Died a STARR

Died a STARR

Posted on July 21, 2022 at 7:08 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

It was good to be back home in Miami, Florida but it’s not like I didn’t enjoy my time in Colorado. I got to get another look at Empower Field at Mile High. Got to hang out with people I considered friends from in the business and for a change didn’t have to cook my own meals. I wouldn’t mind going back but nothing beats the feeling of sleeping in your own bed. Call my time away a mini vacation from competing in two companies’ full time.

I stood in my bedroom and sighed as I finally got around to unpacking. Something I hated doing and would put it off until the very last minute. I conducted my task in silence, but my mind was racing about the thing that laid in front of me. First of which was the events of Chaos 003 and my match at the upcoming Chaos 004. All of it swirled in my head like a category 5 hurricane but the root of the issue always fell back to one person to matter what direction I tried to tackle it. The one person I have managed to avoid since the moment I returned to professional wrestling back in April of 2021.

Bobbinette Carey.

The self-absorbed Queen only in her own mind had parted herself from the bothersome Scottywood and now she was making moves on The Board’s greatest asset. The Literal Secretary of Defense. The muscle mountain known as STRONK Godson. Carey realized that Scottywood was about as useful as a half dead pack mule. So, now she wants to strap herself to the #1 ranked wrestler in HOW and let him skyrocket her to the top of the rankings. The last few weeks she’s been playing mind games with the big man. Which all came to a head last week after I beat her in the middle of the ring.

I made the so-called Queen Bend the Knee to a superior talent like myself. And after the match I knew, she was just going to keep on and on and on until she got her way. The way she begged and used political tactics into a shot at the LSD Championship belt that couldn’t even win. I had the steel chair in hand, and I was ready to send her 110 mph back into retirement. But that’s when STRONK hit the scene. At first, I was happy to see my friend and business partner show up but that happiness soon turned to terror when I saw Shelley Greene appear. The way Shelley attempted to prevent STRONK from getting in the ring told me everything I needed to know.

He wasn’t here to help me send Carey into retirement; he was here to stop me.

And that’s exactly what he did. The big man snatched the chair away from me but thankfully he did not hit me with it. He stood frozen in the middle of the ring trying to decide who would receive his wrath. Of course, Carey pleaded with him to break that chair over my head and tried to act like the damsel in distress. I tried to talk sense in STRONK by telling him that Carey rejected his advances before and only acted interested now because he was the hottest thing in the company. The tension was building and if we had a few more moments, I’m sure that STRONK would have left Carey laying in a pool of her own blood. But that’s when the lights went out and yet another one of Carey’s White Knights galloped his ass back into HOW.

Former HOW World Champion Conor Fuse.

The man being as dramatic as ever came up from behind and attacked both STRONK and I because you know that 235lb man-child known as Bobbinette always needs saving. The whole ordeal had STRONK so fucked up in the head that he ended up losing the HOW LSD Championship belt to Simon Sparrow in a ladder match. Now this week I get to team up with STRONK for the first time since War Games 2022 against the team of Simon Sparrow and the HOW ICON Champion Tyler Adrian Best.

Before I could think any further about the upcoming tag team match, I hear the door open and see Madison walk into the room.

“So, this is where you’ve been hiding, huh?” Madison asks as she comes over to where I am standing.

“Not hiding so much as finally getting this done. I don’t do this now then I’ll be rushing before we have to fly out to Tulsa for Chaos.” I said as I moved over to the dresser and closed the open drawer.

“Seems like you’ve been flying a lot lately.” Madison said with a fake playful tone.

I remained at the dresser with my back turned to Madison. The awkward silence hung in the air for a bit as I took a deep breath while trying to decide how to deal with this bullshit. It was clear that she was not happy that I spent time in Colorado visiting an old friend… female friend and decided not to take her with me. She’d been here at home all by herself just stewing about it and waiting for my return so that she could nag me about it.

“I travel a lot, you already know this, especially now that I work in more than one place.” I said in a low tone as I moved around the bedroom without making eye contact.

I was tense and just waiting for her to keep pushing this issue but inside Madison went digging through my luggage before finding something in there that surprised her.

“And what is this?” Madison says as she holds up the bag filled with legal marijuana from Colorado.

“Just something I picked up while I was away.” I responded dismissively while still having my back turned to her.

“Well now, I didn’t know you participated in such activities. This almost makes up for the fact that you left me alone here by myself, almost.” Madison grins as he begins to try and open the bag.

I turned around and snatched the bag from her before putting it in the drawer of the nightstand on the side of the bed. Which causes Madison to narrow her eyes and place her hands on her hips.

“That’s not for you. I brought that for Shelley.” I muttered with an exhausted tone.

“And just who the hell is Shelley?” Madison was already jumping to conclusions.

“Shelley Greene, the guy that lives with and manages STRONK Godson.” I answer while giving my best ‘Duh’ impression on my face.

Madison’s attitude relaxes a bit as I run my fingers through my hair.

