Bulletproof Fail

Bulletproof Fail

Posted on April 15, 2022 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

I once thought I was invincible, you know?


Who hasn’t ever thought at one point, they weren’t invincible?  We all had those moments growing up where we felt immortal.  It was the best feeling in the world!  I remember laughing about that concept with some old friends in passing.  I also never had the concept of the meaning perception is reality dropped in front of my feet, either.  Alas, one day, both of the sayings were dropped on me at the same time.


Perception is reality.


Immortality is the poorest long standing joke in the history of the universe.


So why was it presented to me in poor fashion and at the age I was at?  I ask myself those questions every now and again when I need to be reminded about my humility.  It often times resets my own personal needle, especially if I get ahead of myself.  It sadly happens more often than you think.  I may think on it from time to time, but I never really talked about it openly before.  I always was taught never to show vulnerability, unless it’s out of respect.  What kind of fucking bullshit is that, really?


It’s a god damn shitty one.  Almost like I’ve learned a third lesson that seems to turn up like a bad habit around every other corner in HOW.  That bad habit?  Facing Jeffrey James Roberts in a HOW ring.  The man doesn’t know vulnerability or respect.  He just knows how to murder people or putting them in a position that they wished they never faced him in a ring.  So why do I feel like this one is the biggest lie in all of High Octane Wrestling?  Why hasn’t JJR put me out to pasture?  Why, in every instant, do I seem to fair better and better when I step into the ring with him, and not facing a career threatening injury or beaten to within a inch of my life?


I know there’s a hidden meaning there.  HOW always has a way of making that lightbulb turn on in your head or really gets you thinking about the why’s instead of the what ifs.  If I had a what if scenario every time I fought in a HOW ring, I’d be the richest member on the HOW roster.  Maybe I am, who really knows at this point.  But seriously, you try figuring that answer out.  I swear, if you were in my shoes, you’d be scratching your head on the supposed solution at that problem.


Did I just have one recently, too?


Imma still say no, here, for PR sake.  It really doesn’t matter what the answer to that question really is.  It’s more about understanding the certain level of the question, rather than finding the answer to it.  If this were me facing Jeffrey James Roberts for the first or even second time, I’d be all over answering that and trying to make excuses for changing who I was on a weekly basis.  Identity crisis is not on my resume, despite seemingly hitting a threshold that’s been hard to overcome as of late.  I knew War Games would be something, but in the eyes of all those around JJR and myself, they don’t see anything other than me being squashed all over the ring like a god damn cockroach.  Did we really get to a point in Brian Hollywood’s career that he’s viewed as a cockroach?  So what really went wrong all those times in that ring since I’ve been back in HOW?  I was on top of the whole fucking mountain here and now I can barely even scale it anymore.  Something had to change…otherwise my career and what it meant being on top of the HOW mountain would fade in the wind and nobody would be the wiser to remember it.


So let’s get back to those first two question pondering mechanisms.  Perception is reality and immortality being the poorest long standing joke in the history of the universe.


Those two were placed at my feet at the same time and it ironically coincides with a major event in my life where I learned at a very young age that none of us can take life for granted.  It was fun feeling that sweet breeze of immortality as a kid, it really was.  I didn’t grow out of it, I was thrust right fucking through it when I watched my sister get murdered in cold fucking blood.  That blood ended up not only staining my face, but my very soul.  I learned at the age of just ten that life is short and it is not infinite.  It’s purely finite and we all have to take that path and leave this plane we call Earth.  That day, perception is reality is all you get out of life.  Life is nothing more than lessons on an every day living scale and perception really is reality because it’s EVERYTHING that you can SEE!  It’s everything you can perceive and understand.  The same thing can be said not only about our lives, but every last one of us motherfuckers in HOW.


So what does this have anything to do with HOW?  What does this have anything to do with life or War Games?  I missed last years War Games and I missed March to Glory.  Now I’m put in a dilemma where if I don’t beat Jeffrey James Roberts, I all of a sudden miss War Games this year.  War Games is in June and I’m already in jeopardy of missing War Games if I lose on Sunday night.  What kind of fucking hand is that?  I’ll tell you what kind of hand it is, because it’s much more than just shitty.


Perception is reality.  What we see is what we get.  So if we get stuck with these life long phrases and meanings on life, than why not change them and make them work in your favor?


It’s supposed to work the same, right?


Well again I say…perception is reality and the reality is that out of the last few times, maybe four now?  I don’t fucking know which one anymore, but the point is, I can definitely see something.  JJR is getting soft in his old age.  Prison may have hardened him for the most part, but it’s also softened him up, too.


