BO-Lieve the Hype (Team MVW)

BO-Lieve the Hype (Team MVW)

Posted on January 28, 2022 at 10:34 pm by Scott Stevens

The logo for High Octane Television flashes across the screen before a countrified version of the Between the Ropes theme song hits, Jack Dawson stands behind his large wooden desk wearing blue jeans with brown leather belt with massive silver HOTv belt buckle, a plaid 97 Red shirt, a bolo tie and topped with a black ten gallon hat waiting to kick things off.

Jack Dawson: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a special edition of Between the Ropes and I am your host, Jack Dawson!

The studio audience claps and cheers with enthusiasm.

Jack Dawson: Tonight, we have very special guests in the house and they are none other than the Stevens Dynasty!

The audience showers Jack with the boos who seems taken aback by the response.

Jack Dawson: Ya’ll have no respect of greatness I swear.

Jack shakes his head in disgust.

Jack Dawson: Without further ado here is HOW’s newest signees The Stevens Dynasty!!!!

Jack hypes up his guests as the audience begins to let their true feelings be known.


Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap.


Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap.


Clap. Clap. Clap, clap, clap.

The Dynasty looks at the audience and shake their heads in disgust as they head towards the sofa and Bo and Cary take a seat while the ginormous George stands behind them.

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the show Mr. Stevens. It’s a pleasure to have you all here.

Cary still annoyed by the audience looks at them in disdain before turning his attention back to Jack.

Cary Stevens: Of course it’s a pleasure to have us here; we are the Stevens Dynasty, the greatest tag team in the history of Tag Team wrestling. Too bad these filth don’t know any better because if they had a fucking brain in their skull they wouldn’t boo us.

Cary vents to Jack who nods in approval.

Jack Dawson: Can you people please show our guests some respect?


Cary Stevens: We will leave! I promise you we will!

Cary stands up and Jack immediately gets up and pleads with his guest to stay. Cary looks at his son and nephew and they all agree to stay.

Cary Stevens: We aren’t going to give you filth the fucking satisfaction of seeing us leave.

Cary’s statement draws the ire of the crowd.

Cary Stevens: Forget these filth Jack, let’s get back to talking what is bringing the ratings to HOTv, us!

Cary shouts as he points to his boys.

Jack Dawson: As I said before we were rudely interrupted, thank you for being here.

Cary Stevens: Glad to be here.

Jack Dawson: Can you please Mr. Stevens tell us a little bit about yourself and your team.

Cary Stevens: Not a problem. Shall I start at the beginning?

Jack Dawson: Of course.

Cary Stevens: Well, I am Texas wrestling royalty as I was one of the biggest draws in my home state as well as in the southern states specifically the Texarkana area winning world and heavyweight championships galore. I was also a big draw throughout the Canada because my top rival was from there and those stupid Caknuckleheads paid lots of money to see me get my ass kicked.

Jack Dawson: If memory serves me right didn’t your son, Scott, marry is daughter.

Cary slides his tongue over his teeth in annoyance.

Cary Stevens: He did, but we don’t talk about that lapse in judgment.

Jack Dawson: I see. Sorry about that.

Cary Stevens: It’s ok Jack. She was the Bobbinette Carey of Canada if you catch my drift. She was known as The Great Wide Open and she always left with extra syrup every time she left the locker room.

Jack Dawson: Oh wow.

Cary Stevens: Hence why I forgive my son’s lapse in judgment. It’s the concussions fault.

Jack Dawson: Understandable.

Cary Stevens: You see Jack, for over two years we have been competing in the Big Sleazy for DEFIANCE Wrestling, and my boys dominated. You want to talk about a fucking dumpster fire of an organization. First off, they had this bitch named Christie Zane who was willing to suck dick for a story. Hell, if you were cute enough she’d give you anal because she was married and didn’t want her husband finding out her cheating if you jizzed in her a little. Then they had this bitch, Kelly Evans, who thought she was the boss until I dick slapped her back to reality. Moving on from dumb bitches, my nephew Bo and Scotty boy unified the UTA and Defiance tag championships when the companies merged. When Scotty wanted to focus on the FIST of DEFIANCE this big hoss standing behind me took his brother’s place and these two gentlemen dominated the tag scene for almost a year. Hell, we got so bored with defeating tag team after tag team we decided to go after their Six Man championship and defeated their second longest reigning champions to hold it and unify all tag titles as one.

Jack Dawson: WOW!

Jack’s eyes light up in amazement.

Jack Dawson: Those are quite the accomplishments.

The audience begins to boo.

Cary Stevens: Oh and you idiots think Mario Maurako and whatever person he whore’s himself out to is better?

Crowd: YES! YES! YES!

Cary Stevens: You’re all fucking stupid.

The crowd goes more rabid and the security that surrounds them start to reach for their pepper spray.

Cary Stevens: You see Jack, this why I can’t deal with simpletons like the people you have in this audience. Because here is the God’s honest truth and when I say God I don’t mean that piece of shit Lee Best, I mean our Lord Almighty!

Cary hits the wooden desk with his fist.

Cary Stevens: If we had been here when Mario Maurako was relevant we would be in the history books as the greatest tag team in HOW’s history. Hell, we would’ve kicked the Best Alliance’s ass, the AoA’s ass, insert random Scottywood partner to form Reality tag team’s ass. Perfectly Marvelous would’ve been dick slapped harder than Bobbinette Carey and Kirsta Lewis in a CWA locker room. Team Danger? Please. Ascended Supremacy? Only if you’re bobbing for apples and gurgling balls. We are that good.

