Can’t we all just get along?

Can’t we all just get along?

Posted on January 10, 2023 at 7:04 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

If those HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts are going to stay in HOW, then it’ll take someone extraordinary to seal the deal against our opponents.

The person is me, naturally.

The Demi-God of High Octane Wrestling.

Jace isn’t the only person that can do one of these things and while he’s out there doing whatever the hell it is that Jace does in his free time. I have been putting in the work to make sure that we don’t lose these belts to two men who aren’t fit to lace mine or my family’s boots. The Alabama Gang is a nice little group of wrestlers, but they can’t hold a candle to The Stevens Dynasty.

Riding ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson’s coattails in MVW doesn’t make you worthy of winning these titles.

I know how Bill feels because I’ve been letting Jace ride my coattails for months now. He wouldn’t be the so-called Triple Champion if not for me single handedly taking down both Steve Solex and Joe Bergman at ICONIC. He certainly won’t be a Triple Champion when I win the LSD title tournament and beat him for that belt at March 2 Glory. Don’t get me wrong, Jace is a great wrestler, but I am better.

Jace might be a King, but I am a Demi-God.

That’s why I got inducted into the HOW Hall of Fame before you, right ‘partner?’

I’m the engine that makes this team run and I plan on running over R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry at the first ever PWA event. Not just because our GOD wills it, not just because Jace is a slouch and needs me to take charge, and not even because Alabama is an inferior state compared to Texas.

I’m going to do it to give them just a taste of what they have in store when they challenge Bo and George for the MVW Tag Team Championship belts.

I’m sure these inbred Alabama boys probably think they are going to capitalize on the fact that Jace and I can’t get along. They think that we’re going to implode right in the middle of the ring and that’ll give them an easy path to walk out of the Honda Center with our titles.

That’s just not going to happen.

Jace and I are smart enough to put our differences aside to get the job done when these titles are on the line. It doesn’t matter that he literally screwed me out of the LSD Championship belt at ICONIC or that I hit him with a Toxic Sting before our HOTv Tag Team title defense right after that. We can put all of that on the backburner until after the PWA show is over. You two only have one option if you honestly expect to win.

Cut the ring in half and isolate Jace.

He’s the weak link of the team. He’s ignorant when it comes to Missouri Valley Wrestling. I’ve been there for a while now. I’ve competed against the best MVW has to offer and I’ve seen you both wrestle firsthand. I know what you two are good at and I know your weaknesses. Jace will be too egotistical to bother to do the research.

However, I’m not just going to sit back and allow you to take advantage of Jace.

Well… maybe a little bit. I wouldn’t mind seeing him roughed up a bit before March 2 Glory but not enough to the point that you two will walk away as the new HOTv Tag Team Champions. 2022 might not have been my best year, but now that I have been saved by HIM. I will vanquish HIS enemies and make sure that these titles don’t fall into the dirty hands of any of you Evil Empire faithful. I will send you both back to Missouri empty handed and then sit back and enjoy watching you two fail to win the MVW titles too. Being handicapped with Jace as a partner isn’t enough for a couple of below average MVW stars to overcome a Demi-God.

Afterall, a Gang has nothing on a man that leads a Dynasty.


TEN-X Wrestling Facility
Chicago, Illinois
Friday January 6th, 2023

Have you ever had one of those days where even a whole bottle of extra strength Tylenol wouldn’t ease the headache that other people have caused you?

That’s Jace today.

ICONIC has come and gone and Jace enjoyed a few weeks off during the holidays but with the first ever PWA show approaching on the 14th it was time to get back to work. That meant getting the gym and putting in the effort to make sure that he and Scott Stevens didn’t lose the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts to a couple of lackeys that Joe Bergman and Ray McAvay handpicked to face them.

Everyone decided to meet up here in Chicago at the TEN-X Wrestling Facility. And when I say everyone, I do mean EVERYONE.

Jace and Scott Stevens were the obvious ones. But also, Stevens’ father Cary Stevens along with Ricky, George, and Bo all showed up here too. Not to mention Abdullah Choi, STRONKETTE, Madison, and Jace’s biological father Terrence Miles Davidson.

