Blood on the Hands

Blood on the Hands

Posted on April 1, 2021 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

War on the Mind


“March to Glory wasn’t my night.  At least I didn’t fall down a fucking manhole.  Why is that last statement triggering more than anything?  Since HOW has come back, I’ve been nothing but a side act.  Let’s just fucking call it as it is.  It’s nothing more than a side act.  I should have put my focus elsewhere than the time I spent instead just wasting it.  I’m done wasting that time.  It’s high time that I take a stand and become as powerful and respected as I used to be.”


“Go ahead and call it like you all want to call it.  Oh, Hollywood, how you are the biggest fool of them all!  Good one!  Happy April Fool’s to you as well!  That’s alright….let it all out everyone….because I sure as fuck am about to!  HOW is in a pendulum shift right now and I’m going to use that swing to favor my own momentum.  There is a lot playing out right now and the next question I’m sure will be looming on everyone’s mind is just WHICH side will Brian Hollywood be on?  The conversations about sides seems to be dominating HOW’s atmosphere right now…at least as evidenced on last week’s show.  The truth of the matter is I play my best game when I don’t show my entire hand.  It’s in that exact same hand that I do the most damage when it finally is revealed.  That’s when I’m at my most dangerous and it’s high time that I return to the scene I once was held in high regard for….at least to ONE person I was and that was the ONLY person that mattered in the grand scheme of things.”


“Which leads me into this week.  Imagine my surprise when I found out I was going to be taking on Dan Ryan.  Now I know what you’re all thinking…oh boy, Hollywood is gonna get killed!  Hollywood is going to be absolutely destroyed in the middle of that ring…while I would generally agree with everyone’s assumptions, I took a different approach to the whole thing.”




“This may not be a damn title match, but I recognize an opportunity when I see it.  That is at least one thing I can count my blessings that I’m fucking good at.  But let’s remember that Dan Ryan CAN be beat!  Sure…he got fucked over at March to Glory…but honestly I’m going to use the same response that everyone else uses on me….don’t yell and pander about it…turn it around and get back on a winning track Dan.  Turn around and fucking DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”


“Will Dan Ryan probably be angry at what happened to him at March to Glory so bad that he’ll just destroy me and take out his anger on me?  Probably.  However, I look at it as an opportunity to further get into someone’s head and use that rage against them…because that’s how you really beat someone and bad.  It’s been used on me countless times, Dan, and I’m not ashamed to say that anymore.  It was used on me BIG TIME!  I got so angry at a loss that all I saw was red and I was going to ride to avenge that loss by projecting my anger out to whoever I was facing that week.  Guess what?  Some of those times I lost.  There’s a difference between losing when your angry and when your angry AND frustrated!  Me?  I’m just angry that I’ve spent too much time on the side when I already know my worth in HOW.  I know just how valuable I fucking am in this company and that’s what helps me sleep at night.  So what’s going to help me sleep at night on a couple eves before I step into the ring with you, Dan?  I’ll tell you what will.”


“Psychology.  That’s what.”


“I’m done playing the short game.  I was never good at it, truth be told.  It’s time I get back to the long game.  It’s about playing chess, not checkers.  The long game is what helped me rise to the top of HOW in the last era…I’m done trying to figure out things in between.  I’ve already cut myself off from any care I had even formed in making things work with people.  It just got me burned in the end.  There’s no one better at the psychological game than Brian Hollywood.  Especially with a man who is so obsessed with holding everything in this damn company to anything but high value.  You want someone who is ruthless and sadistic in his style of work?  Someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and finding a way at getting the job done, you turn to me!  I made it work last time and I’ll be damned if I don’t do it again!”


“Dan, I could cut the cliche of big man jokes on you, but the truth is I’m not even interested in any of that.  Does anyone even expect me to beat you this week?  Probably not.  That’s alright, though.  I don’t need a fan base.  As long as I get the job done right?  Isn’t that the expectation everyone seems to be missing in this era?  I’m the only one who seems to be when the ball was in my court with the opportunities I did get…even if they weren’t title matches.  Look at what I did to Steve Solex and Jatt Starr…you’ll find all the answers you need to know there….I can hold my own and there is only one person that I care to entertain that statement with.  The truth is I’ve proven that I can do just that.  What are you wanting out of all this Dan?  Do you want to continue to use your anger and you’re aggression to solve problems?  We all know you’ve got the brute force to handle problems, but the problem is you aren’t a thinker like ME!  You don’t think about all the angles like I do.  You’re a hit first, think later kind of guy.  That’s alright.  You do you buddy.  There’s a reason you didn’t beat Mike Best for the HOW World Championship and there’s a reason that you’re not the HOFC Champion, either.  Truth is, bud…you got PLAYED and you got played hard!  You got played twice by the same person and it happened to be your closest friend in HOW.  But that’s your problem, Dan, you had a friend….and that friend knew just exactly how to get to you.”


