At The Barn

At The Barn

Posted on July 29, 2022 at 9:51 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Plattin, Missouri: Joe Bergman Training Facility aka The Barn
July 28, 2022: Time: 5:30 pm

As the image comes we see the sun shining brightly in a clear blue sky and there is a cool breeze blowing as the wind touches cool’s down a few degrees. As we look around we see there is nothing around except a giant lake in the distance. We are literally in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. The only signs of civilization are a gigantic red barn within walking distance. As we get closer we see a dusty and semi-faded sign that says…..


Is this the infamous training facility of Joe Bergman?

It looks like it as we get closer to the establishment and we see people coming out of the housing lodging in what appears to be training clothes and head over to the barn. As the image fades inside we see that it is indeed a barn like you would find on any farm but it has a full size wrestling ring in the center with various banners hanging from the ceiling and pictures on the walls. It has work out equipment to build up your strength and conditioning.

There appears to be a practice match happening and everyone is cheering and watching the action in the ring. Apparently from the commotion the gentlemen with the red hair who looks to be in his mid-twenties is Guy Pullem and his opponent who looks like he’s in his late teens or early twenties is Earl E. Bird.

“Come on Bird!”

A young red head woman shouts as Bird lands a dropkick to the big man. Bird quickly goes for a cover, but Pullem powers out at two. Bird puts the boots to Pullem, but he’s able to make his way back up to his feet and go for a big boot, but Earl uses his speed to move out of the way. Bird builds up a head of steam and jumps up and springboards off of the middle rope looking flipping senton, but Guy catches him and drives him down with a front face body slam (think Big E’s Big Ending).





The sound of a bell is heard throughout the barn as Guy Pullem has his head raised in victory. Earl makes it back to his feet and he’s holding his ribs as he looks disappointed, but Guy extends his hand as a show of respect to the youngster and he shakes it. As the official/trainer begins talking to them and critiquing on their match the barn doors fly open and a man walks in. This isn’t no ordinary Joe because he’s wearing custom tailored black slacks, black button up, 97 Red colored vest, and that’s the dress of the one and only Scott Stevens.

What’s Stevens doing here?

No one knows except the Texan but he’s too busy singing to himself as he looks at the pictures on the barn wall.

” I’m too Stronky for this picture.”

Stevens points to picture of himself and Joe Bergman.

“Too Stronky for your girl.”

Stevens points at a picture of Sunny O’Callahan.

“Too Stronky for this world.”

Stevens points to a globe.

“Too Stronky for this ice.”

Stevens points to a piece of ice.

“Too Stronky for that jack, yeah, yeah.”

Stevens points to a car jack.

“I’m too Stronky for this chain.”

Stevens points to a rusty metal chain lying on a tool bench.

“Too Stronky for your gang.”

Stevens says as he takes a picture of the Highwaymen off of the wall.

“Too Stronky for this frame, yeah, yeah.”

Stevens breaks the picture frame in half and tosses the pieces behind him nonchalantly.

“I’m too Stronky for the trap.”

Stevens points to a rat trap.

“Too Stronky for that cap.”

Stevens points to a cap with the MVW logo on it.

“Too Stronky for that jack, yeah, yeah.”

Stevens says as he walks passed MVW trainer, Jack Tupp. There is continued whispering amongst the trainers and trainees for this intrusion by Scott. The Demi-God of HOW takes a folding chair and drags it behind him as he approaches the ring and the light glistens off of his 97 Red frames. Scott begins to ascend the ring steps and wipes his feet on the apron before step through the ropes and is in the ring with Earl E. Bird, Guy Pullem, and official, Ryan Carnatian. Stevens begins to chat with the people in the ring and Guy Pullem has to be held back by Ryan to the point he tries swinging on Stevens and the Texan simply shakes his head but Ryan and Earl got him calm and he goes to exit the ring, but Stevens drills him in the back with the chair and you could literally hear a pin drop in the barn. Earl quickly springboards off of the ropes and goes to attack the Pope of the House of Best with ease and drops the chair before driving Earl on it with a Better than Kostoff No Remorse sitout powerbomb. Stevens looks down with a devilish grin before making his way over to Guy and spikes him with a piledriver.


He shouts in a sadistic tone. The people in the Barn see the carnage and try to leave, but Stevens stops them cold.

“You know, when I first got here I was thinking of just burning this place down, but our Lord and Savior, Lee Best, had other ideas for the barn. He wanted me to preach the gospel of 97 Red and get you all to open your eyes from the shroud of McKenna Blue and want something more out of life than Fisher Price mediocrity.”

Stevens informs the trainees and staff before motioning for them to come and take a seat in front of the ring. As they come and take a seat, Scott surveys the land.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for those that don’t know me I am Scott Stevens.”

There is some chatter amongst the audience.

“That’s right, I’m part of the family that has been dominating your Missouri Valley Wrestling promotion since we appeared and the only reason why I haven’t been around is that idiot, Ray McAvay, suspended me, but that suspension has been lifted and I will be your MVW Men’s Champion soon enough.”

Stevens says with a devilish grin on his face.

