Clarity; The Only constant in the universe

Clarity; The Only constant in the universe

Posted on May 13, 2022 at 11:57 pm by Brian Hollywood

Dat a boy, Xander!


Channel your anger and focus it.  Or is it envy?  I’m really having a hard time these days in trying to fucking figure it out.  Perhaps it’s because all you’ve been since you arrived here in HOW is one fucking dimensional.  Coming at me with all this kindergarten chatter.  The bickering and the dick comparisons…seriously…it reminds me of a high school pastime.


I seriously thought you were better than that, Xander.  Knowing that you’re STILL on the same level as me right now when it comes to the most current events going on in HOW right now.  Great job on the fortune turn in getting onto War Games…but getting on there and then actually fighting like you actually belong are two very different things.


I have no problem showing you a thing or two and I also have no problem in helping starting this fire and setting you ablaze with your own logic.  This business isn’t easy and I would have thought you would have been able to not only acknowledge it, but accept it and use it to your advantage..clearly I was wrong..


You and I may be in similar situations, but make no mistake about it Xander, we couldn’t be further apart.


Mind games and psychology is where I thrive at.  Piss me off well enough, though, it’s meant twofold.  I will not stop or ease up the brakes when it comes to me beating you to within an inch of your life.


Like I said earlier…I may not be apart of the War Games team…but you can bet that I’ll be there and that I plan on causing quite the stir.  What exactly are you going to do?  I know humbling me isn’t the answer.


I’m not going to stand here making Executive Promise after Executive Promise with what I plan on doing against you.  You asked for this fight, and now you’re going to reap the rewards of the consequences of your decision.  Why do you think I play the long game, Xander?  I still have aspirations to achieve in HOW and all you are is a pretender…a mere variant of a world in HOW in which case you don’t fit in the way you think you do.


If there is one fucking thing I’ve learned over the years, especially my encounters against you, is that you really shouldn’t take anything for granted….which is exactly what you’re fucking doing.


What did you think you were going to get out of this fight?  A pity party?  An easy victory?  A warm up match before you get blindsided at War Games?  ONE victory doesn’t make you king shit of anything and that’s the lesson I’m going to fucking teach you this Sunday!  I have no problem spilling some blood and since you love cults so much, I’ll tribute it to you as I watch the blood leave your god damn body.


I’m going to teach you a lesson only a HOW veteran and future Hall of Famer can give you.


A slice of the universal humble pie that I’m going to shove down your throat before I make an official Executive Decree and take your fucking head off.  But since you know how to roll with the punches, maybe I just treat you like the rag doll puppet you really are and really show just how far apart a victory in HOW can get you equally to a defeat and last time I checked…you’ve got a lot of red tape called losses on your record.


So you see…it’s not my reputation you’re dragging through the mud….it’s yours as well and you’re going to find out the hard way what happens when you try to out maneuver Brian Fucking Hollywood!  I’m going to leave you something to think about with merely only two weeks away from War Games just how fragile things can get in a hurry and if you’re not protecting yourself well enough for the dominos to fall.


So come time this Sunday, I’m going to climb myself one more step closer to spreading the transcendence throughout HOW because let’s be frank….it could really fucking use it!


I really hope you know what you got yourself into this weekend, Xander, because I’m going to show you what happens when you get too cocky for your own good after one fucking match!


Brian Hollywood will not be denied.


I’m the Hollywood ICON!


The Hollywood Highlight!


And I officially Decree it so…with your fucking head!