Posted on July 8, 2021 at 5:44 pm by John Sektor

Why the fuck are you talking about Chris Kostoff?




You’re dragging a dinosaur into the discussion regarding two up and comers for fuck sake. Literally you have nothing else to say so you did what you always do and rely on history and other people to fill the void of your empty ass promo.


You tried to sell Kostoff as a monster but inadvertently buried him by comparing him to a guy in a bunny costume with a speech impediment. Even I know how disrespectful that is and I haven’t even gotten my dick wet in this company yet. 


Wins and losses don’t mean anything to your boy? Really? Then what the fuck we doing here? Why should I waste my time and energy getting in the ring with a guy who “doesn’t care?” 


He just wants to hurt me? Am I supposed to be scared? Is that supposed to terrify me into submission? Mother fucker, you just no sold your own protégé by as good as saying that he doesn’t expect to win.


Wins and losses are all that matter to me because I’m a competitor. There is nothing personal about this for me. Its a chance for me to test what I have learned against a guy of similar calibre and see how I stack up.


Again, you make this all about you and Sektor. He hasn’t said one fucking word this whole time because he’s allowing me to do my thing, make my own mistakes but most importantly…make my OWN name!


You talk about loyalty Jatt. How the wabbit is loyal and Sektor is not.




What relevance does any of that have to he and I trading punches and submission holds in our HOFC debut? Nothing. No relevance at all. I’m gonna hammer that point home.




Not Welevance…REL-E-VANCE!


I hate you Jatt Starr. You have single handedly ruined this whole experience for me. This is my first EVER HOFC match. My first ever HOW match and I wanted this to be what it was supposed to be. Me and my opponent exchanging heated words and mind games, getting cerebral before we finally stand toe to toe and Duke it out. 


But you’ve ROBBED me of that. And worse yet, you’ve robbed your boy of that too.


You talk about loyalty as though you know what that means but you don’t.


You’re not loyal! Your selfish ass mother fucker who has turned this whole experience into the Jatt Starr show and I won’t stand for it. I wish it was you facing off from me so that I could smack the shitty jokes out of your mouth and shut you up for good. 


Wabbit…fucking hell I literally cringed having to say that name but I’m gonna try and make the best out of a bad situation here so bear with me.




Wabbit. Business is business? That is literally how it is. But I’m sorry, we will never be friends. We will never be cool. I am not here to make friends, I’m here to make a living and make a name and if ending putting the brakes on Jatt’s latest train wreck gets me there then that’s what I will do. 


I feel sorry for you. I’ve landed myself with a cold hearted wrestling machine whilst you’ve been stuck with sideshow Bob. You haven’t even gotten off the mark yet and he’s trying to suppress you. He’s embarrassed by you. Every promo has made you look like a child. He literally said that you make him sick. What kind of manager does that. 


I like to think I’m heading to North Caroline on July 10th with a little bit of hype to my name. I know being affiliated with John Sektor is 90% of the hype but at least he’s not buried me every chance he gets like Jatt has done with you.


I hope you DO bring it and manage to show the world that you are more than a guy in a cheap mask with a terrible manager.


But I’m not here to exchange niceties. I’m here to say how it is and for a proper tribute? I’m gonna try and do it the Kostoff way..


Boy..I’m gonna punch you in your man pleaser and knock you the fuck out. 


See you out there!