Basic Purity; Is it a Lie? Part I

Basic Purity; Is it a Lie? Part I

Posted on April 15, 2020 at 12:37 pm by Brian Hollywood




April 12, 2020


Chicago, Illinois


FOUND Hotel Chicago


The scene opens up inside the hotel as the camera pans around to get an idea of what kind of hotel it was.  It wasn’t anything fancy.  You shouldn’t have expected anything was one of the cheapest hotels in the city as the camera pans around the room once more before panning to Brian Hollywood.  The sun was barely out and the room was dark and no lights were on.  Hollywood isn’t laid out in a normal sleeping position…no, Hollywood wasn’t sleeping at all.  He couldn’t..instead his back was against the wall, Hollywood facing away from the window as his legs were pulled straight in like a ball.  Hollywood’s face planted deep in his knees as we get an idea of Hollywood’s expression.  Hollywood finally looks up and he looks…conflicted.  Lost.  His mind racing like it was the Kentucky fucking Derby.  Hollywood looks around his room, disappointment written all over his face as he lets his thoughts out loud.


“What happened last night?  How could I lose to yet ANOTHER fucking rookie?!  I don’t get it…I had him right where I wanted him…yet I didn’t.  I felt like I just drifted through that match.  What the fuck does that even mean?!  I was all over the place!”


Hollywood pauses momentarily as he looks around the room.  His thoughts are out of control and the anxiety starts to rise exponentially.  Hollywood begins to think about where he’s at and where he used to be.  The only thing that existed was….temptation.  Temptation was what Hollywood was feeling…and jealousy.  Hollywood briefly gets caught up with his whereabouts as he slams his hand on the single, small bed.


“Look at where I’m at?!  I’m at the cheapest hotel which is a fucking wreck and I belong with this room.  Wrecked.  Dull…..”


Hollywood pauses before he lets the next thing slip out.  However, before he does, you can clearly see the pain on his face as he lets out the one word he was never about before now…




Hollywood bows his head as a tear comes down his face.  Hollywood was conflicted.  He had heard everything that happened at Refueled and even listening to Benny’s commentary as he painfully rewatched his match against Zeb Martin wondering where he went wrong.  The things that were said cut a wound deep within Hollywood.  Hollywood was starting to think again as he lets his leg lay straight out, finally, as he takes a deep breath followed by a sigh.


“Maybe Benny was right.  Maybe what I’m doing now is really the fake of all this charade!  Maybe my DNA is written a certain way.  Maybe…just maybe..I should return to–“


Hollywood is interrupted before he could finish as he is snapped out of his thought process briefly as his cell phone rings loudly.  Hollywood looks at his phone as he sees the details of the call and who’s calling him…




Hollywood rolls his eyes as he stares at the phone with a little bit of anger and annoyance.  Hollywood shakes his head as he declines the call and sends Alan to voicemail.


“Fuck that shit!  I’m not dealing with this asshole today…not after what happened yesterday!”


Hollywood stands up from the bed, slowly, as he had no motivation to move around.  You could tell Hollywood was exhausted.  It had been a long month and Hollywood was putting everything he had into making this new transition work.  Hollywood was tired.  Conflicted.  Tempted…Hollywood turns around and looks out the window and out to survey the scene.  It wasn’t anything special.  It wasn’t a view from the Hyatt or any of the five star, expensive hotels Hollywood used to stay in.  Hollywood shakes his head as the frustration was growing.  This was obviously hard for him.  Every day. 


All of a sudden Hollywood’s phone begins to ring again.  Once again Alan Ventura was calling Hollywood.  Hollywood begins pacing as he sends the call to voicemail once again.  It wasn’t long after that that Hollywood’s phone rang a third time immediately after the second.  Hollywood’s pacing picked up and the annoyance levels were certainly rising as well.  Hollywood rolls his eyes and finally answers the phone.


Brian Hollywood: “What the fuck do you want?  You have a lot of nerve calling me after what happened last night!”


