Chaos 008 aftermath – Madison CD #2

Chaos 008 aftermath – Madison CD #2

Posted on September 12, 2022 at 12:43 am by Jace Parker Davidson


We come back from a commercial break to the backstage area of the Madison Square Garden arena. Madison Carter can be seen marching down a hallway with purpose followed by the HOW LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson. Madison reaches the door with Jace’s name on it then opens it up and steps inside of the private locker room. Jace casually follows behind but gets the door slammed in his face by Madison. Jace instantly becomes infuriated before pushing open the locker room door and steps inside.

Davidson: What the fuck is your problem?!

Madison stands in the middle of the locker room with her arms folded across her chest.

Madison: Really? You really have to ask that?

Davidson: I’m sorry, allow me to use my psychic powers to figure out why you’re suddenly pissed off randomly on a Sunday night.

Jace raises his hands up to his head sarcastically as Madison rolls her eyes.

Madison: I’m pissed off because I’m tired of the bullshit. I told you last week about how I felt and instead of solving the issue you decided to walk away and leave me there in the parking lot in Miami. I told you something that was very important to me and were you there to support me? Of course not. I had my first professional wrestling match last night for Missouri Valley Wrestling. But where were you?

Jace goes to speak up but Madison cuts him off before he can utter a single word.

Madison: Oh, wait, that’s right. You were off in Vegas playing hide the sausage with two pocket pussies. My very first match and you didn’t care enough to be there, to watch, or even send me a text saying good job or congratulations. I won my first ever professional wrestling match in St. Louis and then rushed to New York City to be here for you. But do you care? Obviously not. No “Hey, how are you feeling?” or “Thank you so much for making time in your schedule to be here by my side here in Madison Square Garden.”

Davidson: What makes you think that I didn’t watch your match in MVW?

Madison: Oh really? If you watched it then by all means tell me who I beat.

Jace’s eyes widen a bit but he begins stumbling over his words trying to think on his feet.

Davidson: You know that one girl… who, uhh… tried really hard and totally wasn’t prettier than you are…

Madison: Her name is Belinda Tower! Jesus, why did I even think for a single second that you weren’t just talking out of your ass?!

Davidson: Fucks sake, what do you want from me? You said you wanted to start your career and one of the places was Missouri Valley Wrestling. Regardless of how I feel about that place and the people involved, I let you go and do that. I let you remain living in my house, I let you remain to be paid for being my manager. We’re here in the greatest arena on the planet and all I hear from you is ME, ME, ME!!!

Madison: Yes, Lord forbid I do something for myself that isn’t Jace Parker Davidson centered. God forbid that I don’t just brush personal issues under the rug like you seem to do because all of the blood that should be in your brain has taken up permanent residence in your crotch. But at least you’re right about one thing. We are here in the most famous arena in the world that’s called MADISON Square Garden. Oh… my bad. That’s just another example where I made everything about ME!!!

Madison pushes past Jace and exits the locker room in anger. Jace drops the ICON Championship belt off of his shoulder then punches the wall of the locker room in frustration as we head back to ringside.


You would think that today of all days that we could put our differences aside, especially considering the fact of what we happened to be. Yet, in true fashion we’ve done nothing but fight like cats and dogs. Chaos 008 was over and once again we found ourselves in the parking lot of an arena. Only this time it was THE arena. Madison Square Garden and after the last two days I just wanted to get the hell away from him as quickly as possible. But that was asking too much because as I was trying to make my way towards my rental car he was following behind me complaining and picking up our fight right where we had left off earlier.

“You see what happens? You got all fucking pissed off at me and storm off like I did something wrong. You signed with Missouri Valley Wrestling and that goddamn Ray McAvay decides to take a cheap shot at me during the show. Let’s see you play the victim here when all of this is YOUR fault.” Jace rants and raved as he continued to follow me like he was my own shadow.

MY fault?!” I exclaimed as I stopped in my tracks and spun on my heels to face him. “Let me tell you something, I don’t play the victim. This isn’t an act, it’s not some crazy drama that I decided to cook up out of boredom. I am the VICTIM in this situation. If you’re expecting me to feel sorry for you because of what Ray said and did. After all the times you’ve run down him, his friends, and his company, then you’re more delusional than I thought.”

I extended my arm and poked him in the chest with my index finger.

“Delusional? Me? Regardless of what I’ve said or did to that Carny fuck and his little circus for bullshit doesn’t change the fact that you went and signed with the enemy. You want me to care about your feelings, you want me to bend over backwards when it comes to making you a fucking priority. You want me to support you!” Jace slaps my finger away from his chest.

He pauses for a moment then continues his tangent.

