Caged Animal

Caged Animal

Posted on April 7, 2023 at 11:37 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Houston, Texas: Hobby Airport

Date: April 7, 2023

The scene opens up to the outside of Hobby Airport during a shitty Houston afternoon. The normal sunny, hot and humid weather has turned cloudy, cold and rainy as we see dozens of people gathering their belongings and saying their final goodbyes as they head inside the airport to travel to their destinations on this Easter weekend. As scene fades inside, we see a long line of people waiting to check their tickets and bags.

“I can take the next person!”

The concierge informs the person in line who happens to be the Demi-God of HOW.

“How can I help you sir?”

The woman asks as Scott approaches the counter.

“Yes ma’am.”

Stevens starts his statement as he places his first-class ticket onto the counter.

“I tried checking into the kiosk and everything to get my boarding pass, but every time I tried it I had trouble with it. At first, I thought it was the machine so I tried a few more and I was having the same issue. Can you help me figure out what is going on?”

Stevens asks the woman who takes his ticket.


The lady replies and she begins to type the information into her computer. As she continues typing her chipper tone slowly turns to one of confusion.

“Oh my….”

She says aloud and Scott raises an eyebrow.


The Texan asks waiting for the lady to respond.

“Apparently Mr. Stevens, your ticket is invalid.”

Scott looks dumbfounded

“Invalid? What do you mean invalid? I have a receipt of purchase confirming my information.”

Stevens informs the lady as he brings up the email confirmation of the ticket purchase and she checks it with Scott’s driver’s license information as he places both onto the counter for her to see.

“The information looks correct.”

She tells Stevens as she goes over everything twice.

“What form of payment did you use to purchase this ticket?”

the lady asks as she continues typing on her computer.

“Credit card.”

Scott replies as he opens his wallet back up and summons the HOW Liberty card from it’s sanctuary in it’s black leather sleeve.

“It’s a company card and I use it for all my travel purposes.”

Scott tells the lady as he hands her the card and she begins to check the information.

“Everything looks correct. Just let me talk to my manager and he will call the company and see if he can sort things out. If you will kindly step to the side.”

The lady heads over to where her manager is located and explains the information to him. She hands him the company credit card, Stevens’ information along with ticket and receipt. The manager heads towards his office and the lady returns as Scott steps to the side to allow the other people in line to take care of their business.

Thirty minutes later…………………………………

“Mr. Stevens?”

The manager says as he approaches the Demi-God of HOW.

“We found the problem with your ticket.”

The man informs Scott and he looks relieved.

“That’s great, what was it?”

Scott asks and the manager sighs drawing a puzzled look from the Demi-God.

“Well? What was it?”

Stevens asks again this time with more of an authoritative tone.

“Well sir, after getting a hold of your place of employment they explained the situation.”

Stevens’ brow narrows and stares at the man.

“What situation?”

The Demi-God asks and the man gulps a little sensing frustration within Scott’s tone.

“Well, they said you got into it with your employer about a position you thought it was yours and with your, “lack of faith” as they put it, every benefit you had been receiving had been terminated and the card is basically no good to you anymore.”

The manager informs Stevens slides his tongue of his teeth in annoyance.

“Of course, they did.”

Scott mumbles to himself.

“However, you can still purchase the ticket, but it’s going to cost a little more. Would you like to purchase it?”

The manager asks and Scott nods.


The manager replies and begins to click away on one of the other computers until he is finished.

“That’ll be nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars and ninety-seven cents.”

The manager tells Stevens the price and he looks shocked.

“Do you still want to purchase it Mr. Stevens?”

The man asks and Stevens grudgingly reaches into his wallet and pulls out his American Express Black card and tosses it on the counter.


Scott says with extreme sarcasm in his voice.

Later that day……………..

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma: Bok Center

The scene opens up to the inside of the Bok Center where over eighteen thousand screaming fans are expected to invade the arena to see a couple of War Games qualifying matches along with two title matches as well as a tag team grudge match. As the camera zooms around the Bok Center we see that the HOW production and ring crew have been working to set things up for Chaos 27 this Sunday. However, everyone has since been long gone for the day except one person as we see a lone individual sitting in the middle of the ring.

That individual is Scott Stevens.

Stevens sits in a steel folding chair wearing black Nike sweats and a Stevens, “Demi-God of HOW” tank top. He has his hands under his chin and his emerald eye is shut while his 97 Red glass eye remains open and all seeing. Silence lingers in the arena for a couple of minutes before the Texan breaks it.

