Bigger, longer, BLACKER: Black history month continues…

Bigger, longer, BLACKER: Black history month continues…

Posted on February 21, 2022 at 9:35 pm by Bobbinette Carey

It’s still black history month. I am booked for the third week in a row! Which means the lesson continues!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” beautiful words amazing statement made by a man who had slaves and raped them. “But slavery was a thing back then.” Funny how not everyone had slaves. Segregation was also a thing, does that mean I should go through a different door or drink from a different fountain?

One of the funniest things I’ve heard is “It’s in the past stuff like Emmit Till; doesn’t still happen.” Tell that to Tamir Rice’s mom, or Elijah McClain’s mom, or Kendrick Johnson’s mom. Before you even try and argue with me: Kyle Rittenhouse, Nikolas Cruz, and Dylann Roof killed people and are still alive. What is the key difference between the two sets of names? The ones with guns are white and alive… the fact that the laws and rules don’t always apply to fairer skinned people. That is a privilege. 

Officer Kim Potter is serving two years for murdering a man. Two years which shows the value of a black life means less. You can get five years in jail for robbery. This is why we still march. This is why we protest. And I’m aware the counter statement is “why riot, why destroy things?” To which I ask Why do you put value on things over human life? Why are materialistic things far more important than the life that was lost?

People like to use Dr King to silence black voices. People attempt to weaponize the words of Dr King. What they fail to realize was one of

Dr King’s speeches in 1967: 

a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality, and humanity.”  The words still ring true today. It’s still a problem over 50 years later.

If you’ve never had the supreme court decide if you have the same rights as others you have privilege.

Antimiscegenation act was a law that banned interracial marriage. (Virgina vs loving 1967) My existence as a mixed woman is a crime. I know that was in the 60s! Most of us weren’t even alive. But Funny story, my parents took baby me down to Alabama to meet my father’s side of the family. A week before a interracial couple had been skinned and hanged. Yes, in the 1980s!! Even more sad and relevant Alabama only overturned its ban on interracial marriage in the year 2000. So yes we’ve been alive while this is still a problem. It’s still very real, and still happens! 

I have been fortunate that I don’t hear that trash in HOW. But the outside world has always had opinions on me. Being mixed I’ve walked a line, all of that line being “not enough.” Not black enough, not white enough. Because of people’s expectations, people’s stereotypes, people’s ideals of what they expect me to be, all because of my skin complexion. 

But the other side of the coin, because of being lighter skinned and not too dark I am not considered as much of a threat as a darker skinned black woman. I am considered racially ambiguous because of being a mixed woman. It’s why Halle Berry, Zoe Kravitz, and Tessa Thompson have such illustrious careers and actresses like Tika Sumpter, Lupita Nyong’o, Aja Naomi king, and Gabrielle Union aren’t cast as frequently as the lighter skinned actress. 

  • (If you had to look up the second list of names I have already proven my point.) It’s called colorism, it’s why darker skinned people in history are cast as lighter complected black people to be less threatening. That’s terrifying isn’t it? My skin color is considered a threat the darker I am. 

Welcome to the things you didn’t know until now. If you’ve followed through this whole month I hope it educated you. If all I did was make you mad….you may be part of the problem.


We see Cleveland west 25th and Clark. The dingy building Bobbinette was at weeks ago speaking with her sister and daughter. The snow is melting as it has a gray dingy tint to it. The sun is shining on this warm 48° February day in Ohio. We see the Queen of Epicness in a pair of red and purple yoga pants with a loose black t-shirt, the t-shirt has a wide neck and we can see the black straps of a sports bra. Her hair is pulled back into a sloppy bun. She has a teal colored gym bag over her shoulder as she walks towards the door. She opens the door and heads in to see a gray haired wrinkled man standing there. Her face and whole mood are soured.

Bobbinette: What are you doing here?

She says quickly as she glares at the man.

Man: Hello to you too. You may not remember me. I was your first husband Shane Richards…

He says, extending his hand sarcastically. Bobbinette’s hand turns into a fist.

Bobbinette: I’m aware of who I have written alimony checks to. Why are you here Shane?

She says with a biting tone.

Bobbinette: Ely would actually throw hands so I know she isn’t here….

Bobbinette says looking around.

Shane: I’ve come to take my daughter home. You got her involved in this trash and she needs to be back in school not wasting her life.

Each word he says like a jab with a rusty nail to her.

Bobbinette: Majandra is a grown adult. You do not get to dictate her life. I didn’t drag her into anything. It’s in her blood, she is my daughter.

Bobbinette says with a smile and a look of pride.

