Posted on April 22, 2021 at 4:32 pm by Xander Azula

Listen, Harrison. Let’s have a heart to heart, for just a moment.

I’ve been in this business for well over a decade…fourteen years this June, to be exact…and I’ve taken enough shots to the head to where my memory gets fuzzy at times.

Thank you for the reminder. How could I forget that you announced your loyalty with the Best Alliance only after Dan Ryan made you out for the goof that you are?

Oh, I know…it was the knee to the head that did it. I was damaged that night, Steve.

So excuse me if my brain can’t fully process why the hell the Alliance wants you…oh wait, yes I can.

You worked so hard to prove me wrong, that you wound up proving me right.

You might not have let the Alliance down yet, but that’ll come soon enough…and we’ll get to that.

It’s worse than I thought, however…you’re not just another face, you’re a mere number.

Lee Best brought you on board with this knowing that a war was coming to his doorstep. He needed the foot soldiers…and you can argue all you want that you’re more than that, but facts are facts.

That mission was clear as day when you defeated Lindsay Troy, but being really good at your job doesn’t magically give you a higher ranking. Talk about believing in lies, right?

I don’t know if you want to go tit for tat on the semantics of what’s been said this week, Harrison.

You’re saying stuff that could get you fired, I’m misremembering history, and somehow, you still end up looking the most foolish saying weird shit that makes less sense than the lies you claim about my Goddess.

Everywhere is backwater in Virginia, Harrison. You think I give a shit if Fairfax is somehow any less so?

Brail is a small line on a sailing ship, you goof.

And I’m assuming you mean a golf clap, not a clamp.

I know this is all semantics, and it could be argued that I’m grasping at straws, but it’s clear to me that your rhetoric isn’t the only thing that can’t make it to the high school level.

Maybe your precious city of Fairfax needs to up its educational budget.

Man, you must have been so excited to point out my crucial mistake…you’re tripping and stumbling over your words again, Harrison.

Like I said, we’ve both said stuff that we probably regret this week.

But enough of all that, let’s get back to the matter at hand.

I’m gonna set aside all the Best Alliance and 214 chatter, because in case your smooth brain hasn’t processed it yet Harrison, I’m not a part of any of it.

Sure, I’ll bring it up from time to time, but right now I’m just an observer.

No, the real meat and potatoes of this is you, me, and a cage where we’ll settle things with violence…something right up my alley.

Man, have I been waiting for this opportunity…and it’s not even another crack at Mike Best I’m looking forward to now.

You made damn sure this was more than just a title shot on the line, Steve.

If you were looking to trigger an emotion from me, you’ve done it.

Unfortunately for you, I am not shaken to the point where I will waver or falter.

I’m angry as hell, but all that means is come Saturday I get to take my anger out on that ugly mug of yours.

I’m gonna finish what Dan Ryan started, and I’m gonna make you unrecognizable to the Alliance and the rest of the world.

A perfect example of just another face on this roster, because the only way people will remember who you are is when Bryan McVay announces your name the next time you walk to the ring…and even then, he’ll do a double take.

That’s when you’ll truly know what it’s like to be damaged, Harrison.

Because somehow, I don’t think getting your nose broken was sufficient in teaching you the lesson you needed…and the sixtieth edition of Refueled is going to bring about a teachable moment just for you.

There will be no miracle for the Miracle Man on that night. Just suffering, just pain, just misery.

And my Goddess will smile upon me as I take what little power you have away, leaving you a blubbering mess in the middle of that cage when my hand is raised.

Maybe next time you’ll choose your words more carefully.