Check your ego at the door

Check your ego at the door

Posted on November 10, 2022 at 8:30 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

TEN-X Wrestling facility
Chicago, Illinois
Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

It was a normal Tuesday afternoon in downtown Chicago. The TEN-X Wrestling building was hopping more than ever thanks to the rest of the HOW shows taking place in The Best Arena. Abdullah Choi walked inside wheeling behind him two suitcases. He looked around the facility until he headed towards one of the random rings where two students were sparring.

“Hey, meatheads! Do either of you chaps happen to know where Jacey is at the moment?” Choi asked with an unearned level of self-importance.

The two men stared at each other confused and slightly annoyed at being called meatheads but ultimately one of the men pointed over in the direction of the personal offices inside of the facility.

“Many thanks, fucko.” Choi stated in his own less than charming way as he headed in that direction.

Abdullah walked throughout the complex with his luggage carrying a shit eating grin and arrogance like he was better than any and every person inside of the building. This drew some not so favorable looks from the TEN-X regulars. Choi approached the door of one of the offices but suddenly the door opens and out walks a stunning blonde-haired woman.

“How do you do, Mademoiselle? Abdullah Choi at your service.” Choi said as she offered his hand towards the woman.

The woman cuts her eyes over at Choi then just laughs as she walks by him and continues on her way. Abdullah turns his head and stares at the woman as she walks away while trying to keep his tongue inside of his mouth. Choi snaps out his trance then grabs a hold of the office door and steps inside. Jace seated behind his desk in front of a large stack of paperwork. Abdullah closes the office door behind him and looks around the office a bit.

“This is a swell place you got here but just out of curiosity, just who was that marvelous creature that just came out of this office? Asking for a friend, of course.” Choi tried to play nonchalant and failed miserably.

“That was Samantha.” Jace responded without taking his attention over the paperwork in front of him.

THAT is Tolson?!” Choi exclaimed as his mouth hung open for a minute. “I knew you were hot stuff with the ladies but that?! That is a masterpiece, and they surely don’t build them like tha–” Choi is interrupted by Jace.

“Just because her name is Samantha doesn’t mean that her last name is Tolson.” Jace groaned as he shook his head a bit.

REALLLLLLLLLLY?!” Choi turned his head back towards the office door while rubbing over his chin.

“Yes, really, and don’t even think about it. She will chew you up and spit you out before you could even drop to your knees to sniff her backside.” Jace said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I do like a challenge.” Choi mused out loud before turning to face the desk once again. “So, does the lovely Samantha who is not named Tolson have a story?”

“Her name is Samantha Skylar.” Jace said before sighing. “She was here to do some business with me.”

“Business you say? Are we talking about the Clinton type of business? A little under the desk sloppy toppy for the LSD Champion?” Choi wiggles his eyebrows.

Jace looks up from his paperwork finally and stares at Choi like he’s lost his mind.

“Well, me and her do go wayyyyyyy back. There was this one tim–” Jace pauses and narrows his eyebrows. “Why are you here, Shelley?!”

“Who is this, Shelley? My name is AB-DULL-AH CHOI!” He protests. “I’m here because we got to get to work, Jacey. You got a big-time match coming up on Chaos. Defending that big time LSD Championship belt against Scott Stevens.”

“Meh.” Jace replies as he turns his attention back to his paperwork.

Choi furrows his brow at Jace’s response before marching his way over towards the desk. Abdullah slams both of his hands down onto the desk in an authoritative manner to focus Jace’s attention on him.

“I’ll have none of that. You’re the LSD Champion and I happen to know a thing or two about managing a LSD Champion. Sure, Scott Stevens is a chimp walking around in a man’s body but we’re not going to kick off your first match managed by me… THE manager of CHAMPIONS by losing a match to Scott freaking Stevens.” Choi says in a commanding tone.

Slowly Jace rises from his seat behind the desk and stares a hole through the man that helped him cunt block Bobbinette Carey from STRONK Godson. Along with all of the money produced by STRONKUMMS LLC.

“First things first here. #1 You can call yourself Abraham, Paula Abdul, or whatever the fuck you want on television. With me your name is Shelley fucking Greene. #2 You came crawling to me begging me to make you my manager. That means that you are not the boss here. I’m not STRONK, I’m not some good-natured simpleton that you can take advantage of and manipulate. You work for me and if I even think you’re trying to screw me in any fashion then I will end you.” Jace sneers.

