Aww you’re adorable!!

Aww you’re adorable!!

Posted on July 7, 2023 at 11:18 pm by Bobbinette Carey


Friendship. I know, coming from me there’s a cruel irony. My track record with friends is abysmal.


Normally, I give someone a good reason to leave the friendship. It’s not all my fault, I refuse to take ALL the blame for how some friendships have ended in my past. 


But a friendship works both ways. I made an effort to reach out to Conor, but he just saw the darkness. He didn’t see the honesty; he was blinded by the “villain.” The simple idiot doesn’t realize that I was actually extending kindness for all he helped her with. 


But I will be the villain to make him feel better. People wrongly vilify me. Holding me to a different standard than they would hold themselves or a normal opponent. Take all the shots you want, it’s fine. I can take it. I don’t have soft skin, (metaphorically speaking). Because thank you to certain beauty stores (lush) my skin is as smooth as a baby’s butt… not that it has anything to do with Conor. I mean, I was trying to not baby him the way she did. I wanted to be upfront and honest.


So much for honesty, right? I guess Billy Joel was right. “honesty is such a lonely word.” 


I know for all I preach about friendships being temporary in wrestling, that is still true.  But if you could be brought down by the truth was your foundation of friendship as true as you thought it was?  Guess not.



Hotel Nacional Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro



At the Copacabana, we see the beautiful sandy beach in front of the resort. We see two people in lounge chairs in front of the pool by the beach. Nettie is one of the people in the sun. She’s wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with a black sarong and a large hat. She’s got large shades on her face. She rubs the shoulder of the companion next to her, it’s none other than her recent love interest Terrence Davidson. He doesn’t seem pleased as her fingers dance up his arm trying to get him to smile. He looks out across the water. She pouts as she gets no reaction from him.


Nettie: You can’t stay mad at me. We are at the Copa! The Copacabana.


She starts humming “Copacabana” the Barry Manalo song. She shoulders bop from side to side as she hums it. Terrence doesn’t seem to be enjoying the scenery.


Terrence: Who’s mad? 


Nettie sits down on his lounger and rests her head on his shoulder. She sighs and looks down 


Nettie: You were in the arena. I didn’t want my silver fox to see me get my hands dirty.


He crosses his arms in front of himself not making eye contact with her for a second taking her words into account. He looks over at her as his face softens.


Terrence: You can tell me anything, my dove. I know who you are…


He grabs her hand, kissing it tenderly. She slowly pulls her hand back and claps her hands. 


Terrence: You promised you wouldn’t shut me out.


Nettie: I’m not! 


She says defensively as her voice echoes. People on the beach look at her as she lowers her tone.


Nettie: It’s The mental warfare I didn’t want witnesses for.


She says her voice calming down.


Terrence: I worship all the parts of you.


Nettie shrugs.


Nettie: Which I do appreciate…you’ll be making an offering later. 


She says with a wink.


Nettie: But I was just thinking…I don’t know if I want you at ringside this week.


She states as she picks up her drink on the table next to them. She gulps it down quickly, not being able to let him get a word in. She sets the empty container down and pops to her feet.


Nettie: I got to go work out, we will talk later.


She says quickly as she kisses him quickly and grabs a beach bag to make a quick exit. He holds onto her hand causing her to turn back around.


Nettie: You know I’ve been working out on a schedule, I have to keep that going.


Terrence looks at her studying her face.


Terrence: All I see is my dove flying off quickly without explaining anything to me. We are a team. Is it because of that Conor child? Look, I know I’m-


Nettie pauses and puts her hands over his mouth quickly.


Nettie: I have daddy issues, and value your father figure. This is a different thing. Not because of Fuse. Conor I would have liked to get him on the same page. But no one is giving this…


She motions between the two of them but Terrence interrupts her by standing up.

Terrence: Excuse me?! You just said you see me as a father figure. What is that supposed to mean exactly?

Agitation is clearly written all over his face as Nettie takes a deep breath.

