Cleaning Up Other People’s Messes

Cleaning Up Other People’s Messes

Posted on November 18, 2022 at 10:14 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Army Reserve Base
Date: November 14, 2022

As the image opens, we see a black SUV cruising down Pulaski Road and as we fade into the vehicle we see that it is occupied by members of the EPU and in the back is none other than the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens. The Texan looks to be in a world of his own as the normal devilish grin is not present as the old Texas scowl has returned. Stevens continues to look out the window as he is oblivious to the EPU unit commander.


Earl shouts which causes Scott to snap to attention.

“What is it?”

Scott asks, annoyed.

“Why are we headed to this place again?”

Earl asks and Stevens lets out a sigh as he rubs his temples.

“Because Jace Parker Davidson is a fucking idiot, that’s is why. His mouth got him in trouble once again and I’m headed to the local Army Reserve base to smooth things over after he went off script and started to insult the military.”

Earl nods, but still doesn’t seem satisfied with the answer.

“But why you, sir?”

Earl asks and Stevens chuckles.

“I have family members that were in the military, but when GOD asks you to do a favor, you do it. Especially since he chose you to be the beacon of the 97 Red light.”

Stevens explains to Earl.

“I see.”

Earl replies before turning away from Stevens. The SUV starts to slow down and Scott sees the giant United States Army Reserve Center sign and the Texan sees it’s being protected by a massive black iron gate. The vehicle approaches a guard station near the entrance and the guard and the EPU driver begin to have a conversation. After a few minutes, the guard opens the gate and motions for the vehicle to proceed through. The driver circles the complex before pulling into a parking garage and stopping inside of a parking space. The driver turns off the vehicle and opens the door and proceeds outside until he makes his way to the back of the vehicle and opens the door. Earl steps out first to make sure everything is good before he motions for Scott to exit the vehicle. The EPU surround the Texan and they proceed towards the entrance of the building where someone is awaiting them.

“Scott Stevens?”

A Caucasian male in his late forties wearing a blue service uniform asks as the EPU and Stevens draw near.


The Texan replies as he motions for the EPU to part. Stevens steps forward and the man extends a hand.

“Sgt. William T. Kirk.”

The man introduces himself and Stevens shakes his hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

Scott replies as he follows William inside the building.

“We are glad you are able to come and smooth things over because after one of your wrestlers said the things he said on Chaos. The higher ups weren’t happy and are threatening to pull sponsorships.”

William tells Scott and the Texan sighs in frustration.

“Yeah, my little buddy doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up. He has a history of letting his mouth get him into trouble. This isn’t the first time or probably won’t be the last time he’ll do or say something stupid. Then we will have to apologize and repair the damage.”

Stevens says to William who nods as he leads the Demi-God and the EPU down the hall and the Sergeant pushes open a door that leads to an auditorium filled with reservists. Stevens and the EPU follow Sgt. Kirk as they head towards the stage. Once they are near, they head up the steps and Stevens proceeds to take a seat while the EPU stands behind him and Sgt. Kirk heads towards the podium.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our special guest, Scott Stevens.”

Stevens is introduced and the auditorium is filled with boos but the noise doesn’t faze the Texan since he hears this on a weekly basis.

“Thank you for that warm reception.”

Stevens says with huge sarcasm as he stands behind the podium and looks towards the crowd.

“Look, I know one bad apple can spoil the bunch, but don’t let Jace’s idiocy and dumbassness hinder the relationship between the different branches of the military. Especially the Army and High Octane Wrestling have had over the last decade. We love our service men and women, active or not. Hell, some of us have had members that have served in the military like me.”

There is some commotion amongst the crowd who are chatting amongst themselves.

“It’s true. My grandfather was a reservist for the Korean war.”

Stevens informs the audience before continuing.

“Hell, we even have an Army vet in HOW as we speak in Steve Solex.”

The mention of Steve Solex brings cheers to the base.

“Solex is a proud veteran and I thank him for his service just like we thank all of you here in attendance whether you like me or not because without you I cannot see or do whatever I want. You see, people like Jace and Christopher America……”

Stevens is interrupted by a chorus of boos and the Texan waits for a bit before continuing.

“People like that are jealous of people like Solex and all of you.”

Stevens points towards the audience.

“America and Jace have knocked Solex because of his gimmick. He’s a proud American soldier and isn’t a make believe figment of our imagination. One produced by The Machine to pretend to be a soldier. He’s an actual soldier unlike some people who pretend to be Monarchs of the ring or of everything.”

Stevens says with pride as he grips the side of the podium.

“People like Jace and America are jealous of Solex because the only time they can be a soldier is either for Halloween or playing video games in Call of Duty. Solex is a bonafide hero and if people like them want to bash on that then fuck them. The only reason they are relevant is because of Steve Solex and all of you here today.”

Stevens boasts and the audience cheers and claps loudly.

