Best friends are assholes

Best friends are assholes

Posted on December 22, 2021 at 8:58 pm by Jace Parker Davidson

Back in Miami, Florida inside of Jace’s home the #1 ranked wrestler in HOW as in the middle of packing along with Madison for their flight out to London for ICONIC. The television was on in the background but neither of them were paying attention to what was on or what was being said on screen. Madison comes out of the walk-in closet with an arm full of clothing that she tucks into her suitcase as Jace makes sure his wrestling gear is all present and accounted for before packing it away. Madison looks down at her packed suitcase with her hands on her hips before turning to look at Jace.

“I can’t believe we are packing to go to London for what could be the last match in your HOW career.” There was a tone of disbelief in her voice.

“Why would you put that kind of evil on me right before the main event of ICONIC?!” His tone conveyed shock and a little anger.

“Calm down, I’m not wishing for some kind of tragic ending to your career or anything like that. I’m talking about the fact that you still haven’t renewed your contract for 2022 yet.” Madison places her hand on Jace’s shoulder and playfully shoves him.

“Well, the son of a bitch wants me to take a pay cut! I’m making $97,000 this year and he wants to bump that down to $84,000 while others are getting pay raises. Most of those people aren’t in the main event of ICONIC, they aren’t HOF nominees, and they certainly aren’t the #1 ranked wrestler in HOW.” Jace shakes his head.

“I can’t say that I blame you. Given the injury to your neck and the fact you’ve been away for five long years, you would think they would value you more. You’ve been an absolute workhorse this year while others are getting more money for being part time superstars. Just isn’t right.” Madison closes her suitcase and zips it closed before flopping down onto the bed.

“They better hope that I don’t fuck around and win this entire damn thing. I’d walk right out of HOW with #97red and take that motherfucker over to Zion Wrestling or resurrect the smoldering ashes of 4CW.” Jace rubbed his hands together deviously.

“Wow, I sure as fuck hope it doesn’t come to that!” The voice came from the doorway of Jace’s bedroom.

Both Jace and Madison turn to look and see Jace’s best friend Devin Skylar leaned against the doorframe. It’s not all that shocking that Devin would be there seeing as how Jace often asks him to house sit for him when he and Madison are away.

“I really have to reconsider giving you a key to my house.” Jace says with a sigh.

“I’m going to ignore that sir then go downstairs and drink all of your alcohol.” Devin replied with a smirk.

“Why are you here this early?” Madison added.

“I am here early, points to the madame for that observation! I’m here early because I wanted to catch you both before you decided to head to the airport. I wanted to see if Mr. King of Everything wanted to get in a quick workout with me before you left for London. Or did he already get in his cardio with you before I decided to pop by?” Devin winks at Madison.

“He has been complaining about not getting to train because of his neck. I guess I can let him go for an hour or so to let you boys play around before we hop on a plane for the UK.” Madison says as she taps her chin with her index finger.

“So what do you say, pussy boy? You got the stones to go a round or two with me before you fly off to dreary ass London?” Devin asks while shadow boxing a bit.

“You know what? Fine, I’ll play your little game. I could really use an easy win right now anyway. So, just call me syndrome because I’m down!” Jace says as he closes his suitcase and zips it closed.

“That’s a horrible joke, Jace! Don’t break him too much, Devin. He has a big match in jolly old England that he needs to be ready for!” Madison teased.

Jace leans down and gives Madison a kiss before turning around and heading over towards Devin who punches him in the shoulder. Both men head out of the house leaving Madison in the bedroom with the television all to herself as the scene fades.


We focus in a few minutes later on the outside of a local high school here in Miami. It’s a perfect 70-degree day and we zoom in on the track and field area of the high school which is open to the public. A couple of elderly people can be seen jogging around the track getting their exercise for the day but both Jace and Devin can be seen running at full speed side by side on the track.

“When you said go a round or two with you I thought you meant inside of the ring or at least a fist fight. Not running around a track full of old people.” Jace says as he cuts his eyes over at Devin.

“Come on, the main event of ICONIC is a cluster match with more than five people in it. This isn’t going to be some normal ten-minute contest you’re competing in. You’re going to need cardio to build up your stamina to be able to outlast all of your opponents in London. I mean you do want to end the year as HOW World Champion, right?” Devin fires back.

“Well, that’s the dream of course but I know this isn’t going to be an easy task. Some people are writing me off completely while others are doing everything in their power to make sure they are the ones that get their hand raised in victory at the end of the night in London.” Jace admits.

“Speaking of London, I should punch you in your fucking face right now for cheating on our bet the way you did.” Devin scolds.

“What do you mean cheating? I did no such thing!” Jace tries to defend himself.

“You took Carmen all the way out to the UK to have her all to yourself. How can I get close enough to her to bang her and win your money if she isn’t even in the same country as I am? Not to mention you and Madison flew all the way back here to Miami and left her behind overseas!” Devin complains.

