Date With Destiny

Date With Destiny

Posted on April 6, 2023 at 11:45 pm by Darin Zion

PWA Results Ticker:

PRIME ReVival 25:  Mortimer Knightingale def. Darin Zion in Quarterfinals for the PRIME Alias Title

HOW Chaos 26:  The Final Alliance (Christopher America and Evan Ward) def. Jace Parker Davidson and Darin Zion


Darin Zion slides his iPhone back into his plain back duffel bag.  He takes a couple of deep breaths in his lungs, clearing his mind.  The sound of heavily pouring rain striking the roof relaxes his sore muscles.  A loud clash of thunder shakes the poorly constructed farm where he stands.  A faint flash of lightning flickers through the cracks of the rotting wood.

A thought crosses through the back of Zion’s mind:

“These conditions feel unnatural for a city boy like me—but it’ll do.”

REAL LOVE® settles into his environment, enjoying the pure rush of adrenaline.  His heart races, his pores ooze sweat, and his breathing intensifies.   He uncrosses his arms from his chest, proceeding over to an old, rusty wagon wheel in the corner. Pausing for a moment, Darin stretches his muscles before he lugs the wheel to the center of the barn.  He proceeds to lay on the ground, placing the wheel over his body.





Zion begins his regiment of weighted sit ups, prepping his core muscles for the match of his life.  He’s cleared out his mind, only focusing on the task at hand.   Gripping the wheel tightly, he pushes himself with intensity.






The old, rugged barn door opens and a loud BANG of thunder echoes throughout the barn.  A couple of flashes of lightning startles Zion.  Brushing the bits of hay off his body, he turns around to find Gina Thakker covered in an old, navy hoodie.  She rushes to shut the barn door behind her, fighting off the intense wind.  Barricading the door behind her, she moseys over to one of the hay bails sitting down.  She watches intently as Zion continue his work out regiment—making sure to keep silent.  Darin attempts to transition to some jumping jacks for stamina but cannot focus.  His head twists towards Gina, locking his eyes with hers.

Darin Zion:  Something up?

She pauses to ponder her words for a second.  As Zion walks over towards her to kneel, she converses with REAL LOVE®.  Her soft, quiet voice causes Zion to move in closer to ensure he can hear.

Gina Thakker:  I’ve noticed you’ve been out here for days.  Between doin’ farm work and trainin’ in the barn—you’ve kept yourself distant…

Darin Zion:  I’ve got the biggest match of my career this week, Gina.  I’ve fought like hell to make my LSD Title shot count this time.  Jace is one of the toughest opponents I’ve ever faced.  That bastard won’t go easy on me.  Winning that LSD Championship off the man who has held the LSD Championship for nearly 420 days.  He’s racked up 7 total defenses this round with the LSD Championship.  I don’t expect the man to hand me over the belt without a God Damn War in the middle of that ring.

Gina Thakker:  I get that—Darin, but…

Darin Zion:  The LSD Championship makes careers.  Many wrestlers in HOW only focus on the HOW Championship.  They think it’s the only way to rise towards the top of the mountain.  I’ve watched many HOW make their careers.  Max Kael carved a legacy in creating the Literally Safest Division.  Scottywood maimed and brutalized countless wrestlers capitalizing on the hardcore aspects of the title.  Hell, JPD carved out a Hall of Fame legacy dominating wrestler after wrestler.  I’ve got to kick it into higher gear…

Gina Thakker:  It’s…it’s…

Darin Zion:  It’s my own chance to show #LOVESTILLDOMINATES.  It’s my way to establish my legacy in HOW and…

Gina’s face turns bright red as she clenches her fists together and bursts out screaming.

Gina Thakker:  DAAAAAAARIN!  Listen to me for a second!

Gina’s awkward yelling startles Zion, his face contorts in confusion for a moment.  Quickly regaining his composure, he sits next to Gina.  His ears perk up, hinging on her thoughts.  Gina scratches her chin before continuing onward.

Gina Thakker:  You’ve seemed distant all week.  You haven’t once checked in with me to see if I need anything.  Easton’s wonderin’ when Uncle Darin will come play with him.  Every time we’ve tried to come show you an ounce of hospitality—you’ve given us the cold shoulder.  It seems like since Jace’s scathing promo after that hard loss—you’ve taken that to heart.  It’s like he struck a nerve…

Darin roars with laughter, grabbing his ribs and almost curling over on his side.  He wipes a single tear away from his eye while gaining back his composure.  Wrapping his arm around his sweet sister-in-law he lays out his feelings in the open.