You’re no longer undefeated and that’s shown a couple times already, hasn’t it, JJR?  Sure I may be speaking too cocky and arrogant, but perception is reality really comes into play here.  I know longer see a dangerous inmate who has an appetite to destroy anything that moves in that ring.  I see a man who can’t come to terms on his emotions other than anger.  You use hate too long, it’s going to betray you.  Trust me, I wrote the god damn book and it helped me with the best run I ever had in HOW.  It also scored me two HOW World Championship reigns, too.  Then HOW shut its doors and I became nothing again.  Fast forward to three years later, and HOW was back.  I already had one foot in retirement and was getting ready to place my other one through that door until HOW came blasting from down the block.  So I returned and tried to find that hate and something to prove.  It worked for a bit and then I fizzled out.  After that…everything is a god damn blur because I haven’t done shit around here and it fucking shows.


Over half the roster here now didn’t have a clue at what I did in the last era of HOW or they were new and didn’t know me at all.  They just found out who I was through this era and what I’ve done since HOW came back and it fucking shows.  You want to know what that does?  It ANGERS me!  I HATE it and I want to put that to rest once and for all!


I’m not here to say I’m having another change of heart.  I’m not trying to say here’s Brian Fucking Hollywood with another gimmick and character change!  No, I KNOW who the fuck I am!


I’m the Hollywood ICON!


The Hollywood Highlight!


I’m anything I need to fucking be on any particular night!  I remember what it was like to hear it on a constant basis, a weekly fucking basis basically…and each week, it secretly got to me.  I wasn’t about to reveal that, though.  But I feel like right now this is the best time to reveal it.


Hearing I didn’t measure up anymore and that it was a fluke that got me anywhere in my career, hurt to say the least.  I’m not saying I don’t have thick skin…but people were right and I hated the thought of admitting it.  I’m not even pleading at this point…I’m merely accepting everything I’ve ever doubted and put on the backburner since returning to HOW.  No fucking more.  And no, this isn’t another one of those “this week things will be different, bullshit.”  This is me accepting that my skid happened, and this is me going to fucking do something about it.  I know I still have what it takes to compete on a high level and I’m going to prove it again.


Which brings me to immortality is the poorest long standing joke in the history of the universe.  It brings me to the very core of who you are, Jeffrey James Roberts.


Society hates you.  It hates you for all the wrong you’ve ever done.  Now, you’re paying for it locked behind bars with nothing but time to think about it for the rest of your life.  You may be let out every now and again to compete in HOW, but you and I know it’s not enough.  You talk about emotions like a man who never experiences how to properly feel the emotions for what they are.  Except hate.  You want to keep dishing out pain and torment week after week, but then your path just keeps leading you back to me.  At first, I was pissed and in denial on why I had to face you yet again.  Every time we ever faced off, something important was always on the line.  At first it was the HOTv Championship and I lost it.  I had a chance to gain it back and lost it again.  Then a chance to fight for the HOW Tag Team Championships.  Now, it’s a chance to make it to War Games.  Perhaps it’s just destiny we do this song and dance forever.


You’ve gotten the best of me three times already.  Yet…three times I got closer and closer to beating you and three times you have failed to seriously injure me.  Now just what is the perception painting the reality this time?  All I know is that I’m a man who won’t simply go away.  I fight hard and I fight for what I believe in.  Maybe that’s why I’m a glutton for punishment.  Maybe that’s why I’m literally the only man, win or lose, that can take everything you dish out and then some.  But at some point, you have to start having doubts forming in the back of your head on why I simply won’t stay down or why, no matter what you do to me, you can’t end it.  Maybe that’s because it was never meant to be yours to end…




Just maybe….


It was meant for me to do all this time, despite everything I have lost against you.


So here we are…War Games season and everything is once again on the line.  Only, everything isn’t exactly on the line, is it JJR?  Unlike you, I DON’T have a second chance to qualify for War Games if I lose this match.  You can walk in and know comfortably that you can lose to me and your spot in War Games isn’t infinite.  Must be nice.  But my spot IS finite.  I lose to you, and it’s all over just like that.  A fucking snap of the fucking finger and for me BOOM everything ceases.  But not for good ole Jeffrey James Roberts!  No, he gets a second chance so it’s no fucking sweat for him!


You know what that makes me?  You know how I feel about that?  It’s the only emotion I can manufacture right now and it’s one you know very well….