Every single one of them had an opinion on just how Stevens and the Triple Champion should tackle taking on those two MVW scrubs that somehow managed to get themselves a title shot. Like honestly, if it isn’t Joe Bergman getting endless HOTv World Tag Team Championship title shots it’s another pair of MVW assholes. When does the madness stop? When can Jace honestly move on from dealing with Bergman, McAvay, or whatever other loser oozes their way out of fucking Missouri and thinks they can make it big at the expense of HOW?

This match is academic. It’s guys from MVW, it’s not that serious.

Get in, get out, and move onto HOW only business. Yet, no one here in this building, including Scott Stevens himself, felt like this would be a cake walk. Everyone had a plan of attack or a criticism about how Jace was deciding to approach this thing.

Way too many cooks inside of the kitchen for Jace’s tastes.

“Dammit stop! You’re doing it all wrong again!” The voice of Scott’s father echoes from outside of the ring for what feels like the hundredth time.

Jace stopped dead in his tracks just before he was about to hit Bo Stevens with Bend The Knee. He snapped my head around towards the Patriarch of the Stevens family and shouted right back at him.

“For fucks sake, what is it now?!” Jace was clearly at his wits end with this entire ordeal.

“You’re missing the opportunity to work together!” Cary Stevens bellows as loud as his lungs would allow.

Jace looked back at Bo, who was already back up to his feet, then back at old man Stevens with a look of confusion written across his face.

“What the fuck does that even mean?!” Jace stretched his arms out wide.

“I believe what Mr. Stevens is alluding to my dear boy, that you and your partner should be working together instead of you just trying to do it all yourself.” Jace’s father chimed in.

“I was just about to finish this guy off. Why would I need Scott’s help with that?” Jace rubbed his hand down over his face trying to keep himself from snapping.

“Yeah, but then what?” Cary Stevens barked.

“Then I pin him, the match is over, and we all go home happy.” Jace explained.

“And you think George wouldn’t have come in and broken up the count?” Cary tilted his head to the side as he looked over at the hulking Stevens family member standing on the ring apron.

“I don’t totally agree but…” Madison began to add her two cents in. “It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you tagged in Scott then one of you knocked George off the apron to the floor. And if you both had any kind of tag team moves or finishers then that would be even better!”

Jace lowered my head and bit down on the inside of the cheek as he placed his hands on his hips.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself, Madison.” The voice of Scott Stevens came from the ring apron.

Jace snapped my head around to look at Scott, who had a shit eating grin on his face.

“You expect me to form tag team moves with this guy? It would take ten years for him to name them all before we could ever hit even one in a match. No way am I trusting this idiot with that kind of thing.” Jace protested.

“Trust is something you both need to work on. Being at each other’s throats has gotten you this far but teamwork will have to improve if you both expect to have a lengthy reign with those belts.” Choi piped in.

“Not happening. I won these Championship belts on my own and I damn sure can retain them on my own without the help of the ‘Demi-Dipshit’ over there.” Jace argued back.

“Excuse me?” Scott Stevens shouted from the ring apron.

“Shut the fuck up!” Jace fired back at his ‘partner.’

Stevens stepped through the ropes and entered the ring as Bo bounced around in an excited manner. Scott got into Jace’s face, and they stood nose to nose glaring at each other.

“How about you make me shut up?” Stevens dared.

“Dude, you literally have the easiest job in the world. You stand on the ring apron, you shut the fuck up, when I tag you, you get into the ring for five minutes tops. Then if you don’t completely fuck it all up, you get to take home a Championship belt after doing the bare minimum.” Jace growled back at Stevens.

George stepped through the ropes and entered the ring this time.

“All your tough talk and bullshit isn’t going to fly anymore. Like it or not, Scott is your partner, and we have just as much riding on this match as you both do.” George tried to verbally slap his dick onto the table.

