Are we doing this shit?

Are we doing this shit?

Posted on June 30, 2022 at 7:07 pm by Chris Kostoff

[The scene slowly drifts open to the sounds of Pantera’s “Becoming” screaming through the TV. The next sounds you hear is the clanking of metal on metal. The view comes full on as you see the familiar location of one of his gyms. No one is there. A typical night after closing for him. He enjoys it more this way, not having a bunch of people around. His disdain for even cutting small promos is known, but coming into this week, he knows he has his hands full. The camera catches up to him. Seated in a IFAST Power Rack, he is catching his breath. Sweat drips down his face as he grabs a towel to wipe it off.]


Kostoff: OK, typically I can give a fuck about who I am fighting and all that shit.


Kostoff: But this shit? Fuck’s sake. This kid..the World’s strongest man, bull fucking shit…Stronk…what the fuck kind of name is Stronk?


[Throwing the towel down he gets to his feet. Grabbing a bottle of water near the rack he takes a drink of the cool liquid.]


Kostoff: So, this kid has a mouth piece. Green or something, this poor person has to speak for this idiot. I mean, come the fuck on.


Kostoff: And let me fill you in on a secret sport, you aren’t the strongest man in the world. Fuck you aren’t even the biggest guy I got into the ring with here. Shit I pressed a 4c guy here, so grabbing your goofy ass will be a walk in the park.


[He reaches down and grabs his phone. Tapping the screen, the song skips to Danhiem. Berserkir begins to pound away through the speakers. Nodding his head to the beat of the drums he closes his eyes. Letting the music flow through him, his body losens up. His eyes open slowly as he leans into the camera.]


Kostoff: I don’t need to go into a long diatribe about my day. I don’t have to say meat good, like a mother fucking water head. And I damn sure will not call Lee fucking Best Pappa. You are nothing more than the special needs kid that gets the t-shirt out of pitty. Your mouth piece is the real hero you fucking idiot.


Kostoff: I guess this is what I get? I lose a eye, man that fucking sucked. And now I have to step into the ring with water head of the year. Fuck me.


[A small smile creeps across his lips.]


Kostoff: Stronk baby, not gonna call you Stronk Daddy because, well you have the mental capacity of a child….when we get into that ring it is going to be a collision of epicness that has not been seen from two powerhouses here in a long fucking time.


Kostoff: I do intend on being hurt, the idea of crushing my neck like a can is comical as fuck. You bring your badass self to that ring and boy, I’m gonna show you a level of violence you have never seen. I’ll make Green cry as I fucking rip you flesh off piece by fucking piece you cunt.


Kostoff: I’m going to enjoy fighting you, I really am. So, Stronky I’ll be seeing you soon mother fucker


[He laughs slightly as the sounds of Danhiem drifts the scene to black.]