Dinner with Bare.

Dinner with Bare.

Posted on July 22, 2021 at 11:50 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

It was a lone deserted highway in the middle of nowhere. Nothing could be seen on the horizon other than road signs and far stretched out asphalt. I found myself walking along in my wrestling gear holding my newly won HOTv Championship belt in my right hand. I had no idea how I had gotten here nor any idea where I was going, just the need to find civilization and a way to get out of this heat.

The sun was beating down like Michael Lee Best on Scott Stevens in a retirement match. It had to be somewhere above a hundred degrees outside and here I am bare chested trudging my way along the road. The sweat poured from my scalp all the way down my facial features and pooled around my chest and sides like an unwanted raincoat. My throat was dry and parched to the point where it felt like I swallowed a handful of needles.

The coughing fit that followed made me feel like the contents of my stomach would come up and spill out onto the ground. It caused me to gasp and struggle to fill my lungs with the precious oxygen that I needed to live. Of course there was no sign of a single drop of water anywhere around. The heat and humidity made it difficult for me to even produce a fair amount of saliva to swallow to try to quell the coughing and gasping. My feet ached and my legs burned from exhaustion but I tried to will myself forward down this stretch of highway.

This had to be Hell, right?

That’s what happened, I died tragically and have been sent to Hell. Here I thought Hell would be all flames and horned demons but as it turns out it’s a never ending journey to nowhere under the pressure of a thousand suns. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse it felt like someone turned up the thermostat on the sun to a billion. The sheer blinding light of it made my retina’s burn as it felt like my flesh was literally being cooked. No human being could survive these conditions. If I didn’t believe I was already dead I would have thought these were my final moments.

The soles of my boots began to melt as I blindly kept trying to push forward.  My lungs were on fire and my legs finally gave out as I fell to my hands and knees. My palms sizzled on the scorching asphalt. I peered down at the leather strap in my hands and even the gold plates of the Championship belt began to also melt from the sheer brute force of the heat.

“Why is this happening to me?” I managed to croak out through dry, chapped lips.

I felt like a fried egg when suddenly something clicked in my scattered brain. I had to defend the HOTv Championship belt against Rah next week in Atlanta. It all started to make sense. The intense heat, the helplessness, this was all because of that so-called Sunshine God. Naturally Hell on Earth would of course be the Ray McAvay universe. It’s not bad enough that the son of a bitch caught me off guard with a fireball and eliminated me from War Games. No, now I had to deal with a six foot eight inch moron that thought he was an Egyptian Sun God.

I didn’t care if it was section 214, section 114, or a pack of nerds playing Magic The Gathering in the parking lot. I wanted to beat the living dog shit out of that idiot for putting me through this Hell. I dug my nails into the asphalt determined to crawl my way to Atlanta with what was left of my Championship belt. If he thought that one section of fans or this heat would be enough to put me away then he has another thing coming. Of course as soon as the thought crossed my mind the heat was cranked up to another new level. It was like a gigantic weight was placed right down on the middle of my back.

It took everything in me to keep my entire body from being smashed down onto the asphalt. The skin on my back began to bubble and boil as any oxygen left was burned away from the heat. I wanted to scream out into the void but no sound escaped my open mouth. I could feel myself losing consciousness but slowly clouds started to form over the horizon. The sound of thunder clapped off in the distance and soon an almighty downpour was unleashed from the sky. The cool refreshing feel of the rain beating against my skin brought life and oxygen back to my body. My skin was no longer boiling and the weight on my back was lifted.

I looked at the title belt in my hand and the life giving rain had returned the Championship to its previous glory. I pulled myself upright on my knees and extended my arms wide letting the rain wash over me. Looked to the sky and I could swear I saw the form of God himself Lee Best in the clouds. It reminded me that I was a member of The Best Alliance. That meant that I was superior to any of the shenanigans of someone like Rah. God brought me back to professional wrestling. Back home to High Octane Wrestling. God made me a member of the best stable in wrestling history and he granted me title opportunities.

Sunshine God? You might think you’re the light in HOW but there is an Oncoming Storm heading directly for Atlanta this Saturday night. You might think of yourself as an Egyptian God but there is only God that matters and it ain’t you buddy. This God has put you in my crosshairs and my trigger finger is itching something fierce.

You’re no God.

You’re no Light.

However the beating I lay upon you?

That will truly be biblical.


After Refueled 67 I was in the mood to get the hell out of the Carolina’s as quickly as humanly possible. I celebrated the entire trip back to Miami with my newly won HOTv Championship belt. Steve Solex put up a hell of a fight but one Unscripted Violence and Bend the Knee later it was academic. For the first time since returning to the ring I have HOW Championship gold around my waist. I felt like the Conqueror again and it was long overdue.