“Like I could give a fuck about you, him, or those Fisher Price ass Tag Team Championship belts that you hold. I’m not in the business doing charity for lesser talents. I’m doing this for me and me alone. You need help beating The Alabama Gang? Then I suggest you quit professional wrestling and go back to bagging groceries at the Piggly Wiggly.” Jace spat in George’s direction.

George took exception to Jace’s comment then used both of his hands to shove him as hard as he could. Jace stumbled back and would have ended up on the floor if not for the ropes. The size advantage didn’t stop Jace from charging forward and hitting George with a low dropkick to the knee. The big man dropped to all fours on the canvas as Jace backed up to the near corner. Jace shot out of the corner looking for Bend The Knee but Bo hit him with a spear that sent them both down to the canvas. The fight was on, and this was way beyond any training or sparring. Cary, Madison, Terrence, Choi, and STRONKETTE all entered the ring and tried to pull the three men apart.

“You talk a lot of shit for someone that could barely beat Missouri Valley Wrestlers like Joe Bergman and I bet that even to this day that Ray McAvay could kick your ass!” George yelled from the far corner he was being held in.

“Jesus fucking Christ, what is it with all you MVW losers trying to use someone else’s accomplishments to insult someone?! No one gives a fuck about Bergman or McAvay. The fact is, that if not for your daddy and everyone else here, I would have made sure neither of you would have made it to your title defense against The Alabama Gang!” Jace screamed for the opposite corner.

“Why don’t you come say that to my face?! I’d slap you so hard that your hair would go back to looking like a pack of Skittles again!” Bo tried leaping over both Terrence and Choi who were holding him in his own corner.

While this all was going on Scott Stevens had exited the ring and made his way over towards a bench in the building where Jace’s gym bag sat. Stevens reaches inside looking for a towel to wipe the sweat from his face, but as he pulls out the towel, the HOW LSD Championship belt falls out of the bag too. Stevens wipes his face then grabs a hold of the LSD title. He holds it in his hands and just admires it quietly. This very belt could soon have his name on it, all he has to do is beat Darin Zion, and win the tournament against the likes of Carey, Solex, and Azula.

A grin forms across Scott’s features, but suddenly the LSD Championship belt is yanked out of his grasp. Stevens snaps his head around to find Jace standing there holding the title in one hand and pointing his finger into his partner’s chest with the other hand.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I’m in the ring arguing with your fucked up family and here you are looking lovingly MY title?! I’m sick of this bullshit. You had your shot; you’ve had plenty of shots, but you failed each and every single time. The LSD Championship belt is mine. I think it’s about time you accept that fact and move on with your life.” Jace hissed at Stevens.

Scott looked down at the finger pressed against his chest then swatted it away before looking back up at his partner.

“I was looking for a towel and it just so happened to fall out of the bag.” Stevens stated in a less than friendly tone. “You can bitch and whine all you want about the title shots that I received, but the fact remains here. I will be the LSD Champion sooner rather than later. I would suggest you enjoy your time with that title while you still can because I am going to win that tournament. Once that happens, I’m walking into March 2 Glory to beat you for that belt… that is, if you’re still the Champion by then.”

Jace had enough of Stevens’ attitude and shoved him with both hands. Stevens stumbles back a bit but then rears back and slaps Jace across the face as hard as he possibly could. Jace staggers backward and nearly drops the title belt from the impact of the slap. In an instant Jace went from fighting George and Bo Stevens inside of the ring to fighting Scott Stevens outside of the ring. The two men tear into each other as everyone else once again charges over to try and keep the two partners from killing each other before the PWA 01 event.


I really fucking hate Scott Stevens.

And for as many reasons as I have to hate Scott Stevens, and trust me there are a lot, I happen to hate MVW and every single wannabe wrestler in that company even more.

Madison might be the only exception to that rule but even then, that’s not a guarantee.

From the moment I returned to HOW back in April of 2021, I’ve had to deal with members of MVW in one form or another. Whether it was McAvay, Bergman, Xander Azula being Bergman’s bitch, and now The Alabama Gang.

These lesser wrestlers keep popping up like pimples on the ass of professional wrestling.

