Born to Die

Born to Die

Posted on August 20, 2020 at 7:36 pm by Lee Best

The man clicks a sequence of numbers on the pad and after a brief pause, the keypad lights up in 97RED, and opens. We see the hand reach into the safe and pull out a large steel box. We he turns we see the GOD of HOW walking over to a nearby table and sets the box down.

He slowly opens it up and we see a set of watches.

These watches match the ones we have seen over the years during key moments in the history of the company.

Apparently we are at another key moment, as Lee slowly picks up one and smirks as he sees that it is still ticking.

Lee Best: For many years the clock has been ticking, both literally and figuratively, not only on the life of High Octane Wrestling but also myself. You see I have survived cancer, which apparently people fucking forget about every fucking day. I have survived the constant threat on physical and mental abuse from on the daily while running literally the BEST wrestling company in the world. But as everyone knows…….time stops for no man and that has never been more apparent than now.

Still holding and staring at the watch in his right hand, Lee walks over to a nearby chair and sits down. Leaning back, he exhales and shakes his head slowly as his mind wanders.

Lee Best: For years everything that has happened has been building to what will happen this Saturday. There has been times in the past when I thought it was TIME……but this time I KNOW……I KNOW that after Saturday night that my role in this world will forever change. I have slowly and steadily been delegating more and more to my Son and helping him navigate the day to day operations while I am still here to offer guidance and support. I have been doing that knowing full well that the time was coming for me to finally end this two decade long battle with Chris Kostoff. This will not end in a pinfall. This will not end in a submission. This will not end nice and pretty and tied up in a lavish 97red colored bow. Nah, this shit is going to end ugly, piss a ton of folks off, and at the end of the day High Octane Wrestling will venture into either a new era or…..

His voice trails off as he slowly sets the watch down at the table next to him. He then leans forward and looks into the camera.

Lee Best: Chris Kostoff you and I both know what needs to happen on Saturday. From that moment in 2002 when you and your Legion of Darkness first waged war against my Best Alliance…..we knew……we both fucking knew………that we were never going to be done going to war until we reached the moment we are building to on Saturday. I am not stupid. As old as you are…I am older.  But that will not mean dick when you stand across from me and look me into my eye for the final time. I am at peace at with whats going to happen this Saturday……….but are you?

Lee leans back now and smirks as he continues..

Lee Best: Come Sunday morning I will either be burning in a literal blaze of glory or I will be sitting right back here, probably battered, and adding a quote on the final demise on the original High Octane Hall of Famer……..Chris Kostoff.  To think after all this time of thinking, dreaming and scheming of that very moment, that I would not know exactly what I would say……well I will be honest……..I have and continue to have doubts on exactly what will happen Saturday. Again I have a plan…..I know what NEEDS to happen….. but when the moment hits….and when the moment is in front of us…….will we both be able to do what is needed?

Lee slowly stands up and walks towards the camera and slowly peels off his eye patch that he has been wearing since losing it at the hands of the man he is facing on Saturday.

Lee Best: You did this to me Kostoff……but these scars are nothing compared to what will happen on Saturday. I might have only one good eye but I have always seen everything better than anyone here in High Octane Wrestling. I was born to die Kostoff…… purpose in this world was clear……do you know yours?

With that the feed goes dark.