Chapter V – Family.

Chapter V – Family.

Posted on July 29, 2021 at 11:53 pm by Xander Azula

The Citadel – Summerall Chapel
Charleston, SC

We find ourselves outside the chapel about an hour after Refueled 67, where we get a good look at the inscription in the façade: “REMEMBER NOW THY CREATOR IN THE DAYS OF YOUR YOUTH”…which soon garners a snicker from the group standing out in front. At the center of this gathering is Xander Azula, shaking his head with a smirk as he looks to his fellow disciples.

“Remember your creator, they say…and that we do, don’t we?”

This gets a nod of agreement from his Eternal Circle crew.

“We remember ours fondly, with the highest regard…and not even Jatt Starr’s filthy rhetoric can disparage the truth. We will deal with him in due time, but for now…we regroup, and we refocus. There is much work to be done, for the greater good.”

The group responds with a droning “for the greater good,” bringing a smile to Xander’s face. His beloved Mysti steps forward, a look of curiosity on her face as she speaks.

“And where does our work begin?”

Xander’s smile widens to a grin.

“With the 214 already in splinters after War Games, we turn our attention back to our previous cause…the Best Alliance, and the iron fist they represent, must be brought down. It is time we focus on bringing along those who would actually be competent in destroying this system, rather than hightailing it out of HOW the moment things didn’t go their way. We look to the new blood, and recognize their potential.”

Mysti nods in acknowledgement, quickly picking up on precisely who Xander is referring to.

“The girl, then.”

Xander nods, that grin still on his face.

“Eli Dresden has already shown issues with Jace Parker Davidson, but given her start in the company she could use some guidance. Make a note of that, for we will need to speak to her sooner rather than later. Our habit of appearing and disappearing infrequently needs to come to an end if we wish to make good on our promise.”

The group all nod in agreement before walking off, but not before Xander takes one more look at that inscription and chuckles before we fade to black.



Well, this was not quite how I’d planned our meeting to go, Miss Dresden. Or should I call you Eli? I always try to be formal about these sorts of things.

I have had to work out a LOT of anger issues the past few weeks, between losing to Darin Zion and having Jatt Starr attempt to embarrass me and my goddess.

Being belittled by the Best Alliance is something everyone NOT in that group has in common, but you and I seem to share just a bit more, don’t we?

Constantly dealing with drama, whether it’s your family or the pressure of being at your best despite mounting injuries from a previous career.

I have a clue as to my history some weeks back, but I’ve not had to deal with family drama for years…the Eternal Circle is all the family I have, want, or need.

But past injuries? That’s a burden I carry too, Eli. Years of toiling in the filth of underground fighting will do that to you.

I won’t compare and contrast our paths to this moment, because that is not the point…the point is, we’ve both been there.

And here we are now, battling that pressure to prove we are as good as we say we are in front of thousands of fans at the FedEx Forum and millions watching from home.

They call Memphis the Home of the Blues, but I’m feeling nothing but joy heading into this match Eli. You wanna know why?

Because it’s an opportunity…for you.

But for me? It’s a chance to set things right.

There is always room in the Eternal Circle, and this is your formal invitation to join the cause.

Your issues with Jace Parker Davidson have proven to me that you dislike the Best Alliance as much as I do.

You want to prove you’re the best, so it only makes sense that you’d have your sights set on the newly-reigning HOTv Champion.

Let me help with that. Let us help with that.

If you are tired of dealing with your overbearing mother and your condescending brother, there is a family offering a home for you.

The current order of things does not seem to suit you, Miss Dresden…so consider chaos.

I’ll let you think on that, but think carefully and choose wisely…because my goddess will not accept those who refuse her.

If you refuse to embrace chaos, it will consume you.

I would much rather have you as an ally than a roadblock, Miss Dresden.

If you’re an ally, you will receive the full blessing of my goddess and together we can take down the Best Alliance…but if you’re a roadblock?

I will destroy you.

That is the offer as it stands, and I look forward to your reply come Refueled 69.

You can either be Eli Dresden, co-anchor of the movement that breaks the bonds of oppression in HOW…or you can be Eliza Dresden, sworn enemy of the Eternal Circle.

And our enemies do not last very long.

Hail Eris, hail Discordia.