Darin Zion:  HAHAHAHA!  You think one little promo hurt my feelings?!  You think REAL LOVE’S® heartbroken over Jace’s irrelevant comments?!  He’s said the same shit for 9 years I’ve known him.  He’s become a broken record—he’s stuck on repeat.

Zion takes a deep breath into his lungs, looking up towards the jagged, broken boards in the ceiling.  His eyes twinkle for a moment while a shit-eating grin forms across his face.  He turns back towards Gina, resting his hand on her thigh, giving it a gentle pat.  Swiveling his body, he calmly leans in towards her, staring her dead in the eye.

Darin Zion:  Even though things didn’t go the way I expected last week—I’m not bent out of shape about it.  If anything, I saw everything I needed from Jace.  I got the perfect front row seat to scout my opponent.  I got up close and personal with every single flaw he has.  The King of Everything isn’t perfect like he claims.

Gina Thakker:  But he refused to help you…

Darin Zion:  I’ll let you in on a secret—JPD is an opportunist.  Like he said—the bastard would rather take a tag team loss to retain the championship.  It didn’t surprise me in the least he hasn’t learned to evolve over the course of our careers.

Gina Thakker:  He took some deep-rooted personal shots towards you.  If it were me—I’d be seeking revenge.

Darin Zion:  That’s the name of his game, Gina.  Jace thinks he can still crawl under my skin like old times.  He’s probably expecting me to cut some heated shoot on him, hoping I’m blinded by revenge.  I’m not falling for his stupid games this time.  I’ve matured since our stupid Twitter war days.  I tried my best to show him LOVE.  He refused that offer.  When we cross paths in Tulsa—it’s business this time.  It’s my time to showcase why LOVE CONQUERS ALL.  It’s my chance to steal the damn spotlight away from his narcissistic ass.  I’ve got to buckle down and show him words don’t hurt –LOVE DOES.

Gina attempts to chime in, but Zion cut her off, holding her hands.  His eyes burn with ferocity while his hands begin to shake.

Darin Zion:  He wants to talk a big game, stealing my catch phrase and trying to trivialize them…but I’m going to put it into practice.  I’m planning on showing him why I’m called TOUGH LOVE® in PRIME.  When I’m done with Mad-Eyed Davidson—he’s gonna wish Lee released him over to death’s cold, soulless clutches.  He’ll beg Lee for Seven Minutes in Heaven with ole’ Besty.

Gina chuckles before giving her brother-in-law a huge bear-like hug.  She stands up, tossing him a Protein Bar she brought out to him.  Zion scarves it down while she smiles at him.

Gina Thakker:  I’m glad to hear you’re in good spirits through all this.

Darin Zion:  Well, I couldn’t have done it without the love of my family.  It’s about time I helped put some food on your table.  Beating JPD for the LSD Title will more than provide us with a good ole’ Easter dinner.  Hopefully, Jackson comes home on Easter and we have something to celebrate.

Gina Thakker:  it’s mighty kind of ya’—but you don’t feel obligated to help us.

Darin Zion:  That’s love for you, Gina.  It always finds a way to topple mountains and beat impossible odds.

Darin finishes the protein bar as Gina heads back out into the storm.  Zion picks up the wagon wheel and proceeds to start some biceps curls as the scene fades out.


Vickie Hall
4/2/23 11:59am

–vickie…its time…

–u serious rite now?

   –never been more serious in my life…u were right…

–never thot I wud hear those words from u

–luv makes us do crazy things
time to throw some kinks into plans

-u kno JCH loves whips and chains…

time to throw a curveball at HOW
U, JCH, and TCG all free dis weekend?

–oh….THOOOOOSE plans 😉

–YUUUP!  I figure its time to DTR
Get things squared away

I like HOW u think my lovely :*

–HOW…PRIME….PWA all needs to experience OUR love

but eeeeewww Tulsa?  Rly?
it smells like @$$

–Meet me up at Will Rogers Airport.
I’ll take you and JCH out to Mickey Mantles

–steak?  Champagne? Faaaaaancy dinners?
Count us in!


Easton Thakker:  DAT ONE! DAT ON!

Darin Zion’s nephew leaps up and down excited, pointing towards a bow tie with ducks on it.  A melancholy look washes over Zion’s face as his eyes roll into the back of his head. REAL LOVE® lets out an exasperated sigh, bending down to Easton’s level.  He rubs little Easton’s hair, messing it up.  Easton chackles with glee as Zion scoops him up off the ground.  With a calm tone, Darin tries teaching his nephew about fashion.

