‘Curtain’ jerking…Is that what you call it?

‘Curtain’ jerking…Is that what you call it?

Posted on August 26, 2021 at 11:16 pm by Daytona

After Refueled there was no way I was going to calm down.  Sure, outwardly I looked calm and cool and very collected.  Inside I seethed with an anger that burned red hot.  It was what kept me from throwing up my hands and saying fuck it.

The flight home was nothing but a nuisance, the new found fans popping up out of the woodwork at the airport.  I moved my body to the back of the plane when I was boarding, my dark shades over the black mask wasn’t inviting comments or so I thought.  My clothing was loose and comfortable as I ducked into the seat and then turned my head away to stare out the small window.

I had earbuds in my ear and a faint twang of a country music song could be heard.  Behind the dark shades, my eyes took in the rest of the plane as people filed into their seats.  Suddenly, the sound of a rather excited young man could be heard, his voice cracking slightly as he sits down beside me.

“Dude,” he calls out to his friends, winking wildly at his buddies as he points to me.  “I think this is my seat.  Name’s Kevin, what’s yours?”

A slow smile draws across my face as I pull my shades down slightly.  “You can call me ma’am,” I offer in my soft drawl.  “I ain’t much for being all friendly like right now.”  I push up the shades once more only to hear one of his friends whistle low.

“Dude, that is Daytona that wrestler that debuted last night against Xander and lost.  Trade seats with you!” his friend exclaimed.  Luckily for him, my eyes were covered but I was sure he could hear them rolling at his question.  Inside my head, a voice kept screaming no but lady luck left me high and dry.  “Sure Dave, be my guest,” Kevin offers then moves to allow his friend to flop into the seat beside me.  Leaning towards me, he leers trying to look cool.

“So Daytona, is that your real name or a ring name?” Dave offers in a friendly way.  I shake my head with a half smile as I turn to him and lean my cheek on my hand, my elbow resting on the armrest of the seat.   “You can call me Daytona.  Ring life ain’t private life so when it comes down to it…you got Daytona and I get to have my privacy.  Now that we got that out of the way…I have some things I need to take care of so you know…”  Sitting back in dismissal, I lay my head on the rest as Dave turns to his buddies and shrugs.

From across the aisle, I can hear Kevin begin to talk loudly about the fact that I was being a bitch and that I should be grateful for the attention considering that I was just an attention whore.  “Yeah, I caught her promo or lack there of against Xander whatshisname.  Wasn’t surprising that she lost.”

My jaw ached as I bit back the urge to jump the aisle and show that little shit that he was all talk and it was pissing me off.  “Breathe girl…just breathe.”

“Did you say something?” asked the youth in the seat beside me.  “Listen, don’t pay any attention to him, he is just trying to be the big man.”

Patting the youth on his head, I rise and move to pass him to the aisle.  Once there, I lean over, my hands on either side of his head as I move close enough for him to react to the soft scent of my perfumed chest.  His smile breaking over his face was the last thing that set the spark to the fuse of my anger.

“Y’all want to say that again little boy?” I demand in a soft deadly voice.  “I thought I heard you say it wasn’t surprising that I lost.  Let me tell you something, I may have lost to Xander.  Like my Daddy use to say, the sun will shine on a dog’s ass once or twice.  Luckily for Xander that is what happened at Refueled.  But you see, it was my debut and given that he had been longer in wrestling, what do you expect to happen.  I mean really, now that I have had a taste of being in the ring, I just can’t wait to get in the ring again…”

Kevin looks at me in surprise as I lean even closer, my right hand moving to caress his cheek almost lovingly before smacking it softly.  “Now be a good little boy.  Daddy always said that children need to be seen but not heard and now I know what he meant when he said that.”

Straightening I look towards the stewardess who had approached when she saw me lean over the boy.  “I don’t suppose you have any other seats available.  I wouldn’t want to bother these gentlemen here.  Maybe something in first class,” I say with a grin as I slap on the chest of Kevin who lets out an oof of pain.

“Of course, come with me and we will see what we can do,” she says as she motions me to pass her.  As I move down the aisle towards the front of the plane I smile as I look back at the slack jaw look from the boys then offer them a softly blown taunting kiss before disappearing into first class.


Sitting at home, I was reading on a chair in the family room of my mother’s home.  To my right, my mother can be seen working on some needle point, her light grey hair is tucked behind her ear and her horn-rimmed glasses hung barely on the tip of her nose.  Wearing a sundress, she looked cool in bare feet.  Across from her, my stepfather in a white undershirt and khaki shorts is working on a model fighter plane.

“So babygirl, I saw what happened in that match you had,” he offers as he picks up the plane and looks down the wing.  “What were you thinking facing someone like that?”

Not even putting the book down to look at him, I sigh.  “I was booked to face him, it wasn’t like I had any choice.”

“Don’t talk to him like that,” says my mother, defending him and his scoff at her defense got my back up.

