Another week, another test

Another week, another test

Posted on April 4, 2023 at 4:49 pm by Zach Kostoff

A sunny day in Florida. Not a cloud in the sky as the sun beats down. It isn’t the thick humidity that yo6 aee used to in Florida, it is almost oppressive this early in the season. The camera pulls back to show Zach jogging along the road. He stops and wipes the sweat dripping down his face. Looking up, you can see a shade of his father in his eyes.


Zach: Well week one went to shit eh?


He laughs


Zach: Got to say, that guy was a tuff one. But too be fair, I didn’t know anything on him. Now that being said, this week…


He takes a moment and drops his head.


Zach: This week, I get to get into the ring against the Best whatever the hell they go by now. I think their name changes whenever Lee gets his balls in a pinch.


Zach: On a plus note, I team with Hollywood this week. Him and my dad had some hard hitting matches. My dad always held Hollywood in a higher regard than folks thought. I’m sure Hollywood can give a shit really but that is the truth.


Zach: My old man held alot of folks in higher regards than most knew, and a good chunk of them he did, you would have wanted to know just how fucking dumb my old man was. He held Lee in a high regard. I mean what the actual fuck is that?


Zach shakes his head as a breeze picks up, nothing to cool you off, just a good enough one to get the hot air blowing more. He begins to pick his pace back up on his road work. His pace stays even as he turns a corner, he looks up to see his house. A small smile crosses his lips as his pace quickens til he makes it to his front door.


Zach: This AC is gonna feel real good….


Entering his house he lets out a sigh as the cooler air inside slaps him in the face. He smiles as he takes off the sweat soaked shirt and makes his way into the kitchen.


Zach: So this Best whatever they call themselves, this is being put up against me as a test to see if I have it in me to stand and fight I take it?


Zach: Well Lee I do. I might not be the same man as my old man, and trust me that is not even on my radar. What I do have in common with him is the fighting gene

Zach: I won’t back down and I won’t runaway. I’ll stand and fight anyone because that is what we do. Kostoff’s fight and we enjoy the hell out of it.


Zach: Hollywood, we haven’t met. I’m sure once the folks begin to arrive we will sit and talk for a bit. We’ll be on the same page.


Zach: Make sure those boys are ready. This is gonna be one hell of a fight.


He reaches into his fridge and pulls out a bottle of water. Cracking the lid off and taking a long drink, Zach smile.


Zach: See y’all soon enough.


The scene begins to drift out as he exists his kitchen and makes his way down the hallway.