You know, it’s funny….when all I was using was hate for the longest time, it proved to be a very great ally for me and maybe I didn’t manifest it to its fullest potential.  That one is on me…but you can fucking believe me when I tell you it will be on full display come time for Refueled this Sunday night!  I’m not missing another War Games and I’m not letting my career hitch a ride on a train without me anymore!


This time…you really will have to do more if you want a supportive outcome in our match this Sunday, JJR.


Perception will definitely prove to be reality once more when I issue an Executive Decree for your head.


It will be more than a basic instinct as well as it will be the only thing you’ll be questioning when you have nothing but more time to ponder in your cell what the fuck went wrong in that very ring.


I’m done pandering to the shadows and it’s high time I create my own perception and start shaping it to be my new reality.  The world can be a dangerous place for even the most dangerous people in this world, Jeffrey, and I’m going to teach you that lesson one way or another on Sunday and instead of a shadowy cell it’s going to be celebrated….


In the limelight of The Hollywood Highlight!



Bulletproof Fail


The Outskirts of Los Angeles, California


Hollywood had a lot to process after his last meeting with his father.  He hadn’t seen him in a good five years.  Five years was a long time to not see your family members..especially ones that were still alive.  The ones that were taken from Hollywood he couldn’t see anymore because their lives had been finite.  They weren’t coming back no matter how heartbroken Hollywood was.  That was the sad reality of Hollywood’s life and how complicated it had become.  Now, it seemed Hollywood’s list of friends were growing shorter and shorter as he spent more time with his mortal enemy, The Chair.  Hollywood let’s out a sigh as he can’t help but to feel trapped no matter what direction he had seemed to turn.  Even his best friends were out of touch with him with him aligning himself with the most dangerous man in the world to have graced Hollywood’s life.  So why continue if there was another path forward?  Was Hollywood playing at two games at once?  After his fathers bookshelf presented a photo of a kid that looked just like Hollywood, but wasn’t Hollywood, the perception of Hollywood’s reality was shifting once again.  As Hollywood is about to give The Chair a ring in figuring out answers to questions Hollywood stumbled upon in his fathers own home, he cell phone starts to ring.  He looks at it briefly before rolling his eyes but curiously answers it.


Brian Hollywood: “You weren’t kidding when you said you would bring down the whole world in capturing me, weren’t you?”


Hollywood had his phone on speaker as we hear the voice of Gerald Reeves.


Gerald Reeves: “You know I’m a man of my word, Brian.  I may have been your best friend, but I also work for the fucking CIA for god sakes!  You know this doesn’t end well for anyone the longer you drag this thing out!”


Brian Hollywood: “You’ve made that abundantly clear every fucking time, Gerald!  But how do you know I’m not making my own play here with the choices I’m making?  You can’t possibly be a hundred percent sure on that!”


Gerald Reeves: “No, but I don’t take calculated risks.  Only for sure bets.”


Hollywood’s eyebrow raises as he did not like that statement from Gerald at all.  In fact, he has known Gerald long enough that whenever he uses that particular phrase, he tipped some scale in his favor somehow and that really bothered Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright….what do you know that I don’t know, Gerald?  I mean, what you know can’t possibly trump what I know and I discovered it when I paid my father a visit a few weeks ago.”


Gerald Reeves: “Ah, so you did find your father.  I mean, color me not surprised.  You’re just as resourceful at finding things or people like I am..or dare I say it….your new bestie, The Chair.”


Now Gerald was just purposely rubbing it in Hollywood’s face and Hollywood couldn’t tell if he was doing it on purpose or if he was waiting to be reeled in by Gerald’s for sure bet line.  It was definitely something.


Brian Hollywood: “That was a nice try in capturing me at Refueled on HOW a month ago.  I was wondering when you would try to play that card.  But I knew you’d find out eventually.  You’ll also be interested in knowing that I have a new detail per say.”


Gerald Reeves: “That’s nice, Hollywood.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Oh, but don’t you want to hear the interesting thing I’m calling you about?  You see, I told you I was going to catch you one way or another and that nothing was off limits…let’s just say the balls in your court now.  I thought you’d might like to know that me and my boys raided a particular warehouse and were really surprised to find a certain lady of yours there.  Don’t worry…she’s still in her coma but we’ve got her back!  So what’s your next move?  Take care buddy!  See you soon!”


Gerald hangs up on Hollywood leaving him in great shock and leaving Hollywood to make a very important decision moving forward as the scene slowly fades to black.