“But we’re partners with the STRONKUMMS brand.” Choi interjects.

“Correction. Now that STRONK has left his shares of the company to me, that makes me the majority owner. I call the shots in this working relationship. So, you can either fall in line or you can drag your butt back to Minnesota and continue to snort cocaine with your asshole.” Jace proclaimed sternly.

Choi just stands there in silence looking over at the LSD Champion. The stiff upper lip and oozing arrogance that he walked into the building with melts away in seconds as he bows his head and smiles nervously.

“You’re right, and when you’re right, you’re right. Happy to be aboard the team, boss. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that after getting fined in such a way by Scott Stevens that a measure of swift and painful revenge is needed.” Choi asserted.

Jace lowered himself back down in his seat behind the desk and focused back on his paperwork.

“What fines?” Jace mumbled.

“The 10K that turned into 50K because you mentioned that relic from a Punisher comic book named Scottywood.” Choi mentioned.

“Ha, yeah, sure, those fines. Listen Shelley, you should know by now that 75% of the things that come out of Scott Stevens mouth is nothing but pure Texas bullshit. Those fines are not real, and Scott Stevens has no power over payroll or salaries in HOW. Just because he’s been the most fined and censored man in the company doesn’t mean he can just start handing out fines and acting like he’s someone important.” Jace scoffed.

“Fair point but you still are defending the LSD Championship belt against him on Chaos. Sitting behind a desk and tending to paperwork isn’t going to help you walk out of The Best Arena with your hand raised in victory.” Choi added.

Jace once again got up out of his seat and this time walked around the desk to where Choi was standing.

“You would think so, Shelley. You want to see what I am doing to train for this match against Scott Stevens? Here allow me to show you.” Jace declared as he wrapped his arms around Choi.

Jace led his new manager out of the office and over towards one of the rings out in the facility. Inside the ring Jace’s best friend Devin Skylar can be seen training with a much younger individual who seems to be just getting his feet wet in what it means to be a professional wrestler.

“How’s he doing, Devin?” Jace shouted up towards the ring.

“He’s a quick little bugger but he doesn’t want to learn the basics. Just wants to jump and flip around like he’s a hot shot.” Devin announced as he turned to look at the LSD Champion.

“Who’s the kid?” Choi inquired.

“That kid, as you put it, is my biological son. I introduce you to the future of the wrestling industry. Brendan Joshua Davidson.” Jace expresses loudly as he gestures to the young man inside of the ring using his hand.

“Jesus, Dad. Do you really have to say my full name all the time? I’m not like you and I don’t need a name that’s a mile long. Just call me Josh.” Jace’s son complains.

“You see, just being here and making sure that my own flesh and blood has the best training that money can buy makes me better than Scott Stevens both as a father and a professional. I bend over backwards for my family regardless of not having sole custody of him. I would never allow Brendan to get kidnapped and then just pretend that he didn’t exist anymore. I am building a dynasty here in the world of professional wrestling. That is something Scott Stevens wouldn’t know about.” Jace folds his arms across his chest and smiles proudly.

“But isn’t the Stevens Dynasty actually a thing?” Choi pondered.

Josh exits the ring as Jace reaches out and fusses with his son’s hair. Josh lets out an annoyed groan then tries to fix his hair back like he wants it. Jace begins to walk back towards the office followed by his son and Choi.

“There is a big difference in naming your inbred family that and it actually being a reality. You have Stevens’ father who is supposedly some legend in this business, but I sure as fuck never seen any of his matches growing up. Then you got his brothers/cousins/uncles who are Champions, sure. But Champions in Missouri Valley Wrestling so it doesn’t really count.” Jace waved his hand dismissively.

“Sounds like a dynasty of being mid.” Josh chimed in.

“Scott Stevens is a parody of a human being. He wishes he was half the wrestler and father that I was. I was great in the previous era. I am great in the current era. And I will make sure the Davidson name remains synonymous with greatness in all of the future generations. That is a wrestling dynasty. The Stevens family are just big fans of the TV show back in the 80’s.” Jace laughed as he opened the door to his office and the three of them stepped inside.

