Posted on June 23, 2023 at 3:09 pm by Scott McKlayn

“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”
― Henry Adams

About a year ago

Her name was Alexandria Reynolds. She was the eldest daughter of a tech Billionaire father and supermodel mother, her entire life she was presented as a ‘princess’ a title that she strived to achieve in every moment. She was expected to talk a certain way, walk a certain way, dress a certain way. Her GPA in school had to be perfect to avoid being labeled a bimbo, but of course she had to be stylish and pretty, her mother made sure of that. Two worlds that pulled her in two directions that she strived to be the best at both. She would never say she was better than other people, but she was.

As her little brother and sister were born things got worse. Her brother was wild and her sister had no interest in social events. It just seemed the worse they disappointed her parents the more pressure was put on Alexandria to be perfect. And she was, Alexandria Reynolds was perfect. But tonight she was tired of being Alexandria, tonight she would be Lexie and Lexie would have some fun. She would wear just a little too much makeup, and her skirt would be just a bit too short. She wouldn’t worry about how she spoke or what she was driving, hell she wouldn’t even drive. She would sneak out through the servants corridors and meet up with a new friend of hers. Emily, the daughter of the family maid. Emily would drive her in a 2019 Camry to a club that didn’t even have a door man. Tonight would be wild, it would be fun and no one would ever know.

She drank cheap booze, and even danced on a crowded floor as people bumped into her left and right at one point even knocking her drink out of her hand. Not once did she ask for an apology or demand they replace her drink. Eventually however she lost track of her friend and she was alone, that was fine right? She was a big girl, she had taken on billionaires in the boardroom, what could go wrong here?

“Hey Honey I seen you looking at me, why don’t you let me buy you a drink,”

The voice was raspy and montoned, he was simple looking. Even slumming it, she wasn’t this desperate.

“No thanks,” She said, turning away from him, he didn’t move. She waited a few seconds then began to make her way away from him but he wasn’t having it. Grabbing her arm he pulled her closer.

“I don’t know who you think you are, but you wearing that outfit and acting like you didn’t come to get fucked. What you think your ass, too good for my ..,”

“You’re hurting me..,” she interrupts as he squeezes her wrist tightly

“What are you some sort of fragile princess, come on let’s talk in private..,” He starts to pull her away. The noisy dance floor, no one seems to notice. Her heart racing, she is terrified. What was she thinking? She tries to protest but her words are drowned out by the rest of the party. Then all of a sudden he stops, almost as if he runs into a wall. She glances up to see, it’s not a wall but another man.

“Let her go,” The man is giant, all muscle and a good 4 inches taller than her aggressor.

“Who the fuck are you talking to,” The aggressor speaks

“Do you want him to let go of you miss,” he stranger asks and she nods, the aggressor sighs and releases her arm as he storms off muttering under his breath.

“Why don’t you get to the bar and get you some water, to calm down, I promise no one will mess with you again,”

“Thank you..,” she barely whispers as she looks at him “I’m lexie, who are you?,”

“Call me Scotty,”

Now – June 20, 2023


A very fitting name for what happened each and every week within the environment of a pro wrestling ring, organized Chaos but Chaos nonetheless. Two well trained, highly motivated competitors going against each other. Each one with their own idea, their own plan on how the events of the bout will unfold, two vastly different goals. As these two competitors attempt to will their goal into existence, by hook or by crook. It’s a vicious contest of physical prowess, mental fortitude and pure determination that has entertained millions for decades now. While most sports only allow the fans to see what happens on the field, the wrestling industry has always encouraged characters to speak up, readily handing their stars microphones and encouraging them to express their desires and connect with the fan base.

This mix of personality and competition birthed reality Television well before anyone ever thought to call it that. This Chaos was something that HOW proudly cashed in on each week, with their weekly show named so fittingly. It was this, this spectacle of it all that was the most intimidating aspect of this new job for Scott McKlayn. As a young child he had grown up in the industry, his father a highly touted indy prospect who had no problem showing his son the ropes. Teaching him how to be relentless and effective inside the squared circle. This was second nature, it was the roar of the fans and flashing lights of the cameras everywhere that would take some getting used too. Prior to his HOW debut the only experience he had with being the center of public debate was when his father was involved in a nation wide trail. A shadow that followed him around as he grew up, his family being forced to move from town to town after the conviction.

