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The Gold Standard Wrestling Academy

Miami, FL

For Sektor, March to Glory was supposed to be exactly what it says – March to Glory. It was supposed to start with him winning the LBI fatal four way and end with him raising the World title above his head before placing it in the hands of his daughter. That’s how he imagined it. That’s what he dreamed of achieving. He wasn’t naive, he knew and was well prepared for everything to go south, but like any sport you can’t go into a challenge half-hearted.

Instead, March to Glory left him bitter and angry, as well as in an incredible amount of pain from the damage to his already hurt knee, topped off by trauma to his trachea. He couldn’t even comfort his daughter because he had no voice. After the heartbreak of hearing Solex’s name announced as the winner, he just wanted to get out of the arena as fast as possible to lick his wounds in private.

The bitterness and anger were only, in small part, due to his failure. He respected Steve and the match itself was an absolute barn burner, with every man throwing caution to the wind. He was happy for Steve and prepared to take his loss and wait for his next opportunity.

No, the real anger and bitterness came from finding out that it was all for nothing. That him losing and Steve winning didn’t mean a damn thing because Steve would later get screwed out of his chance of capturing his first ever HOW World championship. He had Mike beat but  Jace would make sure that the belt remained around Mike’s waist. Sektor hated Jace even more. Every attack on a member of the Final Alliance felt like a personal attack on him and he was becoming more and more convinced that Jace was the man behind the ominous text message.

Who else could it be?

As Sektor stewed in his frustration and nursed his injuries, a steely resolve began to take root within him. The disappointment of March to Glory fueled a new fire in his belly, one that burned brighter and hotter than ever before. Every setback, every betrayal, only served to stoke the flames of his determination.

The following weeks were a blur of intense training sessions at the Gold Standard Wrestling Academy. Despite the pain in his knee and the lingering soreness in his throat, Sektor pushed himself harder than ever before. His daughter, Chloe, watched on with a mixture of concern and admiration as her father poured his heart and soul into each gruelling workout.

With each passing day, Sektor’s knee grew weaker, not stronger. He was pushing his body to limits he could no longer overcome. His judgement was clouded by anger and resentment, refusing to let his injuries prevent him from achieving the next steps in his journey. He was desperate to bounce back from this setback and defeat Noah Hanson in his next title defence, but his knee had other plans.

As the day of his title defence drew near, Sektor hobbled towards the training ring in his academy, a determined look in his eyes. His gaze was locked on his young apprentice, Eve, who was currently engaged in intense sparring with another student from the academy. Thanks to Sektor’s connections, Eve had been given the chance to compete in Missouri Valley Wrestling, starting in the ‘non division’ where she could potentially work her way up to the highly coveted Heartland division. This opportunity was everything she had been dreaming of and her mentor had delivered on his promise, leaving her eager to seize it with both hands.

On a crash mat just outside the ring sat Chloe, Sektor’s daughter. Her legs were crossed as she watched Eve train with rapt attention. But soon enough, her focus was drawn to the muffled grunts of her father as he slowly made his way towards the ring, trying to hide the pain etched on his face while also clenching his jaw tightly. It was clear that he was pushing through injury and discomfort for the sake of his students as well as his own ambitions.

“Step asiiiiiide, Butch!”

Sektor’s smug smirk curled up the corners of his lips as he stepped into the training ring, pushing the young student out of the way. The sound of their master’s voice brought Eve and the other student to an abrupt halt, their bodies tense and ready for whatever instruction or criticism was to come. Sektor nodded his head in a dismissive gesture, signalling for the young student to leave the ring while Eve’s expression filled with concern. Her gaze flickered between her master and Chloe, wondering what was about to transpire.

“Now it’s my turn,” Sektor chimed in, twisting his head from side to side until he heard a satisfying crack from his vertebrae.

“John, I don’t mean to question you, but shouldn’t you be resting for your title defence?” she asked, inadvertently staring at his heavily braced right knee.

His response was a dismissive wave of his hand, a signal for her to step back. His eyes bore into hers with an intensity that brooked no argument. “Resting is for the weak, Eve. I need to show you how it’s done properly,” Sektor declared, his voice strained but determined.

Eve hesitated, unsure whether to defy her mentor’s wishes or to simply trust in his judgement. She knew Sektor was a fierce competitor and a skilled wrestler, but she also saw the pain etched on his face and the way he favoured his injured knee. Concern creased her brow as she took a step back, allowing him room in the ring.

“I need to make sure you’re ready for old MV-dubya. I stuck my neck out to get you this chance and I don’t want to be the laughing stock of the Bergmans or the McVays.”

Eve’s face paled and she could feel the weight of pressure bearing down on her.

“Come on!” He yelled, his arms raised in a traditional wrestling stance as he called her forward.

With a deep breath, Eve composed herself and followed his instruction, stepping towards him for a simple arm-elbow lock. Sektor swiftly moved behind her, trying to secure a rear waist hold, but it wasn’t as smooth as he had hoped. As he attempted to lift her, his knee suddenly gave out and buckled. “Shit!” He cursed, using the ropes to steady himself.