The first thing I did when I walked through the front door was rub the Championship belt in the face of that naysayer Carmen Jennings. Despite her usually sour demeanor even she seemed impressed with my title win. Madison wanted to continue the festivities by treating Carmen and I to a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant. Before we could head off I had a request for one more person to be added to our party as Madison made the reservation for the next night.

When it was finally time we got inside of a limousine that carried us to the Nusr-et Steakhouse here in Miami. As we pulled up to the front of the building I could see that my requested guest Brian Bare stood there outside the door with a microphone in hand. Behind Bare was a cameraman with his camera held over his shoulder. The chauffeur got out of the driver’s side of the limo and opened the door to the back of the vehicle. Carmen was the first to step out wearing a pair of torn up blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a back leather jacket.

Madison was the next to step out of the limo wearing a silky purple strapless dress that matched the color of her hair. The dress hugged every curve on her body and had a split that went all the way up to her mid-thigh. She had a matching purse that hung from her shoulder and matching heels. Last but certainly not least I stepped out of the limo wearing a $1,200 pair of Dolce and Gabbana jeans. A brand new black ‘LT’s Daddy’ t-shirt available only through Miracle Enterprises. And a pair of white Nike Air VaporMax Plus shoes. Of course the HOTv Championship belt was proudly displayed over my right shoulder.

The chauffeur slammed the door shut and Madison locked arms with me. Carmen was on my other side as we approached the front doors. Bare rubbed at the back of his neck nervously with his hand the closer I got to him. 

“Brian! You made it here to join us!” I shouted with a sly smirk on my face.

“Of course I’m here. My job was threatened if I didn’t drive all the way down here to Miami for this little get together.” Brian spat with noticeable displeasure in his voice.

“Oh, come on, you had nothing better to do than sit around and wait for Saturday to roll around in Atlanta.” I slapped Bare on the back hard enough to cause him to stagger a bit and almost drop his microphone.

“I have a wife and kids at home that I could be spending time with.” Bare said in the most depressing tone I’ve ever heard.

“Yeah, I don’t believe a single solitary word of that Bare.” I shook my head side to side as Madison raised her free hand into the air to stifle a laugh.

“Okay, so I don’t have a wife and kids but I do have a girlfriend that lives in Canada and looks a lot like Pamela Anderson!” Bare exclaimed like that was something to be proud about.

“You know Tara ended up being a Canadian too. Canadian girls are fun in bed but a pain in the ass to deal with outside of the bedroom.” I said reflecting on the glory days of Ascended Supremacy. “However with your luck Bare, your girlfriend is probably Mitch Quinlan just trying to catfish you.”

“I’m pretty sure my girlfriend isn’t Mitch Quinlan. She’s super horny all the time!” The smile on Brian’s face couldn’t be wiped out with a nuclear missile.

“And you’re saying Mitch isn’t?” I stated matter of factly as Madison and I pushed past Bare into the restaurant followed by Carmen. Bare tried to process my words into his head but eventually followed us into the restaurant.

We were greeted by the hostess inside and the restaurant was immaculate. The place was packed as expected with some of the classiest people that Miami had to offer. We were led over to our table and greeted by our waiter for the evening. We took our seats and Madison ordered a bottle of champagne for the table. I ordered the Jumbo Shrimp starter. Both Madison and Carmen ordered the Nusr-et Special Sushi starter. Bare finally caught up with us along with the cameraman. 

The cameraman stood away from the table far enough to get us all in the shot. Bare reached up and adjusted the tie around his neck that was overtop of his plain white shirt. He cleared his throat then proceeded to bend the knee down in front of my chair and hold the microphone up into the air towards me. This of course drew the attention of everyone in the restaurant. I narrowed my eyes down at Bare who lowered his head.

“Just what in the hell are you doing?” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“You always make me do this when I interview you.” Bare said with a hint of shame in his voice.

“Do you always make grown men your bitch when I’m not around?” Carmen asked sarcastically.

“Okay, first off Bare we’re not at the arena. We’re out in public so either suck my dick or get up and sit in a chair like an actual human being.” I pointed to the open chair beside me.

“You mean I have to give you blowjobs now too? I’m going to have to put my foot—“ I interrupted Bare before he could finish.

“With all the choices at this table alone, do you honestly think your mouth would be the first hole I’d pick to place my dick?” I tilted my head down at Bare.

“Well, if I had to guess—“ Once again I interrupted Bare before he could finish.

“Get your ass into the fucking chair!” I demanded.

Bare pulled himself up to his feet and dusted off his pants before taking a seat in the open chair beside me.

