chocolate cake tears

chocolate cake tears

Posted on June 23, 2023 at 4:09 pm by Raziel Reynolds

He had to approach his next live with care. After his match he had said a few words and now those damn people who claimed themselves to love and follow him on all the social were threatening to cancel him. Sure it was true he had use the words big, old, and even the phrase lack of feminity, but were those reasons to cancel him? Hell no, and then he realized he lived in the age of say anything and take the chance of getting cancelled. Still he stood by every word that he said and if they did not like it then that was too bad for them. Still, he heard his sister now taking the chance to yap in his ear.

“You need to apologize. I do not care if you do not mean it, if you do not apologize then you will start to lose followers and we do not want that especially after you have worked so hard to build this brand.” It took a lot to follow up after you had built something and after that it only took a few seconds to watch it all burn down. “Also we need them to be focused on your next match which has just been released.” Raziel however was not so into it, he felt more angered by the fact that anyone would ever use the word and his name in the same sentence but still he listened to his sister and once her thoughts were out there he placed a few of his own.

“It feels as if those that follow me on the socials forget about free speech. I am not doing any kind of redacted statement because that is for people who are not strong enough to stand behind their words, besides I need to worry more about my match.” He was still dusting his boots off in a way but he hoped that he could soon enough get focused enough and do what was needed of him in the end. “Oh you mean Charles?” He was still wondering how he felt about it all, because honestly what kind of name was De Lacy, though he was well aware the same could be said when it came to his name. “I will be fine,” he said because he did not want her to worry. “High Octane Wrestling is filled with a lot of talent and though my talent is on a different level, I will fit right in.”

If he could allow his ego to be put in check then he would be alright but that was a hard road he was going to have to walk as well. “I got nothing to say about Charles, especially since you know if I do the masses will be trying their best to cancel me harder than they already are. This is a very fickle time that we live in,” he said as he laughed. Still his sister was not too proud of it. “Let’s talk seriously. I get that to you this is strictly a business move but we also want to make a name for ourselves.”

She was not just sitting here and doing it for herself, if that was the case then she would have applied to wrestle for HOW herself but she much preferred to stay in the background. “I am not doing all of this just for you to turn around and blow it Raziel,” she said as she exited. He knew that she was right but it did not mean that it was not the truth. Still Raziel felt like he worked best when he was by himself. Matches? He understood that as well but he would get their in time. “If you rush anything then you know it will never work out.” That was always something that he thought that him and his sister could agree on but she was starting to get all business like on him and that was not cool.

Still his focus, he had put it plenty of places and that had been his own little monkey that he knew he had to get off of his back. Sadly it was not a monkey that he could feed bananas too and let it go but still he knew that he needed and wanted to try as well. To do that he also knew that he needed to learn and fully focus. A name for themselves was the last thing that he was focusing on, people could know your name, hell in his opinion know your worth and still trash it at the end of the day. Coming from the upper rich crust of society, he knew that all too well.

“Fuck,” he said as he knew that his sister was right, however before he could do what he needed, as always he needed rest. His rest that night came good, he knew that he would never be cancelled. The next morning the press had gathered outside of his house and he made his way out, holding his hand up, signaling them to be quiet as he got up to the mic and spoke.

“First of all, I would like to say that I am sorry for using the words that I did. Fat, obtuse, the whole circumference of a circle on her own, these are not the way that we should ever describe anyone. Now it’s not my fault that the whole world seems to be so sensitive that these things are looked at as insults instead of truths but that does not mean that I have not learned my lesson. You see it took a woman, a rather skinny one might I add to help me see the error of my ways.” He was not going to be crazy enough to name his sister by her name but he would still always give her, her credit.

Even with the first loss under his belt in High Octane Wrestling, the only thing that Raziel had learned was that you had to work harder. For him that simply meant leaning into a bit more truth and though he was sure that many people would not like that, screw em! He had not been anywhere, where he felt like he needed to make friends and if this were thought of to be any different then screw em. “Second of all, let me say that if you do not watch my career and how I develop and become the greatest thing in High Octane Wrestling, then you must be the stupidest thing born this side of Alabama and you hit the stupid branch on the way down. Oh my god, now people are going to cancel me because I used the word stupid. What the hell kind of soft generation is this?”

Where the world had went wrong in raising these daises he did not know and nor did he care. “People will never get me, never understand me and always people want to be where I am. So what, the big broad with an ass broader than the back side of the barn could have possibly gotten her feelings hurt and did what? Cried tears of chocolate cake and sprinkles? Why, once again is that my problem. It is not, you know what my problem is, let me tell you. My problem is a man named Charles De Lacy, look him up because it would be stupid of me to talk about him. Nothing I could and would say about him would matter, but again beside the point. The whole point is when you guys are lucky enough to run a story about me in the social aware but apparently not common sense aware zone of htis world that we are in, please note that I have nothing but respect for the people associated with HOW, the lack of respect if any is them towards me.”

It was hard being what everyone wanted to be and expected to remain humble about it at the same time. You got called out for things that were literally either handed to you or out of your control and when you did take the time to speak up about it, you also then got called out. How was that something anyone should have to deal with properly. He honestly could not see a way. “Until next time guys, I look forward to the bashing and the thrashing that all of you get off on doing from behind your keyboard because let’s be honest, no one is brave enough to actually come to me face to face.”

He knew the second that his rant was plastered over he would get a call from his sister but he did not care. The star in the making often found himself having to deal with the consequences and that meant not caring, only focusing.