“I was booked against him because I guess the company thought that he was going to be a good match to start my career in the ring against.  Maybe they wanted to give him someone that he stood a little bit of a better chance to beat and like you say, I wasn’t thinking that he was going to be as good as he managed to be.  But I almost beat him,” I offer, my focus still on the book in my hand even though I wasn’t reading it.  “Now I have to wait until after the Bottomline pay per view before I have another match.”

My stepfather is about to say something when my phone rings.  Closing the book, I offer an apologetic smile and a mouthed ‘I have to take this’ to my stepfather and leave the room as my thumb brushes over the answer button on the phone.

“Hello,” I answer before listening to the voice on the other end talk.  “He wants to what?  Oh hell yeah I will have no problem doing that…send the contract and I’ll sign it.  And then I will get ready for the dark match.”

Hanging up the phone, I move back into the family room.  Both my mother and stepfather look up at me as a thoughtful grin passes over my face.  Cocking an eyebrow, my stepfather looks at me then at the plane in his hand.  “So…what was that about?”

“It was HOW head office.  Seems that someone has got a hard on to have a match at Bottomline but that card had already been booked so he proposed a dark match and he specifically asked to face me.  I don’t know if I should be flattered or not.  Either way, I have to start packing and getting my travel plans made to get some training in before I have to face this guy.”

“But you just got home,” my mother says anxiously.

“I know but if I am going to start winning, I need to go and talk to a friend who can really help me train,” I reply as I head out of the room once more.

“You never said who you were facing,” yells my stepfather which stops me in my tracks just as I am about to climb the stairs.  Turning I shout back…

“Kevin Capone.”


A loud thud is heard followed by a soft stream of curses in French can be heard in the training center.  Looking down at the woman on the mat I can’t help but laugh.

“Been a while since I heard that,” I offer as I hold my hand out.  The woman grasps it but instead of me pulling her to her feet, she uses the leverage to yank me off balance and down to the mat.  With both of us on the canvas laughing, I take a deep breath and then roll to my side to look at her.  “Thanks for helping me get ready for this dark match Vix.”

Vixen Staggs, wife of the owner of the Staggs Dungeon looked back at me and waves off the comment.  “You don’t need to thank me Daytona.  When I heard you got into wrestling, I figured it wouldn’t be long before you would come to me for help.  So, tell me about your opponent.  Better yet, why not talk directly to him?”  She sits up and then reaches for her phone and holding it begins to film me.

I sit up, my elbows resting lightly on my knees.  I know what I want to say but where to start?

“Allons-y!” says Vixen.

“Last time in the HOW ring, I lost to Xander Azula.  I am woman enough to admit it and I am woman enough to admit that it stung.  Thinking about it makes me wonder if it was a fluke or not.  And the fact that I wasn’t right back in the ring didn’t help either.  And then lightning struck.  Out of the blue I am asked to step in the ring again.  Granted it is in a dark match at Bottomline.  A dark match but it is something that maybe my redemption,” I offer in a voice that is tinged slightly with contempt.

Turning to Vixen, I smirk into the camera.  “Funny thing is that it was demanded by someone that wanted to face me.  Kevin Capone who is so desperate to get on the card for Bottomline he demanded a match against a fellow rookie.  Turns out he wants to play,” I say with a soft chuckle.  “He wants to know who wants it more between the both of us.  Seems he thinks that he is the one that does.  Sadly, I am going to have to burst his little wet dream.  See I may not be his type but I will definitely be the one that will be messing with his head in this match.  I have the body that most men want to caress and all he wants to do is get his hands on me to prove how much he wants a win.  I want to warn you now Kev…I can call you Kev can’t I?  The warning is that I am not going to make the same mistake I made in my debut.  I took Xander lightly and look where that got me.”

Vixen sits up more then moves around me to film me straight on.  My eyes are hard as I look into the lens and speak.

“Kev, I got the call about your request and I realized at that moment that I am your fantasy opponent.  You and I in the ring, showing those on the Bottomline card just why they made our match a dark match.  The higher ups didn’t want us to overshadow them.  I mean if you ask me, that has to be the only reason.”

“And the fact that you were the one to demand me in a match.  What did you think that I was just another pretty face that you need to get your rocks off?  Are you thinking that I am going to be an easy mark for you?  Poor Kev…how sad for you,” I say, my smirk fading.  “Nutting yourself to get me in the ring and whining like you were suffering blue balls because I kept you waiting.  Do you feel better now that I said yes?”

My hands clasp between my knees as my head tilts slightly to the left.  “Guess what Kev.  I am out to prove that I am not just a pretty face.  I am out to make a name for myself in the ring of High Octane Wrestling.  Like I said, no one is safe in HOW least of all little boys who think that just because I am a woman, they will be able to walk all over me…I am here to tell you that the first step you take will be the last step you ever try to take on me.”

My eyes focus upward for a moment as if contemplating what I want to say before one more my hazel eyes blaze into the camera held by Vixen as she pulls the camera away.   One last image is seen of me leaning into the camera’s view just before it blinks off, my final words hanging in the air.

“Underestimate me…that will be fun…”