Big dick Energy

Big dick Energy

Posted on May 24, 2023 at 10:48 pm by Bobbinette Carey

There’s a difference between boys and men, not just age-wise but mentality. The fact that a person in their 30s can still be a little boy it’s a very simple thing. You see a boy will make excuses whereas a man will take ownership. Boys will deflect and blame other circumstances and not own up to their wrongdoings whereas a man will claim their wrongdoings, admit they’re wrong and apologize and move on. Very few men in HOW are like that. Very few men have the balls to actually look themselves, look somebody in the eye, and apologize for their ignorance. No, so many men will intend to say it was just a misunderstanding and gaslight the situation. It’s 2023 I don’t have time for bullshit or not taking accountability for your actions. If you want to be a little boy go play in someone else’s backyard not here this isn’t the place for it.


The type of men I’m talking about have Big dick energy. BDE. What is it? And who has it HOW?


Big dick energy! Unfortunately, most of the roster does not have it. No, instead: we have I’m a grower, not a shower, size doesn’t count it’s the motion of the ocean, it’s cold out, steroids shrunk my package and gave me backne, I was in the pool, and my mouth makes up for the tiny package. (It doesn’t.)


Now what do penis size and BDE have to do with wrestling? Everything. If you’re asking that you really don’t understand it. Wrestling is egos and most of them are false bravados who can’t back up what they talk about. 


Most people would then point to Mike Best as the embodiment of what I’m talking about. True he backs up what he talks about. The reason behind it, however, is that he’s a people pleaser! He will do anything to get a laugh and anything to make people love him more. There are clear textbook abandonment issues. And I know you’re thinking Mike Best is one of the most secure men ever. Which is laughable. He’s a big child who will do anything to get people’s attention, good or bad. ( Which then stems from a fear of failure.) Generally, the people whose attention he’s trying to gain are his father and the people that he calls friends at that time. 

 I know it sounds completely absurd that I would say such things when he does things generally just to piss off people. But if you take a deeper look he really does anything to make people happy. He’s just a ball of walking daddy issues sprinkled with probably self-loathing. The long and short of it is he definitely is not somebody who has bde.


Blanco who is absolutely (we are sure.) not Mike Best. However, maybe it’s Mike Best’s identical twin that we never knew about. Telenovela style right? I mean it would fit for where we’re at. That there’s really a better twin to Mike Best? Actually… I like that idea, Mike has a twin and Mike has been the evil guy the entire time the twin is actually good. His twin is like this personable person he would have bde. He would make up for everything Mike lacks. He would be confident enough and walk with a certain air about him. I’m here for that to be the big reveal that it is not Mike but a twin who is actually the good twin.


BDE is something you don’t even have to talk about. You just walk with a walk and carry yourself in a way that people go “Yep he’s got it.” and some people would say, Conor Fuse. I say if he did have it he wouldn’t know what to do with it. He was confused with anything that was not a joystick or a wrestling ring. The kid has Shiny Key syndrome. He’s textbook, Peter Pan.


Loserwood is definitely the opposite of BDE. He probably thinks foreplay involves barbed wire. Plus with all the alcohol it’s probably broken at this point. Like you can’t have sex if you’re so inebriated that you can’t even get an erection. 


Aceldama has been in jail… isolated and with voices in his own head (No judgment of course.) definitely not anything near that at all… like eunuch energy.


Jace gives off over-compensation clear intimacy issues also sprinkled with daddy issues definitely not a man who has bde.


Dan Ryan said that I try to make sexuality personality…Or something really lame like that. I didn’t realize we still slut shame people in 2023. Maybe he didn’t mean it. Maybe it was a copy and paste about someone else in his brain and my name slipped out. But here we are… (Especially as the only female on the roster.) Yeah, that’s an even worse look for Dan. But also screams sexually repressed prude. So definitely not somebody who would understand what bde is. It’s okay because I get his insecurities alone.  Dan Ryan got a title. He’s been defending it and sleeping with one eye open. He’s got a bullseye on his back. He’s got a ticking time bomb and he knows it’s a matter of time before someone’s got his number. I almost had his number and that scares him. With good reason too….it’s a matter of time.


Jatt star… he’s ballsy but that doesn’t mean bde. Jatts more balls than brains. He isn’t bde, he’s too dumb for his own good. He doesn’t realize that his stupidity puts him in danger and that no one’s laughing with him, they’re all laughing at him. Class clown definitely not bde.


Evan ward…. Just no. He gives off the ’80s douchebag in every Molly Ringwald movie. 


STRONK if a golden retriever was a person you look at him. Old Yeller comes to mind, it’s a shame that Connor didn’t put him down like Old Yeller. He’s a simple man and steroids. Nope…


America? That joke writes itself, probably America the Beautiful or the star-spangled Banner is his mood music. His patriotism and pro-America give ocd vibes. Respects lady liberty too much to disgrace her… he’s the asshole who is a “nice guy” who is really just an asshole. Those are narcissists. Not bde…


Charles de Lacy the gentleman gives off definite sub vibes, maybe degrade kink sprinkled on top. So no not bde.