Darin Zion:  I can’t go with that one, sport.  It’s too good…

Easton Thakker:  Buuuuuuuut whhhhhhhy, Uncle Darin?

The little tikes voice sounds depleted while a frown appears over his face.  He sobs while Darin rests him over the side of the guest room bed at Thakker ranch.  Easton’s feet dangle in front of Gina’s ugly choice of home décor.  The sight of the quilted, pink rose comforter out of the 80s against the rouge painted room made Darin’s stomach turn.

Zion’s eyes lock with Easton’s as he wipes the kid’s tears away.  A bright smile curves on Darin’s face.  His high-pitched tone calms Easton down.

Darin Zion:  I’ve got a date with destiny this week.  I’ve gotta make sure to look the best I can.

Darin turns his attention to the full-body mirror across from his bed.  His eyes fixate on the beautiful #97Purple suit he’s wearing.   Darin ogles himself, admiring the fit of the suit.  It brings out his curvy hips.  Zion sticks his arms up in the air—making sure it fits.  Flexing a bit in the mirror, he feels the suit can breathe.  His shoulders relax for a minute before he snaps his head over—eyeing Easton jumping up on the bed, singing at the top of his lungs.

Easton Thakker:  Darin’s gotta girl frien….Darin’s gotta a girl frien…

Darin Zion:  Something like that, kiddo.

Gina comes in, admiring the work she’s done on Darin’s suit.  She quickly throws a thumbs up sign before charging over to the bed and scalding her son.  She picks him up, gazing over at her solid oak nightstand.

She notices a box of chocolates and a pink envelop sitting next to her mother’s antique lamp.  She grins and gives Zion a slight wink.

Gina Thakker:  Part of the plan?

Darin Zion:  You know me too well…

Gina Thakker:  You’ve been hangin’ round my hubby too much.  God you’re both terrible!

Darin Zion:  Not gonna lie—Jackson’s got a brilliant mind.  After talking with him all night—he suggested I pull this shit off.

Gina Thakker:  My word!  I love that man sometimes—but he’s too much.

Darin Zion:  It’s all about mind games in this sport, Gina.  Sometimes crawling under your opponent’s skin works.  Fight fire with fire as I always say.

Gina plants the palm of her free hand against her forehead.  She picks up the unsealed envelop, scanning the letter inside.  She can see Darin’s devious smile curling from ear to ear out of the corner of her eye.  She scans over the note with scrutiny.

Easton flails around a bit before Zion scoops him out of Gina’s hands.  Darin bounces up and down, trying to entertain his nephew, allowing Gina to focus.  Her arms cross against her chest while she finishes the note.  She gawks at it before tossing it back on the bed.   She’s blushing as Zion’s laughing at her reaction.

Gina Thakker:  GAWWWD!

Darin Zion: At least I’m not sending him a fruit basket.  Everyone in HOW does that shit.

Gina Thakker:  You’re pokin’ the bear.  He’s gonna blow a gasket.

Darin Zion:  Let him Gina!  It’s his own damn fault if he loses his temper. It’s not the first time he’s let rage blind him.  It’s his own doing.   When he makes it to Tulsa—this will be waiting for him.

Darin sets Easton back on the ground, retrieving his note.  He folds it up and places it in his pocket.  Grabbing his packed suitcase, Zion starts to head towards the door.  Easton’s face sinks to the ground as he runs over and hangs off his uncle’s ankles.

Easton Thakker:  DON’T GO!  DON’T GO!  I WUUUUUUV YOU!

Darin Zion: I’ll be back soon, and I promise I’ll have a surprise for ya, kiddo.  Just make sure you’re watching HOTv this weekend.   On Chaos 027…your Uncle Darin is main eventing.

Easton drops towards the ground giving Darin one final hug before Zion heads off to tend to business in OKC.  Darin blows both kisses and heads off on his journey towards love.


My Dearest Jace Parker Davidson—

I’m sorry you’ve got problems with LOOOOOVE.  It’s tragic you’ve let your heart grow callous with meaningless flings since your lovely wife Tara divorced you.  I get it—it’s hard to fill the gap in your heart when love departs.  It’s so easy to fill it with such meaningless things.  Between your wretched Denver Dimes, the failing 10X school, your toxic Twitter feud with Scott Stevens, your horrendous parental relationships—it’s easy to get distracted from your feelings.  I get it #97RED is a better prize.  You’ve yammered on and on endlessly about it escaping you for the better part of 2 years.  You want a better life for yourself.

