Posted on August 31, 2023 at 9:08 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Consequences, we’re told that for every action we have consequences for everything we do. But what happens when people don’t face those consequences? What happens when they refuse to accept the consequences because they’ve ignored them completely? What’s done in the dark is always brought to light right? The guilty always get found out right? In fairy tales sure, good conquers evil. The good guys always win and the bad guys are brought to justice! 


Unfortunately in the real world we might have to deliver justice ourselves. What do we do when we have not seen retribution for things that have been done to our character? What happens when people who have humiliated, lied, and slandered your good name walk free without a care in the world as if they have done nothing wrong?


It’s amazing how innocent people are crucified. Now, of course, I won’t compare myself to Jesus; there have been far too many people to do that. 


I will say that my people know great suffering. We know Injustice, we know people not listening to us, of course I’m talking about the white woman in the world. We try to help everyone and we are called terrible things like Karen’s all because we have opinions and we think we should be listened to. We are martyrs that one day will be vindicated. White savior complex my ass…


Columbus is two hours outside of Cleveland. Her house. Ohio is more than one state and one person. But, of course, if you ask her the sun rises and sets on Cleveland and Parma Ohio. One person does not control the state, one person is not the be all and end all of everything in that state. If they were then Lee would be an idiot to not cash in on the marketing of the hometown Queen that bears the Carey name.


I see the pettiness and running Chaos in Columbus is going to ruin me? The Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is where this should have been held but an attempt to punish and keep me from the hot streak I’ve been on. Like the roar of the crowd is going to change, but you know what it is still Ohio! I am still a CAREY DAUGHTER OF THIS DAMN STATE.


Center of Ohio, top to bottom, up to down, side to side, east to west, Ohio is my state. The fans are proud to call me one of their own. And you know what? Sometimes that motivation is what brings the powerhouse out in a person. Knowing that these people are clamoring just to say that I am from their state and kicking ass. Sure, it’s not Cleveland, it doesn’t need to be.


We refer to ourselves as Queens but in Ohio we are a Goddess. It’s easy to see when you know most of our sports teams are terrible. We are hailed as an urban legend. Revered, feared, loved admonished, and admired all in the same breath.


Ohio: We’re here.


She sat in silence, her index finger to her mouth nibbling on her nail. Her eyes stared ahead blankly at nothing. The light flipped on causing her to regain focus. She squinted at the brightness and the change in the room’s color because of the light. Slowly, she noticed a figure coming into focus, none other than Terrence Davidson. The she in question is Nettie Carey. Her day-old makeup looks worn. Her long hair looked in need of a brush, and her black blouse wrinkled. She was sitting in a walk-in closet, her knees to her chest.


Nettie: What are you doing here? 


Terrence: I came to check on you. We’re in your home state, why aren’t we at your house? 


Nettie: Not my house it’s her house.. 


Terrance: Here we go again.


He said under his breath.


Nettie: I just mean I’m not letting them distract me. Why go home? To have everyone distract me? Take me off of my game? Complaining about whatever it is they think I’ve done wrong or why they haven’t heard from me? No thank you, this match is too important to be listening to people complain.


Nettie grimaced at the thought of annoyance from her “mom squad”, or Bobbie’s kids. Not her circus, not her monkeys. Her thoughts were broken by his voice.


Terrence: My love, It’s just a six-person tag match.


Nettie: Just a tag match? You mean where I’m tagged with your terrible son? Don’t even get me started on the fact that I’m teaming with him again! 


She gets to her feet and walks out of the closet. Terrence followed behind her. The closet was of course a hotel in Columbus. (Not technically Columbus. They like to say it’s all part of Columbus like how the Columbus zoo isn’t actually in Columbus. But they call it the Columbus zoo anyway.)


Nettie: But no, I’m teamed with somebody who I actually cared about, or rather, as much as I would allow…


Terrence raises an eyebrow slowly nodding.


Terrence: The video game child. Didn’t he make you bleed in the ring and go further than he needed to last time?


Nettie shakes her head.


Nettie: The kid actually wasn’t a bad kid!  It still bothers me that he acts like I’m this terrible liar when I’ve been nothing but honest with him. How am I supposed to get along and co-exist with the person who looks at me like I’m the worst person in the world? I thought things were better with us. 

Her lips pursed together as she seems deep in thought.


Nettie: I thought we had respect and understanding when we made each other bleed. That we had become a family bonded by blood. But no, I realize the hold that Jatt has on him is far more powerful than I ever cared to realize. I hate that I’m still not vindicated. I’m not in the wrong yet, I still look like the enemy. When will my day come? When will Jatt finally get what he deserves, why is he able to get away with it constantly?!


Her cheeks are red with anger, but her face shows one of hurt. Terrence thinks for a moment.


Terrence: You beat him a few weeks ago… you proved you’re the better wrestler. 


Nettie: That’s not the point!


She snapped at him.