Shane: You were an egg donor, you didn’t raise her. Now because she wants to follow the path you did, you think you get to take credit? Best thing my parents did was make sure you had to stay away from them. You’re still doing this trash and it’s been over twenty years… it’s pathetic.

He says as he says it their daughter stands behind Shane. Majandra’s eyes wide as she listens to the words of her parents.

Bobbinette: I’ve paid for your life. I’ve paid to make sure our kids are taken care of. You’ve reaped the benefits of my wrestling career. So it may be pathetic to your standards, but it’s my passion always has been.

Bobbinette says her head bobbing from side to side with a full attitude in full flair.

Shane: Are you expecting me to say thank you for you being a shitty wife? You slept with the XwA owner. I had to get DNA tests on the twins to make sure they were mine.

He snips, his statement doesn’t phase her or shock her.

Bobbinette: We were divorced when that happened. You knew the kids were yours and you wanted to make me look bad. It’s fine. I loved wrestling, you loved money and the nanny. 

Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders.

Bobbinette: A friend asked me what comes after wrestling. I tried not wrestling, spent years at home and tried to lead a “normal life.” It’s not for me, it never has been. Getting in the ring being in HOW. That gives me drive! That gives me thrills you could never achieve. Does that bother you? You didn’t know how to please me, but I loved you. So I settled. I wish I could say I didn’t settle ever again, but you were only the first husband.

She says as she laughs towards him. 

Bobbinette: Wrestling is my fulfillment. And our daughter is just like me. She has that drive and she could be the next me. Only without the mistakes and letting idiots distract her like I did. Now idiot if you’ll excuse me, she’s got training and my sister will be here. I believe you’re trespassing. Leave now.

Bobbinette stands to the side as Shane Richard stands there, his face turning red unaware his daughter is listening to them.

Shane: Thank God you popped out two. Cause she may be a failure but at least my Son isn’t. Let her know she’s a disappointment.

He says storming past her out of the building. Bobbinette follows him out.

Bobbinette: The only disappointment is your tiny dick ass being their father. You’re a failure and yet she still is shining. So.. sorry not sorry go fuck yourself you micro dick having piece of shit!

She slams the door on him and turns her attention to her older daughter Majandra whose eyes are wide as tears stream down them. Bobbinette quickly goes to her and throws her arms around her, hugging her.

Bobbinette: You’re not a failure nor a disappointment. You are following your dreams. You’re doing what you want to. That means you are succeeding in life.

She continues to cry into her mother’s arms. The girl is in shock because of the words she heard. Bobbinette sits down on the ring with Majandra hugging her. Majandra takes a minute and hugs her mother back before wiping her eyes. 

Majandra: I let my father down. I’ve never seen him so mad.

Bobbinette shakes her head and pulls a pack of tissues out of her gear bag.

Bobbinette: No, that was his temporarily mad look. He’s only mad because he thinks he lost to me. It has nothing to do with you. He just hates to lose.

She says offering comfort to her daughter. Her daughter looks at her nervously.

Majandra: What he said… he said you didn’t want us. It’s why he had us…but… that isn’t true. My whole life.. My dad has lied to me. I… I need to go process this. 

Majandra looks at her mother then walks back into the back of the building.

Bobbinette: If you want to talk … I can just listen.. I am so sorry sweetie…

Bobbinette says looking at her daughter with a mournful look. Her daughter shakes her head quickly.

Majandra: No… I have to.. and you have Jatt Starr. Or Simon Sparrow… I’ll be okay you go… you got this… I have to… I don’t know.

Bobbinette: I will worry about Simon later. I want to be here for you.

Bobbinette says her heart is hurting for her daughter. She reaches out a hand as her daughter backs up shaking her head.

Majandra: Mom, no. I need to be alone. Just.. please go.

Majandra quickly hugs her mom then closes the door behind her leaving Bobbinette alone in the ring. Bobbinette signs and stands up walking out of the building. She takes her phone out of her bag and dials a number then sighs and puts the phone back into her bag. She walks out to a magenta colored Toyota Corolla. She gets in the car and puts her bag in the passenger seat. 

Bobbinette: Well I was in a good mood….

She closes her eyes, taking a few cleansing breaths. 

Bobbinette: she watches the product… she knew I am facing Jatt… er… Simon.

She sighs.

Bobbinette: Jatt is his dead name and we will respect that just like we respect anyone who is transitioning from one to another. Not that he’s changing genders or now nonbinary. But we will respect and be mindful of Simon’s wishes cause we don’t have to understand to respect it.

She says looking at herself in the rearview mirror. 

