Chaos meets Wrath

Chaos meets Wrath

Posted on January 27, 2023 at 4:50 pm by Scott Stevens

How it’s going.

Location: Huntsville, Texas: Prison

Date: January 28, 2023

As the scene opens up, the sound of really bad singing is heard as we see endless amounts of concrete walls and steel bars.

“The preacher man said it’s the end of time and the Mississippi River she’s a going dry!”

The opening lyrics to “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr. echoes through the apparent empty hallway and as we get closer we hear the sound of water running. The mist is seen coming out of the opening doorway of the shower area and we see a guard standing outside of it when all of a sudden a hand appears and slides the guard some cash who nods as he quickly pockets it and looks at his watch and takes off towards the exit for an apparent smoke break.

“I’d love to spit some Beech-Nut in that dude’s eyes, and shoot him with my old .45 ’cause a country boy can survive!”

As we get closer we see a 97 Red colored jumpsuit hanging next to pair of Hanes white underwear, a Hanes plain white t-shirt, white socks and white sneakers. We can’t make out who is singing so badly because the mist caused by the hot water is obscuring the person’s identity, but the singing suddenly stops when another voice is heard.

“Mmmmmmm! I’d love to put some butter between that pair of bread.”

The statement is said loud enough for the person singing to stop and start to turn off the water slowly revealing the identity to be that of Scott Stevens. As the Texan looks towards the entrance of the shower he sighs before speaking.

“Benny, are we really going to do this again?”

Scott asks as the image turns to reveal a white man in an orange jumpsuit with the top lowered and it tied at the waist by the suit arms. The man is physically fit as he has a six pack and developed pecs. He must hit the yard hard during rec time. However, upon closer inspection, the man is covered in tattoos from head to toe and the most distinguished of them are the various swastikas that cover his chest and face.

“Damn right we are.”

Benny informs Stevens as he pulls out a shiv that looks to be made from a sharpened toothbrush.

“The last time we did this Benny I left you unconscious and bleeding profusely.”

Stevens informs the man who nods.

“That was then and this is now.”

Benny snaps is fingers and three other men with shivs made from various items come into view.

“Look, if ya’ll wanted the shower so bad you should’ve just said so. I know its Saturday and it is your special time where you jerk each other off while you look at pictures of Hitler before you all yell, “HAIL HITLER!” as you turn him into Randy Marsh.”

Stevens says with a chuckle, but the men don’t seem amused.

“No one disrespects the Brotherhood fucker.”

One of Benny’s associates replies and the Demi-God smirks.

“I just did.”

Scott replies and the man takes a few steps forward but Benny stops him.

“I make him bleed first.”

Benny tells his associate and he backs away.

“That worked so well the last time.”

Stevens quips as Benny raises his shiv and points it at Stevens.

“I’m going to cut you long, wide and deep, traitor.”

Benny threatens before Stevens launches the bar of soap that he had been bathing with and concealed behind his back right in Benny’s face and before the other men can react, Stevens drills one is the face with a Superman punch and delivers a sidekick to the ribs of another before he could react. The third associate comes running over and the Texan back body drops him over before punting him in the face as he tries to get up. Stevens turns around and his face gets slashed by a toothbrush with a razor blade attached to it. The man tries to slice again, but Scott sweeps his legs. The Demi-God of HOW invokes the spirit of former House of Best member, Chris Kostoff, as he delivers a bone shattering powerbomb onto the concrete. The man who Stevens punched is back up and tries to box the former world champion and Stevens who is already fed up with his shower time being interrupted plants his foot into the chest of the man knocking the wind out of him. As the man gasps for air on the shower floor, Stevens stands over him before smashing his foot into his face with extreme prejudice knocking him out.

“You broke my nose! You bitch!”

Benny yells as blood uncontrollable flows down the man’s face.

“I’m sorry about that.”

Stevens replies before running over and driving his knee into the middle of Benny’s face. Benny starts to roll around on the floor in pain holding his shattered nose.

“Apparently you didn’t get the message the first time.”

Stevens bends down with rage in his eyes.

“I warned you and every motherfucker behind these walls that if they get the notion to fuck with me, DON’T!”

