Chapter IX – Sins of the Father.

Chapter IX – Sins of the Father.

Posted on September 23, 2021 at 11:49 pm by Xander Azula

October 2013
Undisclosed Location

“Welcome to the Circle.”

This message of feminine tone is delivered to a crowd of unrecognizable figures in hooded robes gathered in this dimly-lit hall, their heads bowed in reverence of a woman standing in front of them upon a stage.

“Your goddess is pleased you could be here today, to carry on the good word…chaos.”

This is a statement well-received by the crowd, who respond “thank you, Mistress” in unison, which draws a smile from the woman speaking to her fellow believers.

“This is a most glorious of days, for we have brought new blood to this forever-beating heart, pumping out the message that this world must hear.”

Stepping into our view are Xander Azula, his beloved Mysti, and his appointed “general” in Vagn Dahl. The trio are welcomed into the fold by the crowd, all nodding in approval.

“Brother Xander will help guide a much-needed army to enforce the will of our goddess, and her message will be heard…by any means necessary.”

This garners another chorus of approval from the crowd, all responding “yes, Mistress” at the call to action. Xander gives a nod of agreement, a smirk on his face as the woman motions to him to speak.

“Come one, come all. Our goddess has called a war upon this world, to reclaim what is rightfully hers. We are in need of soldiers, for we seek a weapon to bring this truth to action.”

His smirk widens to a full-on grin as he looks around, hopeful that his army will rise from this group.

“So, if you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands and feet to carry out the will of our goddess, this is your opportunity. Hail Eris, hail Discordia.

The crowd responds in kind by reciting back this declaration, assuring Xander as we drift…

Denver Art Museum
Denver, CO

…until we find ourselves in the presence of a landmark such as this museum, where the trio now stand in all their decorative glory. Xander looks upon the museum with a sense of respect, almost awe for the building and the wonders contained within. He looks to his beloved with a smile.

“Mysti, have we heard back from Mr. Zion regarding our little meeting this weekend?”

His smile fades slightly at the sight of Mysti shaking her head.

“Nothing as of yet, though some eyes on the scene have indicated he’s been chatting with Conor Fuse.”

Xander gives a knowing nod in response.

“It makes sense, really. The two are quite close, in large part due to the preparations for War Games. And what of our assignment on Saturday, who am I set to do battle with? Perhaps one of the recent signees? I reckon I need to put Jeffery James Roberts in his place before he gets too cocky…”

“It’s Kael, my love. You face Sutler Kael.”

The response takes the Head Disciple by surprise, even blinking as if taken aback by the realization of his upcoming challenge.

“Wow, I was not expecting that. I wonder what gripe the Grandson of GOD would have with little ol’ Xander Azula.”

He chuckles at the thought, turning his attention back to the museum as Vagn speaks up next.

“What’s the plan then, Brother Xander?”

This draws a slight sigh as Xander motions toward the museum itself.

“Right now, I want to enjoy this moment, this beauty. I’ll deal with Kael at Refueled, and then speak with Zion to help him understand the path he must take.”

Mysti and Vagn nod with a sense of understanding, and the trio make their way toward the entrance of the museum as we fade to black.

I do not take lightly the fact that I step into the heat of battle with the former World Champion, the man who won War Games and vanquished my temporary alliance.

The son of a false teacher.

I’m fully aware of the legacy of one Maximilian Kael, there have been comparisons between his work and mine since I arrived.

Comparisons that I fully believe to be unfounded, mind you.

For the message I bring has existed for centuries, long before this so-called Minister came into this world with his unique voice.

A voice known for guiding people into despair, using your father as a vessel to spread lies.

Unfortunately for you, the sins of the father are a debt to be paid by the son.

A son who has been handed over to the Head Disciple for judgement by his own grandfather.

That you would seek to stray from the path your father laid out for you is commendable. To underestimate me? Deplorable.

People will insist that I have been less than efficient, but I promise you this, Sutler…I won’t take you lightly, and I expect you to do the same for me.

You should count your blessings that we are not locked within the confines of an HOFC cage, O Grandson of GOD…for only one man has Bested me in such circumstances.

And despite your lineage, in spite of your recent title reign and even your triumphant War Games victory…in the eyes of my goddess, you are far from the best. You are but the most delicious of sacrifices, an offering that will be pleasing to the tongue of the one I serve.

I have been waiting quite some time to step into this battle, and I will make the best of my time.

What say you, Sutler? Will you complete your repentance from the sins of your bloodline, or will you pay the debt they owe?

The choice is yours.

Hail Eris, hail Discordia.