“Speaking of STRONK, how is he doing? Last week a lot happened but this week you’re both teaming together.” Madison inquired as she turned to look at me.

“From speaking to Shelley, it seems that STRONK has left their home to go find himself up in the mountains. I’m pretty sure he’s not handling losing the LSD Championship belt too well. Add into that the constant annoyance that is Bobbinette Carey and the poor guy doesn’t even know which way is up anymore.” I sighed a bit.

“Why don’t you and Shelley just take the guy out again for a night on the town and maybe to a strip club?” Madison offered.

“I’m pretty sure Shelley might enjoy that more than STRONK would. And even if we did that, it wouldn’t make Bobbinette Carey just go away. And now we have to deal with Conor Fuse playing Captain Save-A-Hoe. I just hope whatever he’s doing up in the mountains gets him focused on the task at hand which is Simon Sparrow.” I lowered my head and tried to figure out just how STRONK would react this week.

“Okay, but isn’t this pretty much a set up against Jatt?… I mean Simon Sparrow. His partner is Mike’s son and the last I checked the three of you were on good terms with each other.” Madison added.

“Oh, it’s definitely a three on one handicapped match disguised as a tag team match. Simon knows it, we know it, everyone knows it. I just need STRONK focused so that he can crush Simon once and for all. I need him thinking about the STRONKUMMS brand and expanding our company globally. I need them focused on any and everything other than Bobbinette Carey.” I began to reach into my pocket for my cell phone to text Shelley.

Madison walked over towards me and pulled my hand out of my pocket before I could collect my phone.

“All that will have to wait for a moment because we have a development that you need to be aware of waiting downstairs.” Madison grabbed my hand and began to lead me out of the bedroom.

Honestly, I had no idea what Madison was talking about, and I should have stopped her. And I would have if I was doing anything other than unpacking. We made it down the stairs to find my baby sister Bailey sitting on the couch in the living room. She was mindlessly flipping through channels on the television while there was luggage collected in the corner of the living room.

“Bailey? When did you get here?” I asked with confusion in my tone.

“Earlier this morning.” Bailey replied as she turned to look at me. “Madison told me about your little trip to Colorado, so I didn’t know if you’d actually be back home when I got here.”

“I’ve been here since yesterday! Why didn’t I hear when you arrived?” I raised my voice a bit.

“That’s because you’ve been upstairs locked in the bedroom for so long that we’ve been sitting here catching up while you unpacked from your little vacation.” Madison answered.

I walked around the couch and took a seat beside Bailey as Madison sat down on the other side of my sister.

“So, what are you here for? A little vacation of your own?” I tried not to sound like her being here was an inconvenience.

“I heard about what happened between you and dad… or well my dad.” Bailey corrected herself.

I felt my heart sink down into the pit of my stomach. A knot began to form in my throat because this was the last thing that I wanted to happen. As much as I hated Dennis Brown, he was still her father and the last thing I wanted to do was cause a problem between me and my sister.

“Oh?” was the only word I managed to let escape my lips.

“Yeah, I totally knew this day would happen eventually and I’m surprised you didn’t murder him.” The excitement in Bailey’s voice was shocking to say the least.

“Wait, what do you mean by you knew?” I asked before continuing. “And I didn’t murder him because of you and the fact that he is still involved in politics. I kill someone who is potentially going to run for office then it’ll be very difficult to have a wrestling career from prison.”

“The way he treated you of course. I had no idea he was doing the same thing to mom so I’m glad you decided to do something about it. I know that must have been hard for you.” Bailey placed her hand on my shoulder.

I opened my mouth to speak but anything that came to mind reeked of a desperate attempt to sound like I didn’t do what I did for the sake of my mother.

“And to answer your previous question dear brother. I’m not here for a vacation, I’m moving in.” Bailey announced with a huge grin on her face.

“Say what now?!” I turned my head towards my sister and tried to comprehend the words that were just spoken.

“I had to get the hell out of New York. Listening to dad moan and whine about what happened was driving me crazy. And since you left the whole massage parlor business to me while you went and decided to join OCW. I figured being here would be the perfect spot to continue to conduct business.” Bailey nodded confidently.

“Yeah, but I… I mean we are often gone a lot. I’m only here for a few days before I have to fly out to Tulsa for Chaos and then…” I stumbled over my words, but Bailey interrupted me.

“Yet, you let that Carmen Jennings girl live here. Besides, if you ever decide to run off all by yourself then I’ll have Madison here to keep me company.” Bailey was literally bouncing in her seat on the couch.

I cranked my neck to look past Bailey and over to Madison who tried to act innocent but couldn’t hide the smug look on her face. Bailey hopped out of her seat and walked over to where her luggage was sitting. She grabs the biggest suitcase she can find and walks over towards me before shoving it squarely into my midsection.

“Now that it’s been decided, you can carry all of my things up to my new room. This is going to be so much fun!” Bailey says before turning around to head for the stairs.

