Chapter VII – The Hunt.

Chapter VII – The Hunt.

Posted on August 25, 2021 at 11:53 pm by Xander Azula

July 2013
Legacy Tower
Hayward, CA

“I’m sorry, you want me to do what exactly?”

It had been two months since Xander Azula joined the cause of the Eternal Circle, sold on a bill of goods regarding the spreading of chaos in accordance with the goddess Eris. The deeper he dove into their lore, the more he was enthralled with the idea of becoming something much greater than himself. So it comes to a bit of a shock to the new disciple to learn his role within this family…this army.

“There are those who have opposed our work over the centuries, brother Xander…normally we pay them no mind, but every once in a while we have no choice but to deal with them.”

The apparent general of said army, the same woman who recruited Xander with a promise of finding purpose, appears to be offering the very thing as she hands him a folder. Xander opens it, looking through what looks like a dossier of some sort as he flips through the papers inside.

“I’m sure you recognize who we’re dealing with.”

Xander gives a nod of acknowledgement, one that clashes with a look of confusion on his face.

“Yes, but…why?”

The woman’s response comes in the form of revealing one more picture…a dagger with a golden hilt featuring the face of a dragon. Xander’s jaw drops ever so slightly, instantly recognizing the weapon being shown to him.

“The Dragon’s Blade.”

The woman gives a nod as she sets the picture down on her desk.

“The ancient weapon has been in the hands of many a ruler over the years, always spelling trouble for their reign as a result. It’s precisely the type of chaos we seek to spread. Given the weapon’s reputation, it is time the Blade makes its way into the hands of the Eternal Circle…and given our friend’s history with you, we feel you’re just the man for the retrieval.”

Xander nods as he looks at the dossier once more, examining closely both the photo and all the research that comes with it.

“And what of the man who holds the Blade?”

Even obscured by her hood, we can see a wicked grin on the woman’s face.

“Do what needs to be done, the Blade must return home.

Another nod with an extra hint of respect, with Xander keeping his head bowed.

“Yes, mistress.”

He takes the photo of the Blade, tucking it inside the folder before closing it. With another nod he turns to take his leave from the office. Xander is unsure where to start, but he knows one thing for sure…the hunt is on.

There are those who would doubt, question, even scoff at the purpose of the Eternal Circle…but they cannot deny the influence we have had over the years. We hide in the shadows so that Her name would be praised…but we are not afraid to step into the light when it is necessary.

Jatt Starr has taken it upon himself to raise the ire of not only myself, but my goddess…and she is livid. You have besmirched her name for weeks on end, attacking an image to put yourself upon a pedestal, and for what? To please your so-called GOD of HOW?

Lee Best doesn’t realize it yet…but by signing off on a match for Bottomline, he has set you on a collision course with the full wrath of the Eternal Circle.

You can poke fun at me all you want for silly little things like being eliminated quickly from War Games, or for not having a stellar record. But you couldn’t settle for that, could you Jatt?

You chose to come after my goddess, to call her fake…something you know an awful lot about.

Let’s talk about War Games, for just a moment.

Jatt Starr, an HOW legend and Hall of Famer, who was in the very first War Games match for the company…a shame that this year’s outing didn’t go your way.

That’s why I know you won’t make fun of my performance inside that cage, Jatt…because you were out before I could even get my hands on you.

You’re the reason the Best Alliance couldn’t regain the tag titles that night, Jatt…and I can tell that it eats you up inside.

So much so that you’ve managed to cut a few pounds, and actually get yourself back into shape. Good for you, Jatt.

Just a shame all that training and recovery won’t prepare you for what’s coming at Bottomline.

The hunt is on, Jatt Starr, and all the misery you’ve caused me has left a trail that will make it all the easier to get what I want…sweet, sweet revenge.

If you thought what I did to Anton was bad, just wait until the crowd inside the Best Arena…the millions of people watching from home…and Lee Best, your own so-called GOD himself, bear witness—one way or another—to the absolute destruction that awaits you.

Praise Eris, praise Discordia.

Navy Pier
Chicago, IL

Hours after arriving in O’Hare Airport, Xander knew there was only one place to be to get his mind focused for the battle to come…so it is here, at the observation deck near the very end of the pier, where he and Mysti are seated as they look out onto the harbor. Opting to wear street clothes to be more discreet amongst the masses, Xander’s focus seems squarely on the stillness of the water, as if deep in self-reflection. Mysti finally breaks the silence of the moment, a slightly concerned look on her face as she speaks.

“Still getting over what he did?”

Xander takes a moment to ponder the question. After everything he’s been put through the past few weeks…and even more so before this chapter in his journey began…Xander can’t help but chuckle at the humor hidden deep within.

“I suppose so. I’ve had many things fall just out of my reach over the years, love…but I will not let Jatt Starr take my dignity. The wheels are set in motion for what’s to come, and all I need to do now is make sure they don’t unravel.”

Choosing to say no more than this, Xander simply looks back out to the water, his beloved giving a nod of understanding as we fade to black.