Chapter XIV – Bonding.

Chapter XIV – Bonding.

Posted on November 19, 2021 at 11:54 pm by Xander Azula

P&J Live
Aberdeen, Scotland

Refueled 78 has just gone off the air, with a lot of questions in the air after what’s happened. Can Clay Byrd heal up in time to face Mike Best for the HOW World Title? Will Mario Maurako get one over on Bobbinette Carey for good?

These are not questions we can concern ourselves with right now, though…because we are focused on a very angry Xander Azula leaving the P&J Live, his followers close behind as he tries to distance himself from the humiliation he faced at the hands of Scottywood tonight.

This attitude from the Head Disciple, while completely understandable, does lead to a worried look on the face of Mysti as she struggles to get a word from her beloved on this cold night. Eventually, Xander stops in his tracks, staring back at his followers with a stern look.

“Tonight was a travesty, and we won’t speak of it.”

Mysti finds this to be the opening she needs to interject.

“It’s going to be okay, we can always bounce back–”

“There’s no bouncing back from this, love. This is the beginning of a long and dark path to irrelevance, where everything we’ve worked so hard on will be for nothing. I won’t stand for it. I’m done. I’m tired.”

Xander turns to head back to the arranged transportation, but Mysti chimes in once more.

“Where do we go from here?”

Xander just shakes his head with a heavy sigh at this.

“For now, home. I need to regroup and refocus.”

With that, Xander and his followers head to their transportation, eager to get away from the evening’s disappointment, eager to find something new to chase after.

Oh, lovely.

I get to face you again, Eli Dresden.

I was hoping this day would come, truly.

I’ve been looking forward to getting a modicum of revenge for what you put me through in our previous encounter.

After all, you made it a point then to run down everything I held dear, to insist that I was simply leading people astray.

And yet, it is you who has been wandering in the wilderness.

Without a sense of direction or purpose, you have been hoping to get by on whatever thrill you can get from competition.

But I can see it in your eyes, Eli.

You’re tired. You’re weary.

The last good thing you had coming to you was a win over Cancer Jiles. I could tell just how thrilled you were to overcome a former World Champion…until he took everything away from you.

He made sure you couldn’t make it to Rumble at the Rock. He took your spot…and then he wasted it.

Could you have become the HOTV Champion if you were in that prison yard? We’ll never know.

But the thing about Jiles is, he’s not the unstoppable force he once was.

Hell, I proved that not all that long ago too.

And, like you, I find myself wandering in the wilderness looking for purpose once more.

The difference is, I have my motivation.

My goddess.

She saved me from death itself back in Alcatraz, and I have risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

It’s a shame I can’t say the same about your career.

You were injured and pulled away from your duty as one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

And now, after the dust has settled on the title situation, you find yourself coming back into unfamiliar territory.


Because unlike the previous month or so, you don’t have something you’re building up toward.

No plans. No big match to prepare yourself for.

Just little ol’ Xander Azula, at Refueled 80.

In what can surely be a bonding experience for both of us.

You may not have a purpose or direction at the moment, but you do have something I want…that sweet, sweet ranking.

I’ve made it my mission to scratch and claw my way out of the rut I’ve been in, to find some way to please my goddess, and the best way I can think of is by humbling those who stand proud.

And with so many looking to dismiss me, I’ve decided to force them to recognize me.

Beating you will be the first step.

We may have some things in common, but we are heading in vastly different directions from this crossroads.

When I’m done with you, I will be able to resume my mission of destroying the current order of things.

But first, I’m going to destroy you.

Praise Eris. Praise Discordia.