Nettie: Your body not as a father but your hot body my silver Fox!


She says sitting back down and putting her arms around him, she presses her body against him, her nose nuzzling into his neck.


Terrence: alright…


Nettie: Good.


She uses her index finger pulling his face to hers. She kisses him as he looks at him.


Terrence: I’ll be right there with you on Chaos at ringside. Unless there’s a reason I shouldn’t…


Nettie’s face cringes.


Nettie: It’s that I want to do this on my own. Plus…the Shane issue.


She gags on the name.


Terrence: The emo boy? The one that’s got the mask and the cult that’s trying to spook you? No way I am going to let you face such depravity by yourself.


Nettie: Fine, if you’re going to be at ringside you’re going to sit there and not do anything. I will handle this on my own. 


Terrence: Whatever you say, my dove.


She pats him on the chest and gives him a kiss before leaving him sitting beachside alone. He smiles with a victorious smirk.


CTAM Arena Fight gym

Rio De Janeiro


We see a small modest gym with white walls and fighting mats. Several people are training and sparring together. We finally see the Queen Bitch Nettie. Netties in a pair of purple bikers and a black and purple striped sports tank top. Her black hair is pulled back into a sloppy ponytail. Her hands have MMA gloves on with her wrists taped up. She stands in front of the weighted bag throwing a jab, another jab, and then a kick.

Nettie: Little Pollyanna kid, only some people are good. Not everyone is your friend. But no, he sees the good in everyone ad nauseam. So innocent, so pure, and sure a couple of screws loose and hyper fixations. But who doesn’t have that?

She shrugs jabbing at the bag quickly then dodging as if the bag will strike back. 

Nettie: The kid didn’t judge her. She never did him wrong. With my guidance and my help, he could navigate HOW. Of course, with a quid pro quo… but no, his thick-headed ass just thinks I’m trying to manipulate him. Newsflash, Conor everyone in HOW is trying to do that! They want to take advantage of how innocent and wholesome you are. But me? I wanted to help you and shield you from the bad. How is that repaid? With mistrust. 

She starts jabbing the bag harder as her face looks annoyed.

Nettie: I don’t deserve that. I did nothing to him. People I have done stuff to have been nicer than that. I cost Scottywood his stake in HOW and the world title.. he forgave me. But the fact is I literally never did anything to Conor. Not to warrant a first-blood match. 

It’s hard to tell if this is sadness or hurt, but it’s becoming clear it’s something different: disappointment.

Nettie: The kid has promise. He’s finally putting away the childish things only to get killed by Mike at 97 Red. That’s the whole point of the exercise, isn’t it? To prove that Connor can eviscerate someone that he once considered a friend. To weaken me against Shane Reynolds. A dramatic form and example of being destroyed by someone you trusted. Rather poetic, possibly a little too in-depth for the likes of HOW. 

She starts throwing kicks at the bag, first left then right, followed by a knee.

Nettie: It’s beautiful through that scope. But Lee probably was just thinking he wants to see people hurt each other. No brains to put this together, just anger in his own feelings. Hurt people, hurt, people, right? I haven’t gone out of my way to piss off the Best family, but Conor has.

As if a light goes off in her brain, her “ah ha” moment happens.

Nettie: Yet another time this body is punished for having anything to do with Conor. You know, the benefits of this friendship I’m starting to call into question. Perhaps this “friendship” has run its course on his end. He stayed long enough to be “even” for the attacks she took from Cecilworth. When Conor took a sabbatical, she was still there. So, he went along with her idiot plans and then almost killed a man. The man who is the world champion. Something broke in him and he pulled away from her, but it was fine, that allowed me to come out.

She steps back looking at the bag. She did no real damage but in her mind, she was looking at a beaten mess.

Nettie: So do I thank him? Or punish him? I’m feeling… conflicted.

She wrinkles the side of her face. Her phone vibrates in her pocket disturbing her thoughts. She grabs her android out of her pocket and sees a message from “silver fox.”