Jace made his way back over to his desk and took a seat as Josh looked over the various Championship belts that were displayed inside of the office.

“Big things are happening, Shelley. I plan on walking right over Scott Stevens and retain my LSD Championship belt. Then it will be onto ICONIC to deal with Steve Solex and once again walk out still the GREATEST LSD Champion. I might not be in contention to win back-to-back Wrestler of the Year honors, but I will end 2022 with a bang. And I must say, 2023 is looking pretty damn good.” Jace disclosed with a grin.

“I am all about bright futures and keeping that LSD Championship belt around your waist is my top priority. Scott Stevens won’t know his ass from his elbow when you’re done with him.” Choi commented.

“Dad, when am I going to see your new place in Denver and meet your new girlfriend?” Josh took his eyes from the display of belts and looked at Jace.

“She’s not officially… well… I guess she is… we live together and all.” Jace thought out loud. “But soon, hopefully, Thanksgiving is coming up and I have to talk to your mother to see if I can bring you with me.”

“Oh, we’re having Thanksgiving dinner in my new home. Heads up, I’m going to need my own bathroom and the kid might need some noise canceling headphones.” Choi wiggled his eyebrows.

“The hell do you mean your new home? And why is your luggage here in my office?” Jace finally noticed.

“I told you that Sunday night. I can’t stay in Minnesota all by myself. Besides, it’s more efficient if a manager stays by his client’s side so that I can make sure you’re in tip top shape for all of your matches. And it’s not like you don’t have the room.” Choi tried to use logic.

“Oh, fuck no. You’re coming nowhere near the place where Samantha and I sleep at night. Not fucking happening. But I have a better idea.” A maniacal grin started to form over Jace’s lips.

“Does it involve burning the house in Minnesota down to the ground?” Choi sounded hopeful.

“You’re keeping the house and I made sure all of the bills will be paid because STRONK someway, somehow, will be back. No, you’re going to stay in my place in Miami.” Jace dictated.

“The place with a tropical storm headed that way?! It’s you’re sending me to face my own death alone?!” Choi whined.

“The house survived Hurricane Ian and you won’t be staying there alone. You’ll be sharing the living space with four other women.” Jace confided.

Remember that look Scrooge McDuck would get when he saw money? Yeah, that’s the exact look that Choi has on his face right now.

“And just who…” Choi stammered. “Who are these lovely females, if I might ask?”

“One of them is my sister Bailey and the other is Madison.” Jace paused for a moment.

Josh turned his head quickly as the name Madison caught his attention like a pop fly in the infield grass.

“The other two you’ll have to meet for yourself. Now go take your luggage and get yourself onto a plane. You have until Friday to move yourself in and get acquainted with your roommates. I want you back here in Chicago by Friday evening.” Jace commanded.

Choi bowed his head then grabbed his luggage and headed out of the office ASAP. Jace shook his head and went back to his paperwork knowing the kind of shitstorm he just created down in Miami.


Stevens, what the fuck, man?

Fines, owning Alcatraz now, censoring people’s names, and calling yourself a Demi-God? What’s broken inside of that five-gallon head of yours? I look at you Stevens and I don’t even know where to start honestly. But instead of starting right off with all of your faults, let’s play the guessing game, shall we?

What exactly are you going to say or focus on this week in your match against me for MY LSD Championship belt?

Are you going to remind everyone for the 8 millionth time that you’re a former HOW World Champion? Are you going to try to get under my skin by saying that you got into the HOW Hall of Fame before I did? Oh, wait, what about the fact that I’ve disappointed HIM by losing that match against PRIME wrestler The Anglo Luchador? Maybe dig back to Eli Dresden shoving a microphone down my throat after a match? Or dig even further back and talk about my ex-wife Tara Michaels?

Just where on the generic wheel of insults will you land, Stevens?

I’m sure whatever it is, it’ll be poorly executed and less than impressive. Or maybe you’ll do something other than relying on the old tried and true. Maybe you’ll do that weird thing where you take credit for each and every success that I or any other member of The Board has ever accomplished. You sure as fuck did that at War Games when you tried to claim that Lee Best ‘begged’ to fill in when a spot on The Board team opened up. Or when you claimed that Christopher America and Tyler Adrian Best only co-won the match because you were a member of the team.