So, now that Joe Bergman has tried and failed multiple times to have a reign with these belts that meant something. I get to move onto the true bottom of the barrel as far as MVW talent goes. The background dancers of The Alabama Gang, R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry. Two guys I had no idea even fucking existed until their names appeared on the PWA 01 super show card.

Two guys’ living off of the success… if you can call it that… of ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson. He’s the current MVW Men’s Champion and once competed against John Sektor on an HOW PPV for the LSD Championship belt.

The same John Sektor that was on his last legs and was ready to retire until he decided that he had a little bit more left in the tank. Then completely dropped off the face of the Earth like he normally does when the coke wears off and he realizes he’s not as good as he thinks he is. This is the leader of this shitty little faction and one of the many people that are going to feed these two guys information on what it’s like to face HOW level talent.

Of course, let’s not forget about Sunny O’ Callahan.

I swear to God, can’t these hillbillies hire more than one woman to do all their managerial duties? It’s like Sunny manages every single wrestler in Missouri Valley and they all get her to dress up like some slut from the 70’s. The one they dreamed about one day having as their own as they coated the inside of one of their socks… or their sister. Whatever was available at the given time, with defective DNA.

R.G. and Mark are going to come into the Honda Center with all their guns blazing. Both figuratively and literally because they’re from Alabama. They are in a situation where they have nothing to lose. If they get their asses kicked, then everyone already expected that to happen, and they’ll be considered ‘brave’ for stepping up to the challenge.

But if they win?

They’ll have pulled off the upset of the century. They’ll walk out of that Honda Center with the only World Tag Team titles that matter in the entire PWA alliance. They’ll be put on the map and have their names forever cemented in the history books as the massive underdogs that defeated Scott Stevens and Jace Parker Davidson.

Not on my fucking watch.

This isn’t some Cinderella story. This isn’t some scripted movie where it sends people home feeling good about themselves for about thirty minutes, then they are sitting on the couch shoving Pork Rinds into their fat faces.

This is professional wrestling, and this is a match where two HOW Hall of Famers.

One way more worthy than the other…

Step into the first ever PWA event and we hurt the minor league talent. We go out there and we dismantle the two of you for the entire world to see. You both should consider it a win if you leave the Honda Center in anything other than body bags.

You’ll both limp your asses back to Missouri, you’ll move on with your lives and pretend what happened at PWA 01 was just a bad dream. Like when Sunny walks in and catches the both of you playing hide sausage with each other.

No wonder McAvay decided to attach her at the hip of you two. Got to stop the people from finding out the perception IS the reality.

I don’t honestly care how long you both have been teaming together or how well you work with each other inside of the ring. None of that means a fucking thing. Stevens and I hate each other and even with that being the case, we’ll still steamroll over the both of you.

The title belts we hold represent HOTv as a whole. I’ll be damned if I allow a team from Missouri Valley Wrestling of all places to represent our network.

You want to represent a network? Head over towards PRIME and try to become the Champions of that shitty ACE network. I’m sure somewhere in the five billion segments on their bi-weekly show that they’ll be able to slide you two in.

I was told the segments were ‘REALLY GOOD’ though!

I tried to say that with a straight face, honestly, I tried…

Come Saturday night gentlemen. You’re going to get a crash course in REAL professional wrestling. You’re going to get a cram session on how to survive in a ring against a killer, not just some fucking parody of the Kardashians.

Listen to whoever you want, bring all the moral support that you can find.

At the end of the night, you two knuckle draggers will Bend The Knee and pay homage to the ONE & ONLY Triple Champion in all of the PWA.


PWA Press Conference
The Honda Center
Anaheim, California
Friday January 13th, 2023

The Press Conference for the PWA event tomorrow night had been going on all day long. Reporters packed inside to ask questions and take pictures of the wrestlers from all the various PWA companies who were scheduled to appear on the show. At the moment it was the current HOTv World Tag Team Champions who were front and center ready to promote their match.