Nettie: I bring a shiny new toy to ringside and everyone has something to say about it. I’m worried about someone trying to break it, obviously.

She mumbles reading the text.

Nettie: He has charm, he is a man. The difference between men and boy’s my age is he knows how to treat a lady with curves. So of course I want to make sure he stays safe. I have needs and if he’s broken they don’t get met.

She sees the heart in the message and nods her head.

Nettie: It’s not a fetish yet I know I’m going to be judged about that. I don’t care about being judged; this is why she was a prude. It’s the truth in wrestling you’re either a prude or a whore. But if I was a man, like Jatt… it would be fine. Conor isn’t judging him, they are still friends. 

She slowly starts to let her anger build in her face. She starts throwing punches at the bag again

Nettie: Fucking hypocrites. Jatt can bang Conor’s mom and get a pat on the back. I bang Jace’s dad and not one damn high five.

She starts punching more vigorously.

Nettie: Where’s my damn pat on the back? No, instead I get to make an innocent kid bleed. 

She does a spinning backhand to the bag. She seems annoyed.

Nettie: Conor doesn’t have the heart to bust someone open. He suffers from having a conscience. He struggles with guilt. I see this as a teachable moment. Not for the kid but for Shane. If I can make someone bleed who doesn’t deserve it what will I do to him? Conor helps send the message to Shane that he doesn’t seem to get. I am not Bobbinette, and the example of Conor will give him more clues about what he will be facing when we get to Australia.

She chuckles deviously. 

Nettie: If he beats Solex then that puts gold up for grabs. 

She tilts her head scoffing.

Nettie: No way is Shane beating Solex. The more I think about it… this is actually a reward. Solex is going to beat the hell out of Shane, I get to check Conor. It all comes up good for Nettie. Maybe I am in Lee’s good graces after all.

She takes her gloves off using her teeth to undo the velcro and squeeze her hands out of them.

Nettie: Nettie in the best alliance 2023… even a jacket. Bobbinette wasn’t worthy of it. Nettie, however, is a different bitch.

Nettie puts her gloves in her duffle bag. She throws the bag over her shoulder as she looks proud of her own idea. It’s clear Nettie is lost in her own daydream as she leaves the gym.


Hey Conor, been an Interesting road, hasn’t it? She came back to HOW and regardless of all the warnings you still wanted to make friends with her


You wormed your way into being someone she never expected to even care about. But she did… that’s why she hasn’t let me do the things that I do. The little parts of her have prevented us from ripping you apart like I would do to anyone else. 


You went out of your way you didn’t listen to everyone else. You made an effort and that effort paid off. You got someone who considered you as a friend. You got someone willing to take beatings to defend your name in your absence.


Who in their right mind would get the shit kicked out of them for standing up for someone? Congratulations you made her believe you were a new type of person genuine and someone worth defending. After 20+ years in wrestling you were able to restore faith in humanity that there was good in the world.


But that narrative doesn’t fit anymore does it? You haven’t been quite the hero you’d like the world to see you as. Your innocent act can only take you so far until the darkness starts to break through. No one stays pure and good in HOW. You were one of the few who could have been incorruptible. 


So, bestie, do you have it in you to look me in the eye and make me bleed? You think because you found your edge against Mike that it means you’re ready to hurt someone you care about? Or was it all an act to begin with? Which is it, Conor? Are you ready to go too far or are you ready to admit you never cared to begin with? Sure now it was all an act, you never cared anyways. Just using the name? Oh sweetie, thank you for setting me free. You’ve allowed her to let me off the leash. The little bit of her that held onto that friendship is gone. You’ve found your edge kid. You are adorable! No gimmick Conor! Don’t lose it now, keep that spirit that spunk alive for Chaos. You let the words out and now it will be easier to do what I have wanted to do all along. Either way, we expose you for who you really are. The question is Conor, what side are you letting them see this week? Can’t wait to turn the ring 97red with blood!



Your best bitch, Nettie