiskey as he ponders his last conversation with The Chair.  Also in The Hanger was Gerald Reeves, Lukas Montana and Buck Wringley.  The four had been close in their operation that most of the information they all shared together was classified but not everyone was being truthful of their intel on operations, specifically Hollywood himself.  There were aspects of the case that Hollywood never divulged to the rest of the crew for obvious reasons of concern, or playing it too close to the chest that would unnerve the rest of the gang.  In fact, it was only Lukas Montana that was aware fully of what Hollywood knew rather than Hollywood’s closest friends.  Say what you will about Hollywood, but he knew who he could count on with certain bits of information and that said a lot in his decision of information he shared with his former enemy turned friend, Lukas Montana.  Hollywood knew he was playing a dangerous game but he was determined to play it however he needed to if it meant finding out who The Chair was and bringing this war to an end.  Hollywood was seen staring at his glass of whiskey in deep thought as he ran his recent conversation with The Chair in his mind again.  It wasn’t long before Gerald and Buck had noticed something troubling Hollywood before they both speak up ending the silence in the room.


Gerald Reeves: You alright there, Brian?  You’ve been awfully quiet since we got here.  What’s on your mind?”


Buck Wringley: “Yea…I second Gerald’s motion, Bri.  I know the wheels in your head are turnin.  So how bout you tell us what’s goin on in yer mind there.”


Hollywood stares a few more moments at his glass before he snaps out of it.  He picks up the glass and shoots the whiskey in its entirety down his throat.  He lets out a small relief as he pours more another shot of whiskey into his glass.


Brian Hollywood: “I appreciate your concern gentlemen, but sometimes I just get lost in thought being in this place.  This place has a way of making years long memories flare up in your head.”


Buck Wringley: “I hear ya on that Bri.  I can definitely relate to ya on that matter.”


Gerald Reeves: “Believe me Brian, we’re definitely with you on that one.”


Hollywood looks over at Lukas Montana, who definitely knew better, and let’s out a small smile as Lukas smiles and acknowledges the easy decipher of Hollywood’s thoughts without having spoken a word.  Usually when Hollywood gets like this, his friends can easily peg or get him to let out what’s on his mind.  It’s curious that both Gerald and Buck didn’t press on the matter.  At any rate, Hollywood takes another shot of whiskey before placing the empty glass back down on the table before he gets down to business.


Brian Hollywood: “Now, as you may know gentlemen, there’s a reason why I called you all to this meeting here this evening.  I have it under good authority that The Chair is going to surface soon…and I mean really soon.  I wanted everyone here to know the details before it happens.”


This sort of news came as a shock to Gerald and Buck, but not as a shock to Lukas who obviously knew more than Buck and Gerald did.  Gerald was the first to comment with obvious concern.


Gerald Reeves: “Now wait just a second Brian…I’ve heard nothing on the matter.  You and I both know with me working with the CIA I obviously have it under good authority I get information before its general knowledge.  So can you tell me, honestly, where you got you intel from?  Cause this is obviously news to me…”


Buck Wringley: “I’m with Gerald on this one, Bri.  What makes you think the man is going to surface soon?  We’ve all had it under good authority that The Chair as been layin low for quite some time…and his resurfacin would be pretty big.  So tell us Bri….what makes you think he’s gonna resurface soon?”


There was a slight pause as both Gerald and Buck waited for Hollywood to answer.  However, while they were waiting on the answer, they both looked towards Lukas who hasn’t said a word since arriving tonight.  Gerald and Buck looked at each other and nodded before looking back towards Lukas and pressing him with the same question.


Gerald Reeves: “I think I speak for both Buck and myself on this one…but you haven’t exactly given us your input on this matter, Lukas.”


Lukas, who looks at Hollywood briefly as he’s caught off guard by the duos curiosity, finally speaks up as he has the rooms undivided attention.


Lukas Montana: “Don’t mind me gentlemen.  I’m merely spectating everything tonight.  However, the two do have a point Mr. Hollywood.  What is it that your not telling us?”


Hollywood, who knows Lukas is just playing the part, finally responds to everyone’s bombardment of him. 