Eve’s frustration was evident as she ran her fingers through her tangled red locks, unable to bear the sight of her master in such a pitiable state.

She let out a gasp and shook her head with empathy as she looked at John, saying, “Jesus, John.”

“I’m fine, just give me a second,” he barked, standing on his good leg as he gently tried to move his leg at the joint back and forth.

“You shouldn’t even be competing.”

The world seemed to pause as she spoke those words. Sektor’s eyes blazed with a fiery intensity as he stared at his apprentice.

“Excuse me?” he exclaimed, jabbing his index finger into his ear and shaking it vigorously as if to clear out any obstruction. Then, he turned that same ear towards his apprentice. “I must have misinterpreted you. I thought you said I shouldn’t compete,” he snarled, baring his teeth at Eve.

Eve looked exasperated as she waved her hand helplessly towards his leg.

“You can barely stand! Your knee is injured, John. You need to rest and heal and -”

“Shut your fucking mouth, right now!”

The force of Sektor’s outburst caused Eve to take a step back, shock and hurt reflecting in her eyes. The training ring fell silent, the only sound echoing in the room was Sektor’s heavy breathing. His chest rose and fell with agitation, a storm brewing behind his fierce gaze. The tension between mentor and mentee crackled in the air, thick and suffocating.

“You think I should just give up? Is that it? Just vacate the championship that I’ve broken records with and go away for months on end whilst someone else takes my spot? Do you have ANY idea who the fuck you are talking to?”

Sektor’s fists were clenched by this point as he turned to face her square on, his chest heaving up and down as the anger coursed through his veins.

Eve squared her shoulders, refusing to cower under his anger.

“I won’t stand here and watch you destroy yourself,” she declared, her voice unwavering despite the tremble in her hands. “You’re so focused on pushing through the pain that you’re blind to the damage you’re causing. What good are you to anyone if you’re hobbling into a match you can’t win?”

Can’t…win?” he growled, now shaking.

With that the adrenaline began to surge around his body, muting the pain in his knee enough so that he was able to charge towards her. He swooped behind her in one swift move and this time succeeded in launching her across the ring with a German suplex.

EVE!” Chloe screamed as she watched a young girl, who she regarded as a big sister, crash violently on the back of her neck.

“WHAT GOOD AM I?” he yelled, storming towards her once again. “I’ll show you what good I am, get the fuck up!”

He yanked Eve to her feet by the scruff of her neck like a rag doll, wrapping his bulging arms around her slightly body and sending her flying once again with a belly to belly suplex.


“You doubt me?” he yelled, storming over to her as she writhed in agony. “You fucking dare to DOUBT-ME!?”

He stood over her, raising the boot of his right leg high ready to send it crashing down on her sternum.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Chloe yelled, sliding into the ring and throwing herself on top of Eve.

Both Eve and Chloe stared up at Sektor like injured animals, terrified and waiting to be slaughtered. Sektor’s leg hovered in the air but his expression began to soften as he looked into the emerald green eyes of his daughter. His boot lowered as he gritted his teeth once again, ragging his hair and almost ripping out a chunk from the roots.

Sektor continued to breathe heavily, torn between his primal instincts and his conflicting conscience. He narrowed his eyes on Eve.

“You need to toughen the fuck up girl,” he growled, not caring about cussing in front of his daughter at that exact moment. He then pointed a stern finger towards her. “If you ever doubt me again?”

Eve trembled, utterly terrified having never experienced this side of her mentor first hand.

“You’re done!”




That’s what I felt when I failed to win the LBI final.

That’s what I saw when I looked at the wet eyes of my daughter.

That’s what I am..

People may have watched the climax of that fatal four way and thought that my decision was stupid. Even I said to myself; “You’re smarter than that, Sektor!” But it was a business decision. My right knee was fucked. Witness did his homework and put my knee through the hurt locker, as I expected at least one of them to do. I had hoped it would hold up better than it did, but you can’t control everything in the ring.

I knew I needed the match to end at that moment. If I was to stand any chance of beating Mike in the main event I needed to prevent any further damage from occurring. So with de Lacy and Witness flat out on the canvas, Solex and I looked at one another and we both knew how it needed to go down.

I watched helplessly as de Lacy tapped a split second before Witness did, and so my charge for the World title came to an end. I didn’t like it, but I accepted it. This was Solex’s moment. It was his night and it was his time to win the LBI. Solex and I exchanged words, a brief acknowledgement of the battle we had just been through together. He knew as well as I did that our paths would cross again, and next time it might not be so friendly.

That wasn’t the worst of it.

Chloe’s tear-streaked face haunted me as I limped towards the exit, leaning heavily on the EPU surrounding me. She was proud of me, no doubt, but she deserved a champion for a father. And that’s exactly what I intended to become.

Noah Hanson. I don’t know if you are a father, but if you are you know how it feels to look in the eyes of your child and see disappointment. And if you don’t? Well let me be the first to tell you that it fucking hurts man. When I held that little girl in my arms the day she was born I looked into her green eyes and vowed to always protect her, but above all else?

