Chain of Command.

Chain of Command.

Posted on April 20, 2021 at 2:48 pm by Xander Azula

When I arrived at the American Airlines Center and looked at that HOW banner, I saw before me champions and stars alike: Mike Best, StarrSek Industries, and the World Champion himself chief amongst these faces.

Hell, fresh new faces like Clay Byrd adorned the front of the arena that day.

You know who I didn’t see on that banner? Steve Harrison. Why is that, Steve?

I’ll tell you exactly why…you’re not that high on the totem pole, your place in the chain of command is that of a mere foot soldier.

If I had to guess, you had precisely one job in the DeNucci Cup…to make sure the Best Alliance came out on top by any means necessary, and secure both the Cup and the HOFC title.

You had one job, Harrison, and you failed. You let Dan Ryan get the best of you, and you failed the Alliance.

Don’t feel too bad, the other Steve in your little club couldn’t get the job done either…and that’s where I come in.

Just as Solex fell before the might of Discordia herself, there will be no miracle for the Miracle Man.

Haven’t you heard? Money can’t buy you happiness…and by all accounts, you are broke as all hell.

You came in here tripping and stumbling, hoping your grade school rhetoric will get you through…but you’ve just stepped up to a college professor, friend, and class is now in session.

I see you brought your little checklist of insults in the hopes of striking a cord, but since it boils down to the same list as everyone else who stepped up to me previously, even Mike Best in all his so-called glory, you’d might as well toss that list in the garbage bin.

Don’t come to me talking about evolution with your smooth brain, Steve. If you’re going to act like a caveman, you will be treated like one.

Big man talk big game, puff chest and claim he win.

See how silly that sounds, Steve? That’s what you look like when you claim victory this early on. Buddy, I’m just getting started with you.

Seriously Steve, how dumb are you?

You’re using the word “peasant” in 2021, like you’re some sort of royalty and not some scam artist from backwater Virginia.

You’re giving me shit about believing in something greater than myself, and you turn around and sing the praises of the man that pays you.

I get it, Steve…but who do you think gave the thumbs up on my contract being signed?


Who’s struggling to live in the real world now?

Lee Best will give his seal of approval of whoever he believes is worth it…and I’m starting to wonder if you’re fit for that role.

Everyone else in the Alliance has a rank in the chain of command, what the hell is yours?

You’re just another face, and an ugly one at that.

Meanwhile, my goddess has blessed me tremendously over the past few months. From signing the initial deal to compete in the DeNucci Cup, to destroying three souls in need of repentance…including your pal Steve Solex.

Should’ve asked him what it was like to underestimate my talent.

Even the loss to Mike Best came with clarity of mind and spirit, a chance to regroup and refocus.

Meanwhile, your loss to Dan Ryan gave you a bad nosejob and made you as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside.

You wanna talk about seeking attention? Let’s talk about these edgelord-style insults you tried to throw at me…better yet, let’s not. You don’t deserve that much attention.

Fuck you.

You’re talking out of your ass, and the stench is poignant.

No wonder wrestlers usually avoid you…it’s not your talent, it’s the lingering filth that permeates from you like an aura of rot.

I guess “number two” doesn’t just apply to your singles ranking, Steve.

Seriously, you say the Best Alliance stays best because of you and you’re not even the only Alliance member ranked that high. Clay Byrd being the hot new signee of the bunch, so again…what does that make you?

The more important number here is three…as in the three wins you and I each had in the DeNucci Cup.

And that, friend, is where we’re at. Another shot at glory, another shot at that HOFC title…and another disappointment for the Best Alliance when you let them down yet again.

But hey, at least you’ll have that money to come crying home to right?