Another one…

Another one…

Posted on June 22, 2023 at 7:04 pm by Zach Kostoff

After a week to sit and take in another loss, Zach is seen sitting in his garage. His hair is pulled back into a ponytail, his eyes gazing at items on the walls. Replicas of title belts, photos of his father, and other sports memorabilia. He sighs and shakes his head.


Zach: Fuck me. Am I following the tail end of his life and not how it all started? I didn’t set out in this to lose. I am. It is frustrating to go through. The whole thing pisses me off.


Kostoff: Do I want to embrace the violence as my father did? No. I will be my own man. I will be a wrestler and not a brawler.


He gets up and makes his way to the Replica of the first HOW heavyweight title his dad won. He slowly runs his hand over it. Feeling the grooves in the belt, he closes his eyes and takes it on.


Zach: I will not give up. My dad never did, and that is one thing I always respected with him. Never give up, never give in.


He opens his eyes and pulls his hand back.


Zach: Now, onto this week. Shane Reynolds. My dad spoke highly of you as well. He had some stories about you, how you really lived your character.


Zach: Emo in and out of the ring. A true to life Crow movie. Look man, 05 called Panic At The Disco are done with, so get out of this whole goth look and join society man.


Zach: I’m not sure if anyone told you or sat you down and told you this yet but…


He clears his throat.


Zach: Get over yourself. This brooding bullshit is stale. And it makes you come off as a bitch. So sit there and stew, sit there and paint your face. Shit, sit there and fucking slice your wrists long ways and sit in a hot tub of water for all I care, but this goth bullshit is over with.


Zach: Look, I may not win this week. I may. Right now I won’t quit. I won’t give in. This is my destiny Shane. You are another old timer trying to hang onto your past glory. Even though it does include you being a bitch in the past and crying by not getting your way.


Zach: This is now, and now what you need to know is you are going to get have one hell of a fight on your hands this week.


Zach: I’ll see you soon….


Zach turns and makes his way to the door of his garage. He looks back at the belt on the wall and sighs. He looks up for a moment and closes the garage door. The scene drifts to darkness