Brian Hollywood: “Since when was it a crime to have intuition?  I’m the only one here who knows The Chair better than anyone here in this room!  I’m just saying a have a hunch he’s going to reach out soon.  We’ve been cracking away at his operation for quite some time now and we all know how he likes to intervene when the tide is turning against him.  Now can you honestly object to anything I’ve said tonight?”


Gerald Reeves: “No…we don’t object.  However, when we’re you going to tell us that you ran into Audrey Renfroe again?”


Hollywood’s eyes light up with shock.  He couldn’t believe Gerald knew that he had reconnected with Audrey.  Hollywood wasn’t surprised that Gerald knew.  If The Chair had found out, he knew Gerald could have easily as well.  Gerald did, in fact, have something to do with helping Audrey disappear and relocate in an effort to starting a new life for herself.  Hollywood sighs as he knew he had no choice but to talk about their fateful meeting.


Brian Hollywood: “Heard about that did you?  Well I don’t know how that has anything to do with The Chair!”


Buck Wringley: “Has anythin to do with The Chair?!  Bri…that has EVERYTHIN to do wit her!  That’s how he was able to get to ya the first time!  He knows yer weaknesses and quite frankly, ya should too!  So if yer instincts are tellin ya that The Chair is fixin to resurface soon….well….then yes…we’re inclined to believe ya on that one!”


Gerald Reeves: “Brian….we all know of you and Audrey’s history.  She’s always had a special place in your heart and if there’s one thing The Chair has always been good at it’s exposing your heart!  So now that you’ve pretty much given yourself away at revealing something that we all know to be a secret…you minus well tell us what you’ve been keeping away from us!”


Of course, the guys were right.  Audrey had a special place in his heart and his greatest weakness.  Now he had known that he couldn’t keep his secret meeting with The Chair a secret any longer.  Hollywood sighs as he wasn’t ready to tell Gerald and Buck what he was working on behind their backs.


Brian Hollywood: “Why can’t either of you leave well enough alone sometimes?!  Yes…The Chair fucking reached out to me!  What do you guys want from me?!  This was supposed to be off the books…I didn’t want any of you involved with this!”


Buck Wringley: “Bri…we’re ALL fuckin involved in this here case!  We all agreed that we would divulge ANY and ALL information as we got it!  We all know what kind of man we’re dealin wit here!  We all have to be on the same page!”


Hollywood shakes his head defiantly.  He then looks at Lukas and acts the part that he isn’t involved with his secret plot.


Brian Hollywood: “And I suppose you’re just going to sit there in silence like you always do Lukas!  You haven’t exactly gave your two cents worth here!”


Lukas Montana: “Watch your fucking tone, Hollywood!  You and I both know you’ve always needed my help in this matter!  I’ve been kind enough to go along with everyone else when I could have found other things to do with my time!”


Gerald Reeves: “Alright, ENOUGH!  We all need to be on the same page here!  We need to be on one united front…not arguing amongst ourselves here!  This is why we all need to have each others backs!”


There is a brief pause as the scene is clearly heated amongst everyone.  Hollywood nods his head as he knows Gerald is right.


Brian Hollywood: “Gerald is right.  We need to stick together and not be at each others throats.  The war is with The Chair…not with each other!  So yes, you’re right, Gerald…I have had contact with Audrey…but it was her who reached out to me….not the other way around.”


Gerald Reeves: “Yes, but why now?  She hasn’t had any type of contact with you in the last few years…so why is she all of a sudden back now?”


Brian Hollywood: “Well, believe it or not, she wants to help us take down The Chair.  She’s tired of living in fear and quite frankly, I don’t blame her!  She should be able to live her life the way she wants to!”