To make her proud!

I failed. Her whole life I have fucking failed to deliver on that promise. From abandoning her, to the drugs to the overall shitty example that I have set? I have done nothing but disappoint my baby girl and it eats me alive. When I finally got her back in my life I saw it as an opportunity to deliver on that promise and I couldn’t do it at March to Glory.

The disappointment was a bitter pill to swallow, but it also ignited a fierce determination within me. I do not want to see that look in her eyes any time soon, Noah.

Now I may have failed to win the LBI and the World championship, but I still have something prestigious in my possession that me and my daughter can be proud of..

..the HOTv championship!

Almost two hundred consecutive days I’ve been champion. Longer if you count my reign before my brief slip up against Evan Ward. Twelve consecutive title defences with barely a week off to recover. A championship I defended successfully in the Iconic gauntlet. This is the championship that I have running so hot that it’s now more prestigious than the LSD championship.

When I returned to HOW they called me lazy. They called me half-assed because they saw me sipping cocktails on the beach and partying on Lee’s dime, only competing on my own terms.

You know what? They were right. That’s not who I am. John Sektor has and always will be a fucking wrestling machine. That is why I won the HOTv championship. There is no hiding as HOTv champion. You have to wrestle and defend every..single..week!

This championship symbolises what I am. Which is the very definition of a fighting champion. It is the physical embodiment of what dominance looks like. Because I have been nothing short of dominant ever since I won it back. I have beat every single person in the division at least once.

Until now.

Now, Noah Hanson, you are the next man in line to attempt to dethrone the longest reigning and most dominant HOTv champion of all time. I look at you and I see a man full of determination to rediscover himself and get back to the level you once were. I see a veteran of this business and a man who has had success all over the world but never quite made it in HOW, but is now more determined than ever to get that monkey off his back. I look at a man who just beat Brian Hollywood at March to Glory in an incredibly competitive match. A Brian Hollywood who is doing the exact same thing as you and busting his ass to rediscover his form.

But you got there first. Congratulations, and I mean that sincerely.

So I’ve told you what I see, but what do you see when you look at me? What do you see when you look at John Sektor?

I know you’re not too arrogant to recognise that I am the Gold Standard in this business. That I am a Hall of Famer for a good reason and that I am one of the top three most decorated wrestlers in the history of High Octane Wrestling. You know what you are up against and you are reaching for the stick to move it on up a gear because you know that I am not Brian Hollywood, but instead the man that has TWO successful title defences against him.

But you also see a man on one leg. You see a weakness and you see that as the key to your victory and your ascent to my throne. It’s obvious. I’m not stupid and I’m under no illusions of the disadvantage that gives me in this match and it’s a pretty fucking huge one. My knee is busted up, to the extent that I should probably be taking some time off to recover. But I can’t and I won’t. If I’m going down then I’m falling on my own shield because I have not worked this hard to be the greatest ever HOTv champion without giving every last bit of me that I have left to defend it!

I promise you, that’s the only advantage you are going to get so you better make it fucking count.

You might also see a man who is disappointed because he couldn’t get his hands on Big Red at March to Glory. You probably see a man with one eye on the World title and you think that gives you yet more of an opportunity to cash in.

You wouldn’t be completely wrong. You’re doing the same thing, because your breath has been carrying the stench of one man’s name ever since you crawled back into this business..

Michael, Lee, Best!

Of course I have one eye on the World championship. As long as I am competing I will always aim for that accolade because the day I stop reaching to be the best in the world is the day I lay my boots down on the canvas for good. The difference between you and I, hermano? Is that I’m not trying to run before I can walk. I glimpse at my future and make my plans but, rest assured, I lock my eyes on the target standing right in front me.

This HOTv championship is more special to me than you will ever understand. My whole career I have tried to make technical wrestling cool again and when I’m representing this championship I am doing exactly that.

Make no mistake, Noah Hanson, when we meet on April 12th my focus is squarely on you!

I am not ready to hand over the championship. When that time comes I want to make sure it’s to someone who is going to continue to build on the foundations that I have laid. I’m not doubting your credentials, Hanson. You’ve been a champion, you know what it takes but I don’t think you’re there yet. Which is why I will be digging deep to ensure that this championship stays with me at least a little while longer. My chapter isn’t finished yet.

And as we stand in that ring, ready to compete for the HOTv championship, know that I am not just fighting for myself, but for my daughter, Chloe. I refuse to let her down again. The disappointment in her eyes is a burden I cannot bear to see again.

When that bell rings and we square off, know that you are facing a man driven by determination and fuelled by redemption. My knee may be injured, but my spirit and will to win remain unbroken. I will fight with every last ounce of strength I have left to overcome any obstacle in my path, including you!

You may see a weakness in my injury, but underestimate me at your own peril. I am John Sektor, the Gold Standard of this business, and I will not go down without a fight. April 12th, in my ring, I will show you what it means to face a true champion.

And if you win?

You’ll have fucking earned it!