Nettie: I’m better than a has-been? Whoopie fucking doodah! I want him exposed for the fraud he is! I want him to be put down and finally seen for what I know he is. I want everyone to finally stop being blinded by the jokes and throw him out! The village idiot has been allowed to run free for too long! 


Terrence: Ah, so you want justice?


He nodded, understanding her position or at least he thought.


Nettie: No! I want to be proven right! I want Conor to apologize, eat his words, and feel guilty forever for doubting me! Again, it doesn’t matter that I am Innocent! Why should it? People believe what they want to believe no matter what, right?


Terrence: My Dove, you’re not just talking about Conor, are you?


Nettie shrugs, not looking him in the eye. 


Nettie: STRONK! humiliated us months ago! Months and months ago… but the Best’s have their hooks in him. He didn’t even apologize, he won’t ever apologize. And then, he got some bimbo pregnant. Congratulations to him, he won the world title, but he’s also being controlled. Still! I almost kind of wish Conor would have killed him… 


Terrence: if I didn’t know any better, my Dove,  I would say that sounded a little like jealousy.


Nettie scoffs.


Nettie: No, not jealous. I got you… nothing to be jealous of.


She says standing up and putting her arms around him. In confusion, he looks over at her.


Terrence: I meant you were jealous of his title… not. Wait, are you jealous of–


Nettie puts her hand over his mouth.


Nettie: I’m not jealous of some Jamie Dundee knock-off wannabe. There’s nothing to be jealous of. In comparison, I’m a filet mignon. She’s ground meat at some third-rate deli. I meant that I was angry about how again I am painted in this villainous life and never seen for the true person I am. I mean that I have never once been vindicated, instead, I get these idiots coming out of the woodwork after me. People who are holding grudges from decades ago are the issues I’ve had to deal with instead of getting vindication for anything. I’m teamed with one of the people who has caused so much harm to us. The only vindication I’ve gotten is knowing that he is disturbed by the fact that I am the one who has saved and rescued his father.


Terrence: Rescued?


Nettie: When you were at the hospital after Jace beat you up and attacked you. You were alone, who do you think got you there? Do you think it was just a coincidence that I bumped into you as you were being discharged from the hospital? No, I’m the one who made sure you were at the hospital. I made sure I knew when you were going to be discharged. I took care of those medical bills.


Terrence looks shocked hearing the bombshell of what seemed like a coincidence. Nettie pulled him closer, kissing him.


Nettie: It just so happened that you liked what you saw and we share common interests.


She started kissing his neck as she pressed her body against him, her voice turning into a whisper. His resolve started to break as he was only human and she knew what buttons to push.


Nettie: Some of those interests being in the bedroom, and my body, and what you do to it.


Terrence: My dove… love…I…


She kissed him deeply as she nuzzled his neck.


Nettie: Yes, my Silver Fox?


She asked in a soft voice. 


Terrence: The Hammer?


Nettie: What do you think I’m trying to work on?


She asks with a wink.


Terrence: God’s Hammer?


Nettie: Well, I mean you do have me-


Terrence: Dan Ryan, woman!


She sighs heavily as she lets him go and steps back breathing heavily as her she-boner has been killed.


Nettie: Well there’s a way to kill a mood if I’ve ever heard one.


She runs her hands through her hair with frustration grabbing at the roots. She turns away from him and composes herself before turning back around slowly.


Nettie: I almost had him the last time we were one-on-one. Do you know what that feels like? “God’s Hammer” no Hammer lasts forever and sooner or later they rust out and are broken.


She crosses her arms in front of her loosely.


Nettie: If Conor didn’t have that match coming up for the world title, I would say he and I would make a great tag team against Jatt and Dan. 


She squints before her eyes get wide with an idea.


Nettie: You know if Conor got his head out of his ass long enough to see that I’m not lying to him…. We would actually defeat the tag champions. Do you know what that would do?


She puts her arms on Terrence’s shoulders as she continues on with her idea.


Nettie: To actually have a worthy tag partner? A man to be able to pull his weight and not some loser like your son?


She chuckles almost maniacally.


Nettie: To be able to stop one of the longest-running tag team reigns in HOW? Another legendary moment cemented right there for me.


She lets go of Terrence as she turns her hands aimed in the air as if she’s reading a marquee off of a sign.


Nettie: If only I had a worthy partner. When Conor is himself, he is beyond worthy which would actually prove something. 


Her vision slowly fades as she is in reality with Terrence, her exuberance and joy seem to lessen.


Nettie: But right now it’s them and two additions we don’t need. Your son being the other person and STRONK being the other person. If it was just Dan and Jatt… for those titles with me and Fuse, we’d be the champs by the next Chaos! 


She has a half smile at the thought of the possibilities. Terrence nods, listening to her.


Nettie: But no! There are too many variables! Six people in a match is a clusterfuck, it always is! I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how many years you’ve been in the business, it is awful every time. Because it’s chaos, no pun intended.


