Blood on the Horizon

Blood on the Horizon

Posted on January 20, 2022 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

Los Angeles, California


January 11th, 2022


Brian Hollywood’s private jet lands on his private strip of land he owned just on the outskirts of town as he was back in the United States.  It seemed like an eternity he’d been away from the states and a lot has happened since he was away.  Hollywood’s jet was really the only thing he owned that was left standing out of everything else he had.  His mansion blown up by The Chair, Hollywood Enterprises blown up by Darin Zion with the help of Niles Omega.  Hollywood Enterprises may not have been completely blown away but the building wasn’t just under renovations, but it was also under particular lockdown and watch…more on that later.


Hollywood emerges from his jet following his last match at ICONIC where he had the chance to fight for a shot at the HOTv Championship currently held by JJR.  Interestingly enough, Darin Zion would barely win the ladder match and earned himself a shot at Jeffrey James Roberts at the next refueled.  However, what Hollywood did not know, was what came next in the next installment of the LBI.  Let’s just say when he becomes aware of it, he isn’t going to be happy about it…again, more on that later too.


Brian Hollywood: “God damn….feels like I’ve been gone for far too long.  It’s nice being back…home..although I really don’t have anywhere to call home..well that just sounds shitty when you say it like that, doesn’t it?”


Hollywood exits the jet and starts to head towards his limo that’s awaiting him, but the sounds of tires treading and the sight of a car spiraling quickly towards Hollywood catches him off guard.


Brian Hollywood: “The fuck is this?”


The car gets closer and closer and we can see why he’s going really fast, too, as there are three black SUV’s off in the distance that catches Hollywood’s ire.  The car tailspins right up to Hollywood before the window is rolled down as Hollywood sees who it is.


Jasper Espinoza: “GET IN!  HURRY!”


Brian Hollywood: “How the fuck did you find me?!”


Jasper Espinoza: “Get in or you won’t have the chance to find out!”


Hollywood quickly rushes into the car as Jasper starts to speed off as the black SUV’s try and close the gap.  Hollywood turns behind him to see the black SUV’s as Jasper puts the pedal to the medal as Hollywood interrupts him.


Brian Hollywood: “Turn here!”


Hollywood says as Jasper quickly adjusts and listens to Hollywood.  He speeds off down a long, winding road before turning again that leads them away from the scene as Hollywood and Jasper are quick to lose the SUV’s.


Jasper Espinoza: “Friends of yours I presume?”


Brian Hollywood: “Actually, their CIA.  Gerald Reeves detail, I think.”


Jasper Espinoza: “Well, you’re so called friends have been hunting you.  I’m sure you already knew that, though, didn’t you?”


Brian Hollywood: “Actually, sadly, this isn’t the first time they’ve been trying to hunt me down.”


The Chair’s most trusted confidant shakes his head as he continues to drive.


Jasper Espinoza: “Well luckily, The Chair had me keep tabs on you since he figured you’d become the most wanted man being hunted by the CIA.”


Brian Hollywood: “Let’s just say my latest decisions and business dealings have turned me away from my friends in an unpopular manner.  It seems they’ve at least found out what I’ve been up to since I’ve been gone in London.  Seems like this whole next venture isn’t going to be easy to undertake.  They’ll just have to understand.”


Jasper Espinoza: “Well I think it’s clear that they don’t understand.  Seems like you getting closer to The Chair than anyone has ever realized has turned you into a fugitive.”


Hollywood scoffs at the idea as they are easily able to elude Gerald’s hired talent through back ways in the strip that only Hollywood appeared to have known.  Still, though, there were questions Hollywood had as it seemed like settling in and getting comfortable was even hard for him to do.  Hollywood had questions, of course, and he felt that Jasper knew what those answers were.  Being the leader of the Men in SUIT’s gave him a lot of access to knowledge and Hollywood knew it.


Brian Hollywood: “Let’s just say The Chair and I have an understanding.  I never thought I’d be as close as I am, but here we are.  The first thing I want to know, is where did he move Audrey?”


Jasper Espinoza: “Somewhere safe.  That’s all I can tell you right now.”


This didn’t set well with Hollywood, who has put a lot more on the line than anyone ever guessed.


Brian Hollywood: “Cut the fucking bullshit, Jasper!  You and I both know where your allegiances lie.  I know you’ve been trying to get away from The Chair so you better fucking tell me more than that!”


Jasper Espinoza: “Look, you and I both want the same things.  However, it’s been hard getting away from The Chair, and it’s only a matter of time before he figures out that I betrayed him when I gave away secrets pertaining to his Lounge.”


Brian Hollywood: “You and I both know I could give two fucks about that right now!  I don’t know why, but he appears to be just as interested in my sister Serenity’s death and I want to know why.  I don’t know why he would give two fucks about my own sisters death, let alone being able to work with me.”


Jasper Espinoza: “Look, I don’t know what to tell you, but there are things that The Chair knows about that case and it’s interesting his involvement seeing as how he doesn’t give a fuck about anything other than power.  But you’re not the only one who’s interested in his interests in that death!”


