Chapter III: On Ice!

Chapter III: On Ice!

Posted on February 3, 2022 at 11:57 pm by Xander Azula

Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, PA

Some time has passed since what some would consider a surprise upset over the AoA duo of, ahem, “Sir Simon Sparrow” and Mario Maurako, we find ourselves backstage where Xander is still recovering from the post-match spear as he approaches an unenthused Darin Zion.

“Okay, so…”

Zion whips his head around, staring down the man he has reluctantly joined forces with for the tag team tournament.

“So? This changes nothing, Xander, and you know it.”

The response takes Xander aback, drawing a visible look of confusion on his face.

“What’d you mean, this changes nothing? After what we went through against that Shark? After what we just went through here, getting the win over Starr and Maurako? Think about it, Darin…we just beat the guy this tournament is named after! We’re on a roll, and we actually have a shot at winning the whole damn thing!”

Darin takes a moment to think about this, to really let it sink in…but does not relent, instead shaking his head to dismiss the idea.

“Look, one win is not gonna change what you did to me…what you tried to do to Meredith. So, I’m getting my ass out of here so I can start prepping for next week…because I just found out we’re taking on Scottywood’s hockey boys.”

This seems to set a lightbulb off in Xander’s head, bringing a smirk to his face as a result.

“Great! A good excuse to make all the hockey puns in the world, Darin. What do they call themselves, Power Play right?”

“Two-Man Advantage.”

“Right, same difference. And the key to any power play is how you make the most of that time you actually have the advantage over the opposition…so we need to make the most of our time as a team, if we’re gonna get the upper hand on those Mighty Quacks.”

Darin just rolls his eyes at this, clearly not fazed by any of it.

“Where is this coming from, Xander? You’re usually a lot more…weird about these things.”

This frustrates Xander a bit, a flustered look on his face as he points at Zion.

“Listen, man, with the shit I’ve been through this past month, I’m trying to keep my spirits up for once. Last thing I need is your negativity killing my damn vibe.”

Suddenly, the doors burst open as Aeon Khronos comes running into the building in a panic.

“He’s here!”

“Who’s h–”

Xander’s inquiry is interrupted by another crash as the doors swing open.

The Shark steps in, a snarl on his blood-smeared face as he stares down the Master of Time Itself.

Zion’s face reveals the terror of confronting this danger yet again as he turns to Xander.

“I thought that thing was gone, Xander!”

Without further hesitation, the Predator charges at Aeon…but is met with a spear by Xander, clearly “inspired” by the post-match attack earlier in the night. The two go crashing through the door…and into a portal. In a moment that some might count as a lapse of judgement, Aeon goes running into the portal to follow the pair…as does Zion, before the portal closes with a flash of light.

So this is the pair of goons you have coming after us, is it Scottywood?

Chet Logan, Tanner Blake, two men that literally no one outside your personal Pee-Wee league has heard of, stepping into the ring with a couple Masters of the Multiverse.

Yes, that’s what we’re calling ourselves. Darin isn’t sure about it, but I think he’ll warm up to it.

Which is more than I can say about these men you’ve brought to this little tag team shindig.

Ice is all they’re used to, so a cold reception awaits them inside that ring at Refueled in Cleveland.

Seems rather fitting, doesn’t it Scotty?

It all comes down to Cleveland, in the end.

Hell of a city to see wars waged, in this universe or otherwise.

And yet, this is the fate that awaits us.

A fate that won’t be kind on your precious 2-Man Advantage.

I just hope you’re ready to face secondhand embarrassment.

Cause when we’re through, you’ll wish you’d just entered the damn tournament yourself.

Maybe then you’d have something to be proud of.

As for Chet and Tanner, well…it looks to me like their dreams of tag team glory are about to be put on ice.