“Steve Solex is a champion of the people….correction, he is a champion of the world. He goes to hostile environments and risks his life to provide privileges that others take for granted every day. Christopher America should be thanking Steve Solex that he has the opportunity to be HOW world champion. Along with the freedom to claim he is the greatest War Games competitor and the second greatest wrestling mind. While America participates in War Games trying to be a great wrestler, Solex is participating in War Games to protect us from hostile forces looking to take our freedoms. Because of Steve Solex, Jace has the freedom to do the stupid shit he did this past Sunday on Chaos. Jace wants to show that all military personnel like having rifles shoved up their asses. He has that right to run his mouth and look like a jackass on national television because of all of you. It takes a special breed of individuals to be a soldier and we all know that Christopher America and Jace Parker Davidson are not that special kind of individual…..”

“What about you?”

A voice from the audience shouts interrupting the Demi-God.

“Even if I wanted to join the military I couldn’t because I’m medically disqualified.”

Stevens informs the crowd and one person pops off with….

“Sounds like having no balls is the real reason.”

The crowd begins to laugh and the Texan furrows his brow and slides his tongue over his teeth.

“This coming from somebody who only serves their country part time instead of full time.”

The crowd immediately boos.

“The truth hurts I know, but y’all are on vacation or getting paid leave from your real jobs to play soldier on the weekends unlike the people who run this facility or the people stuck overseas. Steve Solex is a real soldier unlike the Jace Parker Davidson jackass in the audience today.”

Stevens punctuates as he slams his fist on the podium and the guy pops up.

“Well, at least Solex is a better father and wrestler than you’ll ever be!”

The man barks and Stevens chuckles.

“Is this a fucking joke? Did you get paid by Jace to come here and try to disrupt me and sabotage this to try and piss Lee Best off?”

Stevens asks and the guy shakes his head no.

“Then why are you running your mouth then and trying to be a class clown? Interrupting me isn’t going to end well for you when I leave. Surely, you’ll be reprimanded by your superiors for trying to ruin this partnership between the military and HOW.”

Stevens explains and the guy shrugs.

“However, since you want to pick the low hanging fruit, let’s talk about how ‘great’ a father and husband Steve Solex is. Steve Solex is a terrible father and husband. He beats his wife and kid on the daily. The Number One Dad? More like the poster child for alcoholism and PTSD. Haven’t you seen his promos where his wife or kid did something wrong? They cower whenever he yells at them. Makeup does wonders to hide bruises on women and kids can use the excuse they were playing to explain theirs.”

The crowd boos become deafening.

“Another thing, when it comes to family, specifically MY FAMILY! We are held to a higher standard. When you carry that Stevens name certain things are expected and my son wasn’t living up to those expectations. Scott Stevens Jr. wanted to act like a Gamma instead of an Alpha Dog. So, I cut the rotting branch from the tree so his diseased filled ideals didn’t infect the rest of us and now he’s being taken care of by B-Plus players.”

Stevens says with a sly smirk and the audience becomes rowdy.

“You wanted the truth and here is some more about your hero. Steve Solex may be an American Hero, but great wrestler? he isn’t, not by a long shot. He was supposed to be the chosen one of LPW and I surpassed him in every way possible. He may have defeated me more when we faced one another, but that doesn’t make him better than me. If he was truly better than me he would’ve become HOW World champion at least once by now. Hell, he should’ve won multiple championships, but he’s come up short. Yes, he is a Hall of Famer, but his greatness doesn’t come from what he’s done in the Golden Circle. His greatness comes from his duties outside of it being a great military ambassador and so forth. I have no problem with that, I have an issue when he claims to be better when I have done everything there is to do in HOW. Until he wins at least two world titles, his opinion of being better is about as stupid as what Jace did on Chaos.”

Stevens states and the crowd isn’t happy with the disparaging remarks about Solex.

“Yeah, you can boo all you want, but the truth remains. You say leave no soldier behind, but what do y’all know about that? If y’all did you’ll be first to run away from the action when the shooting starts just like Solex will be the one pinned this Sunday!”

Stevens shouts with massive emphasis as the crowd becomes increasingly hostile. The EPU pull out their batons and have them ready.

“Oh, one last thing.”

The crowd quiets down.

“As a token of his rehabilitation and sensitivity training, the fines that Jace has accrued for saying a certain individual’s name has been put to good use. That money has bought each and every one of you front row tickets to come to Chaos this Sunday. You get to sit in the front row and watch my little buddy and I become the new HOTv Tag Team champions!”

Stevens says smugly before waving goodbye to the audience and being led out the back by the EPU.

Location: Chicago, Illinois: Stevens Apartment
Date: November 16, 2022




The sound of someone ringing the doorbell obnoxiously is heard as we see Scott Stevens emerge from his bedroom wearing his 97 Red sunglasses, a pair of 97 Red colored Nike shorts and a black House of Best t-shirt. The Texan makes his way to the door and opens it up in an annoyed fashion. Standing on the other side is a young man, probably late teens or early twenties, wearing khaki pants and a short sleeved white button up with a black tie.

“Hi. Have you found Jesus today?”