Jack Dawson: Why did it take you this long to get here?

Cary Stevens: Good question. The only person that can answer that is Bitch Ass Best. Seems like he didn’t want no part of us decimating his precious legends and Hall of Fame tag teams.

Jack Dawson: Speaking of Hall of Fame, congrats to Scott….

Cary cuts him off.

Cary Stevens: Jack, it was a major accomplishment for him yes, but that doesn’t concern us. Whenever we go in as the most decorated and dominated tag team this company has ever seen then I will give a fuck about it until that happens, meh.

Jack Dawson: Ok. Well since you are a part of Team MVW, I can assume you are done with DEFIANCE.

Cary Stevens: FUCK DEFIANCE.

The audience gives the Stevens Dynasty a rare cheer.

Cary Stevens: Fuck you filth as well. We don’t need your adulation.

The crowd quickly turns and begin throwing things.

Jack Dawson: Security! Throw them out!

Security escorts the rudely fans out.

Cary Stevens: That’s right! Fuck you filth!

Jack Dawson: So sorry for this.

Cary Stevens: You better be glad we weren’t hurt before our big match or you’d be hearing from our attorneys.

Jack Dawson: You recently signed with HOTv affiliate company, MVW.

Cary Stevens: That’s right. Unlike that shithole DEFIANCE it is ran by a man that knows what the fuck he is doing. Ray McAvay signed myself, my boys and my youngest, Ricky to exclusive deals. You see, McAvay knows money when he sees it and when you look at us it’s a license to print money.

Jack Dawson: However, there was a kink in your plan for the tournament wasn’t there?

Cary nods.

Cary Stevens: Unfortunately, Bo was paired with an idiot who thinks he’s a robot and now my nephew is facing a handicap situation.

Jack Dawson: You’re giving Ultratron no help?

Cary Stevens: Hell no! He’s more overrated than the sharpness of those late night commercials of Ginsu knives. Just know my boy Bo slices and dices when it matters.

Bo nods in agreement.

Jack Dawson: Well, speaking of your opponents for your upcoming debut in HOW and the Maurako Cup, you’ll be taking on the reigning HOTv champion, Jeffrey James Roberts, and Arthur Pleasant. Any thoughts on what they have said recently?

Cary Stevens: Plenty.

Cary clears his throat.

Cary Stevens: First, we have that numbnut, Jeffrey James Roberts….

Jack Dawson: You think it’s wise to make him angry?

Cary Stevens: What’s he gonna do Jack? Bite me? I’m sure he was biting the pillow all the time in prison.

Bo and George start to chuckle at their old man’s comment.

Cary Stevens: That idiot wants to call me and my boys the lesser known Stevens’ and compare them to the likes of Darin Zion and Eli Dresden? The disrespect to comparing us to them is beyond bullshit. You see, JJR is nothing but a dog that has been neutered. He talks a big game but his balls got clipped at ICONIC when he fucking lost to a Game Boy when he had it won. You compare us to Zion, but we aren’t the ones who lost to him now are we you stupid fuck. For being a hardened criminal and a bad ass you couldn’t even beat a guy who dresses up as a Mike Best cosplayer behind the scenes. You have the EPU bring you to the ring, big fucking deal. Everyone and their momma can kick the EPU’s ass. Hell, George here takes shits bigger than the EPU.

The behemoth nods.

Cary Stevens: Roberts, you can play the bad ass, but I know a bad ass when I see one and you aren’t it. You can claim you were this big somebody in jail but the truth is you were everyone’s favorite cum depository as they circle jerked around you and ejaculated on to that cross tattoo of yours and every time the warmth of the goo touched your skin you shouted hallelujah before cleaning the plate.

Jack Dawson: Gross.

Cary Stevens: Just the truth.

Jack Dawson: What about Arthur Pleasant?

Cary Stevens: He’s more of an idiot than that numbnut JJR. This hack job…

Jack Dawson: You mean whack job don’t you?

Cary Stevens: No I mean hack job, and don’t interrupt me again.

Jack Dawson: Sorry.

Cary Stevens: He’s a fucking carny hack that should be wrestling Skylar Montgomery in a light tube on a pole match for Deathrow Wrestling because they aren’t real wrestlers! They a glorified stuntmen and they aren’t that good at that either because if they were Hollywood would call them up and use them for big budget movies.

Jack Dawson: Rather harsh don’t you think?

Cary Stevens: Truth hurts, and let’s be honest, Arthur isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack because he thinks Bo is teaming with George to face him and numbnuts at Refueled. You better be thanking Ray McAvay for not putting us against you or it will be worse than what it is now. Right now you and numbnuts actually have a shot at beaten us, but if the Dynasty was at one hundred percent it would spell travesty for you two.

Cary bluntly points out as he stares daggers into the camera before continuing.

Cary Stevens: We are here for one reason and one reason only and that is win the HOW tag team championships. Once that is accomplished we will piss in the Mario Maurako Cup before we make him drink it because we are the greatest team, stable, family there is…period! A carny hack and a fucking pillow biter aren’t going to prevent us from proving to this idiots in the land of High Octane what the rest of the world already knows and that The Stevens Dynasty dominates, period!

Bo Stevens: BO-Lieve that!

Bo chimes in as he gives the thumbs up.

Jack Dawson: Well, I thank you for being a guest on Between the Ropes.

Cary Stevens: Damn right you should thank us.

Cary replies as he motions for his boys to leave.

Jack Dawson: For my guests The Stevens Dynasty, I am Jack Dawson signing off.