Bobbinette: Granted Simon is still besties with Mario .. and trying to get Eli when he knows Eli would work with the Woke era. But of course the AoA stops female progress. Which is sad because Simons is a father… a father should be a feminists. Wanting equality and respect for everything the woke era stands for! But he is too close minded and stuck in his ways with his toxic masculinity bro Mario to see how problematic they are…

Her cell phone rings as her old theme music “circus.” she looks over and answers it. She puts her car in drive and heads down west 25th towards the free way. She holds the phone with her ear to her shoulder 

Bobbinette: Matthew… no you’re not booked. I am… against Simon Sparrow… the wrestler Formally known as Jatt.

She nods her head hearing silence.

Bobbinette: Seriously? He was your Nemesis on the same level of the issues with Mario and myself! You haven’t found your spark and I see it. I mean I’m happy you’re back. We’ve been doing great as a tag team. But… your fire the fire you had…I know it’s there! You just got to find it.

Her face looks sad at this.

Bobbinette: You’re doing this for me. But if it isn’t you any more… I get it. But it’s me. You asked me last week what is after wrestling? I’m not thinking about after wrestling. Because I tried to stay away but it’s an addiction. I came back because of my friend, Scottywood….

We can’t hear what is said but we can hear talking.

Bobbinette:  Yes we are fighting and he’s going to see why I am a veteran and he doesn’t hold a candle to me in the ring and if he’s got to lose an eye then gross. But whatever it takes to get over this.

She shakes her head realizing she got off task.

Bobbinette: I’ll be wrestling when I’m old and wrinkled and back in the gyms and vfw halls; telling young kids about what it’s been like and yelling at them to carry my bags, and pay their dues.

She says with a light chuckle. She sighs as she gets off the freeway at the Parma exit. 

Bobbinette: No, we aren’t talking about Marc… that isn’t a conversation. Look, you’re one of my best friends. You’re trying to change subjects. Black history month is almost over. And this is the first time this month I’ve been above curtain jerking. I miss the days of Lee Best, because he respected hall of famers. No matter how much I annoyed, him he would have treated us better than his brother. Which is a shame, because I thought he was going to be my gay bestie. 

She exits off the free way onto ridge Rd and hits a bump as she’s driving past the intersection she hears a sound and her small car starts shaking.

Bobbinette: Damn it, I think I got a flat. We will talk later. 

She pulls into a small store parking lot of a store called “Sugarland” a Filipino little ma and pa shop. She gets out and sighs loudly seeing her rim is wrecked and the tire shredded. She goes to her trunk and grabs her spare and her tire changing set. She sets her jack up and grabs the tire iron. As she does she sees a red Ford mustang pulls into the parking lot and parks infront of her. She rolls her eyes as she puts the tire iron on one of the nuts of the car.

Man: you need a hand?

Bobbinette doesn’t look up as she cracks the first nut and movies to the next one.

Bobbinette: Nope I got it thanks.

Man: Bobbie, can I please help?

She freezes for a second then looks over her shoulder. She realizes it is Marc. Marc is wearing a pair of jeans with a red flannel shirt open with a t-shirt under it. He has a hunter green winter coat unzipped over his outfit that’s wide open. She wrinkles her nose as she cracks the next nut then stands up turning to face him.

Bobbinette: I forget how small Parma really is…

Marc: A magenta car kind of stands out in the area. 

He chuckles as he looks at her.

Bobbinette: I can change a tire, thank you for offering.

She says as she starts to turn.

Marc: I’m well aware of that. I am saying as a male who wants to be chivalrous, let me help. Please?

He says, extending his hand as he gives her a soft smile. She sighs and hands him the tire iron. The wind blows causing her to shrug her shoulders up. 

Marc: wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the wind.

He chuckles and stands up pausing.

Marc: You can go sit in my car to stay warm. 

He offers, she shakes her head.

Bobbinette: Absolutely not…

He finishes cracking the nuts off of the car then stands up and takes off his coat.

Bobbinette: I’m good.

She says shaking her head as her lip is visibly shivering. He sighs looking at her.

Marc: you’re an insanely stubborn woman, you know that right? 

She squints looking at him as he puts his coat over her shoulders. She sighs and watches him jack the tire up.

Bobbinette: pretty sure i told you there’s a lot of reasons you do not want to go out with me.

Marc: Excuses to keep to yourself…

He says from the low tire iron. 

Bobbinette: I like myself. I don’t have to worry if other people do or not.

She says in a lower tone. He stands back up as the car is raised enough for his liking. He looks her in the eyes and smiles. She looks over to the tire away from him.