Zion… real love little spoon and likes to cuddle. As the list of men is dwindling for the match on who gives off bde… hope for the future is fading. Real love means he tries too hard. No BDE.


 I know what you’re thinking there’s got to be some men here that have that type of presence, that type of jenesequa, and I know somebody would say Solex. He gives off the I drive a big truck to make up for my small dick.


The giant weird Cowboy. The “Captain” of the team I’m on… The biggest baddest men are normally the ones who don’t know how to find the little boat in the ocean. But the fact that he has been Captain 2 years in a row I’m not sure if it’s stupidity and it might actually be bde.


 I’m missing some people. No, I’m not… They are simply not worth it. And if their names aren’t worth mentioning then they really don’t have big dick energy, do they? No! There has not been one person who you just sit back and go wow! Aside from myself, that is, I exude it. I don’t have to walk around with the false bravado. I know who the hell I am and I don’t care if it bothers people. And what wouldn’t give me the right to be the judge of this? Because I am a woman it’s that simple. I am thinking what every other woman is thinking but has not been able to say in HOW. But please try to mansplain to me how I’m wrong about it.


Again in a “masculine” workplace where being a “man” is something that is tested constantly, it’s amusing to me that the only person who’s ever grown a pair is me. I’m the only person who has literally grown a pair of testicles. 


You men were born with balls and then they eventually dropped (supposedly.) I grew a son. So I actually am the only person who can say they ever grew a pair. I love how science works. so no men you never grew a pair your mother did. 


When it comes to Dick swinging I have a right to do it, I don’t have to be afraid. I don’t have to worry about the small dick jokes or the lasting 60 seconds. (Which I think is generous for most of the people.) The final alliance, they are 30 to 40 somethings boys who still don’t know how to please a woman; but They will do anything to impress their friends though. 


The track jackets reek of desperation to be a part of something bigger than they are. I was so focused on fashion that I didn’t realize that all that is desperation to be a “pick me”. It’s really just a beta group wanting to follow a leader. That desperation that stench that they carry with them desperate to hang off the nuts of Lee Best. Pathetic that they are truly as weak-minded as “men” that they would follow anybody. The putrid of Desperation for acceptance.


 All the talk about BDE is because sex and wrestling actually go hand in hand. It’s about movement, it’s about your ability to take a person to the brink. It’s being able to contour a person’s body in such a way that they’re screaming. And if you’re clunky in the ring and move step you probably aren’t good at either of them. Whereas if you move with confidence with Grace  (I don’t mean just ground and pound.) I mean the technical aspects, I mean the high flyers. 


Any idiot can stand there and punch people. There’s no art, there’s no craft to it. And then you got the spot monkeys; who are too busy getting their flippy dippy shit in within 3 minutes; instead of actually putting the match over. Instead of actually thinking about the technicality of what they’re trying to get across in the ring. Those idiots are the “Did you see what I did?” backstage after the match so hyped about the stuff they did that they actually completely lost the pacing with their 2 minutes of flipping around.


Technical wrestlers, however, the MMA fighters, the smooth transitions and the floating effortlessly into the next hold. It’s beauty, it’s passion. War games we will see all different types and everyone will be judged. Thankfully I’ve judged you all and I know where I stand. (Superior Queen Bitch.)




Springs Rincon San Miguel


A forest near Mexico City. The setting is a less-than-normal location. It’s midday in the afternoon. In a clearing in the woods near a lake; we see a 97red blanket. It’s a picturesque setting for a picnic but there doesn’t appear to be any Picnic happening. Instead, We see the pink sassy magic bag that Nettie purchased in New Orleans. The contents are set out on the blanket. There are 8 pastel voodoo dolls. All of them have black doll jackets they are squeezed into. Three of them have toy wrestling titles on them. Next to the voodoo dolls, there is 8 ziplock with random things like hair (blonde.), nail clippings, dandruff flakes, stubble hair, a crumpled-up napkin, more hair (brown), used wrist tape, and a bandaid. There are more things alongside the voodoo dolls such as a pestle and mortar, and a small metal little cup that looks like a cauldron, there’s a box of safety pins opened next to the voodoo dolls. There’s a hexing kit next to the rest of it. Then the sole person on the blanket is Nettie. She’s got a pair of black sunglasses on top of her head pushing her hair out of her face. Nettie’s wearing a black sleeveless jumpsuit with a plunging neckline as she sets up the items on the blanket. The area of the Forest appears to be off the beat


Nettie: There’s nothing wrong with hedging the bets in my favor. Superstition or not can’t hurt to try. 