All of these things are exclusive to your goof ass bag of tricks.

But I’m going to do something different here Stevens. I just want to ask you a serious fucking question. I want you to take a moment and think about the question before you answer it instead of just immediately spouting some sort of nonsense like you usually do.

I want to know where this inflated sense of self and your proclamations of being a Demi-God came from?

Not yanking your chain, not being sarcastic. Serious honest question. Call it trying to analyze how the mind of Scott Stevens works.

I sit back and ponder this question and it just doesn’t add up to me. You’re still Scott Stevens. The wrapping paper that the shitty candy corn that is your career might change. Yet, the worthless, enraging disappointment inside remains. Was it one too many shots to the head? Did the chew toy you call a brain finally break completely?

What is it that makes Scott Stevens forget he is Scott Stevens?

I mean come on, man. You were the guy that not long ago was living under The Best Arena and on the streets. You were eating out of dumpsters just to have some semblance of food on your stomach. You’re still the guy that all that time ago got my ex-wife’s used tampon shoved down your throat live on television. You’re still the guy that lost to GREAT SCOTT before he became great because you fucking forgot to put yourself on a list of GREAT people named SCOTT. You’re still the guy that got retired because he couldn’t beat Mike Best at a PPV. You’re the guy that thought the whole “Vote 4 Stevens” thing was a good idea.

Call yourself whatever the fuck you want. It doesn’t change the fact that you’re still The Lonesome Loser.

So, again I ask. Where does this unwarranted ego come from?

I mean fuck, dude. You came from LPW, a place where you and Steve Solex were the best things to come out of there. That alone should speak volumes. See, I won’t lie and say you don’t have talent and potential Stevens. However, HOW as a whole has been waiting for you to live up to said potential for about a decade now.

I mean in the right light you could be HOW’s version of Geno Smith.

The thing is you’re too fucking stubborn and full of yourself to go sit on the goddamn bench and STFU before something like that happen. I don’t understand what it is about guys like you, Scottywood, Hollywood, and Zion. You’ve all been in HOW for years upon years but instead of accomplishing something important you all just have this overloaded sense of entitlement that you should be respected and worshiped for doing the bare minimum.

Don’t tell me you’re a two-time HOW World Champion. You won that belt for the first time because I wanted to leave HOW, and I did Lee a favor by not taking that belt over to 4CW. Only to come back to beat you weeks later for that belt and then do the exact same thing all over again. You, Zion, Hollywood, and Scottywood need to stop clinging to that era of HOW. It was a shell of its past and current glory. It is referred to as the dark times for a reason.

Don’t tell me you’ve defeated Mike Best to become World Champion. Again, this was an era where everyone important left. However, Lee Best could sell sand to a beach and convinced his son to come back for a half assed no heart effort to try and make the HOW World Championship belt important again.

Don’t tell me about how many times you’ve defeated me. A majority of your wins against me have been times where I either had one foot already out of the door or like at the Lethal Lottery. Where your cheating ass waited until the match was seemingly over and my hand was raised in victory to slither out and toss me over the top rope from behind.

Just fucking stop, Stevens.

Stop putting your goddamn foot into your mouth because your ego just trips you up at every fucking turn. Stop with the stupid ass gimmicks you come up with like trying to fine people saying someone’s name. You already know that you only have mere weeks, maybe months, before Scottywood comes back and you lose that in the tiny spark of heat you got for ‘retiring’ him. Stop pretending like you’re one of the best to ever do this because the eye in the sky doesn’t lie. The tape, the footage will show you that you’ve ended up on your back more than almost every single person in the HOW Hall of Fame.

If you checked your ego at the fucking door, shut the fuck up, and worked as hard on your skills inside the ring. Instead of coming up more idiotic things to spew out of your mouth. Maybe, just maybe you’d be someone important in HOW.

And this is coming from a man that helped start a group by the name of Project Ego.

In any other world, in any other sport. An athlete performing as poorly as you have. One with a mouth and ego as big as yours would get released from the contract and cut from the team.

Oh, wait, you know that already since you’ve been booted from HOW plenty of times now.

Not many places left that will tolerate you once you hit the waiver wire once again.

Be smart for once in your life Scott ‘AB’ Stevens.


