Beating Some Respect into You

Beating Some Respect into You

Posted on September 29, 2023 at 11:41 pm by Scott Stevens


Something Drew Mitchell knows nothing about.

It’s not just him that doesn’t shows the proper respect to their elders its this entire generation of self-entitled punks that don’t give a shit about anything. This morning at the airport as I was getting my bags there where these two punks that shoved down and old man because he accidently bumped into them. They thought it was hilarious and started harassing him and dumping all his stuff out of his bags.

Where was security?

Nowhere to be found.

Why didn’t the bystanders help?

They were too busy filming with their phones.

I don’t play that shit so I went over and intervened in the situation and they tried to fight me which was there first and last mistake let’s just say that. Also, the bystanders that did nothing but watch and film I regret nothing when I to some of your phones and smashed them onto the ground.

I know what you’re thinking Drew, you’re thinking that I’m going to cut a scathing promo about how last week was a fluke and it wouldn’t happen again if I was properly prepared. It’s the exact opposite because you beat me fair and square and there is no one to blame but myself for taking my eye off of the ball. Honestly, I think you have a ton of potential to actually succeed in this business and I think you have the makeup and grit to survive in the shark tank that is High Octane Wrestling.

Why do you think I’m down in XPRO?

I’m there to compete against some of the best wrestlers that PWA has to offer, but also test the mettle of new and upcoming talent that walk through those doors. I’m here to make sure we don’t have any more Raziel Reynolds and Scott McKlayns walk through the doors. I have been watching you from afar Drew and I think you have down a hell of a job in XPRO and I’m glad you were given the first official callup into HOW regardless if your first official win was against me. It’s the nature of the beast because anyone can win on any given night.

The problem I have with you is you didn’t show me the respect I was showing you.

You refuse to shake my hand?!?!?!?!?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

You have all the talent in the world, but you haven’t done a fucking thing in this industry to have the right to refuse my acknowledgement of your talents. My family and I were conquering the wrestling industry all over the world while you were just a tiny little mistake waiting to explode out of your daddy’s nut sack. Looking back on our match and learning who you have been associating yourself with tells me all I need to know.

Why would you want to associate yourself with Sunny O’Callahan?

The only good thing I heard about the Queen of the Trailer Park is that she never leaves a member of the Alabama Gang unsatisfied.

Word of advice kid, distance yourself from that pariah because she will be nothing but problems and a parasite that sucks the life out of you. If she was so great then how come my brother and cousin whooped the Alabama Gang’s ass for the MVW Tag titles? Also, the only reason why “Redneck” Bill Dickson still has the MVW title is because this redneck hasn’t decided to challenge him and whoop his fat ass. It wouldn’t be fair to the other MVW wrestlers if the Stevens Dynasty had possession of all the championships now would it? You see kid, I’m sure Sunny was telling you all these terrible things about me and how that I might lure you into a trap and this and that. That is the furthest from the truth because the girl you associate with is a big fat liar just like her vag is after the Alabama Boys stretch it out.

Did she tell you that I attacked her former client, Joe Bergman, from behind?

I did, but I’m sure she left out the part where he was attacking people from behind first and my attack was retaliation and preservation.

Your future is as bright as a sun Drew, but your in for an overcast if you continue to associate yourself with certain individuals from MVW.

This Sunday I’m going to beat some respect into you and then maybe we can have a few beers afterwards.

Just make sure you leave the cunt at home.