“However, I am more than that just a member of the dominant Stevens Dynasty. I am the Demi-God of HOW. I am the Pope of the House of Best. More importantly, I am the Senior Advisor to GOD himself and he has given me his blessing to recruit you to the 97 Red army where you belong.”

Stevens nods and people turn and whisper between one another.

“Let me ask you something, what has Ordinary Joe done for you?”

Stevens asks as he turns and motions to the carnage he caused with relative ease.

“Because if this is the best you have to offer our GOD he’s going to be very disappointed.”

Someone from the crowd speaks up which catches the Texan’s attention.

“What was that?”

Scott turns and a goth looking girl cautiously stands up and repeats what she said.

“Because you’re more experienced.”

She says and Scott is intrigued as he walks over to the ropes to converse.

“What’s your name?”

Stevens asks as he drills Guy in the face with a kick.

“Sue. Sue Render.”

Sue informs Stevens and he cracks a smirk.

“Let me ask you this Sue, what does experience have to do when Tyler Adrian Best in his second ever match in High Octane Wrestling wins War Games with Christopher America? Or, what about STRONK Daddy having a dominate run as the HOTv champion when he is a virtual novice to the wrestling profession?”

Stevens looks at Sue who is thinking of what to say, but shrugs because nothing comes to mind.

“Can’t think of anything.”

She replies honestly and Stevens nods.

“Look, there is a great quote from the Book of Best under the DILLIGAF chapters and it states; “Does it look like I give a fuck about your outside accomplishments? When you come into the land of High Octane you are at the bottom and your record is zero and zero.”

Stevens preaches from the book of DILLIGAF and leans on the ropes as apparently he has Sue’s attention.

“Eric Dane, Andy Murray, High Flyer, Perfection, The Hollywood Bruvs: Mikey Unlikely and Kendrix, Dan Ryan, and Lindsay Troy.”

Stevens list legendary names of the wrestling industry.

“Some of the most recognized names in our profession. Multiple time World champions. Multiple time Hall of Famers.”

Stevens holds up a finger.

“But when they came into High Octane Wrestling what did they do?”

Stevens looks to the MVW crop and lets the question linger.

“Not a Fisher Price thing!”

Stevens shouts to his audience.

“Titans of this industry and when they came into the House of Best their careers shriveled up faster than a penis in ice cold water. High Octane Wrestling isn’t for everyone, but if you embrace all things 97 Red you will succeed where these legends have failed.”

Stevens promises to his flock.

“Let’s take a look at your fearless leader, Joe Bergman.”

Stevens begins to pace around the ring.

“When Joe Bergman was known as Halitosis the man was a machine. He dominated the MVW tag team scene with one of two gods our GOD only likes in RAAAAAAH!”

Stevens shouts proudly before continuing.

“When he came into High Octane Wrestling people assumed he was a joke because he was the Luchador with Bad Breath, but he proved the naysayers wrong when he became a two time world champion.”

Stevens stops to give Guy and Earl another kick to the face.

“However, when he turned his back on GOD and scoffed at the greatness that had been blessed upon him he turned into an afterthought.”

Scott’s comment doesn’t sit well with someone in the flock.


Stevens looks towards the young man standing up for Joe Bergman.

“And you are?”

Stevens asks curiously.

“Sal A. Mander.”

Stevens shakes his head.

“Of course you are. Let me ask you this Sal, what has Joe done since distancing himself from Halitosis? Not a fucking thing!”

Stevens shouts as he rolls out of the ring and makes his way over to Sal and the youngster starts to quiver in fear as he has to look up into the 97 Red colored glasses of Scott Stevens.

“When Joe Bergman turned his back on 97 Red enlightenment he became just like everyone else, Fisher Price. He went from being a champion to what he is now, a nobody.”

Sal has words with Stevens and Scott smirks.

“Is that right Sal?”


Stevens mouths, “OK” before drilling Sal with a right hand. Scott quickly pulls Sal to his feet and lays him across his shoulders before delivering a Game Misconduct that is so perfectly executed Scott Woodson himself is jealous. Stevens rolls Sal onto his back and sits on his chest.

“The only thing Joe Bergman has done is become a tag champion and that’s because Andy Murray carried him to one reign and the other is because of Freebird Rules because he is a member of the Highway Men. I, on the other hand, was contending and facing the world champion on a regular basis. Also, while my team was winning War Games, Bergman couldn’t even be bothered to even make it while his three stablemates could. Speaking of pay-per-views, is Bergman even on the Dead or Alive card? I know I am, but I didn’t see his name on the poster.”

Stevens shrugs.

“When you embrace all things 97 Red you become empowered and supported by our GOD and your career path flourishes. When you don’t……”

Stevens points to the carnage around him.

“You’re 97 Dead.”

Stevens slowly rises to his feet.

“I want all of you to really think about your futures. I really want you to think about you living a life of fulfillment under 97 Red compared to a lifetime of disappointment and mediocrity as a Bergman graduate because after Chaos and Dead or Alive you’ll have a better grasp of the power of 97 Red.”

Stevens informs as he reaches into his pocket and produces a pocket sized version of the Book of Best and hands it to Sue.

“Think about it.”

Stevens tells the MVW flock before heading out and the images fades.