Both Madison and Bailey head up the stairs giggling and laughing together. I lower my head in defeat as the feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me that this will not end well.


Jatt Starr.

Yes, that is what I am calling you because fuck your slave’s name. I’m glad you’re well aware of what you’re walking into this week. It was totally a three on one handicapped match against me, STRONK, and your “partner” Tyler Adrian Best. The funny thing about all of this is the fact that you caused this with your own two hands.

You decided to raise your fists defiantly against the hand that fed you and fed you well all of these years.

You chose comradery with the likes of that snot nosed little imbecile Conor Fuse. You chose the Highwaymen as the people you wanted to rally for at War Games. Hell, you’ve been so desperate for any kind of human interaction that you thought it was a good idea to take Darin Zion under your wing. You know those homeless veterans that Tyler abused? They are doing miles better than you are at the moment, buddy. You see Jatt, I know what this is about deep down. You saw Lee Best return from the dead and take back over control of HOW. You saw him dress down Conor Fuse in the middle of the ring and stood there on the outside, teary eyed that he didn’t acknowledge you. That he didn’t pull you in for that big hug you’ve so badly needed. And he didn’t pick you as his honorary right-hand man when it came to being added to The Board.

It must kill you inside, huh?

You see a gathering of top talent, of the finest HOW Hall of Famer to ever step foot inside of that ring. And you’ve been left on the outside looking in like a dog that’s been punished for peeing on the Best family rug. After all those years of loyalty, all that you’ve “sacrificed” in the name of Lee Motherfucking Best must make you feel slighted. Please save the dramatic sob story for daytime television. Those “horrible” things you’ve done in the past are because you WANTED to do them. Lee pointed you in a certain direction and you did exactly what he told you to do. Not because he MADE you do it, but because you knew when the mission was complete, you’d get that one thing that’s more precious to you than gold. A pat on the head and a job well done from Lee Best.

You’ve been chasing that pat on the head longer than some wrestlers have been alive.

And sure, you can wax poetic about how the incident that happened to your daughter is the reason for your “newfound” look on life. But let’s cut the crap, hmmm? You’re desperate, you’re washed up, and you’re fucking broke. You try to pretend to be his reformed nice guy that has his daughter’s best interests at heart. Yet, you personally decided to recruit Darin Zion on a mission to throw piss filled water balloons at the Michael Lee Best’s office in the Best Arena. That got you fined and that hurt your daughter because medical expenses aren’t fucking cheap. YOU did that. No one held a gun to your head and forced you to do it. No… Jatt Starr decided that was a good idea.

Nice way to put yourself in debt at the worst time possible.

So, now in your most desperate hour you decided to attack Tyler Adrian Best? You decide it’s a good idea to literally steal the LSD Championship belt from STRONK? Do you have a death wish, Jatt? Are your troubles weighing on you soooo heavily that the sweet release of death is your only option? Well, you’ve made all the right moves to make that wish a reality. Tyler has all the reason in the world to sit back and watch you get destroyed this week. STRONK has even more reason to crush your body like an empty soda can. And me? Well, I’ve sat back and bookmarked all the little smarmy comments you’ve made about me and I will be more than happy to make you eat those words.

So, what are you going to do Jatt?

Are you going to fight? Or are you going to curl up into the fetal position and pray for the best? Do you think Zion is going to run down and save his mentor? Do you think Mario Maurako is going to come out of whatever cornfield he disappeared into and lend you a helping hand? Do you think any of the Highwaymen give the slightest of fucks on whether you live or die? Hell, even Conor Fuse has chosen Bobbinette Carey of all people over you. You went as far as alienated the fool in the Bunny mask. You’re all alone in the world Jatt Starr and that LSD Championship belt is nothing but a homing device for the heavy artillery that is about to drop onto you.

Changing your name doesn’t suddenly make you a different person but I’ll play this little delusional game. Jatt Starr was someone, he was charismatic, talented, a man that stood on a pedestal of his own regardless of if he won or lost a match. Jatt Starr is a legacy cemented. Simon Sparrow is a man that wishes he were Jatt Starr. Fuck, the moment I saw you change your name I knew I had to get the fuck out of the AoA. I teamed with Jatt Starr, not the boot leg version of Jatt Starr that will soon be relegated to sucking dick in an alleyway to earn enough money for McDonalds dollar menu.

That’s why literally everyone is clamoring for Jatt Starr. Simon Sparrow was a bigger flop than the Waterworld movie. So, when you have three different high caliber athletes beating the ever-loving dog shit out of you on Sunday. Ask yourself if you still have it in you to be Jatt Starr? Do you want to come out the other side of that tunnel as a STARR or will you be satisfied to die a loser?

Jatt Starr will live forever throughout hallowed grounds that are the HOW Hall of Fame.

Simon Sparrow will die in a dumpster behind a Chili’s restaurant next to the discarded books that told the mythical legend of Jeffrey James Roberts.

And your daughter?

We’ll lie to her and tell her you died a STARR.