“Please tell me… how the fuck am I supposed to support you when you went behind my back and signed a fucking contract with Missouri Valley Wrestling of all the fucking places on Earth? You couldn’t have found another federation? I mean fuck Madison why not call up Thaddeus Duke and fuck your way into an OCW contract?!” Jace shouted while becoming very animated with his hands.

“I don’t even want to hear you talk about fucking my way into anything with anyone after the things you’ve been doing lately. Allow me to explain it to you in your terms… “I’m single and I’m enjoying my life this way.” And if that doesn’t sink into your skull then let me put it bluntly. It doesn’t matter if it’s Thaddeus Duke, Ray McAvay, or even your own sister. I will fuck who I want when I want.” I had to fight the urge to slap him across the face.

“Oh, is that what it is now? Not like that isn’t how you saddled your ass up into moving into my house and sleeping in my bed. You can fuck most anyone you damn well please but if you decided to go and spread your legs out of spite with any of those three names then you might as well move the fuck out of my house and find your own goddamn place to live.” Jace leaned in close while sounding as threatening as he could.

“How the fuck would you even know if I was living in your house or not since you’re never fucking there anymore?! I might be your manager and I might live under your roof but you’re NOT my goddamn father. I don’t care how much you used to enjoy me calling you DADDY. It doesn’t mean that you have control over me.” My head twitched slightly side to side as I spoke.

I paused for a moment then raised my hand into the air and gripped my chin like I was deep in thought.

“I wonder how Ray McAvay would react if I started calling him DADDY? Who knows… might be a nice raise for me… if you know what I mean.” Yes, I know it’s petty, but he brings out the worst in me.

Jace’s face morphs into a look of pure nausea like he was going to be sick to his stomach at the simple thought of the image I just painted into his head.

“And yet you wonder why I never just jumped at the chance to get into a relationship or more with you when I had the chance.” There was venom in his words, but he also said them mostly under his breath.

“I already know why that is…” My voice trailed off for a moment, but my eyes burned with evil intentions. “It’s because I’m way more than you can handle. I’m too good for someone like you, so to save face you decided to try and fuck everything that moves. That way people wouldn’t know the almighty Jace Parker Davidson isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.”

I cut my eyes away from him with a smug smirk on my face, but I was watching him. I was watching him like a hawk, and I noticed with every word I spoke that he gripped his hands into fist that much tighter.

“You’re treading on thin ice here. I’ve been as patient as one person possibly can with you but just because I’ve been nice doesn’t mean that much has changed.” The threatening tone was back again in his voice.

“And that is the problem here. Nothing will ever truly change with you at all but if you’ll excuse me I have places that I need to be.” I waved my hand dismissively.

I turned around and tried to walk off towards my rental vehicle but before I could get too far away Jace reached out and grabbed my arm. He spun me around to face him again and pointed his own finger into my face.

“Places to be? You mean fucking Missouri Valley Wrestling. I swear to fucking Christ… Madison if you start training in that fucking barn owned by Joe Bergman. I’ll burn that motherfucker to the ground with you inside of it. You think I’m playing? Wait until Lee Best finds out that someone attached to a member of The Board is out fucking about in Joe Bergman’s smelly goddamn barn.” Jace’s jaw was tight but his grip on my arm was tighter.

I rolled my eyes and tried as hard as I possibly could not to show that his grip on my arm was hurting me.

“I get it, okay? As your “manager” it won’t be a good look if I become friendly with a member of the Highwaymen. So, trust me when I say that I have zero intentions of going to Joe Bergman’s house or whatever it is he lives in. I have no desire to interrupt his life with all the various women he has floating around him or to train in his broken-down barn with no air conditioning around a group of people I don’t even know. Happy now? No need to puff out your chest and act all menacing.” I scoffed but subtly tried to pull myself free from his grip.

“Am I happy now? I was happy before you decided to go all fucking bipolar psychopath about the fact that I realized you’re not the only bitch on the planet that likes it in the ass. Since that moment you’ve done every fucking thing that you could possibly think of doing to undermine me and make my life a living hell!” Jace released his grip on my arm thankfully.

“Make your life a living hell? I had NO life at all because every single thing I ever thought or did was for YOU. Just stop fucking talking to me about your motherfucking conquests in Vegas. I’m done arguing with you.” I gripped my arm with my free hand.

Once again I turned around to walk away from him but for the second time Jace reached out towards me. Instead of grabbing my arm, this time he grabbed a handful of my hair. I head jerked backwards but I quickly turned and kicked him in the leg so that he’d let go of my hair.