It had been a week since Stevens and Jace got into it in Chicago. The two men hadn’t trained together, let alone spoken to each other, since then. Stevens sat on one end of the long table with his HOTv World Tag Team Championship belt on display in front of the microphone. Not to be outdone, Jace sat on the opposite end of the table with all three of his Championship belts on display in front of his microphone. Madison was seated between the two men as a human barrier to keep the two Champions from picking up where they left off inside of TEN-X.

One reporter stood up and directed the first question towards the Champions.

“The last time we saw you both inside of the ring was at ICONIC. You both went at each other pretty hard for the LSD Championship belt. That spilled over into the HOTv World Tag Team title defense where Stevens hit you with the Toxic Sting. Have you two worked out your issues since then?” The reporter asked, eager for an answer.

“Absolutely fucking not!” Jace said into his microphone.

“I think what my partner is trying to say…” Stevens’ voice trails off a bit as he glares at Jace. “Is that we’re both very competitive individuals both inside and outside of the ring. We both managed to get caught up in the heat of things, but at the end of the day we are the HOTv World Tag Team Champions, and we intend on staying that way.”

The first reporter sits down as another one gets to his feet.

“Why do you think Lee Best booked you two in this match against these opponents? Also, does it bother either one of you that you haven’t been officially announced as members of Lee Best’s Final Alliance?” The reporter stood there with a curious look on his face.

“I am the Demi-God of HOW.” Stevens answered first. “I am HIS right hand. That automatically makes me better than any member of The Final Alliance. I am the man that he personally brought back to HOW when the rest of these so-called wrestlers couldn’t get the job done. It’s already a given that I will be a part of any and all things that HE has planned.”

“Oh, shut up motherfucker, get over yourself.” Jace scoffed. “Lee brought each and every single one of us back to HOW. That doesn’t make you special, it just means he pitied you. As far as I’m concerned if Lee wants to make me a member of his Final Alliance, then great. If not? Well then, me and my three Championship belts, will have no problems carving up the rest of his roster until each and every single HOW title belongs to me.”

“But that doesn’t answer the first question of why you think he booked this match.” The reporter added.

“Simple, everyone else is either smart enough or too scared to step into the ring against me.” Jace replied. “Honestly, I hate this match just as much as I hate everything to do with MVW. I went into this PWA event wanting to go one-on-one against Lindsay Troy. But she’s too frightened to step into the ring with me. Who is she facing tomorrow night? Kyle McRae? The guy that Xander Azula beat up from sVo? Pfffft, fucking lame.”

“Everyone knows Linday Troy couldn’t hack it in HOW.” Stevens bragged. “Instead of being embarrassed by one of us, she decided to hide in a match that no one cares about. This is why we have to take on The Alabama Gang. At least these two have the guts to step into the ring and take their ass whooping like real men. I guess you can say that’s why MVW will always be better than PRIME.”

The reporter raises his eyebrow a bit but takes a seat as another one stands up.

“Scott, your family members are defending their MVW Tag Team titles against The Alabama Gang sometime soon. Are you going to use this opportunity to soften up your opponents for them or at the very least scout out some of their tendencies?” The reporter looked towards Stevens for an answer.

“We are called The Stevens Dynasty for a reason.” Stevens says as Jace rolls his eyes. “I don’t need to soften up anyone for George and Bo to dominate inside of that ring. I have all the confidence in the world that they will get the job done. It’s just a shame there won’t be much of The Alabama Gang left after tomorrow night.”

The reporter takes his seat satisfied with the answer as another one is ready with his question.

“Jace, you’ve been known to refer to MVW wrestlers as ‘carny’ which is something that wasn’t appreciated by members of that roster. Can you explain to us why you feel that way?” The reporter was almost salivating for an answer.

“Have you ever taken a look at the MVW roster?” Jace asked the reporter. “They aren’t real human beings. What I mean by that is every single one of them has some over the top gimmick. None of them just go to the ring and act like themselves or a normal person. You had a guy running around with a giant pencil, a fighting robot, and then of course, The Alabama Gang. Are they just normal guys who like to wrestle? No, obviously not. Their first ever promo in PWA and what do they do? They go to a bar and watch Alabama play college football. And guess what? Both of those fuckers’ finishers is an Alabama Slam. WOW amazing! They are from Alabama, they call themselves The Alabama Gang, they like Alabama football and they both do a basic bitch move like the Alabama Slam. Creative genius at its fucking finest. Being from a shitty state isn’t a good gimmick nor is it a healthy substitute for a personality. That is why MVW is carny-ville.”