Alan Ventura: “What did you expect Napoleon Dynamite dickhead?!  You have A LOT to learn after what happened last night and maybe it was for your own fucking good!”


Brian Hollywood: “Really?  Fucking seriously?  That’s how you’re going to start the fucking conversation?  You owe me an apology after last night fucker!”


Alan scoffs and actually sarcastically but angrily laughs through the phone.


Alan Ventura: “I don’t owe you shit candy land douche bag!  It’s time that you got off your pathetic, beatdown ass and get back in the gym!  I saw what happened last night and the temptations that you had in that match and those shades need to be phased out!  You started out great and then you fell apart…after one fucking match!  This isn’t a participation medal that’s handed out just for you being there!”


There was a pause on the phone.  Hollywood wanted to yell at Ventura, but before he could, Ventura continues after the brief pause.


Alan Ventura: “Listen twinkle toes…you have an opportunity to really get back on track and I mean really get back on fucking track like King Leonitis…this week it was announced that there is to be a Lethal Lottery…”


Alan pauses as he lets Hollywood take in the shocking thing he just said.  The Lethal fucking Lottery…literally filled with opportunities…BIG FUCKING OPPORTUNITIES!  Hollywood seemingly pulls himself together, despite him being absolutely torn apart verbally by Ventura..but what else was fucking new?  Hollywood briefly ignored the distraction from Ventura during his match against Zeb and he seemingly was at least interested in doing something about the lottery as Hollywood’s serious face, a familiar face takes shape as Hollywood makes his next statement brief.


Brian Hollywood: “Opportunities eh?  You know I’m all about…opportunities…afterall…I am the strategic opportunist…”


The familiar Hollywood was trying to pear back in…the temptation was high as you can hear a sigh on the other end of the line from Ventura…but he knew…however, he was going to make sure to prepare Hollywood for what was to come.


Alan Ventura: “Get to the gym tootsie motherfucker!  I’ll be seeing your ass soon.  We have work to do…”


The phone call was ended just like that as a click is heard.  Hollywood pulls his phone away from his ear and stares at it as Alan hung up on Hollywood.  Hollywood hated being hung up on..however, Hollywood..with all the temptation that was flowing through his body, knew that Alan could help him as he was still a good manager.  Hollywood all of a sudden has motivation..eagerness as the temptations are controlling him as the word lottery and opportunities continuously run through his mind as he grabs his workout clothes and throws them in his backpack as he heads for the door and his destination?…..heading to the Five Time Academy as he walks out the door, shutting it behind him as the scene fades to black…



“Lethal Lottery.  Oh have I longed to hear something like that for a long time.  An opportunity for SOMETHING!  Every match on the card is either a championship match or an opportunity to qualify for the War Games match.  Interesting timing if I don’t mind saying..”


“You know fate has a funny way of poking its head in.  It was just at March to Glory that I beat Scott Stevens for a shot at just getting onto the PPV.  That was the first part.  Now…lethal lottery provides another opportunity to really shine and make me matter for a shot at the main event.  The HOW World Championship.  Oh how I’ve longed to win that championship back.  But I’m conflicted…I can feel the conflict scratching away and clawing within me.  It came out against Zeb Martin, but the thing about that is it cost me the match.  It was a distraction…it didn’t used to be like that.  Every time I give in to it…it costs me.  Perhaps, in a way, it’s trying to say something to me in the most illogical but logical way.  It didn’t occur to me until after I lost to Zeb Martin that I realize that I have to stay the course.  I have to keep believing I can take that long road on my own…the right way.  But the temptation is still there.  And then there’s something completely different than the opportunity to main event War Games…”


“I realize that I may not even get drawn to be in either War Games qualifying matches.  There is always that chance..perhaps fate peaking its head back in that I end up facing for a championship.  You know, I don’t mind fighting for ANY championship!  You see, I’ve WON EVERY HOW CHAMPIONSHIP THERE IS CURRENTLY..I held the HOW World, ICON and LSD Championships at the same time.  The HOW World Championship may not be on the line…but the ICON, LSD and TAG TEAM championships are all on the line.  Conveniently, Mike Best and Max Kael hold the ICON and LSD Championships, respectively.  What would be the odds…again…that fate peaked its head in once again.  I mean…I am training at the Five Time Academy and Mike Best and Max Kael both made the Five Time Academy what it is today.  What are the odds?…”


