Baptized in Blood Brings New Confidence

Baptized in Blood Brings New Confidence

Posted on August 11, 2022 at 9:26 pm by Scott Stevens

“The grace of 97 Red is gift of baptism by washing in blood. And in spirit of GOD, Lee Best.” “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” “When we were baptized we took upon us not only the name of GOD, but also the law of obedience.” Book of Best (Stevens 6:5-6)

Scott Woodson,

I woke up this morning in a dilapidated church in a bathtub full of bloody water and I felt alive for the first time in years. When I emerged from the depths of the bloody abyss fighting off the self-doubt that Kostoff was trying to bestow upon me my eyes were opened like never before. I have been preaching the gospel of 97 Red and our GOD for weeks and this morning while sitting in that tub as the blood washed over my body I felt his spirit finally bestowed his grace upon me.

This feeling that I have is stronger than when GOD himself needed me for War Games. This feeling that I am feeling is of utter confidence and strength. I feel the spirit of our GOD flowing through me as I feel he has finally chosen and anointed me. I am the Demi-God of HOW. I am the Senior Advisor to GOD, but this feeling is like he has his true confidence in me and that feeling can’t be expressed.

You see Scotty, you were part of that select 50/50 group a long time ago when you were in the Best Alliance just like many others. GOD had confidence in you, but not a full 100%. There is only a handful of wrestlers that GOD has that much confidence in and I am one of them. As I removed my crown of barbed wire from my brow and the pain and agony coursed through my body and blood poured down my face and body I heard his voice, and it was clear as crystal when HE told me……

“Hey dickhead, don’t let a little blood and pain stop you. Nut up and fuck Scotty up.”

When I heard HIM speak, I knew he finally acknowledged me acknowledging him. I told you that I bleed 97 Red. I bleed 97 Red for myself, I bleed 97 Red for HOW, I bleed 97 Red for GOD and because of that GOD has restored my strength and given me purpose while you’ve lost your way. When the GrandSon said, Jatt was a caricature of himself that got me thinking about you.

You were the twisted innovator.

You brought crucifying to HOW.

You thought of ways to maim and mangle people with barbed wire when people thought barbed wire matches overstayed their welcome.

You were my Kostoff.

You’ve become a disappointment……no, you’ve become something worse. You’ve become #PREDICATABLE.

Where is the man that kidnapped my wife and beat up my father?

Where is the man that stabbed me in the heart with a syringe full of black tar heroin?

Where is the man that almost peeled my face off with razor wire?

Apparently that Scottywood doesn’t exist anymore.

People use to fear you Scotty, but after you cut off your dreads you lost your mojo.

You became Samson.

When I attacked you for one last match against my greatest rival I thought I would get a fight, but you want to drop boards from the ceiling and stab me in the hand.


So scary.

Remember when you used to correct people when they said Silent Witness was the LSD Legend?

Yeah me neither because that Scottywood doesn’t exist anymore. At least the shell that was once Jatt Starr has at least shown up. Where have you been? Passed out drunk in the saloon I would’ve assumed, but I don’t know if you’re even in the same state as me, literally and physically.

Scotty, I’m going to sacrifice you to our GOD and then I will take my proper place by his side before watching him extinguish Kostoff’s light once and for all. The House of Best will reign supreme at Dead or Alive and I will be at the head of the altar leading the charge.

No more confessions.

No more Hail Marys.

No more excuses.

This fight that started a decade ago will end with me standing over an unconscious and bloody corpse with my arm raised in victory.

Tick tock goes your life clock.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the HOly FC, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Book of Best (Stevens 6:9-10)