It’s why you’re THE final boss in HOW.  Everyone recognizes when you’re on a war path—you’re one helluva a competitor, myself included.  Ever since we’ve met in that ring, Jace—a singles title win over you has eluded me for 8 years.  It’s easy to become so obsessed you lose your path.  I know a thing or two about that.

But ever since I found TRUE LOVE®, REAL LOVE I’ve found new purpose in life.  As the Johnny Cash song goes…love is a burning thing.  I’m not talking about the gonorrhea you experience from clapping cheeks in empty flings with Madison or Sam. Love isn’t some one-night stand for me like it’s become for you.

It’s this fiery right, bound by wild desire…it’s caused me to fall into deep into it.

Ever since my eyes crossed paths with that LSD Title in 2016—it reinvigorated my career. It made me do crazy things to gain it.  I climbed a metaphorical mountain when I beat you and John Sektor for it and the ICON Title back in 2016—weeks before HOW closed.  Ever since that faithful day I won it back at War Games 2016—it’s eluded me.

It’s made me do crazy things—Jace, including chasing you for a match.  It’s made me gamble in Lethal Lottery and team with that life-sucking leech Xander Azula.  It’s possessed me to climb the rankings to become the #2 Overall Ranked Wrestler—something I didn’t think was possible at this stage of my career.  It’s made me surrender past grudges and jealous to focus on my Renaissance as a wrestler.

Hell, it’s made me cross PWA boundaries to step up my damn game in HOW.  It caused me to change every fiber of who I was.  It’s almost like I’ve evolved as a human being and blossomed since I found love.

You wouldn’t understand that feeling.  Christopher America called you out perfectly last week.   Nothing ever changes with you Jace.  You’re the same old, heartless bastard you were 8 years ago.  Sure, your gimmick has a different coat of paint and a catchy new slogan.  It’s great to change up marketing campaigns from time to time.

But nothing under the damn hood is the same.  The same narcissistic outlook on life.  The same know-it-all wrestler thinking he’s better than everyone else here.  You’re one selfish, egotistical, suicidal train wreck one drink, one prescription drug away from death.   Truth in it all is—you’re good at hiding your damn weaknesses from the world.  You portray it all as strength.  You’re a train wreck—and even Lee Best himself fuckin’ sees it.

He’s tired of propping your ass up on a pedestal.  He’s exhausted dealing with all your bullshit.  He humbled your ass by stabbing and ripping out your eye.  Yet even then you couldn’t change.  You lacked the depth perception to even see the world you’ve built around you is crumbling under your feet.

You’re too God Damn stubborn to change and evolve as a competitor.  Hell, even since becoming half-blind—you’ve doubled down on your bad decisions—spiraling into a tragic downfall.

You wanted some TOUGH LOVE®…well here it is:

You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ Jace.

You’ve lost the sense of love that LSD Championship brings you.  You’ve become distracted with revenge—you’ve lost sight protecting that precious championship draped against your shoulder.

I haven’t and won’t make the same mistake you have, Jace.  While you’re out here treating your defenses like a body count of women—I’m out here fostering love.  I’m preparing for my reign as the LOVE STILL DOMINATES Champion.

I’m busting my ass so I can bring you down to your god damn knees and make you bow to LOVE.  I’m out here shooting some damn interest into this division because it fuckin’ needs it.  That LSD Championship craves some love, Jace.  It’s begging you for some TLC.  It lusts for blood and pain.  It doesn’t wanna be strapped to your chest while you spiral out of control.  It no longer wants JPD tied to its damn hip, weighing it down with toxicity and abuse.

It wants someone who looks for damn fights.  It wants CHAOS.  It wants a fighting champion like me who loves and appreciate it. It doesn’t want Papa Best to step in throwing stipulations.  It wants someone who GIVES it to them.

And I’ll give her that Jace…because I love her more than life itself.  I’ll do anything to take her away from your clutches and give her a good home.  I’ll show her LOVE CONQUERS ALL.   LOVE STILL DOMINATES!

It’s my end all be all here, Jace.  It’s the form of self-love I need to give myself.  I’ll spend every match remaining on my contract I can to ensure I get ONE MORE CHANCE at holding her in my arms and caressing her beautiful leather strap.

That’s what she means to me Jace. She means LOVE TO ME.  Not some empty accomplishment to the next tier of greatness.  Not some empty grudge with an old, bald man.

She’s fuckin’ everything to me.  And I promise, at Chaos 027—this all ain’t a bunch of fuckin’ words and a some god damn phase.  It’s a god damn lifestyle.  And I will stop at nothing to get her back.

Sincerely Yours,

REAL LOVE® Darin Zion