“It’s not my fault that a free trip to tour the UK for weeks was too tempting for her to pass up. I would have invited you along for the trip but well, I uh, didn’t want to be distracted by your shenanigans while I was making my way to ICONIC.” Jace says with a shit eating grin.

“Oh, bullshit you cheater! So, did you finally seal the deal or what?” Devin asks out of curiosity.

“Not yet but I did get her to agree to go out on a date with me if we took her with us to the UK. I haven’t figured out the details yet because I’ve been focused on my matches inside of the ring. However, as soon as this tour is over, I’m going to shoot my shot and you’re going to owe me five grand buddy boy.” Jace points over at Devin as they round a corner on the track.

“I guess that’s fair since you’re pretty much going to fuck yourself out of a perfectly good contract with HOW for 2022. You’re going to need that money more than I do.” Devin chastises.

“If you were in my position, would you take a pay cut knowing you could be HOW World Champion at the end of the year, win Wrestler of the Year, and be inducted into the Hall of fame?” Jace tries to justify his decision to hold out on re-signing.

“If I were you I would have taken that $84,000 for one year contract and went straight to the bank with it. Cut in pay or not you’re still a man with a major injury that could end up as a cripple at the end of any given night.” Devin states logically.

“Excuse the fuck out of me but have you seen how many matches I’ve competed in less than a year? They might as well call me old reliable because I always show up and I’m still marching my way forward, injury or not.” Jace says confidently.

“I don’t know if that makes you brave, stupid, or just fucking greedy. Maybe it’s all three of them knowing how you are but don’t start thinking you’re an unbreakable toy out there in the ring. You got sloppy out in the ring during that tag team match letting JJR land on your neck like that.” Devin shares his opinion.

“That sham of a HOTv Champion has been on a hot streak but now he’s up against real competition. He won’t have his butt buddy Arthur Pleasant in the match to watch his back like he did at Refueled. It’s going to be fucking delicious watching him try and fail to win this match as I walk away with not only the title but the Wrestler of the Year award. Maybe then I’ll celebrate by fucking Carmen Jennings and making you pay up.” Jace laughs out loud.

Jace begins to pull ahead of Devin on the track or rather Devin begins to slow down letting Jace get ahead of him. Devin runs up directly behind Jace and hits him with a clubbing blow to the back of the neck that floors him. Devin stands over the fallen Jace as he rolls onto his back on the track.

“What the hell, man? I was just joking I didn’t think you’d take a crack at fucking Carmen so goddamn seriously!” Jace says as he holds his neck in pain.

“This isn’t about fucking Carmen or the five grand. This is about ICONIC! I heard about you being all mopey and shit saying you’re lost. You’re fucking lost? Just because you haven’t won the HOW World Championship belt yet?! Do you know how many fucking people haven’t won the HOW World Championship belt?!” Devin spits out as he lays in a kick to the fallen Jace.

“Yeah, what’s your damn point?!” Jace has an angry tone in his voice.

“My point is that this whole feeling sorry for yourself and self-doubting bullshit is tiring. This is some straight Darin Zion horse shit that you’re pulling, and you expect to walk out of this match as the HOW World Champion?! Talking about the flame doesn’t burn as brightly as it did before your injury? Then what the fuck are you doing out there? Just going through the fucking motions for the sake of a paycheck and a little fame?!” Devin lays in another, much harder, kick to the fallen #1 ranked wrestler.

“Alright, man. Take it fucking easy!” Jace pleads.

“You are talking about the beast is sleeping. Why the fuck is it asleep when you’re about to walk into the main event of the biggest event of the year. You want to whine about me hitting you? What do you think is going to happen in this match? You have multiple opponents in the main event and you’re going to have to have eyes in the back of your head. You’re going to have to absorb a lot of punishment and then keep dishing it back out but you? You want to talk about how you have friendship and mutual respect for people in this match? Motherfucker, this is kill or be killed. Now get the fuck up and fight me!” Devin backs up a bit then rushes in and lays in a kick to the ribs of Jace.

“This isn’t the place for us to be fighting!” Jace manages to shout while coughing and holding his ribs.

“This is why you’re a fucking bitch! You’re more worried about the setting or what others might think while someone is standing here over you kicking your ass. What are you going to do if someone decides to attack you before you get to the ring for the main event? Are you going to lay there on the ground saying ‘No, please stop! We shouldn’t be fighting here!’ You’re fucking pathetic! No wonder Lee Best’s brother is in no fucking hurry to sign you for another year of this fucking shit. Now get up off your ass and fight me before I make sure you don’t make it to ICONIC to be a complete and utter embarrassment!” Devin leans down and literally spits in the face of Jace as he shouts back at him.

