Correcting a Wrong

Correcting a Wrong

Posted on October 8, 2020 at 11:48 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago Memorial Hospital
October 4, 2020, 10:30 AM

As the scene opens up we see that the sun is shining brightly in the sky this lovely Sunday morning. Songs of praise and forgiveness are heard coming from the church across the street. Families are seen laughing and enjoying a day of fun. However, across the street at Chicago Memorial things are all sunshines and rainbows for one man. The sound of sliding doors opening is heard as we see a middle-aged black woman wearing yellow highlighter colored scrubs as she is pushing a familiar face out of the hospital, and that face belongs to Scott Stevens.

“Here you go sugar.”

The nurse says as he comes to a stop and puts the parking brakes on the wheelchair. Once sturdy, Scott rises from the chair and we see behind his clear face guard that his face is black and blue from all the elbow shots he took in his match Saturday which resulted in a broken nose courtesy of Mike Best.

“Have a good day Mr. Stevens.”

The nurse sends her goodbyes as the Texan somberly throws the hood of his jacket over his head and gets inside awaiting taxi.


Saturday night wasn’t my finest hour. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life, but doing what I did is the most idiotic thing I have ever done in my life. I mean what the fuck was I thinking putting my first born son on the line in a match against Mike Best when I already had the match for the World title? Trying to tell myself that I fucked up doesn’t cover it. Telling my family that I fucked up doesn’t cover it. Explaining to my other two kids their brother isn’t coming home for awhile doesn’t sit well with anyone in the Stevens family.

You’re right Harrison, I am a selfish piece of shit.

It was and has always been about Mike Best’s respect. I am tired of being looked down upon. I am tired of being made to look like a joke and did Mike Best con me into putting my son on the line in this match?


Mike Best didn’t con me into anything; I did what I did of my own free will because I am a selfish prick. I pride myself on being a family man, but deep down I want the respect of Mike Best even more. I would love to be crowned World champion once again or be lucky enough to step into the hall of the elite of High Octane Wrestling one day, but all I ever wanted was the respect and acknowledgement of the greatest wrestler to step into a HOW ring. He backed me into a corner when he upped the ante, and the smart thing would’ve just to have said no and take the berating from Mike, but I let my selfishness cloud my judgment into making another decision once again and this time there is no coming back from it.

Go big or go home, that’s what I professed as I pounded on my chest like a giant silverback gorilla. If I beat Mike with this much on the line he would have to respect me no matter what because not only would have the last ranked wrestler dethroned the top ranked wrestler and World champion, but I would have been a hero to my son as he would have seen his daddy triumph against all the odds stacked against him and I would have humbled Mike Best once and for all as I would’ve taken everything from him.

However, that’s not what happened.

I was knocked out.

I had my nose broken.

When I woke up in the hospital and realized that I lost not only the match, but my son I was devastated. I knew I had let my selfishness get the best of me for the very last time because it cost me something more precious than any championship or Hall of Fame induction could ever satisfy.

Mike Best finally humbled me.

Do you know what it’s like to lose everything Harrison?

Of course you don’t because all you care about is what’s going on with the eGG Bandits and ME. You’re undefeated and haven’t had to suffer loss yet, but you will. A long time ago I was undefeated like you Harrison and I was feeling invincible, that no one could touch me and I got my first title match because of it and you know what happened? I lost. That’s right Harrison; the unconquerable Texan was slain by a dog faced gremlin of a woman named Kirsta Lewis. Harrison, this Saturday night I’m coming for you and that’s not an empty threat, but a promise. It’s a promise I made myself to right the mistake I made accepted the challenge to up the ante with Mike. When Mike Best rolled up to my house to pick up my son with that shit eating grin of his it boiled my blood, but I had already shamed my family and I didn’t want to do something stupid like get arrested for attacking him or worse causing him to be banned from visitation rights from us. To bitch slap the smug face of Mike Best once again I have to go through the ranking and it starts with the only defeat wrestler left in HOW.

Harrison, you don’t have to worry if I’ll make it to the show or not because I will be there. I have much more to lose if I don’t.

Am I beat up?


Am I at 100% ?

Nope, but that’s the beauty of painkillers.

Getting my son back is all I care about now and you just happen to be in the way and you can try to take me out, but if the man that took everything from me couldn’t do it the odds of you doing it aren’t so good. So you better not miss Harrison when you come for my neck because if you do I will piledrive your neck into the fucking ground!

I have one goal and you’re in my way.

It’s not a comeback.

It’s not a Hall of Fame or bust run.

It’s not about praying for a miracle.

It’s about a father trying to correct a vital mistake and I don’t care if I have to sell my soul to the devil in the 97 red colored suit to do it either. I’ve been pushed to the brink and now I’m pushing back and I swear to God that when I’m done all things will be righted again.

Get your milk ready Harrison because Scott Stevens is coming over for dinner.