“You can argue all the logistics in the world about my statement if you wish, but it’s the cold hard fucking truth.  Friendships don’t get you SHIT here in HOW and I learned that the hard way!  That’s why I severed myself from them when I rose up the ranks so that they couldn’t be used against me and look at what I did….I fucking won EVERYTHING!  That’s what I want in HOW again and I’ll be damned if I let that stop me from doing it again!  If something works so well, why fix it?  You just got to figure everything out in between and once your eyes are on that prize, that finish line, everything else will fall into place.  Perhaps that’s why I think I will be just fine when we step into that ring this weekend.  I’ll wait for my shot to clear and I’ll fucking take it.  I know that it’s going to take a lot to bring you down…but I know it’s not impossible to do.  I’ve killed some big game before…and I’m ready to do it again.  We’re in War Games season now and I’ve already stated I’m tired of being apart of the side acts.  My path to War Games starts this Saturday and I’ll start it with what everyone will obviously call an upset win.  However, I’m going to keep building that resume of upset wins after upset wins until everyone finally can’t dismiss them as upsets anymore.  Everyone will be forced to acknowledge the fact that if Hollywood keeps winning, they’ll be forced to come to the conclusion that I mean fucking business.”


“I’m tired of not being the guy I know I’m good at being and if I’m good at being that person, why change it?  When I changed it the last time, I thought I was doing myself some good….turns out all I was doing was wasting everyone’s time…especially my own…and I HATE wasting time!  So you can try to come at me with brute force…but all I will set out to prove is that psychology always wins out against brute force….like I said…you’re a hard hitter but a shitty thinker.  So come at me with all your anger, Dan….PLEASE!  I know you’re dying to take that anger out on the first person you face…so USE it and I will turn it right back at you…that’s how I beat you…and I’m not afraid to tell you straight out because we’re not friends.  I’ve always been a tell it like it is guy…and that worked so well for me the last time I rose to power in HOW and I illuminated HOW with that logic…so let’s play the long game Dan…cause I know you certainly can’t and that’s what makes a champion.  Not brute force…not domination…but psychology…once you learn that…perhaps then and only then can you figure out the key to getting to the top of HOW.  I’ve been there…it’s a nice place to be.  That’s what I hold over you and I think that what makes you so angry because a guy like myself was able to capture every single championship here in HOW and you haven’t been able to do that.  It’s always mind over matter and I’m going to expose that the way a true friend like myself should do.  It’s something Mike Best should of done for you long ago…maybe if he would have, you would have gotten to the top of this company…but you haven’t and that’s why guys like you, Dan, will never see the truest BIG PICTURE!”


“I’m coming for you Dan Ryan and I will break you down peg by peg to prove why I still belong in the top conversation.  I’m not waiting for my moment on the sidelines and I’m done playing with others.  If you were truly a guy like me, you would have already done it by now…but you haven’t and in that regard, that already makes me better than you.  It’s all about that long game buddy, and there’s no one better than me when it comes to doing just that.  I don’t care what people think of me.  People make those jokes truly because their jealous.  Look at who we have in HOW today…most of those people weren’t around when I was fucking running this place and it fucking shows!  It shows because I guy like me who knows how to get into people’s heads won matches based on the fact that I could tear them apart from within their minds and that always gets me salivating at the bit.”


“No, Dan, I’m out to make a point and now that I’ve thrown out the playbook, I’m going to prove that you can win by more ways than just destroying any opponent then just pulverizing them in the middle of the ring.  I have a renowned focus and I’m pointing to my target and I’m going to pull that trigger.  It’s my understanding that sides have to be taken in this new found, brewing war in HOW.  There’s no one better than myself at this game than me.  I’m pulling out my own playbook of how I got it done and I’ll educate that most vacant brain of yours in how to do it.  Someday you’ll thank me for it…but by then, it’ll be too fucking late.”


“This Saturday, my road to War Games begins.  History is doomed to repeat itself and if anyone knows how that played out last time than perhaps everyone should know just what my intentions are.  However, the problem is no one ever pays attention to what I do…that will be the biggest mistake anyone will ever make when they wake up and realize everything that was missed the last time.  You want to know my obsession Dan?  You know me…no spoilers…you’ll just have to come along for the ride and realize how I pulled it off last time.  Call it a basic instinct if you’d like….I’ll just call it an Executive Promise.”


“You’re in my world now, Dan.  So fucking shut your god damn mouth and watch to see how it’s done.  Just…for starters for you, you’ll be lying on the mat staring up at the ceiling just how I guy like me was able to do it…”



Blood on the Hands


Los Angeles, California


Cedars Sinai Hospital


The scene opens up as a medical team rushes through the main doors of the emergency entrance with a gun shot victim.  That gun shot victim was Audrey Renfroe and Brian Hollywood was rushing right behind the EMT’s as they were shouting clearing the path so they could get Audrey into emergency surgery.  As they come to the surgery doors, one of the doctors turns around and promptly stops a hysterical and panicked Hollywood from entering.