Waldorf Astoria Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
Thursday November 10th, 2022

It was a quiet night inside of the luxurious room that Jace had garnered at the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. After a long day of making business deals, doing paperwork, and training for his match against Scott Stevens on Sunday. Jace was exhausted both physically and mentally. He sat on the end of the bed in the room wearing a pair of boxers. Samantha Tolson knelt down on the bed behind him waiting for a pair of satin shorts and a tank top.

She reached up and began to massage his shoulders trying to work out some of the soreness and knots that had formed over the last few days. Samantha leaned down and began to sprinkle kisses along Jace’s neck but before either of them could go any further the sound of Jace’s phone ringing echoes throughout the room. With a sigh Jace got up off of the bed then walked over and retrieved his phone. He looked down at the screen and saw that it was a Facetime call from Shelley Greene.

Jace flopped back down onto the edge of the bed as Samantha looked over his shoulder and saw who was calling also. He thumbed over the screen and accepted the call. It didn’t take long before Shelley’s paranoid and agitated face appeared on the screen.

“What do you want Shelley?” Jace interrogated his new manager.

“I just want to know for the record, what have I done to hurt you? Have I wronged you in some type of way?!” Greene spat in response.

“Not enjoying Miami, huh?” Jace questioned.

“I WAS enjoying Miami very much. Your sister is gorgeous, and Madison has a body that gives me an erection just thinking about it. But then… much to my surprise. I walked right into the two men in wigs on steroids.” Greene complained.

“It’s 2022 Shelley for fucks sake but trust me they are both women and both very important.” Jace admitted.

“Nice going filling me in on the big plan.” Greene shouted sarcastically.

“The plan as you put it is simple, Shelley. The two girls are there for a couple of reasons. Number one is to make sure that you keep your hands off of my sister Bailey.” Jace listed off.

“Curious how you only mentioned Bailey.” Greene was already plotting.

“Another reason is because I need Stella around to make sure that Madison behaves herself and doesn’t cause anymore drama.” Tolson grunted at the mention of Madison’s name.

“And which one is Stella?” Greene raised his eyebrow in a confused manner.

“The one with the huge fucking legs. Her name is Stella Bagan and she’s someone I… secured… while we were in the Ukraine during the War Games PPV. Basically, I want you to make Stella stick like glue to Madison and that means I want you keeping a close eye on them both. I want you to tell me whatever it is that Madison is planning to do to get revenge on Samantha. Also, if my biological father dares try to show up there again. I want you to make Stella give him a very good reason to never step foot into my life again.” Jace explained.

Tolson was none too pleased and decided to flop back onto the bed while the two men continued to speak.

“And what about the other one?” Greene pressed.

“Her name is Yulia Kozlova and she’s the one with the huge arms.” Jace began but was interrupted by Shelley.

“Yulia Cocko–… yeah, no way I’m going to remember that name.” Greene shook his head.

“Fine, we’ll call her STRONKETTE. She was the girl I was going to give to STRONK Daddy when he made the right choice and dumped Bobbinette Carey like a bad habit. She is going to make sure again if Stella isn’t around that you will not touch my sister. She’s also going to protect you from anyone that might want to harm you.” Jace said in a sincere tone.

“Really?” Greene sounded like he was on the verge of crying happy tears.

“Fuck no, she’s going to come with you to Chicago and be my new bodyguard. With Stevens having his own little group of EPU members I’m not taking any chances. So, just relax, keep your hands to yourself and get your ass with STRONKETTE to Chicago by tomorrow night. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have pressing matters to attend to.” Jace ended the call before Shelley could respond.

Jace tossed his phone away before turning to look over at Samantha who was leaning back against a pillow taking care of her fingernails.

“Now where were we?” Jace asked the rhetorical question as he began to make his way over to Tolson.

Samantha raised her foot into the air and pressed it firmly against Jace’s bare chest to prevent him from coming any closer to her.

“Not only did you interrupt me to answer the phone, but you decided to get a babysitter and protector for Madison? You’re going to have to earn my forgiveness.” Samantha confessed in a stern tone.

“If that’s what you wanted me to do, all you had to do is ask.” Jace smirked.

Samantha lowered her leg from his chest as Jace got even closer as the scene fades.