Hollywood shakes his head as he was still nowhere closer in finding out why The Chair took the interest he did in regards to his sisters death which greatly bothered him.  However, he was going to stop at nothing in finding out…even if that meant teaming up with his greatest enemy ever.


Brian Hollywood: “Just drive, Jasper.  I can figure out the rest later.  Where are we going?”


Jasper Espinoza: “The Chair gave me strict instructions to make sure I was there when you landed.  Obviously, we’re not the only ones who are pursuing something.  Gerald and his men knew exactly when you were going to land which begs the question….what else does he know?  You’re a wanted man now.  How does it feel to be on the other side of the law?”


Hollywood shakes his head as he doesn’t exactly love the idea, but he at least understands when it comes to family, he’ll do anything it takes to protect them…even finding the truth…by any means necessary.


Brian Hollywood: “Ugh.  I don’t want to talk about it…just drive while I try to figure a way out of this fucking mess.”


Jasper does just that as they end up driving for awhile.  Before long, Hollywood figures out that where they are going is not familiar to him.  Jasper ends up driving for a few hours before long, they are brought to an area that is even more on the outskirts of Los Angeles..but this location is more off the grid.  They arrive at a warehouse where we see a few guards posted on the outside.  Hollywood sees this warehouse and instantly knows the key details that has all the callings of a place where The Chair would own.  He sits back before trying to find a name to the warehouse, but is unsuccessful.  Finally, the car turns another corner and pulls in the back of the warehouse as Jasper pulls right up to a hooded figure who stands waiting for them.  Hollywood sees this as he gets out of the car.


Brian Hollywood: “You son of a bitch!”


Hollywood knows the set up and can only surmise it’s The Chair as he’s wearing facial cloths and a hood to help keep his identity a secret.


The Chair: “Don’t do anything stupid, Mr. Hollywood!  If it hadn’t been for me, you would have been taken into custody back at your strip and you and I both know that isn’t what you want, is it?”


Hollywood stands down from his offensive posture as he sighs, seemingly calming down.


Brian Hollywood: “You and I both have a lot to talk about.”


The Chair: “I figure that’s the understatement of the year, Mr. Hollywood.  But let’s just put that on the backburner right now.  Right now, I thought you might like to see Ms. Renfroe.”


Brian Hollywood: “Audrey!”


Hollywood says as his demeanor changes.


Brian Hollywood: “Where is she?!”


The Chair: “Mr. Espinoza will take you to her.”


The Chair is being a little too kind as he gestures his arm out allowing him to pass.  Jasper escorts Hollywood to another portion of the warehouse to visit Audrey.  Hollywood comes about a room as he sees Audrey is safe and sound and hasn’t been harmed as she lies, soundly still, in her coma.  Hollywood sees that she’s attached to different monitors and is being safely tended to just like The Chair promised.


Brian Hollywood: “I’m so sorry you’re in this mess, sweetheart.  I wish there were something I could do in helping your healing process.  I miss you more than words could ever describe!”


The Chair stands patiently waiting as Hollywood kisses Audrey’s forehead still feeling distressed and unable to help her in anyway.  He feels helpless, but he knows that this is a fight she has to win on her own to get better.  Hollywood is eventually interrupted by The Chair.


The Chair: “I’m sorry, Mr. Hollywood, but we have much to discuss and this next part isn’t going to be easy.  However, she’s in good hands….you have my word on that, brother.”


There was that term again.  Hollywood couldn’t figure out why he was using it and it actually bothered him more than it normally would.  The Chair’s hospitality bugged Hollywood…but he knew that she really was being tended to the best way possible and Hollywood noticeably didn’t have a problem with that.


Brian Hollywood: Alright, what’s next?”


The Chair: “That’s the thing, Mr. Hollywood, it’s not going to get any easier from here but you and I want the same thing.  Luckily for you, I do have a lead in regards to the person who was responsible for Serenity’s death.  If you please.”


Hollywood sighs as his head starts to drape.  He knows that his relationship and everything that has transpired has been a means to an end.  The more troubling thing about this whole partnership with The Chair has been Hollywood’s behavior and he seemingly has even warmed up more to The Chair than anything else and that has been very alarming.  Hollywood not only was alright with the fact that everything The Chair has gone through to keep Audrey safe, but was definitely alright with his persistence in tracking down Serenity’s killer and Hollywood didn’t show any sympathy…which was very alarming.  It seems this partnership with The Chair has changed Hollywood’s perspectives and that wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination as Hollywood nods his head in approval before both him and The Chair walk away from Audrey together as the scene slowly fades to black…



Los Angeles, California


Millennium Biltmore Hotel


The scene opens up inside the lobby of the Millennium Biltmore Hotel as Hollywood kept himself moving and didn’t stay in one location.  With the destruction of his mansion, Hollywood didn’t really have a place to call his own and he wasn’t too distressed about it.  He’s been keeping a low profile when it comes to keeping his locations a secret.  Hollywood was sitting in the lobby reading a book and it wasn’t long after that before his reading was interrupted.  Hollywood looks up and is quite surprised on who he sees standing in front of him.