Needless to say he had a measure of disdain for the public. Pleasing the fans, getting good press, was very low on his to do list. It was something however that his newest allies were very experienced with. The Reynolds siblings were born in the lap of luxury and under the microscope of the press before they could even walk. While Scott specialized in hurting his opponents and picking up wins in the ring they were dealing with an even more intense battle with the press. One that apparently started very early in the morning…

“Listen we just need some sort of quick meet and greet with some Women’s right thing,like one of those body positive groups that have been popping up ever since Lizzo and Ashley Graham got popular,”

The voice of Alexandria Reynolds was the first thing that Scott heard as he slowly started to wake up. Looking around at the luxurious bedroom he had slept in the night before. Silke sheets on the king size bed, much nicer than anything he was typically used to. Sitting up now next to him, still mostly naked but covered by one of the sheets was Alexandria who was already working on fixing her brothers ‘image’ problem after his first match in HOW. Scott stretched his arms out and wrapped them around her, she gave him a quick kiss as she continued her conversation.

“Yes, my brother wants to be there, maybe we can donate some money..,” He pulls the phone away from her ear and speaks in whispers to Scott. “Morning Sleepy head, I will just be a minute almost got this settled..,”

She stands up taking the sheet with her as she walks across the room and into the private bathroom. Scott stretched a bit and glanced up at the large clock that hung on the wall. An old school grandfather clock, another signal of the wealth that was around him everywhere he looked. It was only five am but she was already busy networking her problems away. He took the next few minutes to get dressed himself before Alexandria finally re-emerged from the bathroom, off the phone and wearing a bathroom now instead of the sheet.

“Family breakfast is in less than an hour now, so you might want to consider making your presence scarce if you want to keep breathing, my father isn’t fond of his little girl having a boy toy,”

Scott nods as they exchange another kiss “So that’s all I am then? A Boy Toy?,”

“Isn’t that good enough? I mean you have seen me right, I’m a catch anyway you get me,”

He doesn’t say anything and instead just releases his embrace and grabs a bag he brought with him, she sighs “God Scott, don’t be so bitchy you know how I feel. The optics just aren’t right, plus my brother NEEDS you and if what we were doing got out well there would be issues,”

He grunts as he speaks again “I get it,”

“Good, you got a BIG title match and it’s important that you win this. That topped off with Raziel’s next match, a match he needs to win so this entire storm of bad publicity can go away and people can focus on something else. Like the impressive skills my brother is developing in the ring, or that nice shiny title you will be wearing around your waist. Anything other than this fat bitch scandal that Raz has gotten swept up in,”

“Of course Lexie,” he replies “I am going to win that title, Steve Solek is an incredible talent. He is one of the best in the industry which is exactly why he is hoisting that belt over his shoulder, I know this. I have seen the tape, I have studied his matches but what he doesn’t realize is what he is walking into. I am the hungriest, angriest son of a bitch to step in the ring in decades. This is so much more personal for me than most people, this is my family’s legacy. This is MY chance at earning all this..,”

He motions around the room as he speaks “and proving to your father that I am good enough to be more than a boy toy for his little princess,”

“That’s what I like to hear,” She licks her lips a bit before pausing and tapping her watch “Still time is ticking and my family are early birds. Unless you plan to climb down from the window it’s best you get to moving,”

He nods and starts to exit but she stops him again “Wait.. are you training with Raz again today,”

Once again Scott nods before talking “Of course… but Lexie, it doesn’t matter how gifted he is physically. How strong or how many flips he can do, if he doesn’t start taking his more seriously he is going to be outclassed by smarter, more experienced people who give a damn about this sport,”

She sighs “Of course, I will get him focused, don’t worry you just keep up the good work. Oh by the way the guy you told me to look up I finally got the information for you,”

He pauses and turns quickly to her, you can tell his attention is peaked “Make sure you send it to me, as soon as possible ok?,”

She reaches into her robe pocket and pulls out her phone texting as she types “Yup sending it now, is everything ok?,”

“Of course,” He says and smiles “Now I got to go, next time we do this at my place,”

Her face twist a bit “Uh your place is a dump, we can rent a room,”..