Marc: So I was talking to my one buddy who is a wrestling fan. Did you know two guys we went to school with are wrestlers.

Bobbinette nods her head as she bites the side of her mouth.

Bobbinette: Mike and I had a few classes together. Mark and I worked the indies together though he was a few grades younger. Nick and I have bumped into each other a few times too.

She says with a sigh. He looks up at her as he takes the nuts off of the tire. 

Marc: It’s a fascinating world you all live in…

Bobbinette narrows her eyebrows at him as the suspicion creeps in.

Marc: and you. You are the only female in our area who set out to do it and did it.

He says with a smile and nod.

Marc: Amelia and Mimi talk about it.

Bobbinette raises an eyebrow.

Marc: Amelia my daughter… she goes to school with your daughter. 

Bobbinette nods her head completely confused but acting like she’s aware of who his daughter is.

Bobbinette: That’s… epic… yeah I am the only female to come out of Parma that wrestles.

Marc: Yet you’re living back here. It’s the Parma trap. You hate it as a kid then come back as an adult and your kids go here and hate it but they come back.

Bobbinette: I used to have a few different houses. My ex husbands I think each got one and no one wanted the Parma one.

She joked.

Marc: how many ex husbands have you had?

He laughs and hands her the nuts from the car.

Bobbinette: legally three… but the one shouldn’t count cause I had amnesia…

He takes the tire off and drops it on the ground and looks at her.

Bobbinette: It’s a long story…

She laughs and rubs her hands together as another breeze hits her.

Marc: That isn’t Mimi’s dad is it?

Bobbinette: She has a donner it just so happens to be his sperm was used for the insemination…

He looks completely confused.

Bobbinette: Yeah… we were married but it was never… consummated. 

She says blushing.

Marc: Interesting… confusing but interesting.

He says as he fits the spare to the car and motions for one of the nuts. She nods and hands him one as he mounts the tire in place.

Marc: so about that date…

Bobbinette: Yeah… I’ve got a match this week and issues with my daughter just happened.

His face turns serious with a look of concern.

Marc: Is Mimi ok?

Bobbinette takes a deep breath laughing and shaking her head.

Bobbinette: My other daughter.. Majandra.

Marc: You have a thing for “m” names…

He laughs. Bobbinette gets defensive.

Bobbinette: No my son’s name is Duncan.

He looks back at her.

Marc: So you got three kids. Three ex husbands… 

Bobbinette: What about you?

She fires back feeling judged.

Marc: It’s just me and Amelia since her mom died.

He says with a sad sigh. 

Bobbinette: oh… I’m sorry.

She hands him the final nut for her car and looks down. 

Marc: It’s been years since Mia was a baby. No, I’m not judging. Those three had to have really messed up to give you such issues and hurt you.

She tries to hide the shock on her face.

Bobbinette: I survived.

He gets to his feet and looks in her eyes.

Marc: You did more than that…

She blushes and clears her throat looking away from him. She felt herself getting nervous. 

Bobbinette: But yeah I have a match against Simon Sparrow.. he’s a hall of famer I may have kind of angered over events of his interviewing show…but he’s got bigger fish to fry.. it was more of a Petty grievance.

She logically states nodding her head.

Bobbinette: but it isn’t the first time we’ve wrestled over the years. We are different people and yet at the same time not…I mean we can evolve and grow and expand our mind but ultimately you are still you at the end of the day. Just with small differences here and there…I’m sorry you don’t want to hear about this stuff.

She says realizing she was probably rambling.

Marc: You’re opening up… so don’t apologize. And I do want to hear about it. I just may have questions…

Marc said as he lowered the jack of the car and tightened the nuts on the car then put them in their containers smiling as he listened to her. He walked over to her trunk and put them and the busted rim in the trunk.

Bobbinette: um thank you.. 

She says as he walks back over towards her. He smiles and nods his green eyes staring intensely at her. She maintains eye contact nothing she’s blushing feeling her cheeks turn red.

Marc: So you’ll let me take you out next week?

Bobbinette laughs and nods her head.

Bobbinette: This doesn’t count as a date?

Marc: I mean we talked and spent time together… and I really want to kiss you…

Bobbinette blushed and leaned in, giving him a soft kiss.

Marc: I said I wanted to.. that wasn’t fair.

He said putting his hand around her waist and kissing her passionately. She put her hand on his shoulder kissing him back. The two parted as her cheeks turned bright red. 

Bobbinette: Um … next week it’s a date.

She handed him his jacket and quickly got into her car smiling like a high school girl. He laughed as he watched her get into her car and waved as she quickly started her car and drove down the street headed home.