Eli Dresden.


Hollywood is surprised to see her and instantly closes his book as he’s very intrigued on how she tracked him down.


Brian Hollywood: “How the fuck did you find me?!  More importantly, what do you want?”


Eli smiles sarcastically and shakes her head at the rude reception she had gotten.  At least, that’s how she reacted to it.


Eli Dresden: “Is that anyway to address your tag team partner?!”


Brian Hollywood: “Wait, what?!  Tag team partner?!”


Hollywood lets out a laugh as he didn’t hold back.


Brian Hollywood: “What the fuck are you talking about?  Tag team partner?  You’ve got to be kidding me.”


Eli is not amused at Hollywood’s reaction.  Still, she seemed to share the same sentiment.


Eli Dresden: “Don’t play games with me, Brian!  You and I both know we’ve been teamed together in the LBI this year.  This tournament is for a chance to go after the HOW Tag Team Championships.”


Brian Hollywood: “Tag team LBI?  You’ve got to be kidding me, right?!  Since when have we ever fought in an LBI for the HOW Tag Team Championships?  Is this some kind of joke?”


Eli pulls back her chair and sits across from Hollywood.  She’s definitely not laughing.


Eli Dresden: “Do you see me laughing?”


Hollywood studies her for a moment and really starts to get offensive when he sees that she’s not even smiling in the least bit.  His smile quickly vanishes as presses on further.


Brian Hollywood: “You aren’t kidding…aren’t you?”


Eli Dresden: “Would I seriously be here if I were?  You know, tracking you down isn’t exactly the easiest.  I’ve tried texting you and calling you all to no avail.  I don’t know why you aren’t returning my texts or calls, but it doesn’t exactly make me happy about it.”


Hollywood studies her even further as he was very good about reading people.  How she tracked him down was anyone’s guess as he’s been trying to keep a low profile in Los Angeles.  Everything from The Chair to Gerald and his agents trying to track him down, Hollywood has been quite busy since his last loss came in the fatal four way ladder match to earning a shot at facing for the HOTv Championship.  Hollywood didn’t exactly get the memo when it came to the current events in HOW.  Hollywood had been busy working with The Chair in tracking down his sister’s killer all those years ago.


Brian Hollywood: “I see.  You didn’t get the memo did you?  I work alone…I’ve always had.”


This doesn’t go over well with Eli.  She may not have liked the prospect of teaming with Hollywood, but at least she was making the most of it in trying to make peace with him.


Eli Dresden: “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know you’re going through some very personal issues…but be it as it may, you and I have been teamed together in the LBI for a chance to go on to March to Glory and challenge for the tag team titles.”


Brian Hollywood: “I don’t mean any disrespect….but you’re right.  I didn’t know anything about the tag team tournament because unlike you, I’ve been very busy.  I’ve got a lot of personal things going on, and the last thing I need is some tag team partnership from getting the justice I deserve.”


The first meeting between Eli and Hollywood was definitely living up to the hype.  Hollywood made it no secret that he worked alone and when it came to climbing back up the ladder in earning back his status at the top of the HOW mountain, he didn’t need anyone’s help.  Still, Eli was undeterred when it came to Hollywood’s reluctance of the tournament.


Eli Dresden: “You and I both may agree on this whole teaming aspect when it comes to the tournament, but that doesn’t mean we dismiss this all together.  I want to win and make a name for myself, and if it comes at the expense of teaming with you, then so be it.”


Brian Hollywood: “I admire your perseverance, I really do….but there’s got to be some kind of mistake here.”


Eli Dresden: “I assure you…there isn’t any mistake here.  You and I both are no strangers to each other…but despite how we may feel about each other, we are paired regardless if you like it or not.  I don’t know what your personal problems are, but there’s still a tournament to fight in here.”


At this point, Hollywood realizes that Eli isn’t trying to play any kind of elaborate play.  Hollywood was good at reading people, and Eli was very serious about it all.  He sighs but not before he realizes that he may have an opportunity in bringing Eli on his side to create an ally.  Hollywood lets out a smile.


Brian Hollywood: “You know…maybe this could be beneficial for the both of us.  I don’t know how you found me, but maybe there’s something we can do here.”


Eli wasn’t stupid.  She knew Hollywood all of a sudden having a change of heart was something to keep an eye on.  She wasn’t going to fall for the trap.


Eli Dresden: “Look…you and I both may not have too much in common…but I believe we can find some common ground.  But I will say your charm and the words you try to spin in making me trust you aren’t going to work on me.  We have our first match against Bobbinette Carey and Darkwing.  I expect your help to make this work.  If we can work together, we can really make something work.  But make no mistake….I won’t be tricked into one of your plays…let’s at least work to get the win against Bobbinette and Darkwing…and go from there…”


Eli gets up after that and walks out of the lobby leaving Hollywood very curious at her fishing before the scene slowly fades to black..