Jace looks back up at his best friend in disbelief but this just angers Devin further. Devin begins laying in repeated stomps to Jace until the HOW HOF nominee has had enough. With his blood boiling, Jace fires off of the ground and tackles Devin down to the ground. Both men commence throwing right hands back and forth at each other on the ground. Devin gets up to his feet then grabs a hold of Jace by his injured neck and locks him into a guillotine choke trying to make him lose consciousness or re-break his neck. 

Jace tries to fight the bigger man off of him but finally resorts to kicking Devin below the belt. Devin falls down on all fours on the ground as Jace coughs and gasps for air. Jace pulls himself back up to a vertical base and sees Devin in position. Jace without hesitation races forward and goes to stomp his best friend’s skill into the ground but luckily several onlookers rush in and stomp Jace before he can complete the move. Jace literally has to be restrained by two or three people as other people go and check on Devin.

“Let me fucking go, that motherfucker asked for this! He tried to break my neck, so now I’m going to shatter his skull under my boot!” Jace tries to pull away from the men that are holding him back from Devin.

After a few moments Devin is able to pull himself back up to his feet and assures the people around him that he’s fine. Devin slowly makes his way over to the livid Jace and grabs him by the back of the head before pulling him in close for a hug.

“That right there? That’s the level of aggression you need to bring to the ring with you at ICONIC if you want to stand a chance at becoming HOW World Champion. You’re welcome.” Devin whispers into Jace’s ear

Jace tries to calm his rapid breathing and runs his fingers through his hair as Devin walks like nothing at all just happened here. Jace cocks his head up to the sky and finally exhales as the scene fades.


So, I got my ass kicked today and it might have been the best thing to happen to me.

You see last time I talked about how I was going to sit back and let you all say whatever the fuck you wanted to about me without giving a shit. And trust me I’m still going to do that because like I said a lot of you mouthy little fucks just need to be punched in the throat.

However, I did talk about how the fire didn’t burn as brightly as it used to before. I talked about how the beast inside was slumbering so don’t go poking at it. Now I can’t go and turn back the clock to 2012, I can’t unbreak my neck. So no matter what I do I may never be the JPD of old. That being said, that is no excuse for a lack of passion and desire. That’s no excuse for not getting up off of my ass, walking straight into London for ICONIC, and kicking someone’s head in.

My best friend is a major asshole.

And it’s thanks to him I’m finally seeing a little bit clearly. I’m not going to sit here and thump my chest and proclaim I’m walking out as the HOW World Champion before the match even begins. What I am going to do is promise you that during ICONIC you’re going to get the best version of Jace Parker Davidson that I can possibly muster. I promise you that I’ll walk into that main event with a both guns blazing, take no prisoners attitude. I’m coming for blood and I promise that not one of my opponents will leave that ring whole.

I’m taking a part of each one of you with me.

If Clay Byrd can walk into this match with a broken forearm, then you can damn well bet that I’m not going to let my neck hold me back. I’ve let far too many of you motherfuckers kick me while I’m down and I’ve had enough. Jatt and Conor you’ve both been nothing but kind to me but you’re included in this. I want this just as much as either one of you do and if I have to go through both of you to get my hand raised in victory then that’s just what I’m going to do. Clayton? You might have gotten the best of me at RATR but there will be no number of microchips or ghosts of Max Kael to help you this time.

You barely walked away from the Infirmary match with your knee intact.

I know what it’s like to go through your career as the walking wounded. Unlike that bitch Steve Harrison, me and you don’t let our injuries hold us back. But believe me Cowboy, if putting you out to pasture once and for all is what it takes to get you out of my blindspot in my chase for #97red then that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Use that cast as a weapon all you want because you’re going to need every bit of fight you got in your gut to get past me. Whether it’s removing your arm from your socket or it’s ripping every ligament in that knee to shreds doesn’t matter to me. This is going to be your last ride partner and if you think Farthington and Mike breaking your forearm was gruesome just wait.

I’m going to use my bare hands to skin you like a fucking deer and when I’m done? I’ll definitely post that shit on Onlyfans.

And speaking of murdering people that brings me to you JJR. The Robin to my Batman in the standings. You’ve had a rocket strapped to your back since the moment you set foot inside of HOW, but I know what that’s like. I’ve been there and I’ve done that. You might think ICONIC is going to be your ascension to the top of the mountain but you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Going undefeated and winning all of your matches is fun but you don’t learn anything. You learn more about your opponent and about yourself in defeat and trust me I’ve been studying up. The fall from grace is a long one and I’d be more than happy to be the one that sent you flying off the edge. I plan walking right up to you face to face and hitting you harder than your erection for Detective Rona. You came off the top rope and tried to end my career on Refueled and you almost succeeded. Now you have to deal with the fact you didn’t finish the job and when I get my hands on you, you’re going to crave the safety of your prison cell.

I’m done playing games.

I’m done just being satisfied with coasting by.

Sure, I might win Wrestler of the Year.

I might be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

But at ICONIC I’m going to make a statement and show all of you why HOW has never seen a motherfucker like me before.

Conqueror Out.