“This is great! It’s nice to be treated as an equal for a change. So where is my menu?” Bare asked as he surveyed the table.

“This is Jace’s celebration dinner for becoming the HOTv Champion. Do you seriously think I’m going to use my hard earned money to treat you to dinner?” Madison rolled her eyes as she took a drink from her glass of champagne.

“I don’t have the money to afford a place like this!” Bare babbled. “I heard you could pay up to $300 for a steak in this restaurant.” 

“Sucks to be you.” I replied with a laugh.

The waiter came back with our starters and took our orders for the main course of the evening. Once the orders were placed the waiter disappeared back into the kitchen. Madison and Carmen used chopsticks to enjoy their sushi however Bare was staring at my shrimp with hunger in his eyes.

“Look at the size of those Jumbo Shrimp.” Bare looked wide eyed at the dish.

“Probably bigger than your dick.” Carmen quipped.

“Would you like a Shrimp Bare?” I motioned towards the plate.

“I would love one!” Bare raised his arm to wipe some drool from the corner of his mouth.

“Then ask your girlfriend Mitch Quinlan for an allowance.” I grabbed one of the Jumbo Shrimp and took a bite as Bare looked disappointed. “Now do your job before I have to beat your ass all the way to Atlanta.”

Bare sighed then raised the microphone up to his lips.

“Last week on Refueled we had three title matches featuring members of The Best Alliance. Out of all three you were the only one to defeat your opponent and claim Championship gold. How does it feel to be the second ever HOTv Champion?” Bare pointed the microphone towards me for an answer.

“It feels like it’s about fucking time. Anyone that knows my history in HOW knows my name is synonymous with Championship gold. It was only a matter of time before I was a Champion again. It’s a shame that it had to come at the expense of a fellow Best Alliance in Solex but those are the breaks.” I adjusted the title belt on my shoulder before eating another shrimp.

“Being the HOTv Champion means you have to defend that belt on a weekly basis. This week in Atlanta you will have your first title defense against the Sunshine God Rah. Rumors are that both you and your opponent are dreading this match. Can you explain why that might be?” Bare asked, trying to sound like a real journalist.

“That’s probably because I’m sick of facing Ray McAvay and his whole universe of idiots. I’m sure they are just as tired of facing me as I am of them. My HOW career ended battling Ray McAvay at War Games in 2016. Now my latest run HOW has been very Ray McAvay and section 214 heavy. I’m over the whole shtick when it comes to those guys.” 

I rubbed my hand over the gold plate of the belt before popping a few more shrimp. 

“It’s time I moved onto different opponents. Different challenges as I make this title the most desired belt in HOW. So no, I’m not happy at the prospect of Rah getting a shot at my title in his very first match back.” I revealed as I reached for my champagne glass.

“Apparently Rah has brought all of the tickets for section 114 in Atlanta. Are you going to be affected by that whole section of fans cheering on the Sunshine God? And do you think that Ray McAvay or Joe Bergman will be amongst the people in section 114 on Saturday night?” I could tell Bare was peering at what was left of my shrimp out of the corner of his eye.

“Who gives a flying fuck, Bare? He can buy up the whole goddamn arena for all I care because it’s not going to change a damn thing. Not one single person in section 114 or anywhere in the building is going to jump that barricade and lend him a hand in this match. None of them want to fuck around and find out what I’m capable of doing. Although I do hope that McAvay is in the building so he can see that he might have won the battle in Tokyo but I won the war. I’m a Champion and he’s collecting dust in retirement. After Saturday night Rah won’t be far behind him.”

I finished off my shrimp as Carmen and Madison were done with their sushi. Everyone refilled their champagne glasses as Bare fired up his next question.

“You do know that Rah is a completely different beast than Ray McAvay, right?” Bare questioned, stating the obvious.

“Are they really? They come from the same shit hole company, they share the same stupid ass manager named Barbie Q.” I scoffed.

“Pulled Pork.” Madison chirped.

“I believe when she’s with Rah her name is Sports Entertainment Barbie.” Bare interjected.

“It’s the same bitch. With Ray she’s Barbie Q, with Rah she’s Sports Entertainment Barbie. She’s Joe Bergman’s sister and when she wrestles she’s C.J. Lewis. I think someone needs to check MVW for inbreeding cause shit ain’t right. Anyway both Ray and Rah believe in this 214 bullshit and that somehow the fans make them better wrestlers in the ring. It’s all complete and utter nonsense. I don’t care that Rah is 6’8” and almost 300 lbs. He could be a big as the 4th Wahl and I’d still have more talent in my balls than he does his entire body.” I said as I gestured towards my pelvis.

“Sounds like you might be underestimating your opponent this week.” The nerve of Bare to say something so stupid.