“The fuck you think this is?” Jace said as he lifted his leg a bit in pain. “You mean you’re done arguing with me until you find another fucking reason to whine and complain about how you have it so fucking bad. No, I’m done playing that game. You stay right the fuck here until we finally work this shit out.” Jace commanded.

“Fuck you!” I replied back then slapped him across the face with emphasis.

“Do that again and I’ll make sure you don’t make it to fucking Missouri tonight.” Jace growled as he reached up and held the side of his face.

“Fuck off, I’m not heading to Missouri tonight. I just want to head back to my hotel room and watch the 5BW Warhandle show that I missed tonight because once again I put your needs before my own. In the morning I’ll be heading back to Miami to train with your sister and not Joe Bergman. Any other ways you want to tell me how to live my life?!” I spread my arms and leaned back as the question hung in the air.

“I guess the simple act of loyalty is too much to ask from you.” Jace said in a flippant manner.

I raised my eyebrow and shook my head a bit to make sure I heard what I thought I just heard.

“Loyalty? Motherfucker, you don’t know the meaning of the word. Go hit up the Rabbit and lick the bottom of the stripper heels of your whore.” I turned around and marched away finally towards my rental car.

Jace stood there and watched for a moment before yelling across the parking lot at me.

“Exactly my point. You’re so goddamn jealous of the fact that I have a thing with Samantha that you can’t stand it. You’re a 24-year-old toddler throwing a tantrum because she might actually get what you can’t have. You don’t know ANYTHING about her but at least she’s loyal and at least she’s there for me and not her own selfish interests!” Jace’s voice echoed into the night.

I should have just kept walking. I should have just ignored him the same way he did me last week in Miami before he pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards the airport. But his words burned through my veins like lightning. I stopped once again as my shoulders heaved up and down out of a sheer toxic brew of emotions. I was seething from head to toe. He wanted to strike a nerve and no matter how hard I tried to prevent him from doing so he managed to do it anyway. I turned around slowly and faced him from across the parking lot.

“Selfish interests?! Of course, I’m selfish because I can’t rely on anyone to put my needs before their own and that goes especially for you. You’re right, I don’t know anything about her other than the fact she seems to enjoy your company. Am I jealous? Fine, yes, I’m absolutely fucking jealous of her. I’m jealous you give her way more attention and caring than you’ve ever given me. I’m jealous that you respect her enough to talk to her or consult her before you decide to stick your dick into someone else. I’m jealous over the way your eyes light up anytime you’re even talking to her. You’d walk over hot coals barefoot for her and you don’t even fucking acknowledge my existence half the time. I’m jealous that you are more than willing to flaunt whatever it is you two have going on sexually in front of the entire world, but you’re embarrassed to even consider any kind of commitment with me. So go on already. Go to her, go to her and be happy. I’ll try and make my shattered heart less of an inconvenience for you!” I shouted with every fiber of my being.

I turned around quickly and kept marching towards my rental car. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of seeing the tears roll down my cheeks like small, mighty rivers. I ripped open the driver’s side door of the vehicle then stepped inside and slammed the door shut behind me. I immediately locked the door in case he decided to approach the vehicle before pounding my fists against the steering wheel in total agony. I sat there and sobbed so hard it made it difficult to breathe.

“Stop it, stop crying. Stop letting him hurt you. You deserve better!” I croaked between sobs as I stared at myself in the rearview mirror.

I could still see him standing there in the distance in the parking lot. I took some slow, deep yoga breaths and used my hands to wipe the tears and ruined makeup from my eyes and face. Thankfully he had no idea what hotel I was staying in and what name I had registered under. Once I was there then I could have the privacy necessary to pull myself together or more likely completely fall apart. Once I managed to calm my sobbing down to just pathetic whimpers, I started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot. I decided to take the long way towards the hotel in case he tried to follow me and to give me enough time to relax and try not to look like a complete trainwreck.

“Fuck…” Jace uttered to no one in particular as she watched my rental car drive off into the night.

Jace reached into this pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He started walking through the parking lot towards his own rental car as he found the entry for Samantha Tolson in his contact. He thumbed over her name to call before raising the phone up to his ear. We waited patiently until his call eventually went to voicemail.

“Listen Samantha it’s me. I know you’re busy doing your thing tonight, but I’m headed towards your condo. Whenever you finish for the night, please come and join me there. I need to talk to you…” Jace said out loud as he reached his rental vehicle.

He lowered the phone and pressed the end call button before sliding the phone back into his pocket. He entered the vehicle and leaned back allowing his skull to relax against the headrest at the top of the seat. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily trying to calm his own nerves. He raised his head and opened his eyes once again focused on making his next move. It wasn’t long before the engine was started, and he pulled out of the parking lot heading for condo in NYC that belonged to Samantha Tolson.