He makes his way out the home, using servant passages away from the main house of the Reynolds family. He was a man raised by a single mother with two younger siblings; he was not used to this kind of immense wealth. It was a constant reminder of how out of place he was around his new allies. They had come from different backgrounds, held different values, but they had a mutual goal now. Due to Scott’s father’s scandal he had been black balled from the sport until recently, it is only by the power and pull of the Reynolds family that someone took a chance on him at all. Normally he would shy away from trusting people of this breed but he knew where all the skeletons were buried, he had earned their trust. He had vowed to do whatever it took to right the wrongs that were done to his father and his family, a promise he did not take lightly. As he exited the large home he pulled out his phone, glancing down the first thing he saw were the series of text messages from a mysterious individual who threatened to put an end to everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

Just when it was starting to come together, just when his hard work was starting to pay off this stranger dared to threaten him. He ignored the text for now, navigating to the information Lexie had provided him. What he believed to be the identity of the stranger, the loose end that he would tie up today. The stranger threatened to take it all, this stress made it hard to focus on making the most out of the chances presented to him in HOW. He will solve that problem today.

The address was only a few hours away from the Reynolds resident but it was still early and Scott took time to swing by his place and make sure he was prepared for the encounter. Leather gloves, and some heat in the waistband. He was determined to make sure these loose loops did not sink his ship. After an uneventful drive with nothing to do but think about his future, his chance at the HOTv title and how this psycho threatened to take it all away. Each mile of the trip only helped to strengthen his resolve. Finally he came to the address Alexandria had supplied him. It was in the middle of nowhere with a long dirt road leading up to a small old house. An early 2000’s red truck was parked out front with a tool box on the back and fishing gear easily spotted in the bed. Scott scoffed and shook his head, this son of a bitch wanted to get rich off his success. As he pulled up he noticed the front door was standing open, that was odd..

He pulled off to the side and as out of sight as he could while he slid out and made sure his hand was on his weapon he had brought. He tiptoed up the porch and peaked in the small home. A large living room was in sight, a small loveseat facing a large screen television. Nothing special or particularly out of place. Instead of knocking however he continues to creep into the room peaking to the left into a small kitchen before turning his attention to a hallway that leads out the back of the living room. Once in there he made his way to a bedroom and let out an audible sigh.


In the bedroom was the body of a man, middle aged caucasian that fit the description of the man that Alexandria had given him. A gun lay on the floor next to the bed and his brain still splattered across the wall behind him. On the bed at his feet was a note, Scott goes up and picks up the note to read over it. What appears to be a suicide note. Before he makes another move his cell phone rings, he pulls it out to see the scrambled up id of the “stranger” he sighs and answers it.

“How do you like my handy work, I was rather proud of it myself. I mean it may not be up to your standards but..,”

“I thought..,” The shock in Scott’s face was apparent, a man prepared to come face to face with what he thought was his biggest threat only to find a dead body and cold trail.

“Did you really think a simple fisherman was the one behind this, your idiot it’s not that easy,”

“You did this? What the fuck is wrong with you,”

“Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, after what you did?! And you didn’t exactly make this trip with good intentions,”

“I just planned to scare him, nothing else..,”

“Sure you keep telling yourself that, but this isn’t over McKlayn. I know what you did, and I will take you and your little princess down. Your little detective work is futile. Make sure to wipe your prints on the way out, hate for you to get taken down by the cops before I do,”

“It’s time to end this, what do you want,”


And with that the phone goes dead. Standing there with a dead man on the bed, he laid the note back down and through gritted teeth cursed under his breath. He had to go, the stranger was two steps ahead of him and he had a title match lined up in just a few days. How would he focus on that knowing that this psycho was watching him and Lexie. He had to bid his time, protect his allies and focus on what he could control. And that was the TV title match on Chaos.

Chaos, oh what a perfect way to describe the life of Scott McKlayn.