The young man asks and Stevens instinctively closes his door and turns to walk away.










The knocking on the door increases in volume with each knock and the Demi-God of HOW opens the door once more.

“That was rude of you. I’m just trying to save your soul from damnation.”

The man informs Scott who smirks cheekily.

“Oh, I didn’t know my soul needed saving. Come on in and let’s discuss.”

Stevens tells the man as he holds the door open for him to enter the apartment.

“My name is Josiah and I’m here to tell you about the one true God.”

Josiah says as he heads towards the living room and takes a seat on the sofa.

“Do you read the Book?”

Josiah asks Stevens as he reaches into his backpack and pulls out the New World Translation Holy Bible.

“Every day.”

Stevens quickly responds.

“Tell me then. Let’s test your knowledge.”

Josiah says to Stevens who seems annoyed, but shrugs.

“Ok. There is only one GOD and he has a Son that is his equal in every way. They are a part of a holy trinity with the Holy…..”

Stevens is rudely interrupted.


Josiah blurts out as the Texan looks at him with a disdain.

“You are correct in that there is only one God and that he had a son, but Jesus is not his equal as he was simply a man and nothing more.”

Josiah informs the Demi-God who rolls his eyes and feigns interest.

“So you’re telling me that Jesus was just a man?”


“He couldn’t walk on water?”


“He couldn’t heal the sick? Make the blind see or the deaf hear? Make a dead person come back to life?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

Josiah shouts in disgust that Jesus could ever do this stuff.

“So all this time the Man of Miracles was a con man. He was a snake oil salesman.”

“Now you’re getting it.”

Josiah replies as Stevens takes a seat in disbelief.

“I’ve been lied to my entire life.”

Stevens says aloud as he puts his hands into his palms as Josiah touches him on his shoulder to give comfort when he catches a back elbow. Stevens slowly stands chuckling to himself as the sadistic and sinister grin is plastered on the Texan’s face.

“Your interpretation of things sounds like a certain miracle man I am all too familiar with.”

Stevens informs Josiah as he has a busted nose and is crawling to the door. Stevens picks up a book from the coffee table then steps on and over the sofa to get in front of Josiah.

“Let me show you what I believe in.”

Stevens tells Josiah before he starts hitting him over and over again with the Book of Best laughing hysterically.


As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I take a look at my life and realize there’s not much left
‘Cause I’ve been wrasslin’ and preachin’ so long, that
Even JPD thinks that my mind is gone

Steve Harrison.

The Man of Miracles.

Is it really that prosperous at Miracle Enterprises?

Because it seems as of late all you’ve been selling is nothing but excuses and lack of promises. I mean you said you were going to make Christopher America tap out and become the HOW World champion, but you failed at that. Then you and your group of Cowboys claim you are going to end The Board. Once again you failed at that again because only HE has the power to end something he created. Just so happens that he did with a snap of his fingers what The Highwaymen tried to do for months.

Seems like failure has been your forte as of late and I know you are probably going to tell me my record doesn’t do me any favors. Honestly, I will agree with you, but here’s the difference between you and I. I don’t need the titles to make me somebody because I already am. You’ve been a multiple time tag champion over the last couple of years and what have you done besides ride the Freebird Rule to victory? Y’all make fun of me for being winless and other things, but the sad fact is people want to see me compete in the ring for championships more than they do you. Think about it Harrison, I’ve had more opportunities at the world title since you came into HOW and you’ve exceeded me by a lot. So what is the problem? Is it because the miracles aren’t working or what? You can make whatever excuses you want, but you are in the same boat as me. You get opportunity after opportunity and you come up just short.

Except now.

At Chaos, my little buddy and I are going to liberate those HOTv tag team championships. Not because HE is giving me a questionable title opportunity, but because The Highwaymen won the titles again. The people are already bored with you because they don’t care about you. Joe Bergman is the Highwaymen and without him you’re not even the Three Amigos, you’re just the Three Wannabes looking to play champion with the tag belts.

This Sunday you will be responsible for breaking my championship drought as I become a champion for the first time in six years.

In the name of the Father, the Sons, and the HOly FC. Praise be to the House of Best. Praise be your NEW HOTv TAG CHAMPIONS. Praise be to Lee mother fucking Best.


Location: Chicago, Illinois: Stevens Apartment
Date: November 16, 2022





Stevens standing over Josiah turns his attention to the coffee table as he hears his phone going off. He heads over to the table and places the bloody Book of Best down on the table. Stevens picks the phone up with bloody fingers and answers.


The Texan replies.

“Terrence Davidson? Who the fuck is that?”

Stevens replies annoyed before a cheeky grin comes across his face.

“How much?”

Stevens’ attitude begins to change.

“When do you need me there?”

Stevens nods as he gets instructions from the phone call.

“I’ll be there.”

Stevens replies before hanging up the phone.

“Hey Josiah, I bet your God didn’t see this coming.”

Stevens replies to the unconscious and bloody, maybe even dead, guest as Scott begins to cackle.