Another One Gone

Another One Gone

Posted on January 20, 2021 at 7:47 am by Steve Solex

You’re back pedaling, Jason. I expected absolutely nothing less from you Cashe, because that’s what bitches do…they back pedal when they get confronted with truth. Like everyone before you; you came to HOW thinking it would be a cake walk and when you found out you had me in the second round you got scared and hit the panic button. That’s okay though. I understand, Jason. The whole fuckin’ world can understand that.

What bothers me though, is your complete lack of respect for the opportunity that’s been handed to you. You don’t deserve to be here, Jason. You definitely don’t deserve to be in the second round of this tournament. No matter how many people have tried to convince you and no matter how many times that you’ve tried to convince yourself. Shit, I’m still trying to figure out how in the fuck you got that first round bye, but I’ll let that go for now. You’re a bottom feeder, Jason and you belong where you’ve always been…at the bottom. People avoid HOW like the plague, and for some reason they always try and justify it with some bullshit rhetoric about how mean everyone in HOW is or how we don’t “do it right.” They say we’re a group of bullies and there’s simply no place in wrestling for people like us. And then, when these assholes do come in and get their asses handed to them, they bail and cite some kind of bullshit excuse. You’ll be no different than they were, Cashe. I fuckin’ guarantee it. In fact, I’d put money on that shit but no one in their right mind would take that bet.

You fucked up and tried to loop HOW into a fabled big four, and now you’ve backpedaled yourself into placation mode with the boss man. That’s not something that alpha’s
do, that’s a bitch ass beta move…which only further validates my already dwindling opinion of you.

“tHEY wERe aLl dEAd to ME AnywAy!”

Then why the fuck did you bring them up in the first place, dick? I’ll tell you why, it’s because you thought they were related to HOW in some way, and you thought that would make you related as well. But I can tell you this straight up: you’re not. You’re like our fat cousin Suzy’s ex-boyfriend who only showed up because our distant Uncle Lester needed some crystal meth. So, while you try and latch onto a branch of the HOW family tree remember this: You don’t fuckin’ belong here.

You think you’ve had this epic mic drop moment, but that’s not really the case at all, Jason…and I’m pretty sure you know that. The only thing you’ve really accomplished is that you’ve managed to get under my skin a little bit. Saying that I’m pissed off would be drastically overstating the facts, because well…you haven’t pissed me off. You’re typical and no different than anyone else. All of you cookie cutter fucks are exactly the same as the ones that came before you. And because of that, guys like you just don’t piss me off anymore. You’re a little annoying, but that’s basically it. You’re a fuckin’ gnat, just like the rest of them.

Like a true HOW virgin, you got started with a little “I’m just happy to be here” and then you blew your load into the dick hole of your boxer shorts before you could even get her panties pulled down below her knees. But that’s alright, Cashe…that shit happens to the best of us…well, not really. That kind of shit only happens to beta-bitch-motherfuckers like you.

Don’t be that guy that shows up to a new company and starts talking shit about championships. Everything that you’ve done elsewhere means all but dick in HOW…and I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but go back and look at the last eight months of HOW shows. I’m the fuckin’ man around here. The only guy who’s been featured more than me is the fuckin’ World Champ, and that’s only by the slimmest of margins. I am not the kind of guy that needs a championship belt to have importance.

And you know what’s funny about sharks – since you’ve taken that one analogy and made your whole fuckin’ life about it – they smell chum in the water. That’s what this tournament is for, anyway. This is the annual HOW feeding frenzy, and you’re just another piece of chum that’s about to get annihilated.