The reporter grins and takes his seat as another one pops up.

“The Alabama Gang are members of the Missouri Valley Wrestling roster. It sounds like both of you are underestimating them heading into this match just because of that.” The reporter sat back down and waited for a response

“As you know I am also a member of the MVW roster.” Scott Stevens began. “I’m very familiar with the members of that roster as you well know, and I would never underestimate any wrestler. Especially when the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts are on the line.”

“Wait a fucking minute.” Jace grabbed his microphone and turned to look at Stevens. “Just why are you a member of the MVW roster? Jesus Christ, you’re an HOW Hall of Famer. Why would you feel the need to travel to Bumfuck, Missouri to wrestle against losers? Have some self-respect, goddammit. You wear a Hall of Fame ring on your finger, but you still act like the same stupid ass Lonesome Loser you’ve always been.”

Stevens begins getting angry, but Jace continues.

“Demi-God this and right hand that. You’re only Lee Best’s right hand because he uses your hand to jerk off while he pretends Kirsta Lewis is still around. You’ve held the HOW World Championship belt before. Yet, in MVW you’re not even competing for their top belt. You’re in the secondary division and you’re not even holding that belt either. Didn’t you lose it to one of Lindsay Troy’s disciples? You’re just killing what little credibility and legacy you have left, you dumb son of a bitch.”

Stevens shoots up out of his seat, but Madison tries to calm him down.

“You guys want to know what I’M going to do to The Alabama Gang?” Jace turns back towards the reporters then points over towards Stevens. “I’m going to carry this sack of shit on my back, just like I always do, and lead him to victory once again. The Alabama Gang thinks they’ve got a winning lottery scratch off because they have a contract that we all signed? No, what you have is a death warrant that you both attached your names to without thinking. Your delusion if you think you have even the slightest chance of survival. I don’t give a fucking shit about your rivalry with his family members. What I care about is winning, what I care about is Championship gold. What I care about is proving once again that I’m the single greatest wrestler to ever step inside of a ring.”

Jace stands up out of his seat while holding the microphone.

“You can fight, scratch, claw, or throw fireballs around the ring. It won’t do you any good. You have as much chance of kicking our asses as Darin Zion has of putting together coherent sentences. You’re both nothing but fodder. A mere warmup handed to me by Lee Best to keep me fresh for future matches in HOW that account for something. You get to have a few fleeting moments in MY spotlight, then you go back to Missouri and continue to be nobodies. Best you can hope for is to be the answer to a trivia question at some dirty hipster bar that probably has Scottywood’s picture on the wall. You get to be a mere footnote in the legendary story of The King of Everything. I don’t do autographs, but I’ll be more than happy to leave the imprint of my boot on the back of both of your skulls.” Jace stomps his foot down for emphasis.

“If I were you, old man Jenkins, I would stay home with that mail order bride of yours. I would smack Hendry across the head and hope his vocabulary expands past the word ‘yeah.’ I wouldn’t listen to all the hype and wishful thinking from all your shitty little buddies. There is a reason why I am where I am. Why I have all three of these Championship belts and you are floundering in mediocrity. Fuck around and find out if you want to. But trust me, there aren’t enough stripper poles or blowjobs in the world to fix what is about to happen to you two. There… interview… over!”

Jace drops the microphone dramatically, then gathers up his three Championship belts. He turns to Stevens and flips him the bird before walking off followed by Madison. Stevens shakes his head disgusted, then looks at the reporters.

“I’ll be happy to answer any other questions that you have in a civil and mature fashion since my partner wants to act like a child.” Stevens says into his microphone.

A couple more reporters stand up and begin shouting questions in Stevens’ direction as the scene fades.