She takes out a black candle from the hex kit. In her pocket is a pack of matches. 


Nettie: Idiots have dumb rituals like wearing the same socks for luck or not bathing or walking backward through arena doors everyone has a weird ritual.


She shrugs her shoulders as she lights the candle putting it in a candle holder. She blows out the candle quickly and puts the hot match in the cauldron.


Nettie: If it works then that’s amazing! 


As the candle burns nettie grabs the small ziplock with the weird contents in it.


Nettie: If it doesn’t then…oh well I tried.


Nettie puts the tone nails with one of the Dolls and melts the wax over it being careful.


Nettie: We’re getting closer and everyone’s coming out of the woodwork finally. America’s really starting to sweat now. He went from War Games to war games there’s no way anyone’s letting him walk out of here with the title willingly. 


She takes the tuft of hair, and puts it on another doll, using the hot wax to melt the hair onto the doll.


Nettie: If Clay Byrd and I are the last two standing then that title could very well go to me. Clay Byrd being the sportsmanship person and all that…


She picks up the bandaid and another doll melting the wax to have it stick to the doll.


Nettie:Clay the captain surely no Captain would just reward themselves the world title the world championship  I mean after what I did.


She chuckles with no sign of remorse. She grabs another doll and the wrist tape. She wraps the tape around its body before melting wax on the doll to hold it together.


Nettie: It would be poor sportsmanship for someone such as himself who has morals and values.


Nettie starts putting the empty ziplock into the sassy magic bag.


Nettie: and Clay couldn’t do such a terrible thing! 


She continues to giggle.


Nettie: This is why I’ve got bigger balls than anyone else here. Last year’s winners showed such sportsmanship and the camaraderie of Tyler Best and Christopher America.


She gags shuddering at the thought. 


Nettie: And how they were actually debating on who deserved it more in a gracious humble example. The big bad guys of last year… America’s left… I can’t wait to see the fall of America. But this isn’t just all about them. It’s about me, it’s about her. Us…


She grabs another doll, continuing to put the used napkin with the doll and wax to seal them together. She looks in deep thought.


Nettie: I have often wondered if she had a hero complex and why? Why did she need to save everyone, why did she need to be everyone’s friend? And it’s only recently started to dawn on me that the whole reason for the overcompensating hero is me. She tried making up for all that I’ve done.


Nettie looks disappointed at that notion as she realizes all 8 of the Dolls are sealed. She grabs a pouch of herbs and pours it into her cauldron.


Nettie: I’m finally living the life after the years of hard work I have set into motion. Her greatest accomplishments were mine! I never got credit!


Nettie’s voice sounds annoyed as she takes the candle and uses the flame to light the herbs in the cauldron. Smoke starts to rise, but nothing big. The smoke was about as strong as hot tea steam wafting up.


Nettie: She has been the Achilles heel and the weakness to everything I have ever done.


Nettie takes each voodoo doll one by one and swirls them into the smoke above the caldron before setting them down in a row.


Nettie:  She has spent time undoing some of my greatest works. The days of Carey are done. They will remember Nettie and what I do this War games. They will finally understand that she was the mask and I’m the real bitch.


She says smiling. Finally, she takes the pins and starts stabbing them into the first doll. The one doll has two belts, Nettie stabs the doll in the side of the leg with multiple pins. Her eyes get large as she smiles.


Nettie: This is a huge stress reliever… visualizing and stabbing my enemies. 


Her shoulders scrunch with a giddy look on her face. She picks up the doll with the napkin and wrinkles the side of her nose as she plunges the pins into the stomach of the doll.


Nettie: Would be a pity if all his gains were ruined with a perforated intestine from so much blunt force…


She giggles softly before picking up another doll with wrist tape and jabs the pins into the arms.


Nettie: Let’s see you pledge with a broken arm.


Her smile grows larger and more sadistic as she continues putting pins through the voodoo dolls. One doll has many pins through the groin of it. Another doll has pins through the head. Another doll has several pins through the knee while another has pins in its back. Finally, one doll has pins in its eyes. Steps back and surveys her work with pride. The smoke had stopped in the Calderon. Nettie puts some of the belongings back into the bag till all that is left is the voodoo dolls and the blanket. Nettie grabs a big stone and puts it in the blanket before she ties up the blanket with the voodoo dolls inside. She grabs the tied-up blanket that looks almost like a hobo sack and dumps it into the water. She watches it and disappears under the water. She smiles, clapping her hands softly with pride. She reaches into her pocket looking at her phone. There’s no signal. She sends a text to “giant weird cowboy.”


“I’m willing to be a team player. We should go to the gym and talk before w.g. – Nettie” the phone reminds her she’s got no signal. She shrugs then grabs her “sassy magic.” bag, throwing it over her shoulder as she makes her trek back to the path through the forest.