Chapter XII – Reconstruction.

Chapter XII – Reconstruction.

Posted on October 28, 2021 at 11:18 pm by Xander Azula

For far too long, my goddess has been forced to watch from the shadows as her believers toiled, doing everything in their power to spread the good word…chaos.

When she departed from this world to take her place in the great beyond, Eris made a promise to those with ears to hear: “I will return at the proper place and time.”

Brothers and sisters, we have arrived. The time is near, the place has been determined.

Floods, fires, and every other disaster known to mankind has paved the way for her return, to sit at the throne of the earth as all bend the knee to her wills and desires.

She is a jealous goddess, some would even say petty…but her needs will be met.

My goddess always gets what she wants…and what she wants now is a vessel.

So it is written, so shall it be done.

October 30th, the night before All Hallow’s Eve, before the festival of Samhain, we shall hold a celebration of our own.

A celebration of chaos.

And at the center?

The lovely Meredith, whose very fate lies in the hands of a failed hero named Darin Zion.

It’s just a shame he has no chance in hell of stopping what’s to come.

The plan is in motion, and all he can do is watch it play out.

He doesn’t realize it yet, but he is about to bear witness to the reconstruction of my goddess’ domain over this earth, once and for all.

Praise Eris, praise Discordia.

On Route To Alcatraz
Pacific Ocean

There is an uproar aboard the ship, between the brethren shouting profanities and the noise of the fight between Meredith and her captors. The situation manages to waver Xander’s confidence up to this point, as he quickly makes his way down to the lower deck…where he’s met with a punch to the face by Darin Zion’s beloved! Dahl quickly steps in, but Xander raises a hand as if to stop his general, holding his face with a chuckle.

“No no, that’s fine Vagn. She’s entitled to that one.”

The enraged Meredith looks around her, defiant of the overwhelming odds as she snaps at the Head Disciple.

“How dare you! I refuse to be a part of whatever scheme you’ve got cooking up! What gives you the right to–”

Xander raises his hand once more, cutting her off as he interjects.

“I would be very careful with your next words, my dear. You are precious cargo aboard this ship, but how smooth the rest of this journey goes for you depends on how you behave in this moment.”

He motions to the window, as if pointing out what is beyond the confines of the ship.

“You certainly don’t have the option of escaping right now, unless you’re an excellent swimmer. Otherwise, I suggest you relax. We have a very long, bumpy trip ahead of us, and I really don’t need the headache.”

He offers a nearby seat to the woman, hoping to diffuse this highly-volatile situation.

“Please, have a seat. The water’s about to get choppy.”

Meredith stares him down, reluctantly taking her place at the seat as two of Xander’s men quickly tie her hands back up, drawing a bit of resistance in the process.


“I know, I know…I just can’t have you trying to punch everyone out on this ship. Relax, it’s only gonna get worse if you keep this up.”

Xander takes a seat across from Meredith, looking up and down at her with a smirk on his face.

“Now, let’s kill some time shall we? I’m sure you have a lot of questions, consider this your chance to get some answers before we arrive at Alcatraz.”

Meredith snaps at the opportunity, clearly in demand of said answers.

“Well first of all, I wanna know why you kidnapped me.”

Xander just chuckles at this, raising Meredith’s ire even further.

“Because, my dear, you’re perfect. I can see why Darin has such an affection for you, why he cares so damn much…that intangible quality makes you the vessel my goddess needs for her grand return.”

This draws a look of disgust from Meredith, understandable given the situation.

“And what the hell makes you think you’ll get away with it!?”

Xander pauses to ponder this, before giving a hearty laugh that is echoed by his compatriots.

“Oh, Meredith…have you not been paying attention to the new order of things? We are in a perfect position to make this move because no one can stop us. There is a power vacuum left behind by the untimely demise of Lee Best, his son is far too busy inserting himself back into the World title picture, and anyone who is in power is busy fighting brushfires like the Seven Deadly Sins and the fact that Clay Byrd and Jace Parker Davidson are gonna tear each other apart for a shot at that ICONIC main event…leaving me to enact the will of my goddess without so much as a brush of resistance.”

Meredith shakes her head at this, refusing to believe it for a second.

“No, I know Darin’s gonna–”

Xander interrupts her once again, this time mocking her statement in a whiny tone before laughing.

“No no, Meredith. Your pal, your so-called savior is not gonna do a damn thing. He signed his death wish when he picked the stipulation for our little confrontation. He apparently didn’t learn his lesson from Rumble at the Rock 9, a lesson he’s going to repeat when he tries to take back what he claims is his atop that guard tower…and you wanna know why?”

Meredith refuses to respond as she glares at the Head Disciple, much to his amusement.

“Because no one wants to help him. It’s well-established that Darin Zion has no allies, no friends to stand by him in his time of need. Lee Best, the man that literally gave him title shots for weeks in a row, is not around to put a stop to what has been set in motion. That ragtag band of misfits in the Grapplers Local is all but disbanded, with Conor Fuse being far too busy trying to cling onto that World title to give him a helping hand. The man he once held the tag titles with, Brian Hollywood? He’s about to get demolished inside that prison yard. Darin Zion is all on his own, and unlike his miracle against the Best Alliance, he is working with a broken spirit…which will be matched by his broken body when I’m through with him.”

By this point, Xander’s smile has faded away, and he lets out a sigh as he gets back to his feet.

“I can already tell this little back and forth is not going to be fun, so I’m cutting it short. I suggest you chill for the rest of this trip, maybe take a nap or something. You’ll be a lot less crabby that way.”

He flashes another smirk, looking to his companions.

“Get it? Crabby? Cause…the ocean…”

The lack of response just makes Xander roll his eyes as he steps out of the cabin, heading back to the upper deck as his makeshift security team keeps a close eye on the reluctantly tame Meredith. We fade to black on one final, curious statement escaping her lips…

Save me, Darin.