“In a few short days I take on the man who calls himself the Prize fighter of HOW.”

Stevens says as he slowly opens his left eye.

“Xander Azula.”

The Texan slowly rises from his chair and begins to walk around the ring like a caged animal.

“Xander Azula, the supposed HOFC fighter, that will take on anyone at any time.”

Stevens stops moving for a second and places his hands on the back of the folding chair.

“A man that is such a threat and a stepping stone to greatness in HOW that he basically has to beg for an opponent every pay-per-view because he’s never on it.”

Stevens begins walking around the ring once more.

“Xander, just like assholes and elbows, everyone has an opinion, and your opinion of me is something I could care less about. You beat me, good fucking job, and what have you accomplished since then?”

Stevens stops walking around the ring to let the question linger before shrugging.

“The only thing I can remember of significance about you is calling out Mike Best for a match at ICONIC and he came out of retirement to pad his stats one last time by sending you into the land of the unconscious with that knee of his. Other than that, your only claim to fame has been beating me and Hollywood in HOFC matches.”

Stevens starts to sarcastically clap.

“I can tell you from first hand experience that dwelling on the past is not great for your future.”

Stevens smirks.

“But you’ve been told this many times before and you don’t listen so when I hear you’re going to send me into oblivion and make me watch War Games from the sidelines I just laugh.”

Stevens chuckles to himself.

“You think I’m the one in danger when I challenged you to a steel cage match this Sunday?”

Stevens busts out laughing.

“Xander, you have no idea what you agreed to when you accepted my challenge. This isn’t an octagon or the “gilded cage” as you call it because there is no stoppage when I am beating you within an inch of your life. There are no doctors to examine you between rounds to see if you can continue. When that cage lowers around us Sunday there is no escape because the door will be chained and locked with a roof on top to prevent escape.”

Stevens grabs the steel chair and folds it in his hands before striking the canvas over and over making a sickening thud sound that echo throughout the Bok Center.

“You hear that Xander?”

Stevens asks before violently throwing do the chair.

“That is going to be the sound of your body when I throw YOU around!”

Stevens shouts as he points towards the hard camera.

“That is going to be the sound of your body when I suplex your body into those steel bars. I am going to grind your fucking flesh into the steel mesh until I get blood and then I am going to feast upon it like I was a vampire.”

Stevens says with a devilish grin on his face.

“The man you beat long ago Xander is not the same man that steps into a War Games. The Scott Stevens that leads a War Games team is cool, calculating, and will manipulate his way to victory. Happened when I lead HOW to victory over Boardwalk Wrestling in 2015 and when my team won once again the following year. But…..”

Stevens holds up a finger.

“You don’t think I should be in it because I’m undeserving. HA!”

The Texan shakes his head.

“The reason Lee Best dragged me out to eastern Europe last year was because he knows when I step inside of War Games I turn into a feral fucking beast that will do anything and everything to make sure his team wins. Ask Aceldama how it was when I broke his fucking ribs throwing him around the Best Arena to the point that little bitch, Dan Ryan, had to come and save him. Think about how it took three men to keep me down when I decided to interrupt the Final Alliance’s hazing escapade when they were giving swirlies and pissing on people like it was a typical Friday night at the Jace Parker Davidson household. I really could care less if you respect me or not because I’m a fucking HOW Hall of Famer and former world champion and those are two things you will never be.”

Stevens informs his opponent as he walks over to the steel chair and opens it up once again and takes a seat.

“When you step inside the cage there is no respect. It’s either you conquer and annihilate your opposition or you’re destroyed and have your career enslaved as you are branded a failure.”

Stevens says sternly as he points to himself.

“I can’t let that happen to me Xander. I won’t let that happen to me again because Evan Ward already took my War Games captain spot and what I do to you in a few days is just a small sample of what I will be doing to him inside the cage in Mexico City. This Sunday you are going to be the matador, but instead of being killed by your spinning backfist I will be goring you like a charging bull when you meet defeat at the hands of a Toxic Sting.”

Stevens sits back in the chair and rubs his hands together.

“Vaya con Dios Xander.”

Stevens tells Xander to go with God in Spanish before leaning forward and blowing the words away like dust.

“Because when that door closes and you look across the ring at me you can pray to Eris all you want but you will get no response from your God because the only God that will be listening is me and I don’t give a shit about you. The blood I spill that night will serve as a warning to the GOD of HOW and his Final Alliance pussies that you don’t fuck with the Demi-God of HOW, Scott Stevens!”

Stevens growls as he gets up from the steel chair and the image slowly fades.