“I wouldn’t believe that I would get to face Mike Best again so soon if I get drawn to fight for the ICON Championship.  So let me tell you something, Mike, I have nothing but respect for you…I know, shocked?  Yea…so am I.  Never in a million years would I have ever said that knowing the obsession I had about going after you and facing you.  We do have unfinished business and even though you beat me last was a lot closer than it was in the past.  I’m getting better, Mike, at being able to fight you and learn your moves and being able to set up a strategy to combat them.  Perhaps that last match we had was a little too close for comfort for you in you barely beating me.  I’m getting tougher and wouldn’t it be ironic if I went into Lethal Lottery and kicked your ass this time and won the ICON Championship…a executive that bit the dust, ended up conceding the war against you and actually being able to work out a deal where I would train at the Five Time Academy.  It truly would be remarkable and a funny poetic justice, mind you, if I would come away with the ICON Championship!”


“I crave it, Mike..I really do.  I may still have conflict and temptations within me…but facing you would at least temporarily be neutralized as facing you is like training at the Five Time Academy or facing my manager of a douche bag in Alan Ventura.  You like the guy, Mike?  I’m not surprised with his attitude and the way he conducts himself with me and my training.  Funny..he’s just like you, Mike.  I wonder if that’s why you brought him into the Five Time.  I wonder if he was put with me just to poke the past wartime insults so you can, in a way, be there spiritually.  Oh well…Ventura may be a douche, but we’ve got some things to patch up.  But how bout it Mike?  I’m not trying to call you out like that twenty four seven K douche who never shuts the fuck up, Andy Murray…I’m merely giving a shout out because of our history and because you did do a lot to make the things happen with me at the Five Time and why I found a refreshing way of wrestling in HOW through the Five Time. It would truly be a fantastic match.  Now don’t mistake my generosity and kindness as fodder, because I really will get serious in that ring against you Mike.  Heh…wouldn’t it be something if I all of a sudden won the ICON Championship and put Mike Best Appreciation Month on standby…walking into War Games with the ICON Championship and having a shot at the main event all at once?  That is a possibility, Mike, and I will take advantage of it…but only to do it the right way…or not…no…I have to do it the right way…the temptation is still there and it screams at me to let it out..”


“One way or another Mike…it’s going to be one hell of a match and it won’t be like our last match..oh no.  It’s going to be much better as I’ve picked up some great things at Five Time..could come back to backfire on you, Mike.  I guess we’ll find out…so until then…I simply tip my hat to you and leave you with that ominous feeling that we now have in common…”


“But it doesn’t stop with Mike Best…oh no…there is always….Max Kael…”


“I don’t know what I’m going to expect if I draw against you, Max.  It truly has been awhile since we locked up.  But I remember our last encounter and it was….well…something I won’t ever forget.  However, this time I plan on our encounter being a lot different.  You see, I know you, too, trained and helped make the Five Time what it is today.  I’ve seen your rigorous training and your brutality…it speaks for itself.  You’ve had an impressive reign as the LSD Champion…but I also formerly held the LSD Championship so I know how it feels to hold onto that belt at all costs.  Trust me, Max, that feeling will come back to me and I will power through against you and topple you at all costs.  My newfound wrestling style is perfect against a guy like you…but again, I know you love the brutality of beating the ever living fuck out of your opponents.  But I’ve been training to up my endurance and my tolerance and I think it’s safe to say that those levels are just about Max Kael tolerance so you’re going to have to do something pretty god damn brutal to take me down.  But I’ll just keep coming, Kael.  I won’t fucking stop until I’m fucking unable to get to my feet!  That LSD Championship means just as much as the ICON and World Championships do!  My training this week at the Five Time isn’t going to be pleasant…but it will be worth it because that’s how bad I want it.  I want to do it generically and realistically.  Just a straight shot.  I want it SO FUCKING BAD…it flows through my veins because the path I took is one that I truly feel works for me.  I haven’t felt this great in a long time and I really feel like I’m onto something special here!”