Terrence: So you don’t want STRONK! in the match?


Nettie shakes her head no.


Nettie: I don’t even want to see his face! And I would prefer to see your son’s face even less. But, I’m trying to be a family with him. A lot of good that’s done with me.


She says sarcastically.


Nettie: How many losses have we had because of your son? The disappointment and failure that he is, I don’t know how much more I can take from it.


Terrence: I understand, he’s my own child and I’ve tried to help him but he won’t listen. He gets in the way of himself constantly. Perhaps, if he listened to you, if he actually listened, you could guide him.


He said with sincerity. Nettie laughed loudly and then put her hand over her mouth.


Nettie: The problem is he doesn’t listen to anyone. He’s got his girl gang or whatever, whoever he hangs out with. I can’t pay enough attention to your son because it requires me to give time and energy I just don’t have.


Terrance: I don’t think he’s a complete lost cause. And besides by the end of the–

Nettie cut him off before he could finish.


Nettie: Sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses. And I know that’s hard to say because he is your son, but my dear, it’s painful at this point.


She looks around the room.


Nettie: I need a shower. Call down to room service then come join me.


She kisses him and walks out of the room grabbing his butt before disappearing into the bathroom. Terrence stands there for a second in thought as Nettie’s shirt comes flying out of the bathroom landing on his head. He looks towards the bathroom and moves to grab the hotel phone to order room service as more clothing is thrown out of the bathroom and the sound of the shower turning on echos through the room.




Fuck Xander Azula. I said he wasn’t on my level and he met me at my be fair most of Bobbinette is the worst…


I’m not getting ahead of myself, I’m just stating the facts. Just like it is sad the only way Jatt can try to beat me is with two amazing athletes to whom he is a hemorrhoid. One-on-one I have bested him time and time again. But no, he actually has odds in his favor this week. I don’t believe in him and if they win it won’t have anything to do with Jatt. That’s the fact. he is the weakest link in their team.


STRONK will do whatever any person with the last name Best says. It’s funny, the difference a year can make… I looked at him with different eyes then. She had hope. I don’t have that fairytale belief that people are good, prince charming, or gallant knights. STRONK! is an empty-headed, nice body, but no substance piece of work. It’s a shame, though. Almost a waste of a good body, but he’s controlled and not by me. I won’t “what if” but my desire to avoid him is prevalent. Fuck that guy… not literally though, hard pass.


Dan Ryan… It’s sad the only way Jatt looks good is by hiding behind Dan Ryan. The guy is a force, but he also has a weakness. I wish I was as needy of a girl as Jatt Starr is. Jatt can’t stand on his own, he needs help. Dan suffers from having the most insufferable partner but has done it week, and week out with little complaint. I respect, pity, and despise him all in one. I respect that he’s been teamed with that idiot this long and has been successful. I pity him for being a people pleaser and ended up with him being saddled with Jatt. I despise the fact that he is so weak that he won’t end it. A mercy killing would be so deserving and would make so many people happy too. I’m just saying… It’s a missed opportunity for Dan to break free. It’s like being in a marriage because you knocked up someone…  no one’s happy, but it’s what you’re “supposed to do.” No one would blame you for leaving, Dan. Just quit wasting what good years you have left with… that. Bad hip and all it may be best to get while the getting is good.


Conor Fuse, the kid is so lost and yet grounded at the same time. He knows what he wants and he knows where his focus is. But yet, he’s so not aware. Like how someone can be book smart but not street smart? He’s ring-smart but street dumb. I can speak until I’m blue in the face, yet it won’t change anything. His mind is made up, he is stubborn and determined to not listen to what I say. Almost like an obstinate child on that matter. He’s an amazing wrestler and he’s smarter than STRONK!, which is not saying much. But he’s loyal, he is a golden retriever. Honestly, if he were the personification of any dog, he would be a golden retriever. He is what a girl looks for in a guy, a golden retriever boyfriend. If only he was that for a girl, but he’s so loyal, so innocent and pure, but also an idiot. I trust him more than any other asshole left on this roster. Deep down inside Conor is good. There is no one else I trust more to have my back. 


But, I’m automatically handicapped with Jace as a partner. My for all intents and purposes  stepson. However, he isn’t the only stepson in the match…is this the first time two step-parents have been in the ring with their stepchildren? Jatt against his and me teamed with mine? The difference is, that Jatt doesn’t want to hurt his and I would throw Jace in front of a moving bus….or a moving STRONK! The irony is that the person he kept me from is the one who would pound him into the ground. I could stand back and just watch as it all happens. Jace is a bloody pulp, another loss for a loser of a man… sometimes sacrifices need to be made, and if Jace is that sacrifice, then so be it.


The clusterfuck in Columbus is happening, the bell and 3-count should determine the winner. I would say whoever is able to walk out of the state on their own is the real winner.