Be Ready…

Be Ready…

Posted on April 26, 2020 at 10:57 am by Chris Kostoff

[Well that might wake the beast up huh? To see him get his hands dirty again, oh that sends chills up and down the spine. Anyone see the look in his eyes? Pure rage. I have been poking at his mind to get that feeling of rage to ratchet back up a few notches. Maybe I really didn’t need to? Maybe it was there all along? Maybe. Maybe not? Well, coming up here soon this might be the fight that HOW has been needing to see for a long fucking time.]

(The scene comes to light showing cloudy skies. Wind blows as you hear a low roar of thunder off in the distance. Heat lighting fills the sky near by. As trees begin to dance with the raging wind, you see him leaning against a tree. His beard flies with the breeze and he pushes back from the tree and slowly makes his across the yard.)

Kostoff: Surprise surprise surprise folks. Well maybe not a total surprise. Not like I have not made impacts like that before. But hey, why not so what I do right kids?

Kostoff: So let’s get right to business. Farthington, I know you enjoy making a overly large production each time you step out. Me? Not so much.

(Walking across the yard, he walks onto his pool deck and sits down at a table.)

Kostoff: See boy, I just tell ya what I am going to do. Why? I mean why go and make this bullshit production up when all I plan to do is get into that ring and beat you within a inch of your miserable life?

Kostoff: Think about kid, what do I have to lose? This match is all about using house money. I got not one fucking thing to lose here.

(A small grin crosses his lips. He licks his lips as he leans back.)

Kostoff: So here we are man, a new mother fucker to this dance here at HOW against a mother fucker that has done it fucking all. What have I not done here? How many titles have I held? How many wars have I been in and walked away as the victor?

Kostoff: Boy you might be the champion for now, but I have done it fucking all here. And I will keep on doing the shit I do. Get Max to help you out. See if he has any ideas on how to beat me, he has previously maybe he can give you advice on what to do?

Kostoff: My advice to you boy is this…

(He gets up from the chair and leans into the camera.)

Kostoff: Be ready for a war kid. I plan on getting into that ring and fucking hurt you, I may not win the title but making you bleed, making you hurt, causing more physical pain to you than you have ever endured will be a win. Winning the title? Fuck that will he added extra.

Kostoff: Ask around, ask the boys here how much a win means to me? They mean shit. They mean fucking nothing.

(He leans back and smiles.)

Kostoff: I know you enjoy the lights and the fame that goes along with running Max. Anyone that is a needy little fuck like you will enjoy all the added help he can muster up.

Kostoff: I know your type man. I get it. But be ready for the war you never knew existed son.

(The smile fades as drops of rain begin to fall from the sky as the wind picks up. The wind sends a chill through your body as he closes his eyes.)

Kostoff: Be ready…

(A large flash of lightning crosses the sky as thunder roars off in the distance as the scene fades to black.)