Buck Wringley: “Yes…but Bri, there’s a reason she was put in witness protection to begin with.  The Chair used her against ya once…he will do it again if he has the chance…”


Hollywood sighs as he knows Buck is right.  The last thing Hollywood wanted was for Audrey to be caught up in all of this to begin with.  All he wanted for her was for her to have the life she always wanted…but he knew that life was with him and that was something he couldn’t give to her…even if that’s what he wanted as well.  Hollywood was finding it difficult to live the life he wanted as well.  It had taken a toll on him and he was just plain tired of it all.  He wanted for it to be over and done with.  All Hollywood wanted to do was to rest and enjoy his life the way he had wanted.  All his life he was used to being in control of things and this was one of those things he had never had control of to begin with and you could tell it was weighing on him after all these years.  The years had changed Hollywood and not for the better.  Whether it was his business dealings or his wrestling, he had lost the ability to control his own destiny and that weighed on him greatly.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright…I’ll keep everyone apprised with my contact with The Chair.  However, it’s detrimentally important that we don’t tip him off.  He will reach out soon and we have to let him.  We’re getting closer and closer to ending this war and finally figuring out his identity and that can’t be compromised, understood?”


There was a brief moment of silence in the room but it sounded like everyone was finally on the same page as Gerald, Buck and Lukas all nodded their heads in agreement.


Gerald Reeves: “Agreed.  But we HAVE to know when and where he reaches out Brian.  It’s very important that we do.”


Buck Wringley: “I also agree, Bri.  However, I agree with Gerald a hundred percent.  We can’t be kept in the dark, alright?”


Lukas Montana: “You have my full support, Mr. Hollywood.  I’m with Gerald and Buck on this one though.  We’re all on the same team here.”


Hollywood nods his head in full agreement.


Brian Hollywood: “Agreed.  It’s settled then, gentlemen.  As soon as he reaches out, you all will know about it.”


Gerald, Buck and Lukas all nod their heads in agreement as the four of them seem satisfied with this evenings meeting.


Gerald Reeves: “Until next time, gentlemen.  Keep in touch.  I’ve got to get back to Langley…I’ve got an important mission to follow up on.”


Buck Wringley: “And I’ve got to get back to the station.  I’ve got a case I’m followin up on myself as well.  Until then, gents.”


Gerald and Buck shake hands with Hollywood and Lukas and follow it up with a pat on the shoulders before both men take their respective leave.  Now it was just Hollywood and Lukas who remained as Hollywood lets out a little sigh of relief.


Brian Hollywood: “Well that was a close call, wasn’t it?”


Lukas Montana: “You have no idea.  Gerald and Buck aren’t idiots….they came close to discovering everything here tonight.  I know you don’t want them to know everything and what we know…but we’ve got to be careful because I know if they knew what we know, they definitely would be heavily against what we’re planning.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yes I know, Lukas.  It’s for their own good, though.  I know I’m playing this one close to the chest but it’s for the best.  I especially can’t get Gerald involved with this one because he’ll have the entire CIA breathing down The Chair’s neck and I don’t want to fuck this one up…especially with how close we are here.”


Lukas Montana: “I agree with you there.  Let’s just hope we can accomplish this without the whole thing coming down on top of us.”


Brian Hollywood: “Agreed.  We’re getting closer Lukas, I just know it….”


Hollywood and Lukas nod their heads in agreement as the scene pans just outside the Hanger with Gerald and Buck just within listening range.  Buck looks at Gerald and speaks softly.


Buck Wringley: “I sure hope ya know what yer doin Gerald.”


Gerald Reeves: “Don’t worry…I do.  I already have Hollywood’s phone tapped.  This is for his own good.  It’s strange in a way…”


Buck Wringley: “What are ye talkin about?”


Gerald Reeves: “Everthing with Hollywood and The Chair….their methods of secrecy…I just find it….oddly similar…”


Buck Wringley: “What do ya mean?”


Gerald Reeves: “Their ways….their minds…they just seem the same…”


Buck Wringley: “What are ye gettin at Gerald?”


Gerald Reeves: “I….I don’t know…just an eerie feeling is all…”


Buck scratches his head at Gerald’s line of thinking as the scene has an ominous feeling to it before slowly fading to black….