Stevens reiterates before delivering a roundhouse kick to side of Benny’s head knocking him out. Scott surveys the damage done and hawks a loogie on Benny before heading over to his clothes to start getting dressed as prison guards come rushing into the shower area.

How did we get here?   


Darin Zion.

By eliminating me from the LSD number one contender’s tournament my eventual run-in with my little buddy has been delayed slightly and a pivot had to ensue. What is Jace Parker Davidson and March to Glory’s loss is Aceldama’s gain as I greet the newest inductee into the HOW Hall of Fame in a homecoming as he returns to HOW in over a decade to do battle in a No Disqualification match. Ace hasn’t been seen in over a decade as he was in a Russian Prison until GOD bailed him out to inject a little bit of Chaos into HOW.

How will he respond with being away for so long?

That is the important question isn’t it.

Before being incarcerated, Aceldama was a destructive monster. He dominated the Main Event scene of High Octane Wrestling for years and became a multiple time world champion in the process.

Was he a little volatile?


Did he rub people the wrong way?


Was he successful?


Everyone in HOW that has had sustained success for any period of time are usually volatile and/or rub people the wrong way. Look at our current roster which is riddled with Hall of Famers and multiple time champions of various levels and tell me that they haven’t pissed you off at some point in your career or you refused to work with them because they were a dick.

However, that Aceldama was over a decade ago and some say that Lee Best going to procure him from Parts Unknown, Russia was a mistake and the money spent to help with his release among other things wasn’t worth it. Let me tell you something about HIM, if HE didn’t think Ace was worth a fuck HE would’ve continued to let him freeze his ass off breaking rocks and fighting demogorgons instead of putting HOW in the red financially.

With Ace back, people are saying he isn’t going to be able to have an immediate impact because he’s been out of the game for so long. People have been whispering, how can he be the favorite in a match against me when the last wrestling match he had was twelve years ago? It’s simple, he is a slight favorite because I have been on a losing streak and he’s been winning to stay alive in a maximum security prison in Russia.

People love to express their opinions, but the only people’s whose opinions matter is HIS because he secured his release and mine since I am facing him this week on Chaos. Honestly, I believe this Aceldama is more dangerous than the other that previously competed in the Golden Circle. Even though that Aceldama was a sadistic monster and a champion at the highest level he’s had to go to another level to survive in prison, yet alone a Russian prison. When you compare the Ace of old to him now he seems more cunning and animalistic. Everyone saw what he did to the EPU on Chaos last week and from HIS conversation apparently he has been doing this since his return to the States.

For those rare moments that Ace has been photographed or seen on television he looks bigger than he used to and you would need that to help you have power and strength in case you were jumped by a lot of people. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to show people a display of strength so people don’t fuck with you either. Even though he has added mass to his body he looks leaner and that is good to keep his speed up because extra muscle would’ve made him slower and he would be lumbering around as well, but he’s made it proportional so he has maintain his speed of old and added more power to his already impressive physical attributes. However, the most dangerous thing about Ace now appears to be his cerebral approach to things. I mean he purposely hid the weight he used to crack a few EPU skulls to attempt his escape by a few more seconds. He didn’t succeed but you heard HE was impressed he made it further than last time.

This tells me that Ace has been watching the EPU’s routine or lack thereof and noticed that they don’t always account for weights or other things and he took advantage of a simple mistake and he almost was able to free himself. This tells me that if he was able to survive prison for twelve years his awareness has increased meaning his ring awareness has increased significantly. I mean, I don’t care who you are because you cannot trust everyone in jail and if they say they are your friend they are just saying that until they find the perfect opportunity to stab you in the back. Ace had to be privy of this as well and adopted a kill or be killed mentality as even though he is probably grateful GOD freed him Ace doesn’t want to be employ by GOD either with his daily escape attempts.