“You seriously think I’m going to underestimate anyone now that I’ve won this belt?” I placed the title down on the table in front of me. “Rah is a big man and anything can happen in HOW but let’s look at Rah’s 2021 record. He lost a World Championship title match against Mike Best. A match where his only motivation for winning was to have a one night stand with old ass Dawn McGill. Seriously, inbreeding check someone, anyone? If you need sex with someone to motivate you to be HOW World Champion then you’re in the wrong damn business.”

“He might have lost to Mike Best but afterwards he declared himself Champion of the World. He got himself a Championship belt and everything!” Bare nodded happily that he laid down an important fact.

“And that’s the closest he’s ever going to come to the HOW World Championship or the HOTv Championship belt for that matter. The only person he’s beaten this year is Sean Stevens and where is he? The same place Scott Stevens is right now. He lost to Sutler on pay per view and now he’s returned to face me. He doesn’t take professional wrestling seriously. It’s all ‘Sports Entertainment’ with him. Playing to the crowd, the Sunshine God gimmick, and drinking margaritas before his matches. The man is a cartoon character. He’s a walking parody along with the other cinephiles in the McAvay universe.” I said, waving a dismissive hand.

“Strong words but you know all it takes is one Eye of Rahhhh and three seconds to crown a new Champion.” It’s like Bare is trying to piss me off.

“You know what the Eye of Rah is? It’s one of the daughters of the Sun God. So, what? He’s going to get in touch with his feminine side in our match? Joking aside, how long have I been doing this Bare? You don’t think I know how to counter a powerbomb by now? While he’s playing to the crowd gathering ‘strength’ from the people, I’ll be making my move to win the match. I’m a professional, he is not. I’m a Champion, he is not. I make double what he earns and—“ I’m interrupted by Carmen.

“Speaking of money, someone has yet to make good on their promise.” Carmen snarls.

“Do we have a problem?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Damn right we do!” Carmen slams her fist down onto the table. “You keep asking me to do things and not paying me for them. Suddenly this one has money to take us all out.” Carmen points to Madison. “And I just want to know what the hell is going on?” Carmen’s green eyes burned with the intensity of her red hair.

“Maybe if you still wrestled you wouldn’t be so fucking poor.” Madison laughed before drinking from her champagne glass.

And just like that Carmen reached over the table and dragged Madison to the floor by her hair. The two women began fighting and clawing at each other’s clothing. Carmen grabbed a hold of the bone from someone’s porterhouse steak from another table and tried to stab Madison with it.

“Aren’t you going to stop them?!” Bare asked, watching the chaos ensue.

“They’re student and teacher, they need to get it out of their system.” I said not caring that they were causing a scene.

Madison kicks Carmen off of her and grabs a hold of a steak knife off of one of the tables to defend herself. Both women charge and tackle each other to the floor.

“Somewhere Benny Newell’s head is exploding right now.” I said with a chuckle.

“God, I’m so hungry.” Bare moaned while grabbing his midsection.

The fight continued until I got up out of my seat and broke them up by grabbing Madison by the ear.

“Chill out before I toss you both out on the street.” I threatened.

Both Madison and Carmen adjusted their torn clothing and took their seats once again. I took my seat and placed my title belt back over my shoulder. Everyone in the restaurant began clapping and cheering as a pack of waiters made their way out of the kitchen carrying platters of food. They were followed by the owner of the restaurant and the man known as ‘Salt Bae’ played to the crowd. I got up to my feet again and clapped my hands together before pointing towards Salt Bae.

“There’s the man of the hour!” The smile on my face was only matched by his own.

The waiters and Salt Bae made their way over towards our table to deliver our orders. Carmen had the Nusr-et Spaghetti. Madison had a large Avocado salad but my order was special. I had Nusr-et Kobe beef. The food was placed in front of us as I walked over and shook hands with Salt Bae.

“Say hello to the High Octane Wrestling fans out there.” I pointed towards the camera.

Salt Bae reached up and patted the gold plate of my title belt before waving to the camera. He had on his famous white shirt and sunglasses. After that Salt Bae went through his theatrics of slicing up my Kobe beef as everyone watched on. Once the meat was sliced nicely out came the trademark bowl of salt. I reached into the bowl and pinched some salt and proceeded to sprinkle salt along the meat Salt Bae style.

“I’m so happy we’re filming this.” Madison added.

I could literally hear Bare’s stomach growl over all the commotion. When no one was looking, Bare tried to inch his fingers towards my Kobe beef but Salt Bae stabbed a knife down onto the table just above Bare’s hand. With a snap of his fingers Salt Bae pointed to Bare and he was escorted out of the restaurant.

Scene fades.