The Status Quo


“For the past week I’ve been silent on the ending to the Hollywood Boyz and Hollywood Bruvs match.  I got rolled up, tights and all and to give the win to the Bruvs.  Well what if it was more than that?  To the rich goes the spoils isn’t that the old age mantra?  Or how about from the rich gets spoiled?  It’s all about how you define it really.  But how about the way that I define it?  I’ve been sick and tired of being spoiled…or how my plans keep getting spoiled.  Let me break it down for you…”


“You see it was just a few short weeks ago where I laid down a little challenge to a certain Jason Cashe for a match at March to Glory.  It was supposed to be a match years in the making…but it’s not happening now, is it?  Did I really beat Jason Cashe that bad a couple weeks ago in the middle of the ring at beat him at his own game that bad?  Or was it I played his game even better than he did?  You see apparently I had beaten Cashe at his own game so bad that because I knew Cashe better than he knew himself, I damn well ended his HOW campaign quicker than it even fucking started.  I’ve seen Cashe take far worse beatings in the ring than what I did to him a couple weeks ago!  So what do I get the next week?  I get put into an out of nowhere tag team match with Darin Matthews and all of a sudden it’s the Hollywood Boyz against a returning Hollywood Bruvs.  All of a sudden, a dream match of sorts laid out in front of everyone.  But it was far from a dream match wasn’t it?  I certainly didn’t see it as sorts.  What did I see?  DISGUST!  It was fucking disgust!  It disgusted me so much that I had no desire to even show up mentally for the match.  Why so do you ask?  It’s because I’m tired of being stuck on the wrong side of the god damn status quo in HOW!  If there was one thing that the Bruvs were right about is the fact that when all else fails, let’s just put Brian and Darin into a tag match because that’s the safe zone right?  WRONG!  It’s the fucking danger zone and not by my definition of the danger zone.  My danger zone kicks are warranted and dangerous for anyone who receives one.  However, it was this one that I did not want to be on the receiving end of one!  I’m fucking done being on the wrong end of the status quo in HOW and I’m done playing fucking games!  So what happens this week?  I finally see, potentially….progress…”


“This week I find myself back in singles competition.  I’m facing Zeb Martin…and while it’s not what I wanted…it’s progress.  Let me be bluntly clear here…I’ve made it abundantly clear that all I’m focused on moving forward is singles competition.  I’m all about getting back on the map when it comes to being a singles competitor because let’s be honest…I’ve always been better on my own.  I’ve clearly shown time and time again that I benefit on my own.  While I’ve had missteps here and there on the singles road, I’ve always found my footing and have gotten to the very top of HOW.  You can go back and watch that road for yourselves, but it’s clearly undisputed that I’m very well capable of doing just that.”


“Now what awaits in front of me is not for the faint of heart.  I will return to the absolute ruthless and merciless man I was once known as.  Zeb…you and I have done battle a few times in the ring against each other already and we have traded wins against each other.  However, I want you to know that when you step into the ring with me this time…things are going to be quite different than our last encounter.  This time, you will face an enraged and brutal Hollywood.  You will be facing a Hollywood that doesn’t know how to show mercy…nor does he know the definition of showing mercy.  You’re going to face a Hollywood that is all hellbent on getting back to the top of the HOW mountain and it’s a mountain I’ve chomped at the bit at regaining my perch.  I had a match at March to Glory and now that is in jeopardy of even happening.  Now I run the danger of being left off the card altogether and that fucking makes my blood…boil!  Knowing that once again, I may be left off another PPV card is unacceptable and it’s not something I envisioned 2021 to be for me.  Now I have to be thinking about War Games and that PPV is not anywhere close to being here.  But I’m a man who thinks for the future and I plan out that future…that is why you will be a punctuation in my quest to get there, Zeb.”


“You’ve done quite nice for yourself and getting yourself a tag title match at March to Glory.  You’re quite the superstar, Zeb.  I will not deny you that much.  But what I will not admit or accept is to be a punctuation of a man on the wrong side of the status quo in HOW.  I will not let the time or the opportunities pass me by anymore in HOW’s twilight hour.  I absolutely will not let myself become a footnote in the history books of a man who didn’t have what it took to cut it in an era of HOW where the competition has taken it a notch up.  I want to be remembered as the man who was able to step up to the best of competition in a HOW era that showcases the best talent seen in the last decade.  I want to be the man who can reach back to the top of the mountain knowing that I not only took down the very best in HOW to get back there, but that it wasn’t a fluke the first time I did it a few years ago.  No more playing games…no more jokes…no more allowing people to ride my coattails trying to gain glory for themselves.  NO. FUCKING. MORE!


