Crushin’ Ginos… Bro!

Crushin’ Ginos… Bro!

Posted on May 3, 2021 at 1:34 pm by Scottywood

The rematch of all rematches in HOW… right?  

The redo of the fight that nearly killed HOW.  

Pussies got hurt, people cried… all that bullshit.  We know the history, and those that don’t can watch it on HOTv.  But Mike’s academy has pulled some strings while daddy Best clocked out to make this happen as my first fight after Mike Best polowed a barbed wire wrapped knee braced knee into my fucking skull.

Can ChristPlowy forgive me though… for my sins all those years ago?

Can we pray for Gino?

For the Son of God is sacrificing one of his disciples to the hands of The Anti-Christ.

Now Mike… Gino?  No, Mike?  Gino!

Sorry Gino, I forgot that Mike has pulled his hand out of your asshole for this fight.  You’re a real boy now who has trained for years to be a fighter after I humiliated you and literally handed you a title.  Glad to see I was you’re wake up call that you were a fucking joke.  Though HOW long did it take you to get to this point?  

Nine years?  

You could have become a fucking doctor in that time…

HAHAHAHA, nearly said that with a straight face.

Yeah, sounds about right it took you this long to think you were ready for a fight with anyone… let alone the man that wired that mouth shut.

A mouth that has talked your way into so much pussy.  I know plan A was always to crush all the fucking puss, but you really should have had some Plan Bs too.

Though lucky for you, I really doubt there are many… if any little Gino’s running around.  I can’t imagine yours were the fastest, strongest and certainly not the smartest sperm swimming around those cum dumpsters of puss you’ve been crushing… bro.

It’s truly a fucking sad situation…

That when you were ever created.  By a god or whatever creator… from the leftover DNA.  The shit dripping off God’s dick at the end of a long session of… creating.  You’re fucking spare parts to something that no one ever wanted!

Just like this fight Gino… it’s one no one wants… except one man.

Fuck, we all know Mike had a heavy hand in running the show Saturday and booking this week’s card.  With daddy either dead or in traction, it was Mike that gave you this fight Gino.  

So… thank you Mike Best.

Thank you for giving me, the only man who wants this fight the chance to right the wrongs from nine years ago.

I should have never reacted how I did in that fight.  Yes, facing you was a joke, a slap in the face and was only done to try and embarrass me.  But I should have murdered that little shit and sent him back to you and DeNucci in a fucking garbage bag.  To be dumped on the beaches of Jersey with all the rest of the state’s trash.

Trust me Gino, I know you never wanted this fight to come to reality.  Especially not in your first fight back.  You wanted to coast along… at least for a while, on your only claim.  That you won a fight between us.  That you were HOFC champion… for a few days.  

But remember, it was Mike that did this to you.  So enjoy the clout of your only victory nine years ago while you still can.  Because after this week, it’s gone.  Make no doubt, I will slaughter your ass in that cage and send those nine years of training down the drain without a single fucking thing to show for it.  Hope that academy has a refund policy.

You might be more legit than you were nine years ago… but it’s not exactly a high bar to beat.  I appreciate that you’re taking this somewhat more seriously than you did before.  So I promise I’ll give you the honor of an actual fight with me… and then the honor of being put down by me.  Followed by my apologies to the whole world for causing them to suffer nine more years of Gino Giordano than you should have.

I know you watched the tape of me versus Mike… you know how close that was.  I survived Mike’s fucking murder elbows!  What makes you think I can’t survive you Gino?  I was beat with a barbed wire wrapped knee to fucking skull!   What makes you think you can beat me too?

Seriously… bro.