“Either way…I will do it the right way.  However, just like Mike Best..I know you too well Kael not to do something dirty in our match and when that moment comes…I’ll be fucking ready.  You want to know why?  It’s because I’m not afraid to get dirty either and I fucking will in a heartbeat if it means I’m fighting for that LSD Championship.  Winning A CHAMPIONSHIP would not only be a good start…but it would be a great feeling because I would have reached a milestone and make history for…MYSELF.  That’s what that means to me, Max.  So I invite you to try everything..bring out everything you have in your bag of tricks because I’m intrigued to see just how much I can throw it back into yourself.  You’re a hard wrestler to beat..but you CAN be beat…you just have to have…endurance.  Alan Ventura really hammered that into me and I’ve been keeping to it day in and day fucking out.  Either way…I’ll be ready for you, Kael, and wouldn’t it be such a beautiful, unexpected upset if I were to actually win the LSD Championship?!  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see just how far either of us will go to get that LSD Championship!”


“However…all this talk of winning the ICON or LSD Championships…or getting a chance to quality for the War Games main event..there is still one other thing..”


“The god damn HOW Tag Team Championships.  Now this one truly is fucking interesting.  I mean, since I have a new lease on wrestling, it will be interesting to see something new here.  I mean I could be partnered up with anyone to face twenty four seven never shuts the fuck up K.  I may not be in the tag team picture..but I am NO STRANGER to the titles.  I’ve won those tag team championships a couple times already and held them and defended them with pride.  This time, I want to do it….proudly.  If I am selected to face you Perfection and Andy Murray, I will be ready.  God only knows who my partner could be but I understand least I used to.”


“Nowadays, it’s just me.  Honestly I prefer it that way.  I’m stronger on my own…always have been…always will be.  However…should I be partnered with anyone and end up facing the two of you then beware…I still have skeletons I will pull out of the closet of my bag of tricks to obtain more HOW gold because it IS fucking GOLD!”


“This Saturday is virtually important on my next step on my journey.  I truly believe I will be selected to compete in one of the matches I’ve talked about.  However…I may be training for nothing and not get drawn.  It would truly be a big blow to me if I didn’t get on…it really would be.  However, I advise caution…because if that indeed does happen…it will send me down a path I’m all to familiar with…..I mean….no….just a path of pushing and fighting and EARNING my shot!  I earned my shot to be on the War Games card the RIGHT way!  Now…I’m going to earn my shot at one of these matches.  I just have to…I just have to…”


“Lethal Lottery has never been kind to me.  Sure, I’ve been chosen and selected for championship matches and what not….but they all ended the same.  It’s like a bad dream knowing that that Lethal Lottery nightmare is coming back and this time in the flesh…close…up close and personal.  Well…I only have one thing to say this time around…”




“I’m fucking ready to tear the house down and have…  However, all the while keeping logic close and knowing that every HOW match is difficult, but unique.  I will bounce back from my loss against Zeb.  Lethal Lottery provides too much momentum and opportunity to ignore and that’s what is pulling me from the inside.  The opportunities…ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE!  The strategic opportunist will have his moment again…I mean…I will find the right way to go about this and will have EARNED my win the….RIGHT WAY!”


“This Saturday, emotions and tensions will be high…but that’s what I have already come to expect because I’ve faced it before.  I know the feeling and THIS TIME I’m going to seize my moment and plant my first flag into the ground on my journey back to the top…the right way.  And all of this feeling…knowing what Lethal Lottery is all about, I will enter it with just the only feeling I’ve come to rely on….”


“No matter what match…”


“No matter what opponent…”


“No matter what Championship opportunity…”


“Only one thing stands above that and that is simply just my….”