“This week on Refueled, Zeb, you get a Hollywood who you’ve never stepped foot in the ring with before.  I’m not a Hollywood that will play fair, either.  I’m a man who you will be looking across the ring at and will instill fear into your eyes.  A man who is once again unpredictable in that ring.  A man who clearly understands the stakes moving forward who will do whatever it takes to get a victory…because that’s all that matters to me anymore…is victory.  It’s time that fate fortunes the bold…a mantra I lived up to quite literally.  You are going to step into the ring with a man who knows what it means to literally lose everything and a man who will no longer accept defeat as a result….”


“I’m literally angry, Zeb…I don’t have any cell in my body left for mercy.  The only thing that is left is hatred, anger, spite…greed..all the things that shaped me as a champion the first time.  I will tear High Octane apart limb from limb to get back to the top of the mountain again…to become relevant again and I don’t feel sorry for any son of a bitch that is placed in front of me….because mark my words, Zeb…I won’t be left to be an afterthought.  That is not Brian Hollywood…that might be Darin Zion…but it is NOT Brian Hollywood!  I’m going to take HOW back by storm if I have to but I promise you I will not lay in the shadows anymore and watch HOW move forward like it’s without Brian Hollywood!  I know what that feeling is like and all it has done is turn me into a machine of hate…and that machine of hate shall be unleashed until I’ve beaten all of the blood out of every last one of my opponents until I get back to the top of the HOW mountain again.  I’m not waiting until War Games to do it….I’m not waiting until March to Glory to do it…I’m starting it THIS WEEK and I will make sure my presence is felt on every show moving forward until I get what I want…what I’ve chased since HOW reopened its doors…”


“I want you to look me in the eyes Zeb before I snuff out all of the hope in yours…I want you to know just how fucking serious I am when I declare myself than just my words.  I want you to know it’s coming.  I want you to see what I see…feel what I feel…and I’m going to make sure you feel every ounce of it this week at Refueled.  I want you to know what its like to feel hopeless and know what its like to feel like there’s nothing you can do about it.  I want to watch the light leave your eyes as it left me…and I’m going to show you what it feels like to be left out in the cold….because I’m not being left out in the cold anymore.  Now, I’m going to leave everyone else out in the cold and I will not feel sorry for any one in HOW that gets put down by my hand and upset where their the ones on the outside looking in.  I want you to feel the despair I’ve felt and I’m going to make sure you know what it felt like to me.”


“A machine is coming for you this week, Zeb, but it won’t be one that is operated by the machine that keeps the wheels going in HOW.  It’s going to be one that is operated in sole fashion that is going to oil the machine in HOW in a different way.  I once believed I was a cog on the unmovable wheel that is HOW…but now I know that I have to be the cog that disrupts everything that makes the machine turn right now…everything about how it runs right now is wrong.  It’s high time that HOW returns to the days where Brian Hollywood kept it running.  I firmly believe that I kept the lights on in HOW just those few short years ago and it’s time that I return to those days that everyone doesn’t have a problem in forgetting about.”


“Your tag team title match at March to Glory doesn’t concern me..what does is that you are the first person who will take stock in what I’m declaring to you and all of HOW.  I will not stand idly by anymore and watch at how every turn my plans are disrupted and I’m left on the sidelines.  It’s time that do the disrupting and watch and see how everyone else likes it when their plans are disrupted and their the ones looking on on the sidelines!  I will make sure everyone feels what I feel!  It starts this weekend with you, Zeb!  Mark my words…HEED my words…but most of all….FEEL them as I wreck you and give you something to think about heading into March to Glory because Zeb it’s not just going to be a….”


“Basic Instinct…”


“It’s going to be an Executive Promise….”