Aceldama is looking to release his pent up anger he has been using to survive all this time in prison and in his view, his servitude of Lee Best on me in our match this Sunday where the rules are….there are no rules. HE wants to see what HIS investment can still do and from what I’ve seen HIS investment will pay off, but it will be delayed a week because I’m going to show GOD’s new rabid dog that it’s better to obey than bite the hand that feeds you. Ace should be more grateful in his showings to HIM because HE could’ve left his ass to rot but he didn’t just like me. The two of us are kindred spirits and that we both owe GOD everything. HE has given us a canvas we can use. For me, it’s a weekly ritual whether I win or lose I make the ritualistic sacrifice of the opposition to the House of Best in HIS honor. HE has given Aceldama the same opportunity to usher in Chaos in HIS name, but you reject him which will only bring you pain and suffering.

That is your choice to make.

To prepare for this onslaught I will endure I had to think outside of the box and that I had to prepare like Ace has been training for the past twelve years to survive. Someone suggested I go to Alcatraz and lock myself away in solitary for a week and come back in time for my match. I thought about it, but that wouldn’t sharpen my awareness or reflexes because I wouldn’t be in any physical danger. I needed to have that fear that I could be shanked at any given time no matter the place with the awareness that the people that are supposed to protect me won’t lift a finger. So I decided that going to spend a week in a maximum security prison where I can be attacked at any moment may not be the smartest idea, but it was necessary to overcome this agent of chaos.

So far the preparation has been fruitful because it has been a pissing contest with everyone to see who could knock off the “Badass from Texas” since I stepped foot into the cellblock. I’ve had various people try to suffocate me with a pillow in my sleep when the cell door was supposed to be closed but was mysteriously left open. I’ve been attacked in the yard during my recreational time and I conjured up my best Aceldama impression when I beat the shit out of them with a dumbbell. That got me a day in solitary after a nice little beating by the prison guards even though I didn’t resist arrest for what I did in the yard. Hey, the week isn’t over so I wonder what surprises await tonight and tomorrow morning before I’m officially released to head back to Chicago for my match.

Ace, GOD has picked you personally to represent the House of Best for the Final Alliance because you bring chaos wherever you have been, but I have been doing the same thing you have been doing in HOW to GOD for the past decade. I have been a thorn in HIS side that if Kostoff didn’t kill him I probably would have. You think you’re causing HIM problems with your escape attempts? Please, he’s testing your limits just like he was testing me, but the difference is HE never had any ill will towards me and was trying to mold me into his weapon just like he’s doing with you.

Why do you think I was chosen to face you?

You may have laughed when you saw my photo in that folder, but it’s for good reason because with a simple nod from HIM I can end you quicker than your release. You think no rules benefits you? I relish at the moment to see what all the fuss is about and whether you are worth HIS time or not. I’m not here to win Ace, I’m the Demi-God that was chosen to prepare you for battle and you will either survive or I will end you. What Zion experienced was just a small taste of what I have in store for you because I believe you will pan out for the House of Best, but so far I haven’t been impressed because as much as HE has hyped you up shouldn’t you have escaped your prison by now? You want to impress me? Then you have to do more than beat me and you have to be willing to go that extra step and from what I’ve seen it isn’t there. Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll be the one to drag it out of you just like HE is hoping.

You may be Chaos, but I’m HIS Wrath.

How it started.

Location: Huntsville, Texas: Prison

Date: January 23, 2023

As the image comes into view we see various people sitting inside what can only be the Warden’s office.

“He wants to do what?!?!?!?”

The man behind the desk asks emphatically.

“Scott Stevens wants to be incarcerated for a week in your prison facilities to prepare for a match his has at the end of the week.”

A woman who looks to be a lawyer informs the man behind the desk and he doesn’t look pleased.

“This is going to be an absolute PR nightmare if anything happens to that man under my watch.”

The man quickly replies as he leans on his wooden desk.

“Warden, we have all the necessary paperwork from Scott Stevens saying if anything was to happen to him that you, HOW, and anyone else is not liable. He is doing this of his own free will. We have everything in triplicate so every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed.”

The woman tells the warden who leans back in his leather chair and after a couple of minutes he gives him his answer.

“Very well. Just know Mr. Stevens once you are enrolled here Scott Stevens doesn’t exist anymore. You become Inmate 000097. Understood?”

The warden informs Stevens who slowly rises to his feet.


Stevens acknowledges as he is escorted down stairs into processing by two guards as the image slowly fades.