Doctor: “I’m sorry sir, you can’t enter this area…I’m going to have to ask you to wait in the waiting area!”


Brian Hollywood: “The fuck you are!  I need to be there with her!  She’s dying and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be a party to just sitting and waiting for something to be done around here!”


Doctor: “Sir you need to calm down!  I don’t want to have to call security on you!  Please wait and I’ll update you as soon as we know anything!”


Hollywood shoves the Doctor’s hand away from his shoulder as he storms off down the hallway.  The doctor turns around and rushes into the surgery ward as the door behind him closes.  Hollywood promptly throws his fist into the door in anger before walking away and leaves to sit down in the waiting area.  Hollywood sits in complete silence before staring down at his hands, which were covered with Audrey’s blood.  The sight only angered Hollywood more and he was itching for answers.  Those answers weren’t too far behind as Gerald Reeves and Buck Wringley plowed through the doors.  What came next was towards Gerald’s face…it was Hollywood’s fist as he knocks Gerald clean off his feet and to the ground.  Buck’s eyes widen as now security at the hospital comes rushing up and towards Hollywood.


Buck Wringley: “BRIAN!  WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?!”


Buck also tries to intervene as two security guards grab Hollywood from both sides.  Buck already knows what’s coming next and this is going to be paperwork from him.  Hollywood takes his right elbow and delivers it straight one of the security guards as the security guard on the left can’t act fast enough before Hollywood sweeps the guys leg sending him to the ground.  At this point, Buck spears Hollywood to the ground as he tries to control Hollywood on the ground, but Hollywood ends up headbutting Buck with the back of his head as Hollywood gets back to his feet.




Now there are four people on the ground and one out of control Hollywood who has completely snapped on his feet.  He yells down at Buck and Gerald on the ground.


Brian Hollywood: “What the fuck were the two of you thinking?!  Now because of you, Audrey could fucking die!  I can’t even…”


Hollywood throws his arms up in the air before not saying another word.  He leaves Gerald and Buck on the ground before storming off down the hallway and towards the entrance in which he kicks the doors open and storms outside where Lukas Montana is waiting.  Lukas sees Hollywood in a fit of rage and tries to calm him down not knowing what happened.  Lukas takes a peak inside before he finds out quickly what happened.  His eyes widen as he turns around quickly and tries to catch up with Hollywood.


Lukas Montana: “Dude, you assaulted two security guards AND Gerald and Buck?!  Man you need to get out of here before you get arrested!!”


Hollywood’s already walking away from the hospital and Lukas catches up with him quickly.  He runs up to his car parked right behind the ambulance and instructs Hollywood to get inside, much to Hollywood’s objections.


Brian Hollywood: “Lukas, you need to let me be!”


Lukas Montana: “Yea, and you need to cool your top!  Get in the fucking car at least so you can cool off outside of jail!  Now, GET IN!!”


Hollywood shakes his head, but at least gets the wise idea to get in the car and slams the door shut behind him.  Lukas speeds off quick as the two of them leave the hospital.


Lukas Montana: “I’ll take you home for now and we let this thing blow over for a bit.”


Brian Hollywood: “Lukas…what the fuck were Gerald and Buck doing there?!  Those assholes cost us a good months long intel on the Chair and not only that, but his identity as well and now Audrey is dying in a hospital!!  How the fuck did they know we were going to be there?”


Lukas Montana: “Dude, it had to be Audrey.  She must have told them.  I know she had the best intentions…but Gerald and Buck should have made sure she didn’t show up to that meet….she had no business being there.”


Brian Hollywood: “I should have known better than to be open with her.  Still…how did she know?  She would have had to have known where I would be in order for Gerald and Buck to know and I–“


Hollywood pauses before his hand slides into his jacket pocket…the same jacket pocket Audrey slid something inside of.  Hollywood pulls it out and it was a small tracking device.  Hollywood was beside did he let this wreckless thinking get himself into this situation?


Brian Hollywood: “This is the thing I get for loving, Lukas.  Now Audrey is fighting for her life.”


Lukas Montana: “You deserve love too, man.  Love is our greatest strengths…but our greatest weaknesses…don’t feel ashamed man.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea..but now she’s fighting for her life and now we’re back to square one with The Chair.  You know he will retaliate for this kind of aggression.”


Lukas Montana: “Let’s worry about that later man.  Right now, you just need to take the night and calm down…we’ll figure the rest out later.”


Hollywood shakes his head as his head drapes down.  Lukas pulls up right outside Hollywood’s Mansion and Hollywood gets out of the car quickly and slams the door.  Lukas gets out as well as he tries to reason with Hollywood.  As Hollywood walks closer to the mansion, though, all of a sudden the entire mansion burst into flames as a loud explosion takes place which sends Hollywood and Lukas back several feet as the mansion is engulfed completely as the scene shockingly fades to black..